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    It's back to college as eight stunning, buffed-out centerfolds invite you to a skin-filled fraternity weekend of hazing, rowdiness and naked fun! After the secret nude initiation of the freshmen it's a non-stop party with nude workouts at the gym, towel-snapping in the showers, stripper parties at the bar and pillow fights in the dorm. Then catch each frat stud alone in a private fantasy showing off his naked muscular body just for you. Once you see these great looking college boys, you'll join the fraternity!...
    $ 39.95 

    A grimy junkyard becomes a fantasy playground when NINE muscled, young studs nakedly work, romp and play in a guy's ultimate dream job! These beefy boys strip more than cars, their lean, nude bodies glowing greasy and sweaty under the hot summer sun.

    Soon these frisky friends turn their down and dirty work into a bare blast of water fights, car climbing and tire wrestling. And at night in their paradise garage, each hunk privately shows off his nude muscular body parts for you to admire. Junkin' jalopies was never this much fun!...
    $ 39.95 

    Eight of the country's most beautiful male models show off the season's skimpiest and most revealing new underwear fashions before a glittering in-crowd. Backstage: Chaos and nudity prevail as these gorgeous hunks struggle in and out of their tight changes. Go behind the scenes on the big day to see the less-than-model behavior when eight buffed naked bodies squeeze into and out of dozens of form-fitting outfits.

    And brace yourself for the Fantasy Finale when every one of these breathtaking centerfolds parades down the runway wearing absolutely nothing‚ the sexiest fashion of all....
    $ 39.95 

    The college crowd's best kept secret-
    a secluded hostel in the Hollywood Hills where hot young men from all over the world shed both their clothes and their inhibitions. Its lush tropical grounds provide the perfect private atmosphere for gym workouts in the buff, relaxing nude jacuzzis and naked games in the pool. At night there's an out-of -control clothesless cook-out and the ultimate naked disco party. In between, each of these nine breath-taking studs finds a favorite spot to show you an even more intimate view of his incredible physique. Check into the Hideaway- you'll never want to check out! ...
    $ 39.95 
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    Eight handsome, hot & sexy Sharpshooter models strip down naked to cash in on internet fever. For 24 hours these great-looking young men live together completely nude, playfully exposing every part of their chisled bodies in a non-stop muscle party. Watch these guys sleep, shower, work out, shoot hoops, kick back and live their life in the raw....
    $ 39.95 

    Eight of the handsomest jocks in school accept a dare to put on a full nude strip show - with just a day to pull it off. Take a front row seat as these muscular hunks transform from shy strippers to gyrating naked pole dancers.

    Watch backstage as they shower together and model jockstraps. As an extra treat, each beautiful boy eagerly treats you to a private naked mattress dance. The show begins on both VHS and DVD.
    $ 39.95 

    Two young hot guys are working their way through college cleaning pools. When they discover a showplace empty for the weekend, they invite a half-dozen of their muscle buddies over for the ultimate wet and wild pool party. The only rule: no swim suits! The beer and good times flow as these gorgeous naked guys lounge, play and get rowdy under the California sun. The party moves indoors and underwater as our cameras catch all the close-up naked action in the most private areas of the house. It's Hollywood's buffest nude summer least until the owners come home....
    $ 39.95 

    Welcome to the Fantasy Casino, where the country's most handsome, sexy, centerfolds bet their clothes for cash. Watch these buff, muscular idols wager their shirts, pants and underwear on craps, roulette and black jack. Each time they lose, they're wearing less! And after every stitch is gone they keep playing by spinning a wheel of punishment that sends them on a fiendish cycle of naked endurance tests. Will Lady Luck deal them a naked paddling, body paint or send them to the dungeon? Between games, each guy puts on a private, naked show just for you. In this casino, the more they lose... the more you win....
    $ 39.95 

    Nude Bodybuilders, Naked College Hunks, Sexy Studs and Gorgeous Centerfolds all compete for the title of America's Hottest Naked Bachelor. The swimsuit competition turns into the no-swimsuit competition as these buff guys vie to show off all their assets and go on to perform the rest of the events completely nude. A grueling tug-of-war shows off their straining, muscular physiques. They pour on the charm in a series of mini-dates. The finalists resolve their conflict in an all-out-bare bodied brawl. And each stunning competitor finds the time to perform privately for your inspection....
    $ 39.95 

    America's sexiest underwear models together for the ultimate catalog shoot. Follow these 8 gorgeous models from their first auditions to their life size posters that will soon be in every mall in America. Watch them squeeze into and out of the sexiest underwear, the tiniest thongs, the skimpiest Speedos and see-through briefs. Catch them in the dressing rooms, showers and in front of the changing mirror as each guy shows off the assets that made him famous. Go behind the scenes as the guys lounge, play and flex their perfect muscular bodies for the camera. Then this frisky pack poses together in a series of fun, fully naked group shots. Between takes these uninhibited guys even "fluff" for the camera. Don't wait for the next underwear catalog - our models deliver it all now!...
    $ 39.95 

    Eight frat jocks stage the ultimate after-hours fund-raiser: a spectacular night of naked male entertainment.

    Watch their frantic preparations, workouts and rehearsals as they transform their frat house into a palace of pleasure. Then join the privileged few for champagne toasts, balcony strip shows, nude billiards, naked go-go boys, nude lap dances.

    As the party gets wilder, each stunning stud invites you up to his room for the ultimate private bedroom performance. Get out your checkbooks, these boys will earn your support....
    $ 39.95 

    The ultimate studs at the ultimate resort. Eight hot young hunky spa attendants, fully nude and ready to indulge their guests' every desire: drinks in the Jacuzzi, intimate tennis lessons, swapping long, slow nude massages by the pool. They even give your car a soapy naked wash. After the guests are gone, these sexy studs turn the lavish spa into their own naked playground: diving, nude oil posing and naked mud slinging. In the VIP cabanas, each muscle boy treats you to a private close-up session that the guests never see. It's the spa fantasy you've dreamed of. ...
    $ 39.95 

    FOR HIRE: The Men of Manforce: Handsome, strong and muscular. They'll strip off their clothes and tackle any tough and dirty job. Watch this breathtaking crew of models and centerfolds invade an industrial warehouse. See them scramble naked to the highest shelves, organize nude assembly lines, stage mail cart races, romp in the packing peanuts and wrap each other up for express delivery. During their breaks, each stunning nude stud relaxes privately just for you in the employee lounge. If you need a man, you need Manforce....
    $ 39.95 

    Naked waiters, busboys and cooks are on the menu at the Fantasy Diner where the good times roll 24 hours a day. When four hunky jocks stop by, it's time for naked fun. Stripping out of their varsity jackets, the visitors join the staff in nude countertop dancing, arm-wrestling, food fights and creating the sexiest hot dogs and banans splits you've ever seen. Each one of these hot models, athletes and centerfolds takes a break to give you a one-on-one private show. Then the party climaxes with a steamy, erotic whipped cream fantasy. Next time you're on the highway, don't miss the off ramp to the Naked Diner Jocks. ...
    $ 39.95 

    Two cute young British tourists want to experience the famous men's Baths of Budapest. Their inhibitions vanish with their clothes as the handsome nude regulars initiate them in the historic rituals of the famous oasis: swimming nude and horsing around in the fresh water pool, demanding full body workouts and muscle posing. Later they exchange sensual massages and blow off steam with group naked grappling.

    In secluded corners, each of the eight studs shows you his hard body in detailed close-up - including two muscle boys performing together in the hottest duo session we've ever filmed. The baths have never been this much fun. ...
    $ 39.95 

    A joyride ends in a garage when five hot young college hunks strip to their underwear for two demanding muscle mechanics.

    Beautiful lean bodies get dirtier and tight briefs more shredded with each new job. Completely naked, the studs change tires, wash windshields, raise lifts and use every tool they get thier hands on. Then each takes time to individually show you every inch of his buff body.

    The Grease Monkeys are sure to get your motor running!!!! ...
    $ 39.95 


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