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    Manifest Men Vol. 4. How much muscle can you handle? Title tells all here as you'll see Zeb Atlas as you never have before – a huge mass of heat of his naked body. As Zeb Atlas awakens he imagines himself in the shower, water cascading over his hairy muscled body, arousing himself both in fantasy and reality. Running his hands over his furry muscles makes Zeb Atlas even harder and his thick muscle cock is a tower of steel. Soon Zeb Atlas is up on his haunches and flexing, kissing his cannonball biceps, and then lying back on the bed again thrusting his muscled butt into the air. Then he's on his back again stroking his cock until he comes over his hairy washboard abs.

    Alex directs thick muscled Kyle Stevens as the young bodybuilder poses and flexes with powerful confidence, hi...
    $ 34.95 

    Ben Kieren, Mitchell Rock, Hadyn Taggert and Alejandro De LeGuardia in Manifest Men Vol. 3. Four amazing scenes and a hot photo slide show make this a must have.

    Ben Kieren: Cellar Shot-where else?-in the cellar of the Manifest loft. It turned out to be the perfect spot for a different location shoot- a cool, dark environment that really highlights some of the most spectacular set of muscles anywhere. Ben Kieren is an electrician in this muscle fantasy and since he's alone he decides to do a little self-muscle worship. When Ben feels up his flexed arms you can really see how hard & defined his muscles are and when he runs his fingers through his chest hair you'll likely wish they were your hands. All the action here takes place on a ladder so when Ben strips and gets naked and...
    $ 34.95 

    Manifest Men want to know... how much muscle can you handle?

    The muscle fantasy of seeing a handsome, young bodybuilder nude as he works out and flexes gets enacted by Cody Miller in this extra-length video. Watch as Cody's tight muscular ass flexes as his clothes fade away while running on the treadmill; drool as he pumps his biceps and feels them up as he stands naked before you; and watch his skimpy shorts vanish as he does his sit-ups - all while his perfect body glistens with oil and sweat. Finally, you'll get to see Cody Miller nude in the locker room, flexing and posing in the mirror, feeling up his own muscles and getting turned on to to the point of jacking his cock while sitting on the counter. With every muscle flexed he tips a glance at his own reflection and shoot...
    $ 34.95 


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