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    Buck Angel, The man with the pussy is back! This time Buck gets into it hot and heavy with 4 sext beauties... some erotically pierced/tattooed. This is the first Buck Angel all-pussy movie- Watch and be amazed!...
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    Another unbelievable movie from Buck Angel with something for everyone! Incredible! Buck gets it on in a wild three-way with a tattooed chick and a hot FTM/tranny-boi, gets plugged by a foxy Asian girl and does the nasty with a transvestite!...
    $ 39.95 

    The man with the pussy, the first and only male to female transsexual porn star! Buck's first film re-edited edition - It is totally gonzo porn! This started it all!...
    $ 39.95 

    Two Holes are better than one! Talented writer/director/producer/performer Buck Angel - everyone's favorite ultra-masculine female to male transsexual porn star - is back in the highly anticipated sequel Even More Bang for Your Buck 2. Here, Buck challenges all preconceptions about gender identity while showcasing some extremely passionate "macho bro on macho bro" love-making....
    $ 39.95 
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    Featuring titles My Mom Has A Dick 1, He Is A She 5, Suck My Moms Dick 3, She`s Got A Secret 2.
    $ 39.95 

    Horny Transsexuals with big dicks and huge titts fuck straight men in the ass.
    The hummilate and use them to satisfy their lust. See holes and titts being licked and cocks being sucked till they cum. Kriss Stahl fucks Anitas nicely shaved ass. All of the Ladys show what they got between their legs - huge dicks!...
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    Alternadudes presents Gender Benders, a look at some of the men who defy the societal standards of what gender means. Throughout history, men and women have been forced to act and dress in a certain way to conform to what society deems acceptable. Alternadudes breaks through this barrier with Gender Benders to give you a look at redefining what, if anything, those standards mean. Watch TS Foxxy, a chick with a dick, fuck the hell out of hairy, masculine Tristan Mathews; James Darling, a man with a pussy, get plowed by tatted hung stud, Ruckus; hung and uncut femme bottom, Randy Cimmeron, roll over to take it from fellow hung and uncut rocker dude, Saint Dillon; uber-femme twink, Roxy Red, get fucked balls deep by rock-hard surfer stud, Seere; and girly-boy, Kevy Codine, get face fucked b...
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    Workshops, bedrooms and filthy garages are the backdrops for these homemade amateur videos! Fat cocks, anal penetration and twinky threeways! See all the dirty, exhibitionist sucking, fucking and hardcore action!...
    $ 39.95 

    Making every bareback encounter count, Argie and his friends show us some of the hottest twink Asian bareback action!...
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    Horse-hung shemale Danni Daniels makes her debut at SX Video to make Gabriel D'Alessandro her bitch minion and teach his ass a lesson he'll soon never forget. The scene opens with Danni discovering Gabe playing with his cock without permission, which doesn't go over too well with her. As punishment she bonds his hands and begins pulling his hair and spitting in his face, to give him a taste of things to come. Danni then decides to feed her submissive bottom and whips out her giant thick cock and stuffs his mouth till she can feel the back of his soft throat with her plump dick head. After cramming her monster cock into one hole, Danni bends Gabe over the bed and thrusts her massive fuck-tool into his ass, and begins tearing up the next, making Gabe cry out in pain along the way....
    $ 39.95 

    Alternadudes presents Sinners and Saint. Saint Dillon is the patron saint of all things cock and there are plenty of sinners who need his guidance. His staff of life is a big one and he makes the sinners repent by getting on their knees. One by one he helps them find religion after a couple go astray and do some sinning by themselves. His power is in his magic juice and after lots of fucking and sucking and grunting and groaning, he sprays each of his disciples in the face, letting them drink from his loins and saving them from eternal damnation....
    $ 19.95 
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    This video starts out with Kevin; He is shy about his face being shown on the web site, but not on the video. He is a natural on tape but just started at a university in Northern Ca. & A.B. promised to keep his face pics desecrate. Ryan is back 6'0", 180#, blonde, 21 yrs. old & 8 1/2 inches of thick cut meat. He's a ranked college diver & this piece of tape was shot pretty close to the tape in Video #2 so he still hadn't shaved off his body hair, I was happy about that, I love those thick hairy legs. Next up is Mike; if you’re into baby faced 18 yr olds that shoot 6 ft. He's your man. A.B. met Mike on the Internet & within an hour had his finger up Mike’s ass. Lots of different camera shots, there isn't an inch of this guy you don't see, up close! Brad, 18, 6'6", 9' cut, this guy is one bi...
    $ 39.95 
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    4 hours of the tranny- toppingest, she-cockingest action you’ve ever seen.

    Cum rain or cum shine, these titillating t-girls will deliver packages to your inbox until it is overflowing. With the biggest, most bodacious boobies and slipperiest, slimiest she-holes, they will have you crawling on your knees to check if…You Got She Mail. ...
    $ 49.95 

    Tranny fuckers get ready! She-males are on the prowl and looking to give you a good time in "Transparent" - a sex epic that defies gender and displays blatant desires from all walks of life. These aren't just chicks with dicks, they're femme fatales who know fucking better than anyone you've ever met! ...
    $ 49.95 

    Next time you see a hot tranny at a bar, take a taste! After all, trannies need a good fuck too. Tranny Tasters 9 features an all new batch of sexy shemales stripteasing to show off their goods and then fucking some lucky guy!...
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    Horny shemale Tatiana Torres is naked and ready for some hot sex! Take control of her and tell her which position you want her to fuck in plus choose your camera angle for an up close or wide out shot! From striptease to cumshot you get to pick which action you want to see!...
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    The shemale of your dreams are waiting all around the world, you just have to find them! Luckily our crews are out there 365 days a week searching every corner for the sexy shemale working behind the counter. Watch as we get them naked and ready to fuck for you!...
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    Big dick shemale starlet Isabelli Killer loves to drill her dick into some tight ass! Now you can control this amazing shemale by telling her which position you want her to fuck in! Pick your camera angle to get up close to the action or zoomed out!...
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    What could be hotter than watching a beautiful shemale discharge her hot load all over herself? We couldn't think of anything so we made a whole DVD dedicated to the most amazing shemales right at the height of their orgasm! Enjoy over 80 back-to-back cumshots inside!...
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    Blonde shemale Raquel Rodrigues wants to show off her hot tits and hard cock for you! Take control of this amazing shemale in a fully interactive DVD where you choose the fetish and camera angle and watch her fuck!...
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