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    No hole left unstretched. No balls left undrained. No man left un-fulfilled. Line ‘em up and bring ‘em on, we’re hungry for uncut dicks and it’s feeding time.

    $ 39.95 

    $ 39.95 

    Running down their thighs, sprayed across their faces, or deep inside their holes… in over 3 HOURS of action, these lads are completely CUM SOAKED!

    $ 39.95 

    UKNakedMen is at it again with another DVD triple pack of FILTHY FUCKING BUGGERS! In over FOUR HOURS of hot n heavy hardcore action, their fit studs get ridden hard and put away wet! Massive Uncut Meat is a DVD that doesn’t call for much explaining, it’s got more thick sausage on offer than your local butcher’s. He Shoulda Said No is a bareback cautionary tale about how slutty behaviour will leave boys used, abused, and with an ass full of cum! Foot Fetish Fuckers is a frenzy of foot-fondling and fucking, sure to satisfy any regular perv and foot-fetishists, too!...
    $ 39.95 

    What with all the raunchy fucking they get up to, it’s rare you’d find the studs of UKNakedMen without STICKY FINGERS STICKY HOLES! These lads are real beasts in the bedroom—fingers, tongues, and big cocks, work over tight holes in a total clash of testosterone!...
    $ 39.95 

    These cum hungry lads have a thirst for jizz and a taste for stiff, uncircumcised cocks. In Cock Sucking Ball Drainers we make sure no one goes home hungry as these ripped studs suck and fuck their way into orgiastic spasms of cum drenched delirium...
    $ 39.95 
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    A steamy selection of spunky uncut studs, revved up and ready to play, we leave no hole un-stretched and no stud unsatisfied!...
    $ 39.95 
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    We’re bringing on the MEN - hairy, ripped, bulging, uncut studs with big appetites for big dicks and hirsute holes, sit back and watch these studs squirt!

    Stunning Teddy Torres leads a rippling, bulging cast of hairy, overly hung, uncircumcised studs as they snog, rim, fuck, plough and wrestle their way to shuddering, splattering climaxes...
    $ 39.95 
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    There’s only one way the sex-hungry lads at UKNakedMen like to fuck: BOLLOCKS DEEP! They’re not about tender love making or any of that nonsense, they want to get their stiff uncut cocks out and bury them inside a snug hole as soon as possible. You can expect the fucking from this lot to be rough and relentless, they won’t let up til the bottom’s had the cum fucked out of him and they’ve shot off their own loads!...
    $ 39.95 

    It's a lip smacking, finger licking celebration of big uncut cocks, dick sucking and of course lots of fucking. Harry Louis gives it up at last, and takes on Harley (Muscle Mountain) Everett and Drew (12 inch) Brody, Harry's hole is in sopping ruins by the end of this! Lucio (boy breaker) Saints is on fine form with Tony Axel, with poor Tony spending a few days on a rubber ring after this arse punishing scene. Jason Stark is up next, pitted against big-dicked, Italian Antonio Garcia - Jason's hairy hole is gaping, wide for uncut dick and when Antonio's finished smashing it Valentin Alsina, who's been watching the action, takes his turn to squirt a juicy load on the sub boys face – sleazy! French sensation – Fred Faurtin and rough Brit boys Tyson Mac and Alfie are banged up borstal boys. Fr...
    $ 39.95 
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    Wriggling toes, soft heels, stretched soles, and sheer nylon socks – add these to the usual steaming hot - sucking and fucking and its a juicy sexy stew. Kayden Gray is undressed down to his sheer socks and their suspenders - by sexy lad Ross Drake, and Ross has got a thing for feet. Award winning top ( and no surprises as to why) Kayden gives Ross a face full of feet and an arse full of nine, stiff, uncut inches. Jonny Kingdom and Tom Long explore their foot based kinks with bearded Tom spitting, licking and generally luving Jonny's tootsies, before banging his arse. No surprises to find Dan Broughton's feet wandering down to Woody's feet during their massage scene, then confirmed top Woody bends over and gets his tight, squeaky tight, ass hole well 'n' truly ploughed. Josh Jared and Luca...
    $ 39.95 
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    These over sexed bareback fuckers make no attempt to resist temptation, stiff, uncut cocks and bareback loads. Craig Daniel is in Spain with a hunky masseur, and his English sensibilities are getting frayed by the wandering hands...tongue and big, big cock. Its Max Torro 'the-boy-with-the-kilo-of-cock' and English or not, there's no way Craig can resist this! Jonny Kingdom is the hard up escort who lets his condom rules slip for extra money, Nathan Hope is his studly punter who fucks his juicy raw hole to a splattering climax. Brent Taylor is the handsome new boy in the office, when his new workmates Saxon West and Alexx Desley offer to take him out for the evening he doesn't know he's going to be used as a cum-dump-sextoy. These boys stuff every orifice with raw dick and spunk there loads...

    Don't make that sexy sub-boy beg, he's earned every stiff, uncut, spit-lubed inch and he's gonna get it. Stunning 'boy-next-door' Danny Montero is broken in by Brute Club (they call him CLUB for a reason?) what a great way to end a scene of fuckery with Danny's beautiful face christened in cum. Sky and Giorgio are up to their nuts next in muscle slut Patryk. They pound his hard hole until all three of these studs are sweating and drenched in man-goo. Cutie pocket rocket is taking on long, lean Luke in the bar next, luckily cute lad Izan's got a big, uncut dick and knows exactly how to use it. Justin Harris is taking piano lessons – briefly, before his teacher Adam Dacre starts teaching him some new tricks and sliding his uncut cock into his adorably lickable buns. Then we have the pushiest...
    $ 39.95 
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    Every one of these cum oozing studs is handpicked for their total whorey, cum-luving nature. AJ Alexander, our thick dicked Scot, is up to his nuts in tanned totty Brent Taylor as he pumps him full of bareback, uncut dick. Then daddy Michael finds two chavs messing with his car – he deals his own brand of big-dick, raw justice, bending over his sluts and going from hole, to hole, to hole, to hole until he's jizzing in...? Who earned it?! Keeping with our daddy theme, time for Craig Daniels to flip flop fuck with monster schlonged twink Alex Silvers, not a drop is wasted!! Into the dungeon with boot luving and licking Izan Loren, who gets his fill of Stefan Raw in every juicy hole. And ending the whole sticky concoction with an extra juicy splat as Mathew Davids pops his porno cherry with t...
    $ 39.95 
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  • CUM GUZZLERS (UK Naked Men)

    These hungry holes need feeding, in glorious, oozing, steaming bareback action. Fresh faced, handsome, overly hung men, with throbbing uncut cocks, revved up and 'oh-so-ready-for-action'. Handsome - Aitor Bravo and Gaston Croupier get to grips with bigs toys and each others big dicks, before Gaston skewers Aitor's tight hole for a rampant ploughing. But what better place to cum than in a beautiful face, both lads swap jizzy facials, hubba hubba. Abraham Montenegro and Angel Garcia are flying the flag for Spain in raunchy, masculine, raw action, these hotties can't get enough skin-on-skin action and sperm. Spunky first timer – Matthew David's – enjoys a sexy session, Brent's first time as a top in this vers fuckathon. AJ Alexander and Saxon West are ready to romp ( you just know HOW much th...
    $ 14.95 
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    Brute Club and Brent Taylor
    Down by the trash dumpsters - where else - Brute Club is taking out the rubbish when he runs into Brent Taylor - ''you live in this block'' Brent asks ..... berdoing ! The guys are stripping off back at Brent's flat, and when greedy-bottom Brent ( our sexiest and most bi, bisexual) pulls down Brute's slightly too tight pants, the pushy bottom's eyes are out on stalks. TEN uncut inches all to himself, wowzer ! Brent strips him down and sucks on that juicy, veiny, two-hander of uncircumcised cock like there's no tomorrow, he tries valiantly to deep throat it, but its just too big - luckily this tanned, handsome hunk has got one hole that can accommodate it with only a little grunting and straining... its in. The two handsome boys are fucking like pistons wit...
    $ 39.95 
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    Estate agents of manchester in tight formal trousers with business like manners!

    These alpha male studs don't mind sweetening the pot if the client is cute and they've got a sale to make.

    With Jp Dubois, fighting fiery red-head with fiery red-head as he gets his ass smashed by new cummer – Cormac. Then we have another ginger cutie – Andro Maas licking, sucking and riding Logan Moore's hard, uncut cock. Issac Jones is a keen buyer, and though he's a confirmed top he doesn't mind bottoming for thick dicked, Brazilian stud – Gabriel Fisk. And just because he's so melt in your mouth jot, we serve up a double meattie portion of Dutch hunk – Logan Moore this time riding the hard rump of sexy, south American stud – Alex Belfort. All finished off with a creamy topping o...
    $ 39.95 
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    The biggest juiciest cock, all uncut and ready to pump and plough hot, hungry arse holes. First up its the 11inch monster – Matt Hughes and the only man who could deep throat 'the beast' – hairy pig-bottom, Ross Hurston, it’s a sticky, all oral suck-a-thon. Then Paulo is our rubbery doctor, with a vulnerable horn dog – Ivan, Ivan's hole takes a right royal pummelling with a creamy ending. Then into the sauna for bendy Jed Wilcox and super hung – Kurt Rogers, these hunks fuck up a sweaty, passionate storm. One of the all-time favourites – Carioca is back in the saddle – and a very handsome saddle he is too, beautiful, ripped Raphael. Dillon Buck is a six foot and a bit, stud with a magnificent curved cock, plucky Kyle Lucas is the traffic warden who's bitten off more than he can chew. For a...
    $ 39.95 
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    3 Disc Collector pack! Over 4 hours of cock pounding men!!! ...
    $ 39.95 

    Nothing comes between our bareback fuck buddies, including rubber. These burly buggers suck, rim and raw fuck their way to splattering, steaming, sticky climaxes, with no hole left undrilled!...
    $ 39.95 
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