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AlphaMales guys display a sensitivity that fits the 'sexy guy next door' type, which sets them apart from American producers, but still captures the hardcore explicitness of the more traditional programs. AlphaMales lads are sexy, real, toned, spunky and young hot fuckers, who love to fuck each other on and off the set! Most of the guys are porn virgins so you wont see them in any other films.



    Hot bareback sex brought to you in a way that only Raw Entry Club can! 11 hot and hung guys doing what cums natural. Enter the bedrooms of these well endowed boys and enjoy the show. Deep ass rimming and dildo play with fierce cock sucking and bareback butt fucking. Cum again and again with these guys....
  • DIRTY WORK (AlphaMale)

    The jobís are tough and the hours are long, but these horny workmen always find the time for some added fun! As they strip off their blue boiler suits, we are shown their hard hairy bodies, rippling muscles and bulging biceps, itís hard not to work out why their dicks instantly become rock hard and oozing precum! They might be built of muscle, but these men love the taste of cock and ass, and they will always get what they want from each other! Pinned to the kitchen counter, lifted and fucked on the radiator or even spying on their customerís having a secret wank, itís a cum fuelled day at this work site!! ...
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    Packed full of giant dicks, muscled bodies, torrents of cum and handsome fuckers, this isnít the club, not even the city. This is the English countryside and itís a hot-bed of gorgeous man-on-man action! From outdoor cruising on the cliff-tops to country-lane pickup in the mist, thereís a huge cock around every corner ready to plunge deep into willing and very eager ass holes, pumping them full of prime meat before dumping their loads all over their latest conquest! Forget going out in the city, itís time we all went Out in the Country and got some rough and rugged man to show us what a real good time is like!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Shirts bursting from the bulging biceps beneath, all whilst the hunky, hairy men are tied down and taken full advantage of by their hung colleagues. From lucky discoveries to a full on masochistic exploitation, the all-star cast pull against their ropes and leave themselves burnt out and covered in hot spunk, squirting from thick and throbbing cock!

    Behind The Scenes: Check out the behind the scenes of Alphamales hottest release. The men are getting kinky with the rope and some seriously hot fucking. Itís a treat to see. Donít miss out!

    Scene One: Day jobs can be so boring. Imagine the surprise when site foreman Adam Dacre, enters an office to find sexy officer worker Aaron Steel on all fours, arse exposed and tied to a sofa. Begging him to untie him, Adam canít...

    They are the men youíve got to keep sweet if you want to have a good time! Suited, Booted and with an attitude to match their dick sizes, these bouncers arenít taking any bullshit when it comes to having a good night! They know they are in charge and thatís exactly why they prowl the corners of the bars, spy on the CCTV and make sure the punters are happy, just as much as they are! Never afraid to pull rank, these bouncers are the law, and you do exactly what they tell you, chances are itíll end up in a stickier situation than before!

    Scene One: Itís Samís first day on the job and he meets suited Bruno Fox at the bar as he goes through the nightís rota. Getting this young rookie dressed in the right gear, the shirt is black, the tie is black and Brunoís about to show him exact...
    $ 39.95 
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    Hard, hairy, muscled and glistening with the sweat of a hard days labour under the autumn sun, these workmen toil hard, with long hours and manual labour giving them the types of bodies we lust after on a daily basis. With hairy chests bursting with each swing of the axe or greased up mechanics pumping engines, itís a non-stop ride of exactly what men do best! From lumberjacks to water technicians, soaked and ready to show us what theyíve got, the sexy work gear slowly comes off as they get distracted by the earthly scent of sweat coming off each man and their dicks start to twitch, just as ours do! As the sun slowly goes across the sky, the light bouncing off these toned torsos and giant dicks sliding into hungry butts gives us one of the most atmospheric and totally spunkworthy Alphamale...
    $ 39.95 
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  • I, SPY

    Theo Ford, a landlord with a dark side, cameras fitted into every room of every house the lets out. A voyeur with a very strict tenant policy; they have to be hot, muscled, big dicked and with a high sex drive. It works for him as every day he flicks through his computer and catches sight of one hot fuck after another, from living room love-inís to kitchen quickies from a very hot couple new to the building! Thereís one couple however that really makes him stop and think. A couple having problems, and even their passionate fucking canít hide that red headed Saxon West is waiting for something to happen. Theo takes it into his own hands, quite literally and gives Saxon a surprise he wasnít expecting, but really was ready for! Full to the brim with tight flexing muscles, hairy chest and load...
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    In a room heavy with testosterone, sweat and muscle bound men, the Locker Room is the perfect place to relieve your post work-out tension. As each and every man that walks in has his body drenched in sweat, the scent in the air is perfect for some big dicked play and hard ass fucking! Cruising is out the window as these hunks know exactly whatís going to happen, and offer up no resistance to the fact! Packed full of American stars Dirk Caber and Alessandro Del Toro, joining forces with Brit hunks Dolan Wolf, Nick North and many more, itís not just sweat they leave the room stinking of, but gallons of spunk dripping off their heaving muscles and onto the floor below.
    $ 39.95 
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    Oiled, relaxed and butt naked. Itís almost as if youíre guaranteed the fuck of a lifetime, especially when hunks like Bruno Fox, JP Richards and the new but very sexy Brent Taylor walk in to the room! As their hands work their magic on the tense hulks of muscle, the testosterone fills the air more than the lavender oil and everyoneís happy ending is just about to begin! With muscle worship, hairy bodies being explored and hungry holes being played with, the giant dicks soon bounce out and beg for attention. Youíre not going to decline that offer now are you?...
    $ 39.95 
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    Hairy, hung and muscled, what more can you ask for in an Alpha Male? Sporting full beards and hairy chests, these top fuckers are out to get their dicks inside, and deep! With hung men Alfie Stone and Bruno Fox, the stage is set for the monster cocks to slam inside wanting holes, and the passive muscle men push back harder than ever, wanting to get as much meat inside of them, and boy do they succeed! Leaving themselves covered in sweat and spunk, itís a job well done and an ass that will never be the same again after having 100% muscle fucked deep!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Straight from South Africa, these awesome musclebound fuckers sport the hugest dicks, and an even bigger appetite to slam it down throats and up peachy butts, getting the blood coursing through every vein as they pump each other full of hot meat, ready to explode in a way only the Saffaís know how!!
    $ 39.95 
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    Hairy men fuck hard and fast, loving every second their buff bodies are slamming into each other. Intense fuck and suck sessions leading to spunk showers and cum drenched dicks, these hunks are ready, and like it rough!

    Scene One: Hairy Duo fuck outdoors!! French stud Fred trains the Hispanic Pier and works up an almighty erection in the midst of it!! With both hunks ready for a change of exercise, Pier gets to his knees in the bushes and worships Fredís body and cock!! Licking Fredís ripped body, chest, nipples and armpits, both cocks get a real tongue workout and Fred preps Pierís hairy hole for an ass banging of a lifetime. Pushing his rock solid meat into Piers sloppy wet hole, they change positions and canít contain their juices much longer!! Spurting simultaneously, Pie...
    $ 39.95 
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    British cops fuck, suck, rim and eat cum!!!!!! Legendary porn director Blue Blake gives us his take on what really goes on in the British police force. Scene after scene of hot uniformed musclemen getting down and dirty on the violent streets of London... ... Don't fuck with a British cop mate... Because he will fuck you up!!!!!!!!...

    Trojans handyman business is going strong, but the men of his Toolbox seem to be slacking off now and again. With some curious things in the bin, Trojan Rock fixes the place up with some discreet cameras, eager not to miss out on the fun!! Join Trojan as he catches his men out as they strip themselves down, showing off hot hairy chests, delicious hairy butts and juicy dicks throbbing for a fucking whenever and wherever the mood takes these randy workers!! ...

    Come and see what Trojan keeps in his sexy Toolbox!...
    $ 10.00 
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    These sexy muscular studs are fucking and sucking all for your viewing pleasure!...
    $ 10.00 
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    If you love a hungry, hairy hole, you wonít be able to get enough of hunky Dolan Wolf, with the hungriest ass in the city. Not content with a thick dildo, he calls on thick dicked muscle man Bruno Fox to fill his ass, but things quickly progress as American stud Rich Kelly joins the fun and ends up spit-roasting the jockstrapped man hard, tag teaming and eventually splitting him open and double fucking Dolan right there for us to enjoy. Itís an incessant melee of hair, muscle and big dicks, topped off perfectly with gorgeous hunk Tom Wolfe letting us in to a very private moment!...

    Three hunks, 1 car, 1 road trip, what could go wrong? When muscle man Scott Hunter gets lost, American superstar Tom Wolfe sticks by him and pitches up whilst Greek god Rio Silver heads off to get some help. After a chance encounter with country gents Geoff and Joe beckoning Rio in to a sex-fuelled world, his two city buddies make their way there with a little help, once at the cottage, there could be no escape....
    $ 39.95 
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    Bulging biceps, perfect pecs and rock hard abs all bursting from beneath a clean pressed shirt and tie, moving down to an enormous package pressing against suit pants, thereís nothing not to love about a hard hairy man in a suit, and we have plenty of them here for you! With super porn stars Damien Crosse, hugely hung Kayden Gray and macho fucker Michel Rudin to name but a few, they are dressed to impress and take every opportunity to fuck hard and deep and work the juicy cum from each otherís throbbing cocks. Whether itís over a kitchen counter, office desk or in the pub toilets after a hard dayís work, itís a non-stop adventure in the office of the Alpha Male!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Sent on some exploration by tough daddy Trojan Rock and Carlo Cox, this bunch of toolbox men certainly explore something, and itís not the woodland! As they pitch up or ditch them, the tents or beds are a hotbed of sexual tension being released. Hairy bodies, muscled men and stiff dicks all round, the bottoms are aching for a hard fucking and the tops are soon plunging deep down into them, no matter where they end up fucking. With big stars like Dominic Pacifico, Issac Jones and Nathan Price, this is one piece of Hard Graft we donít mind working on, the reward is a melee of muscle we canít get enough of!...
    $ 10.00 
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