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    Triga Films Presents This Is Billy Essex! Featuring Mr Billy Essex. THere he is. Billy fucking Essex. The prime Essex lad in all his glory, Billy Essex stars in his first Triga DVD. The blonde haired blue eyed super stud flexes his muscles and pounds arse like there's no tomorrow in this debut movie. 5 spunk filled scenes where Billy demonstrates he's not just a pretty face - he's also got a big fuck off killer cock between his legs that seems like it's permanently hard. He likes to dominate and the lucky lads on the receiving end in this film just can't get enough of it. They worship Billy's feet, socks, trainers and his gym toned body. You want vanilla? Best look somewhere else. Billy Essex is a top man, a hard fucker who just wants to pound a hole and when his bird's not around any lad'...
    $ 39.95 

    riga Films proudly present the very first studio release of the filthy new production team at ‘Skin Boss Films’. ‘Pay Up’ made in association and under the direction of Triga is a full on rampant no holds barred British production filmed on location in Liverpool.

    Pay Day Loans are two a penny in the UK right now and with interest rates at up to 2950% sometimes its tough to pay it back…remember though, if you don’t pay your tick you might loose your dick….

    When ‘Brucey Bones and ‘Chatty Charlie’ get behind on their repayments after too many nights and days in the pub they soon regret it and find out exactly why you don't want to fall into arrears and owe money to the local loan sharks. Wrenched out of their flats and dragged to a squat controlled by the sickest fi...
    $ 39.95 

    Triga are proud to present Auditions: Yobs In Kit. Indeed the lads here at Triga have done us proud with a load of sporty solos as the lads get dirty and knock one out good and proper Triga style. See horny boxer lad Lee from Nottingham in his blue and white kit stroke his hard meat as his sexy eyes draw you in ... he will have you reaching inside your undies before you can say show us your fit arse you cunt! Moreover Andy the little scally from Derby gets his trackies down and delivers a nice sticky load. Once again Triga brings you every day next door British lads - lads from Durham , London , Blackpool and Croydon to name but a few including Scouser lad Joe with his massive fuckin dick. In his Umbro top and green footie socks this teenage lad loves to show off and wank himself hard. Mor...
    $ 39.95 

    Job Seekers Allowance Extra Benefits. Get a Job? Can't be fucked? Well lads Triga thinks it's time to get off yer arse and get up someone else's in this action packed production ' Job Seekers Allowance Extra Benefits '. There's plenty of cock on the dole here as a whole host of new goby British geezers apply their skills and learn some new one's as they suck cock and get fucked - who needs a fucking CV. Watch smooth redhead Darren with his big cock improve his cock and ball skills as he gets banged senseless by fit lad Craig - who gives a shit about this interview technique! Fit Manc lad Ste doesn't need a reference as he sucks Scouser Curtis's big thick cock before a good fucking arse licking -- Well tasty lads! So if you are into British fit lads an a bit of rough action get down to this...
    $ 39.95 

    Auditions : Groping Hands! The new Audition film from Triga where the hopeful porn lads are tried out by the dirty old cunt of a cameraman! The lads are given a helping hand or even a helpful pair of lips to get them in the mood.Ten newbies, some nervous, some natural exhibitionists, wanked and played with till they show what they're made of! Triga welcomes all New Cummers!" Running Time 2 Hours fully British Made Filth! Auditions : Groping Hands! The new Audition film from Triga where the hopeful porn lads are tried out by the dirty old cunt of a cameraman! The lads are given a helping hand or even a helpful pair of lips to get them in the mood.Ten newbies, some nervous, some natural exhibitionists, wanked and played with till they show what they're made of! Triga welcomes all New Cummers...
    $ 39.95 

    Confessions Of A Randy Window Cleaner! Dirty Fucking Windows. If you can't smash them i suppose you may aswell clean the fuckers. So why not get a horny fit Welsh stud to do it. This chiselled and tattooed fucker whips out his bucket and plenty more in Trigas Confessions of A Randy Window Cleaner. Big Cock tight arse this hard cunt from the Valleys is nowhere happier than exercising his muscles over someones dirty windows. Watch him fuck the Scottish blonde lad up his sweaty hole or Ben from Manchester this Bridgend Scally just loves workin up his fucking chammy! Plenty of wrist action here boys as the lads get their fingers up a tight nice arse. Russells goes deep as he tongues a fuckable hole - befoe getting his pole up there. This window cleaner reaches the parts others dont if you get ...
    $ 39.95 

    Carpet Burns-Extra Shag! 'Cheap deals and free fitting' it says in the shop window – but then nothing in life is free is it? When randy fitter Dan and his mate go round to quote on a new job, they notice the customer’s old Axminster is full of holes and the geezer has another hole that’s gagging to be filled by the two lads stiff as stair rods cocks! Eager to oblige they've soon got him bent over his kitchen table in a good old spit-roast fuck session. On the next job Sam the carpet shop manager takes his new apprentice to fit out a bedroom. The owner has left the keys to the house and Sam is quick to take advantage showing the new boy the ropes – and how to take his bosses hard cock slammed up his back side. The next day Sam sends out his team of fitters to start work on another job and w...
    $ 39.95 

    Thievin robbing bastards! Brand new and british from triga films. Community service? I don't think so! Bugger the burglars!don't leave your back door open! Those thievin' scally bastards are out on the prowl looking for an opening...when the gang get caught red handed raiding someone's living room they get more than a bag of loot for their trouble - a load of big cocks up their scally arses and a load more down their throats as the horny housemates wreak revenge on the dirty robbers. Triga's all new "thievin' robbing bastards" is a new take on the old saying "commit the crime and do the time" when the police get called round to check out some reported stolen goods, the gang of scally robbers get a proper seeing to from the burly boys in blue...and we're not talking community service! Strip...
    $ 39.95 

    Banging Builders....Cum on lads there’s work to be done as once again Triga presents another toolbox classic ! Trigas Banging Builders gets the job done as the fit fitter gets well and truly plastered whilst chiselled Welsh lad Russell bangs away in a horny fuck fest. At the same time Yorkshire boy Darren does wonders with his paint brush as Scouse lad Dean gets drilled up his arse. There is plenty of fucking and sucking going on in this house as the builders fill every hole and sort out all the cracks LOL.. These working class lads get to grips with the building project and each other as arses take a hammering and cocks get rock hard ..never mind the dust this place is covered in fucking spunk . So if you like the usual Triga mix of lads next door normal sexy blokes then Banging Builders ...
    $ 39.95 

    DADS N LADS COUNCIL HOUSE: Tuesday afternoon and as per doing fuck all! But who really gives two shits of a cracks arse when there’s fuck all to do round Liverpool city centre these days? And especially when you got a couple of pals coming over to smoke some weed n knock back a bargain pack of Special brew! Chuck in a couple of your older pals mates and you got one skanky council house party just ready to kick in! After the spiff n Special brew kick in and any holes a goal the fuckin and suckin soon starts kick off! The electric inspector due round to disconnect the dodgy meter certainly is gonna get more than he bargained for, but with his missis up the duff then it don’t take him long to get a wet pair of lips round his bulging bell end and fuck me does he love it! In down n out social b...
    $ 39.95 

    RUGBY FUCKIN LEAGUE-DVD. Northern men like their Rugby...Warrington , Wigan Hull and Leeds. Rugby Fucking League Extra Balls brings you a set of beefy men who can't wait to get up an under each others arses in this Rugby fuelled classic.... After a sweaty game on the pitch , the Testosterone is still flowin off the pitch as the Rugby lads get more than a scrum half as some big dicks come into play in the changing room. Forget the drop kicks these rugby balls are flyin with spunk and spit going everywhere! Watch fit lad Jay gettin spit-roasted or sexy Steve gettin his rocks off with the fit bloke from Burnley. Believe me you will be wankin off quicker than you can say " who wants it ' as these lads tackle low and tackle hard...Trust me lads this wont disappoint. Rugby Fucking League! Get th...
    $ 39.95 

    British blokes are the staple diet at Triga, and we all know that proper British blokes are the real fucking spunk licking deal! Made In England celebrates the best of the best of British beef! This compilation collection lifts the lid on dirty builders who spends their time scouring the local DIY store to find a bit of lunchtime meat, lads looking to make a quick buck at audition time, scallies getting it up the arse nice and hard in hope of being in one of Triga's films, and two filthy young offenders ordered to do community work but who end up shafting each other instead! If you like lads to be lads and blokes to be brutal, then Made In England is right up your street! Two hours of Classic Triga in all its British glory! ...
    $ 39.95 

    Watch these hard up Saturday amateur football players forced to fuck for their new kit! Paul Shipley, manager of the Saturday league team Cocksfield United, was forced to make his team players join a sponsored fuck-n-wank-a-thon to raise funds to buy next season's strip. Shipley is in even more hot water today as the local Thai birds he had booked from the local red light area failed to turn up at the event. Desperate for cash, the lads put on what many locals are saying is their best show this year. Resident sports expert Mickey Bradford said these horny fuckers didn't waste anytime by banging their full balls into each others' hungry holes!...
    $ 39.95 

    Knock, knock... it's time for a special delivery and we all know that The Postman Always Fucks Twice. Watch Mr Postie unload his sack as he fucks around town determined to bring you that big package that you've been waiting for. With his mailbag covered in spunk, fuck the stamps and just suck away as Triga delivers you another hard cock classic. This isn't second class - this is Triga doing what it does best. Return to sender? Fuck that, just fuck his brains out as only a Triga Postie knows how. So get those boxers down lads, and remember one thing: The Postman Always Fucks Twice. This special extended "extra time" edition features longer scenes and longer fast 'n furious fucking....
    $ 39.95 

    Need a couple of extra sockets fitting? Blown a fuse? Call one of our randy repairmen - The Sparky's Apprentice Young Billy is the new lad on the block. Having just started work for TRG Electrics and still learning the ropes, he gets taken to a job by big old Mark - the oldest geezer in the firm who takes one look at him and decides that Billy needs a crash course in plug-fitting. Billy gets his arse well and truly plugged by Mark's massive throbbing dick and sparks fly as he fucks the apprentice all over the shop.

    At the next job Billy finds himself with a whole gang of sparkies as they re-wire a flat and subject him to his new-boy initiation. Billy has to toss himself off in front of the gang in five minutes or else he buys the beer for the next month. Instead of flicking th...
    $ 39.95 

    They don't cum much harder than Skinhead Nation UK. You want a bit of domination skinhead style? Then this Triga compilation is just up your street. They've put together the best from their gangs of gobbin,' beer-swilling, shaven-headed tuff nuts and polished their boots, snapped on their braces and put them all together. It's over ninety minutes of remorseless hardcore British skinhead fucking....
    $ 39.95 

    Loads of dirty balls, mud, sweat and cum in this steamy changing room all-action movie. The film kicks off with four beefy rugby lads training for the new season - egging each other on and picking on the new youngster who fancies himself as a prop forward. When the other lads decide he's not putting enough effort in, they decide to teach him a lesson by opening his virgin arse and all three of them give him a right good rodgering before they shoot their loads all over him. After all his efforts on and off the pitch Andy the muscle-bound team captain decides he needs some massage.

    After being worked on by the strapping physio for a few minutes he's soon got a massive hard-on sticking out of his shorts, which the physio is only too keen to get to work on. It's not long before An...
    $ 39.95 

    They say moving house is the most stressful thing you can do in life. Well, how about a bit of stress relief Triga style with The Removal Men. When young lad Steve decides to cut some corners moving out of his parents' house, he first off gets his scally mates to help him shift some of his stuff - only to find out that they're more interested in smoking a few spliffs and sucking his nob and fucking his arse than lifting boxes. He decides to call in the professionals to do the heavy lifting. When two burly blokes turn up in a van, Steve finds he ain't got enough dosh to pay them. The two big-cocked geezers take what they are owed in the only way they know how - by fucking Steve' arse like there's no tomorrow!...
    $ 39.95 

    We all know there's not enough honest tradesmen - cowboy builders, rip-off prices, etc. Well, in Man & Van: Joe the Plumber the rough lad not only comes round and does a good honest day's work unblocking your plug hole and attending to your old boiler, he also helps out with any other needs his customer's might have. Whether it's in the bathroom, the kitchen or on a spunk-spattered mattress in the back of his rusty old van, Joe's always got his bag of tools ready and he's always willing to lend a hand... or his big fat cock! And he ain't adverse to shaggin' his work mates either. A twenty-minute tea break is all Joe needs to have a quick fag and fuck some apprentice arse. Man & Van: Joe the Plumber has five filthy spunk-filled scenes featuring our Joe... he's always in demand!...
    $ 39.95 

    Football! The game of two halves, the pub man's Friday night chat, and more importantly English through and through. Triga Films have over the years managed to show you the other side of the sport that involves men, sweat, aggression, and often tears. You know that it's not just the players who are fuckin' horny and fit - the supporters are sometimes even fitter than the fuckin' players and we managed to get some of them on the tour bus, too! Triga's Football Highlights is a first-class compilation of the fit as fuck lads that grace this good-old well-horny game. It features the best football footage from over the years, and includes one previously unreleased scene....
    $ 39.95 


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