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    Ben Ashton, Phil Powers
    Bondage with an English accent. Ben Ashton, a particular favorite of this reviewer, is introduced in VIRGIN PAIN III, as the slave of Master Phil Powers. Very much a skinhead type, Ashton is both submissive and desirable as he undergoes a number of torments, including bondage, gags, blindfolds, tit clamps, whips, wax, dildos and plugs. A favorite scene here, as in VIRGIN PAIN II, takes place on the dildo stool, with Ben tied down on it and Master Powers winding the dildo up into his ass, unwinding it down, then winding it up again. Ashton can raise his butt up off the stool a little, but not enough to pull himself off it. The dildo has lots of screw threads on it, and gives a new and real meaning to the term "getting screwed."

    More training for Taz, the young recruit of Trapped 'n' Trained. Here he starts the day in rigid irons before getting subjected to a butt plug and 80 pushups with his balls attached to the ceiling. Hogtied next, with a rope running from the strap of his gag to his hands (a nice touch), he can do nothing but groan as red candle wax is dripped on him. An endurance bondage scene follows (this company’s specialty), the lad obliged to hold a horizontal, brick-weighted stick at arm’s length lest he let it drop and lose his balls. The training continues with a brief session in stocks, and a standing spreadeagle game of "ok boy, you choose what I’ll use on you next."


    Taz, a hot young specimen of British military manhood, gets himself bound, blindfolded and anally impaled. He is subjected to forced exercise, then tickle-tortured, and required to maintain a half squat (with his balls chained to the floor, his hands bound behind his back and chained to the ceiling) for a painfully long time. Then a very nice session of clothespins (or pegs, these are Brits) in which the young recruit is taught to thank his captor for all that’s being done for him. In the context of the video, he’s being trained for the post of sex slave to an unknown buyer.

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    Five sequences feature cute little Angel from Torsion’s previous Corrective Training and Transgression. In the first he’s strung up, arms overhead, a horizontal bar between his shoulders and chin forcing his head high (think this is easy to maintain? Try it). In the second he’s given an enema from a bottle the size of a water cooler. Sequence three has him attached to an inclined board, getting his adorable little butt spanked, leather-strapped and hot-waxed. In sequence four, "Impaled and pumped," he is held fast at every point it’s possible to hold a man fast, his ass held in place by a large, fixed dildo, his hands locked behind his back in a shoulder-to-wrists restraint, his feet attached to a spreader pole, and his genitals pulled taut and anchored to a hook at the bottom of the impal...

    Bondage with an English accent. Super hot little bondage boy Angel is given to Master Phil Powers for a weekend of training by this nasty-minded top. Angel is subjected to many different bondage situations, and the kid takes them with an almost constant hard-on, a clear love for the activity. A favorite sequence has him with his arms drawn up behind him, forced to stand in a bent-over position. A little bouncing toy is attached to the chain that hangs from his nipple clamps, leaving the boy to suffer as the toy hops all over the place while the Master goes about his household business. ...

    Bondage with an English accent. In this, the first produced by this new company, Ritchie Silva is the novice star being introduced to bondage and pain by an unseen Master. He gets shaved, gagged and bound, after which he endures a savage cock & ball and tit torture session. For those who like uncut dicks, Ritchie’s has a long fleshy overhang that would nicely tickle the back of any hungry man's throat. ...

    This video is a continuation of TRANSGRESSION, and continues Ashton's punishment for overstepping Master Phil's bounds with slave Angel. Ashton's one of the hottest kids we've seen in a long time. It's wonderful to see him so submissive and uncomplaining, saying "Yes sir," softly, with that lovely English accent, as it's wonderful to watch him after having spent a night butt plugged in bondage, spanked and tormented with hot wax and paddles, and subjected to a wonderful type of endurance bondage, in which he has to hold his bound hands at a certain height lest he pull on the painful clamps attached to both them and his nipples. These small budget British bondage videos are as good as any we've seen in a very long time, and better than most. ...

    Master Phil invites quasi-skinhead Ben Ashton over to play a little bit with Angel while he himself goes out to run some errands. Cute Ashton's more than willing, and after putting on his cammies and lace-up Doc Martens he's over at the Master's right away. Phil has specific rules as to how much play he'll allow, but Ashton gets so turned on by the boy that of course he forgets and oversteps the bounds for Master Phil, at least, if not for Angel. The result? Ashton himself has to get punished, of course. And Ashton getting punished is a delight. ...


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