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    Afton Nills continues the Twinklight Saga with 11 hot twinks in five new Vamp Scenes. Each scene takes you into the alley ways, layers, and bedrooms these vampires reign over. Watch as they sexually seduce and abuse their powers, taking advantage of the wondering youthful twinks. Five very hot sex scenes filled with rimming, biting, kissing, fucking, cock sucking and of course feeding. ...
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    Director Michael Zen has put his stamp on Running Wild in true Zen-style. It stars Justin Wells, Bobby Williams, Brad Benton (fresh off his triple Grabby Award win last May), Corbin Michaels, Nick Capra, Anthony Shaw, Jason Crew and Jonathan Gabriel.

    The basic scenario is this in a nutshell: we follow hunky Justin Wells as he takes his daily jog and encounters (in true porn fashion) various studs along his journey - from bicyclists to delivery boys to manly cops and poor little rich boys. It's only a matter of time before Justin succumbs to his urges! (And let's face it, with a cast like this, who can blame him?) ...
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    Welcome to Camp Lust! Where nature plus nature equal pure, raw sex, what happens at camp stays at camp. ...
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    Award-winning superstar Rod Barry portrays dual roles in Michael Zen's twisted modern-day vampire tale, Thirst. In a world of fantasy-meets-reality, we follow Adonis Exclusive Andy Kirra and Antonio Madeira as they are transported into a world of darkness and possession - and insanity. As street hustlers, Kirra and Madeira are 'hired' by leather-clad chauffeur Nino Bacci and taken back to the 'institution' where the evil Dr. Rod Barry awaits. Little do these sweet little hookers know, they are about to descend into the depths of sexual hell…

    Ever wonder what sex in the back of a hearse is like? Maybe sex in a graveyard? On a vampire's coffin? Ever get fucked in a padded cell by a fucking machine? How about a hot blowjob while you're in a strait-jacket? Any way you cut it, Thir...
    $ 49.95 

    Caleb Weston (Sean West) had dreams of becoming a big movie star. So he leaves everything behind, including his one true love (Adonis Exclusive Andy Kirra), and heads for hedonistic Hollywood. But once super-sleazy agent Kurt Young gets his claws into him, how long will it be before his dreams come true...?...
    $ 49.95 

    Silky-voiced superstar Trevor Knight can't seem to keep his foot-long troublemaker in his pants! As a frisky sex resort clerk in Ross Cannon's new movie INN OVER HIS HEAD, Trevor's dangerously close to getting fired! But with guests like adorable Adonis Exclusive Andy Kirra and co-workers like hot newcomer Damon Phoenix (who packs enough junk in his trunk to fill two trunks!), who can blame him? Trevor assaults both boys' asses in two separate scenes sure to leave audiences breathless!

    Other guests at this bed-hopping resort include a trio of towel-clad studs (Park Wiley, Tyler Austin and German newcomer Lars Svenson) who raise temperatures in the steam room and a vacationing couple (yummy Kyle Aames and tasty Caleb Carter) who will, most likely, never leave their room. Especi...

    A man of the cloth searches the night, prowling for sinners. A man on a mission. As lust surpasses his faith, he has to choose between his love for his church - and his love of man.

    In Adonis Pictures' latest release, HOLIER THAN THOU, written and directed by controversial director Mike Donner, superstar Justin Wells plays Father John, a young priest hell-bent on saving as many sinners as he can - no matter how far he has to go. From "rescuing" a streetwalker (Jason Crew) to fighting a bartender (Brant Moore) for two lost souls at a bar (Kyle Aames, Josh Carter), this is one priest who will go to any lengths to spread his gospel.

    Also featuring award-winning superstar Eddie Stone as the yin to Justin's yang, a fellow priest who has his own problems to deal with: n...

    There's something very attractive about amateurs : that innocence straightforward awkwardness in front of the camera. Add that on to the inhibition of latino men. . .but once they start doing something naturally gay for them, they go all the way out and fuck with all their heart....
    $ 49.95 

    If you love spicy Latino young men...the ones with the olive skin, juicy uncut dicks, and oozing machismo attitude...and a sex drive to match, you won't want to miss out on these fresh men. Real guys...really hot suckin' and fuckin'...Latin style!...
    $ 49.95 

    Multi-talented Chad Donovan brings his substantial directing talent to light with The Works. Shot entirely on location at The Zone, one of Los Angeles' hottest sex clubs, this all-sex extravaganza follows sexy Antonio Madeira and pretty-boy Patric Ross as they search for some anonymous dick. ...
    $ 49.95 
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