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    When the heat goes up, the clothes cum off!

    That theory is tested here as guys strip down, but just get hotter!! Indoors and outdoors, on mountains and by pools, naked bodies work up a sweat, topped off by blond beauty Eric Garlin?s thick tool going deep into Toby?s eager hole!...
    $ 39.95 

    The very best in barely legal studs from all across the USA, all in one super sizzlin? episode.

    Bronzed Brazilian guy toys, Real life boyfriends Josh and Jordan, and prettyboy Jimmy taking 8 inch Jack in his box, and lovin? it OUCH!...
    $ 39.95 

    A rainbow division of multicolored studs, all with super-sized weapons, hard and fully loaded for maximum firepower, all aimed at you! Narrated by bi-boy-toy, twink sailor... Mark Woods....
    $ 39.95 
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    Hot and sweaty coming off the sports fields, working out in the gym, student bodies are sexy bodies!!

    $ 39.95 

    Seven sexy sailor studs -- hot, naked, and full of semen -- pumping their 8-inch naval guns just for you. Don`t miss stud puppies Monty and Marty in a full-blown sextacular session, with two cum-filled cumshots you`ll watch again and again....
    $ 39.95 

    Surfer Boys, Lifeguards, Shirtless College Boys cutting grass or waxing cars, Summertime is when boy watching hits high gear! See why for yourself as these guys strip down for heavy action, lean tan bodies, boy next-door faces, & great big tools to play with! & check out Rocky Brown going down on his favorite chocolate bar!! You can't believe how much cock this super slut stud can take, oral anal, all he'll take the best & ALL the rest, as big & black as he can get it....
    $ 39.95 

    The Florida sun has made all these sailors horny. They had to do something to release all this pent up tension. Join in their fun!

    $ 39.95 

    Ya got to love the navy: it?s full of seamen! See for yourself as San Diego?s sexiest seagoing studs bare all and fire their cruise missiles just for you! From black to blonde we?ve got it all, including a hot sexy bareback session!

    Check it out. Sailor Guys with great big toys, out cruisin? just for you, can you take all they have to give?

    $ 39.95 

    Miami Studios favourite young sexy twink Cory shows us what teen heat is all about in Twinkie Tales! Starting with a hot session with Tommy in which Cory pulls out just in time to blow a wicked white wad all over Tommy's tight tummy. Then Lance fucks Cory poolside resulting in two incredible cum shots. For the finale, Cory meets up with buff sailor Motti for some heavy sea action in a secluded hot tub in which Cory is fucked until both guys shoot their load....
    $ 9.95 
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    San Diegos Sexiest Sailor boy, and the hottest blond twinks around. Watch the sexual history of Lance unfold with a bevy of beautiful barely legal twinks! HARDCORE oral and anal action, with a variety of locales and of course, too pretty for words - Hot, Naked Lance! Featuring special guest star horse hung marine, Ric Harding....
    $ 19.95 
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  • TWINS 3.0

    Our 3rd set of twins, this time identical boy toys Ricky and Randy Hawke, join the cast of the latest offering from The Fisher Twins and a cast of sizzlin' barely-legal teen dream machines including long haired horse hung twink stars stars Jarrett Fox and Seth Fisher in hardcore oral & anal action, with plenty of naked feet for our foot fans to enjoy as well !!...
    $ 24.95 

    Porn Star Caleb Carter swings by Miami studios to check out some of the hottest scenes they had to offer and hand picked few of his favorites to showcase in this video. Each scene, even though Caleb is not in them, shows off a little of his own personality. Sensual, funny, sexy and even a little gritty. Its all here and what a pleasure to watch! You have twins, twinks, huge cocks, 3 ways, military guys and so much more!...

    From the snowy streets of Toronto to the sunny sands of Southern California, Canadian boi bacon mixed in a steamy recipe with USDA approved young veal. The barely legal boys of Miami Studios - hot, hard, and busting like Niagara Falls!

    Two sets of twins highlight this collector's video! Identical twins Ricky and Randy Hawke get to tag-team hot asian bottoms! Alex and Alan Fisher get double oral from Asian boy toy Koji, before taking turns tag-teaming his butt as the other gets head! Mark Woods starts off in the shower and ends up showering his Asian fuck bud with rivers of cum! Golden brown horse-hung Rikki gets Christian with all eight-and-a-half inches! Host Frankie Chan takes a hot pink vibrator and cums for day!...
    $ 24.95 

    Two incredibly hot Latin boys with HUGE tools in separate scenes, including Lance's last love scene. A farewell scene with blond and freckled boy toy Blake Saunders, A one time appearance from sweet southern stud Donnie Teague (Though he swears he'll be back), and heavenly boy toy Quentin Cole, an Angelic face and bod, with a totally 70's retro look.

    At release time all these guys have other commitments that seem to preclude future work, but we have high hopes. Yes, Lance is away at sea (The problem with using real military models, sometimes the real military wants them back) so who knows what we'll use next month. Maybe it's time to pull that Spencer, Levi, Collier three way out of the vault, what do you think???

    Hot sweaty teen bods, amazing cumshots, HUGE TOOLS...
    $ 24.95 
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    Summer time and the fucking is fine, and where better than in the water to get things boiling hot and blow off steam. Showering studs both indoors and outdoors, and in the jacuzzi, get the juices flowing! Brazilian boys, rronzed boys, and blond boys. Skinny, slender and stacked, with something for everyone tastes. Plenty of outdoor scenes, and of course, can anyone get enough of Lance?...
    $ 19.95 
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    Spring Break Teens living out their bareback Dreams ! a Special solos session with Classically Beautiful Benicio warms you up for a non stop week of Spring Break SEX !! Back by popular demand, Our most popular ebony twink bottoms for the first in a sweet spa scene with blue eyed baby faced sailor boy Ken, on loan from Barracks Barrackzboyz videos ! Then, what happens when a cute 18 year old blond mechanic wrecks his uninsured truck? well, you wanna you truck, you gotta F*** our newest sensation, Dorian Day, ( the only day that will keep you up all night, )seducing this blond" boy next door" in a very voyeuristic scene, requiring a live nude girl be present on set ( but off camera) for serious woodies !!

    Dorian rebounds in time to take it again , this time from blond Frat Broth...
    $ 24.95 
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    Hurricane Twinks was filmed in Florida between hurricanes, hence the title, and is packed to the rafters with delectable twinks who blow up their own storm of fucking, sucking and shooting jizz with their friends. Coyly narrated by Bobby Wilson who tells us that "there is nothing cuter than a curious eighteen year old high school football player, except a curious naked high school football player" as he introduces Josh and Lucas by the pool. The trunks come off pretty quickly and they take turns to tease prick and lap sacs, before a very aroused Lucas eases his swollen cock into Josh's baby crack. They swap, and with Josh's shaft in his arse Lucas pulls his prick and then pops on his mate's chest. Still semi erect they jump into the pool to cool off. Hot and spicy little chickens Alex and ...
    $ 24.95 
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    Our favorite blonde power-bottom boytoy Kyle McDermott A/K/A Kyle Aames stars along with identical twins Alan and Alex Fisher in this bareback twink fuck fest! Imagine, identical teen twins, in hot raw 3-way sex, with a cast full of leen teen barely legal dream machines. Great sex, great twinks, and tons of great cumshots!...
    $ 24.95 
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    An all star twink line up, the return of legend Alex Ford, Latin twink stallion Angel Vasquez, incredible hardcore action both anal and oral, horse hung surfer boy Jarett Fox taking it from both ends from both twins (Matt and Mark Woods), and sexational cum shots, all make this a real collectors item!...


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