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    How about three! Ken, the straightm All-American boy, along with college buddies Greg, Jeff, and the insatiable A.J. kiss, suck, and fuck their way into a frenzy. Watch the hot action unfold; experience some good, uncut collegiate fun!...

    Dallas' girlfriend was out shopping for the day and he needed swome cock to suck and a couple of sweet holes to fuck. It had been too long! Watch as Aaron, Trent, and Zane get down and dirty with Dallas from the word "go", and then watch as Dallas gets a show when his girlfriend arrives home early--and finds four naked guys on the bed engaged in man-on-may 4-play! His discovery is truly amazing, he doesn't lose his composure or his hard-on, and he knows from that moment on that it's a boys' life for him....

    Trent has a barcode tattooed on his ass and that’s how Aaron knew he had picked a firm ripe one to spread and penetrate. These two guys are really into each other. You will see he passion explode in cock sucking, ass eating action that culminates in deep ass fucking....

    These hot boys live to get you off. They love having people record them as they fuck the shit out of each other. They're hard throbbing cocks can't handle being out of sight. They spend no time getting naked....

    Rent a hotel room, invite 6 hot young guys to come play and ensure they like lots of cum. What do you get? Facial Cum Cravers. Christian Tran and Juan Carlos love cum. They especially love it splattered all over their faces. Christian also enjoys getting ass pounded really hard....

    An autumn Saturday afternoon, Tyler is nervous but excited! He has never done porn, let alone get fucked. He says he is always the top... not anymore! He takes to it like riding a horse....

    It had the makings of a classic, sunny summer day. All the signs were there as I rolled in from a hard night of clubbing, at 6 o’clock in the morning. It seemed a shame to waste a day like this, and I did come home alone and I was still really horny.

    It's hard to know what Marc likes more, his stable of vintage Mercedes or his stable of hot young porn chickens! Marc start this shindig with a combination of both as he picks boys up in a parking garage and gets the party started.

    A problem arises when the first two arrivals realize that they are both bottoms. What are they going to do, rub their pussies together? Marc quickly recruits more talent and soon his Orgy Afternoon is a bed full of hot young guys kissing, sucking, fucking and rimming. The ass eating is up close and personal and the cum shots are juicy and bountiful. If you like facials, Marc's Orgy Afternoon is sure to please.

    Watch as Zane and Curtis take turns making Derrek's 91/2 inch uncut cock disappear us their tight young butts. The action is non...


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