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    Pledges (It's A Man's World, Part 2) is Studio 2000's slurpy sugar-rush of erotic escapism. Adventurous director Derek Kent always has a trick or two up his sleeve. Here he delivers his tasty and edgy take on what happens in a fraternity house filled to overflow with horny frat brothers and willing pledges. Rest assured, Pledges is the stuff stiffies are made of. Studio 2000's stock and trade is, now and forever, gorgeous, hung and hot guys and Pledges more than rises to the tradition....

    In Man's Country, Up on Chicago's North Side, not far from Lake Michigan, is one of American's last great bath houses. Man's Country. Harkening back to those memorable palaces where the likes of Bette Midler could hold center stage one night only to be followed the next by the naughtiest and most outrageous celebrations of the down and dirtiest sex imaginable, Man's Country is three floors of affirmation that safe sex can bring people together for great nights of entertainment, play and, oh, yes, the very best that men can offer one another sexually and that safe can be HOT....

    Remember Revenge of the Nerds? Well, Studio 2000 sure does - their X-rated adventure pits the jocks against the dorks in a competition to see who builds the better homecoming float. But with everyone busy sucking and fucking, when will they find time to paint banners and hang streamers? ...

    This beautifully photographed video presents traveling-stripper Adam Hart, a strikingly handsome blond, leaving his roommate (Claude Jourdan) and pounding his meat before he goes off to his adoring fans. Adam discovers two other strippers, Phil Bradley and Yan Moreau, sucking nipples and cock, and fucking with heels to the ceiling. Embarrassed, Adam, a seeming straight but curious man, dresses in the hall before going out to the bar and meeting blond and butch Michael Brawn. Adam and Michael share one of the hottest kisses ever captured....

    Studio’s 2000 ever-brilliant director John Travis brings you his most ambitious fuckfest to date with Gored. For anyone who’s ever shot a load at the thought of being impaled on a matador’s cock come Spanish sex gods Rafael Alencar and Rafael Carreras in a guaranteed to be classic bullfighting epic, combining the color and flavor of old Mexico with some of the most blazingly hot powerhouse fucking, mammoth dick deep-throating, expert asslicking, and fingerbanging ever caught on film.

    Rafael Alencar, a staggeringly gorgeous stallion if ever there was one, plays a star torero (an exquisite picture completed by Alencar’s own belly tattoo that looks like the horns of a steer) being pushed into dangerous stunts by his power-hungry brother, played by superstar Rafael Carreras. These...

    Fucked is a dangerous, dark, dick-drenched walk on the wild side of sexual obsession. This trip to the twilight zone of compulsive behavior is something defiantly decadent and different for Studio 2000, and you are going to love every sweaty, cum-soaked, fist-fucked, pissed-on, second of it. Director Travis, one of the undisputed masters of porn, has crafted a tale jammed with rough, randy, and relentless sex which is splashed in your face in unrelenting, vivid, vital close-up.

    Each and every performer is required to go the extra mile in serving up spontaneous, salacious, sizzling sex. The undisputed star of Fucked is Rod Daily. He appears in three scenes, literally setting the screen ablaze. His cute, come-hither baby-face could almost lure you into thinking he is an innocent...

    Join us for a John Trennel classic "Fox's Lair". These studs want to show you how it's done. ...

    The mean, aggressive wail of police sirens rising and falling as they approach and recede; the occasional popcorn popping of assault rifles in the distance; the sharp attacking bark and the haunting howl of search dogs on duty; the whipping whirl and blinding fights of the search helicopters; and the occasional whiff of cordite and tear gas borne on the night air. The sensory messages of a jail break. We had one here in California a couple of weeks ago. They are scary. ...

    Remember the fun and innocence in the beach the films of Frankie and Annette; the eager and joyous music of the Beach Boys? Isn't it groovy to revisit a time where the salty surf washes up youthful summer sex? ...

    Get ready to give your tool and hand a relentless workout as Studio 2000 brings you Bad Boys Club - a spectacular anthology as only our stable of directors and swelteringly hot models can deliver it! The response to the Bedtime Stories series was so overwhelmingly positive that they've brought three of their master directors and much of the Studio 2000 family together again for another cum-splashing marathon. With one episode directed by John Travis, a second by nasty man about town Doug Jeffries and two more helmed by expert veteran Derek Kent, Bad Boys Club's stories are united by one thread - voracious bad boy studs getting their way!

    What sets these stories apart is their fearless indulgence in some of your raunchiest sex pig fantasies (all injected of course with Studio 2...

    What would you do if you found out that your Uncle Jack was a gay porn star? Watch and see what happens in this all out fuckfest!!! ...

    Get your cock in hand and prepare to be worked to the limit by the best from Budapest. Studio 2000 International presents super stud director Roland Dane's The Right Moves. Following up the huge hit What Friends Are For, Dane takes you from gritty factories to swank boardrooms for another staggeringly beautiful glimpse into the blazingly hot sex lives of Europe's most exquisite studs.

    Dane's skills at eliciting awe-inspiringly sublime sexual action from his models are quickly becoming legendary, and The Right Moves is his most sensational yet! Better still, he's once again brought one of the world's best new models with him - adorable, masculine and tattooed dirty blonde Johnny Huzosh, who burst onto the scene so magnificently in What Friends Are For. If Huzosh proved himself ...

    Drawing inspiration from today's headlines, the story of The Last Taboo revolves around the hot topic of same-sex marriage, and its impact on the lives of four male couples and their friends. Even though it's evident from the very start of the video that a marriage has taken place, the script is cleverly constructed in such a way as to keep the viewer guessing which couple it is that finally "takes the plunge." ...

    It's the bar of everyone's dreams where the bartender and the customers are the hottest and always ready to shoot the breeze, shoot a game, or just shoot off. Don’t miss out on the non-stop hot and heavy man on man action that this erotic gay film has to offer. Enjoy! ...

    Hitchhiker Brooks sits on the side of the road with his laptop turned on and his thumb stuck out. Picked up by Perry, they ride off, with Brooks relating stories that he writes in his computer. First related is with Lofton and Anthony as college students who come home drunk, get naked and do what all college boys do. Lofton, nice body with strawberry blond hair tops brunette Anthony in a rather stiff scene that is only saved by Loftons leaving a puddle of goo on Anthony's belly. At a wedding reception, blond god White takes on brunette Wilder in the men's room. ...

    This subtitled bit of naughtiness boasts a delicious cast of Euro hunks guaranteed to put a throb in your family jewels. ...

    Studio 2000 International’s genius auteur Roland Dane takes you into the ring with a crew of the most breath-defyingly beautiful boxers you’ll ever see for his latest masterwork, The Boy Has Balls.

    Shot on location in the gyms of Budapest, The Boy Has Balls stars ever-sublime Spanish stallion Jose Ganetti as a rising star prizefighter - and the boy in question with balls full of sweet cum that needs to be shot! With his lithe olive-skinned physique, deep cocoa-brown eyes and rich, full lips (not to mention one of the world’s warmest and most achingly lovely smiles), this is a role Ganetti was born to play: a wet dream come true for anyone’s who ever fantasized about seeing a lean young Latin boxer get fucked.

    As The Boy Has Balls opens, George Caesar is spotting o...

    Tailspin is set toward the end of the 1950's and is the story of two guys, one from an affluent family and one from poverty. It all happens during that wonderful summer that follows high school graduation, and it's about cars, hangouts, love, music, group loyalty, pain, loss, growing up and, of course, it's about sex-way back then. If, when you watch Tailspin, you're reminded a bit of American Graffiti or of The Outsiders, that isn't an accident, for the video draws on these landmark films as well as personal experiences. We've been there and we've done that. Tailspin is the story American Graffiti couldn't tell, showing the things that The Outsiders didn't dare to show. Jeff White, the STUDIO 2000 exclusive with the high sexual energy, has the Ronnie Howard role in Tailspin. And his is an...

    Director Novak gives director Duroy a run for his money in the "adorable foreign boy fuck flick" biz. He has assembled an A-1 cast who are not only beautiful, but can deliver the goods (including a deft handling of a narrative structure that differs from the norm) and seem to be having a great time while doing so. Hats off to Novak and to this awesome cast! ...

    After a year's sabbatical, the extraordinary John Travis is back directing Studio 2000's celebration of the macho man. Travis is unbeatable when directing muscular, masculine performers, and Stiff as a Board is pud-pounding proof as Travis digs deep into blue-collar America, witnessing the world of the construction worker - from their building to their bars to their bedrooms.

    Stiff as a Board stars Studio 2000's horse-hung, body-builder exclusive Tony Mecelli in a role he was born to play. Every muscle in his chiseled body ripples with each movement he makes. His huge monster-cock looks delicious each time an eager mouth sucks on it, and works like a power tool every time that it screws a hungry hole.

    Gorgeous Mecelli and god-like hunk Trey Rexx are roommates, con...


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