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    What happens in Sicily doesn't always stay in Sicily. 3 Sicilian newcomers, 5 Euro studs, 2 hours.
    $ 49.95 

    Some will keep you warm in the Winter. Others will quench your thirst in the Summer. Filmed on location in Catania (Italy), Madrid (Spain) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)....
    $ 39.95 

    Some will keep you warm in the Winter. Others will quench your thirst in the Summer. These Men for all Seasons are just perfect for all year round. Filmed on location in Catania (Italy), Madrid (Spain) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)....
    $ 39.95 

    The Love Triangle is finally available in the DVD store: LucasKazan handpicks 14 men in 6 unforgettable threesomes....
    $ 39.95 

    Lucas Kazan handpicks the hottest men in ten unforgettable scenes. Italians do it best! ...
    $ 49.95 

    9 fuck buddies sexing one another in six scorching scenes. Some crave the outdoors, some prefer the privacy of their own bedroom. All these Euro hunks know how to have a good time....
    $ 49.95 

    2 continents, 3 full-action episodes, 10 screen tests, 15 models. Ettore Tosi's search for sizzling-hot newcomers, muscle studs and real men takes him all over the world, all year long. Meet the very best from this past year's crop....
    $ 49.95 

    Sex cums in different colors:

    Sex as love-making (Bruno Boni/Alex Orioli).
    As outlet (Jean Franko/Alessio Mancini).
    As playground (Antonio Rinaldi/Lucas Andrades/Ettore Tosi).
    As fantasy (Daniele Montana/Marc Dievo).
    As desire (Bruno Boni/Matthias Vannelli).
    Italian newcomers Bruno Boni, Daniele Montana and Alessio Mancini demonstrate --with help from veteran Matthias Vannelli, Ettore Tosi and many more muscle studs....
    $ 49.95 

    3 continents, 4 full-action episodes, 9 screen tests, 15 models, 131 minutes.

    His search for sizzling hot newcomers takes italian porn star Ettore Tosi all over the world, all year long. SEXCURSIONS: LKP CASTING 04 unlocks the vault and introduces the very best from Tunisia, Brazil, Italy....
    $ 49.95 

    "I dreamt of them day and night: the swimmer, the honeymooners, the waiter, the hitchhiker..."

    4 sun-drenched vignettes, 9 gorgeous men and the beauty of the Tuscan countryside.

    Samuel Dolce reminisces about his Summer on the farm and the men he longed for. Lost in his daydreams, he fantasizes about muscular Mark and boyish Pietro stroking their dicks (flashback I).

    "The Swimmer" - From his bedroom window, Samuel catches Jean Franko and Alexy Tyler cruise each other in and around the pool (flashback II).

    "The Honeymooners". Ethan Clarke and Roberto Giorgio can't get enough of each other, as they cavort in the fields, in bed, on the stairs (flashback III).

    "The Waiter". Guest Lucas Andrades pays his hunky waiter (Glenn Santoro...
    $ 49.95 

    Two young couples, one indecent proposal!

    Lucas Kazan Productions' 15th feature film recruits an international ensemble (Italian, Czech, Venezuelan, Hungarian & Brazilian) and a number of stunning locations in Southern Italy.

    Ferrando (LK exclusive Matthias Vannelli) and Guglielmo (Jason) trust their lovers blindly. But Alfonso (LK exclusive Jean Franko) bets they're like everyone else. Ferrando and Guglielmo agree to do whatever Alfonso wants for the following 24 hours. Unaware of their lovers' plot, brothers Dorino (Martin Dejdar) and Fiorino (Karel Rok) lounge poolside.

    Alfonso sets out to test the brothers' vows. He will seduce Dorino, who succumbs all too easily (Scene I) and summons Despino (Roberto Giorgio) to win Fiorino, who's determined to r...
    $ 49.95 

    They were best friends. They thought they knew each other... and themselves.

    California, Fall 2000. Ettore Tosi catches buddies Victor Racek and Federico Bulsara going at it in the desert (scene 1). Unable to shake off those memories of male lust, Ettore is haunted by his truer desires (scene 2): he's hooked.

    Back home, Ettore confronts his suppressed sexuality and experiments with carpenter Vilem Cage (scene 3). His thirst for new, bolder adventures becomes unquenchable: Ettore wanders an abandoned castle and spies on two hot couples: Tiziano Cortese and Luca Ferri (scene 4);

    Gennaro Grimaldi and Erik Lenn (scene 5). After a brief encounter with hunky Matthias Vannelli (scene 6), Ettore realizes what (whom) he's really longing for. By the time he goe...
    $ 49.95 

    Shot on location in Northern Italy and in Mykonos/Greece, MYKONOS: LKP CASTING #03 is our yearly casting tape (and third in the series).

    Five Euro muscle men debut on camera, three go all the way, under the expert coaching of Italian porn stars Max Veneziano (MASPALOMAS) and Ettore Tosi....
    $ 49.95 

    "Who will teach me to be loved?"

    Prelude: Nemorino (Lucas Foz) and his beloved Aldo (LKP exclusive Filippo Romano) in each other's arms. All of a sudden, reality shatters the romance: Nemorino, now spectacled and nerdy, stalks Aldo and his best-friend Belcore (Giorgio Salieri). Obsessed with the object of his desire, but unable to attain it, Nemorino seeks solace in the local sex-club: while spying on Vilem Cage and newcomer Michele Luppo (Scene I), he's cruised and seduced by LKP exclusive Federico Bulsara. Nemorino surrenders: the encounter that follows is sexually gratifying, but void of emotions (Scene II).

    Far from quenching Nemorino's thirst, the real-life sex club has ignited his fantasies about Aldo and Belcore: soon he begins playing in his head the movie...
    $ 49.95 

    Five rising stars and five hot newcomers on vacation on the Italian Riviera.

    Dario, now a student at NYU, reminisces about his last Summer on the Riviera: the Summer he fell in love, the Summer everything changed.

    Flashback: Dario locks eyes with a gorgeous hotel guest, Erik Kovak. Later that night, he wrestles with his best friend Ettore: the young men are comfortable with each other and soon find new, bolder games. Awakened by their moans, Dario's father, Pietro Cattani steams with disbelief, rage, sorrow and... excitement.

    The following morning at the beach: while Dario and Erik exchange a few shy words, Ettore eyes hunky Marian and Andrea Albani sunbathing atop the cliffs. Attracted to blond Tiziano Cortese, Pietro struggles with his burgeoning se...
    $ 49.95 

    "Once upon a time, there was a handsome peasant. His name was Masetto..." So the Narrator (Mexican Ricky Martinez), reading a racy page by Boccaccio (First Novella of the Third Day). Czech Eric Flower plays the peasant, pretending to be deaf and dumb, while looking for work... and fun. Venezuelan Jean Franko, Italian hunks Alberto Ventura and Marco Sisto are the farmers, all too eager to take advantage of him.

    Eighth Novella of the Eighth Day: Jean Franko is back as Zeppa, (LKP exclusive) Leon is Spinelloccio, his best friend. Zeppa finds out his lover (Wilfried Knight) cheats on him. And he does so with Spinelloccio, of all people. Seeking revenge, Zeppa manages to seduce his best friend's lover (Ricky Martinez). Betrayal and jealousy soon come to an en end, as all four take ...
    $ 49.95 

    Director Giorgio Salieri is shooting a X-rated adaptation of Verdi's "Traviata", at once staging and exorcizing his own longing for star Sasha Byazrov. Day one: Cuban Mario Perez, Polish David Havien and Norwegian David Scott successfully complete their threeway. The set is fraught with tension and jealousy.

    Day two: it's the "toast" scene from act I. Bodybuilders Max Veneziano and Eric Flower sit at the table, in between Sasha and Ettore Tosi (Alfredo, in a non-sexual cameo).

    A few roles haven't been cast yet and Giorgio reluctantly interviews newcomer Ricky Martinez (from Mexico City). Ricky is clumsy and Giorgio, still obsessing about Sasha and ridden by memories of their early days, pays little attention. Electrician Matthias Vannelli takes the audition in his...
    $ 49.95 

    Travel with exchange student Corey Summers and his Italian friends. From the scorching dunes of the Death Valley to the green hills of Rome.

    Corey reminisces about his Italian adventure and the friends he made across the ocean. Flashback: Ettore Tosi and newcomer Francesco Maldini visit him in California and fall in love with each other.

    Meantime, lovers Luca Ferri and Gennaro Grimaldi, cashless and unable to join Ettore, settle for the Italian countryside. Marco Ramazzotti and Andrea Albani cruise each other among the ruins of a fortress. Gennaro betrays Luca and has fun with Fabio de' Rossi.

    When Francesco leaves, Corey makes his move on Ettore.

    "Across the Ocean" was shot on location in California, Nevada, Northern Italy and the countr...
    $ 49.95 

    Some like it rough. Some like it tender.
    6 scenes each highlighting a different and often ambivalent attitude toward sex. Who’s the romantic type? Who’s not? Italian Alex Magnum, Federico D’Angelo, Ettore Tosi and Matthias Vannelli demonstrate with an all-star cast....
    $ 49.95 

    Meet Daniele Montana and newcomers Giuseppe, Alex, Stefano, Luca. 9 men sexing one another in 7 scorching scenes. ...
    $ 49.95 


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