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    Cash in your chips lads! Never mind a poker face…. it's time to get poked up the arse in Triga's new Scally Classic 'Knockout Strip Jack Naked'!

    Who gives a fuck who wins the game as everyone's a winner here! Chips are down but cocks are up as these fit Scally fuckers cheat the sheetand fuck each other's brains out in this spunk filled classic.

    Watch Scally lad Damian hit the jackpot and win his dirty money as he fucks Jack right up his arse while Paul gets more than a Lucky 7 getting banged all over the fucking place…. Go on lads – play yer fuckin cards right and we can all have a go! There are more than 3 cherries in this fucking game Lol !!!

    Once again Triga hit the target with this all British all horny spit roasting ficklest….If you like Scalli...
    $ 39.95 

    Some of my favorite Brits wearing uniforms!...
    $ 39.95 

    The filthy Workies are back down your street. Tarmacing your back passage and fillin' your holes with their dirty great jack hammers! Mind you this lot of horny, sweaty, sod-carrying fuckers spend more time fuckin each other up the back passage than they do digging holes... A right gang of mucky men who ain't afraid to get their hands dirty, whether it's erecting scaffolding poles, laying pipes or shovelling wet cement. So get your drills out lads, put on your hard helmets and get on site... It's prick laying and hi-jizz jackets all the way with Triga's new gang of filthy Workies.
    $ 39.95 

    Get filled right up with this filthy ‘Fuckin n Truckin’ production. Those horny van men we see all the time on British streets - swearing, swerving, red light jumping, crotch-scratching cunts most of 'em. Their always in a hurry, cutting you up and speeding down your 20mph zone - and our lot ain't any different! Filthy fittie Daniel and his mate Jimbo are your typical gob shite van drivers who like nothin more than parking up their battered old transit somewhere quiet for a crafty smoke and seein if there's any randy lads about to suck their big fat cocks and then take em round to their mates building site for an afternoon orgy. Our Daniel's got a big load in the back and a few more in his sack ready to dump up some poor unsuspecting lads arse in this all spitting, all pissing Triga classi...
    $ 39.95 

    You asked for it and we did it! Get proper pumped with this British full length filth flick featuring some of our prime British unseen footage. Featuring a selection of these exclusive scenes to keep you and your manhood at its peak! Classic British filth from Triga!
    $ 39.95 

    You've heard of the Three Bears right?? Well we've got a right bunch off Fuckin Blokes for you in this all British spunk dripping bear-fest fucktacular! And this load of bears are real big buggers – featuring Grizzly bear, Daddy bear and Harvey the cub who gets shagged rotten all round his den! Bear baiting has never been this much fun before so if you're into furry balls bellies and chests this is the film for you…and there's not a teddy bear in sight….....
    $ 39.95 

    Who's the Daddy? Who's the fuckin, Daddy then? Well, who's the Top Dog? That's the question in Triga's cock movie featuring Mr. Billy Essex, the Essex Top Dog, and Mr. Ste, the Northern top cock. This is without doubt the toughest slice of South vs. North filth the UK has ever seen. Featuring a gang of hot as fuck Triga lads, these rough 'n tuff lads jostle for pole position to give the bottom boys want they want - a big hard cock up their backsides wiv no messin' about! They are doing it their way and taking control. You want their cocks? Then get on yer knees and beg for a big hard bang.
    $ 39.95 

    It's Sunday Morning and you certainly ain't going to church! You've been up all night - horny as fuck - you get an SMS - "I need my arse filling with hard cock mate." - Yeah? Got a pic? Nice....cum on over. "I got another mate...he wants a 3 way...wanna see a pic?" Yeah he's fit. You get the picture? I bet you fuckin do and pretty fuckin quickly Chavlad Chris's bedroom has soon got a right fuckin gang bang going down!
    $ 39.95 

    As we all know: Lads being lads they’ll do pretty much anything to get their cocks sucked…. Won’t they? Getting their straight arses fucked is a bit more difficult, then again it’s surprising how easily a big fat cock slides up their fuck holes when a few tenners are waved in front of their noses! It’s a hard life up North and money is hard to cum by these days. What with the bedroom tax and the fuckin benefit cuts and sky high rents ­ there’s hardly enough left over at the end of the week for ten fags never mind a bag of tinnies or for fuck sake even a night owt ont town. So spending a few hours with your boxers round your ankles getting rodgered by your mates is an easy way to earn a bob or two, specially if you get a nice blow job into the bargain and spunk all over your mates face!! An...
    $ 39.95 

    The skin boys at Skin Boss are back and hornier then ever! First of all we've got hung scally Damien 'round for an audition over at Skin Boss HQ and he wanks his huge cock till he spunks and pisses everywhere. Then we've Jacob who comes in expecting an easy time. Not on Skin Boss' watch! He takes Dan’s fat cock in both holes and to top it off gets a load of spunk and piss from the boys. Later in the evening Sam and Dan are round at Skin Boss HQ talking about that cunt Bruce and what happened when he didn't 'pay up,' when a Noise Compliance officer walks in. Dan and Sam think he's taking the piss and give him a right fucking, hard 'n raw shagging to go down with his noise complaint, and an ass full of piss and spunk! This lad gets the works! To finish it off corrupt Cop Boyd wanks off on ca...
    $ 39.95 

    Boyd and Dan have been getting up to no good cruising down the canals and social media of Manchester! Made In Manchester features brand new hot-cocked Northern lads, including Ryan from the local estate wankin’ off for a quick bit of cash. Made In Manchester climaxes with fit Salford lad Ryan screwing Seb with his 10 inches of meat, firstly in his gob then right up his arse, then spunks a big load all over his gob and face! You'll fuckin love it! What more do you want?
    $ 39.95 

    PRISON GUARDS AIN'T CALLED "SCREWS!" FOR NOTHING! It's dead cushy in prison these days innit? They've got plasmas, mobiles, ciggies and booze all courtesy of HMP…But doing time wivout their birds is hard for some blokes and the randy prison guards are only too pleased to help the thieving good for nothings out if it means getting a blow job and a fuck! And our horny warders reckon these serial offenders deserve serial shagging! So it's stand by your beds lads and bend over when the officers say so! And call me "Sir!" while you're at it! These lippy tagged –up boys have to learn to earn their privileges the hard way - by servicing a whole lot of Jailhouse cock…....
    $ 39.95 

    REDS UNDER THE BED EXTRA TIME ! For all the Redhead luvvers out there! We’ve put together some of our hottest flame haired lads from the last few years for you. There was some geezer back in the day that stuck his hand in the burning bush and we think he certainly had the right idea…. There’s loads of red hot red bush in this horny film – fit ginger muscle boy Darren gets gang banged in his cell – Red head Daddy Phil bangs his workmate in the back of his old tranny - and we’ve got the red head gang of Joey, Dean and Jay blowing their loads all over the shop as well as a host of other handsome reds. So if Ginger lads float your boat this is the film for you! More Freckles and carrot-topped blokes than you can shake a stick at – get a load of Triga’s new Reds Under The Bed....
    $ 39.95 

    Triga's Nuts & Bolts is a spunked up British lad filled compilation of carefully hand picked blokes. If you like down to earth lads getting their pants down and knocking one out then this is definitely for you. Watch Gareth happy to oblige as he gets banged by fit blond Scottish lad Greg. The two footie lads score that winning goal with a tongue up each other's arsehole and rock hard cocks dribbling with spunk. Get in there lads! It's fucking blow jobs all around with these boys as the sweat is pouring off them. Get them balls in yer mouth lad! Watch Matty the Scouser or Manchester nuthead Ben whip down his boxers ready for a good fucking wank. You'll be unscrewing your flies and bolting out a gallon of hot creamy cum whilst watching these British lads. These bastards are fucking horny.
    $ 39.95 

    Triga Films Presents A Brand Full Feature Film From Triga Films. text to follow
    $ 39.95 

    FUCK ME ITS THE BEAR POLICE!! EXTRA HELMETS VERSION. Stolen goods? Petty theft & the scourge of drugs in yer neighborhood?? The burly Bear bobbies are on the beat and cumming to the rescue nicking all the bad boys and the dirty rotten scallies and giving out some law and order in the best way they know how - a fucking good pounding up their thieving scaly backsides!Forget truncheons and tasers - these beefy cops have got some real weapons down their trousers and they're gonna use them!...
    $ 39.95 

    Triga Films Presents Grrr...Rugby! Brand New Feature From Triga Films The Original British Film Company.

    Stocky Lads get you going?? Then Triga's all new 5-man Rugby Orgy is for you. This lot are a right load of dirty fuckers and they're all committing foul play: The props keep coming inside the hooker and that is strictly not allowed! And the scrum half is definitely going for the man and NOT the ball! Where's the fuckin' ref when you need one??...
    $ 39.95 

    GangLand Cock! Extra Fuckin Swag Edition. Its the Mogsy's versus the rest of the world in Trigas take on gang warfare. They might be up for a good scrap but they're also up for a fuckin good fuck.David Mogsy is the local gang boss. He runs a tight crew and anyone who gets out of line gets what's cumming to them- namely, his big fat cock up their arse! When the Mogsys get fucked over with some stolen trainers the shit hits the fan and every gangsters arse in town is in danger of gettin shafted! Post code wars? If you cum on David Mogsy's patch you'll get more than a good kicking! Don't mess with the Mogsy's!...
    $ 39.95 

    Triga's Friday Night Fuck. Just Released From Triga Films On DVD and Full Film MAC and PC Download. Karen's fucked off to Grimsby, nice to get away I suppose! She thinks Mickey is doing some painting the silly bitch! Piss off It's time to fucking play it fuckin Friday Night! Friday Night Fuck is Triga fuck fuelled scally classic! Fuck the skirting boards and the walls.. Mickey’s got a gang of mate's coming round and he’s gonna have a gang bang Northern style - a proper Orgy where big dicks get sucked and willing Scally arse’s get fucked…there's some serious fuck action taking place today! So get those beers out lads it's a filthy orgy, It's time to get your boxers down and get ready for a nice long wank courtesy of the team at Triga If you like plenty of spunk all over your fucking face th...
    $ 39.95 

    Feet & Inches Extra Measures! Brand New And Extra Filthy From Triga Films. How many inches in a foot? About 9 fucking inches if these big cocked geezers have got anything to do with it! Charlie Jones the masked thug and his cunting robber baron mate Danny show a whole lotta sole in this footie filth fest. Dirty sub lad Adam is enjoying a night in sniffing his sock collection when he gets burgled and ends up licking Charlie¹s size ten plates of meat before plating his chunky dish and then taking the two scallies thick ones up his own arse! Also included in this sockin special are soccer pals Zak & Josh who get down and dirty with each others boots and socks in the locker room before Josh gets bent over and Zak scores and then shoots long and hard. Cocks and socks? You’ll fuckin love it!...
    $ 39.95 


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