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    This is a video shot by the model starring in the video. In this video erik erikson, probably one of the most versatile and sexy pieces of meat you will ever meet and into every form of sex imaginable, first gives you great shots of his beautiful butt, begging, you to fuck him without mercy and then shows you how he enlarges an already monster cock using a cock pump.

    Then shows us the techniques he uses to cruise the streets of hollywood to get the meat to feed his hunger for sex and more sex and more sex and more sex...
    He then produces one of his new sex toys --- sounding rods --- and then proceeds to show us how to properly and safely use sounding rods while also showing us just how much he really enjoys using them.

    In this next part erik monologues his ...
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    These boys crave two things: candy and cock! Watch as they tease each other with lollies and sweets, even fucking their friends with giant candy toys – before devouring fat teen cocks and tight holes, ripe for the fucking! A sweet start with a very salty finish!...
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    Play Time Ready, set, play! These twinks play hard and fuck harder! Don’t let their tiny bodies and tight holes fool you, they have hung dicks between their legs and fucking filthy minds. When it comes to play time, they always make sure they have fun, give it their all and have a sticky happy ending!...
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    Juicy holes need giant toys and we’ve got some monsters in this movie! Taking a break in their warehouse, these horny workers head to the stockroom for some mid-shift ass stretching or are caught red handed with a fat dildo up their butts! Handsome fuckers and even a super-hung daddy to shove his 10” inside, even this monster of a dick is upstaged by the toys on show! Some as long as an arm disappear up inside the twinkiest of workers who are eager to show off their bottoming skills, of course after a hot fuck from a thick juicy cock! ...
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    Boys and their toys... 4 sizzling scenes of Twinks in action featuring a cast of 8 with a bag of knickknacks and mischief on their minds....
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    Six smoldering scenes featuring some of the hottest names in the history of gay porn as they prep each other with dildos and then penetrate deeper with raw cock! Settle back and watch a these studs take every huge condom-free inch up their ass. Don't miss a single load in this cum-soaked series of epic encounters!...
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    Even after fucking all the beautiful boys at Helix Studios these horny twinks still need a good fap. Casey Tanner, Christian Collins and Jordan Thomas prove that the art of making love to yourself can be even more intimate than sex! Join the smooth boys as they stroke their big thick cocks and hit all the right spots better than a partner. These smooth fantasy solos are Gay Male Erotica at its best with the boys rubbing out their hot loads for climax after explosive climax....
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    These babes are armed with strap ons and ready to fuck you in the ass! If you've been misbehaving then get ready to be put in your place!...
    $ 39.95 

    The handball all-stars from the Club Inferno Dungeon show you how real men play with toys. Grab your favorite butt-plug and get off with the Hole Busters!...
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    There's something dirty going down in the SOMA alleys of San Francisco in Cruise Control where 10 horny studs prowl in the shadows looking for sex. Testosterone levels shift into overdrive as superstars Matt Cole, Craig Reynolds, Rick Van Sant, and 7 other men head out into the summer night air aching to get their rocks off. In the tradition of Butch Alley and Reckless, Cruise Control is a relentless non-stop sex-a-thon with performances that are out-of-control....
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    Do not look at them! Exploring a thousand pleasures that
    make them explode in an irrational vertigo of strong body pleasures
    are fucked and abused, penetrated with all the damn desire and sexual
    devoured with the savage hunger of those who seek much more......

    When these cocks fuck these asses like piercing them, when these bodies fight like demons for extraordinary pleasures, when this inflamed anger becomes a brutal storm on the skin… it is then when it is born the dimension of sex!...

    Helix Studios has fostered plenty of frisky twink all-stars, but it all began with their first solo scene. Here we have 8 of our sexiest budding young models, most in front of the camera for the very first time. Watch them stroke themselves to the hot cumshots that made them stars....
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    Check out more of these young, hung, and very horny Euro stud twinks in action. A hot twosome's great... but when you've got lots of friends, hookin' up with two at a time's gonna double your fun. Two dicks to suck on...two asses to pound, or any combination there of. ...

    100% Bareback twinks. Action sex, hard fucking holes. Young tenders like it military. ...
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    Some young studs like to have hot dick in their mouths, others like it anal. Check out this completely bareback twink action; as they fuck each others young, tender holes....
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    100% barely legal action!! Hot Twink Ass Fucking!!

    The ass-stretching action starts with a threesome with cum guzzling Kevin, Devin, & Sky. These boys take it to a whole new level with Sky and Kevin fucking Devin at the same time, two cock in one hole. Devin continues his power bottoming skills with Keegan's big cock sliding right into him for some playful-but-forceful fucking. Even Kevin has a cameo, and in no time Devin has two cocks in on hole! Devin finishes with his ass swallowing its biggest thickest dildo! Next, Angel tries the dildo out not just by jacking off, but showing us the true way to use Big Bertha! After that, Michael starts off with a hot rub down, then dives deep with his huge dildo. He ends this hot little number by cumming all over his chest and face tast...
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    Five Ferocious, Fist Fuck Fantasy Scenes for your Pleasure!

    HANDBALL USA is the epic adventure of HDK's cross country, motorhoming, handballing extravaganza. From the West Coast to the East Coast the cameras rolled as guys from Florida, Texas, Arizona and California demonstrated their ass-stretching techniques and tricks.

    Dildo play......two handed fisting....and elbow deep..... they did it all! Fucking and Fisting in a saddle.....on a bed, on the floor and in a sling.......TWO FULL HOURS, FIVE HOT SCENES and TEN of the hottest, pig squealing, butt-busting, ass pounding, cock draining HANDBALLING STUDS performing with no Rules and no Limits.....just big hands, hard throbbing cocks and wet, sloppy assholes.

    HANDBALL USA ain't for the weak at heart but ...
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    Hardcore & Uncensored! Filled with ass toying fun! ...
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    When you have been a bad boy there's several ways to punish you... Maybe a good spanking? Maybe some whips? Well we know how every guy secretly needs to be taught a lesson... a hot girl and a strap on! Strapped and Ready to Fuck features 5 hot scenes where our horny girls take charge of the situation and give these guys an experience they'll never forget!...
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