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  • PUMP HIS HOLE RAW 3-Disc Set

    Bareback 3 disc set! Includes Pumped Raw, Breed His Hole, and Raw Gym Buddies! 23 men, 12 scenes, over 5 hours of bareback action!...
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  • RAW MY RIDE 3 Disc Set

    Includes Bareback Fuck Buddies 20, Raw Roommates, and Raw On The Couch. ...
    $ 39.95 

    3 DVDS! 24 Men! 12 Scenes! Over 5 hours of raw action!!! Includes Raw Muscle Barebackers 4, Barebacking Fuck Buddies 19, and Raw Chemistry. ...
    $ 39.95 

    3 Bareback Disc Set!!! Contains: Raw Fuckers 6, Bring it on Bareback 6, & Barebacking Fuck Buddies 18!!! 3 DVDs! 22 Men! 12 scenes! Over 5 hours of bareback action!!!...
    $ 39.95 

    The time for bareback sex is now! Watch over 5 hours of raw action with 24 muscular men in this 3 disc set. Includes MUSCLE MEN ON TOP, BRING IT ON BAREBACK 5, and RAW FUCKERS 5....
    $ 39.95 

    You’ll have over 5 hours of pleasure in this 3 disc set with 22 muscular men fucking bareback in 12 scenes. Contains BRING IT ON BAREBACK 2, RAW MUSCLE BAREBACKERS 3, and INKED RAW....
    $ 39.95 
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    Fucking & getting fucked can be the best part of sex. The top enjoys sticking his cock in a hole. The bottom loves a hot cock in his hole.

    Ondrej Filip is a muscular mechanic with a drive for raw sex. Petr Skala opens his hole for Ondrej to service with his big, uncut cock.

    Rick Vegas finds his lover, Tyler Mendes, in the shower. Rick gets naked, his hole waiting to be plugged raw by Tyler’s Brazilian prick.

    Sideburns and tattoos make Brian Bonds & Sean Duran a hot couple to watch. Brian’s dick slides perfectly into Sean’s hungry hole.

    Muscle hunk Thomas Ride fucks slim & trim Martin Muse‘s hole raw. The contrast between brawn & slim is hot....
    $ 39.95 

    Men of all ages love hot, raw, sex. From a young Martin Polnak to a mature Stan Simons, these 8 studs fuck raw for us.

    Brick Morewood teaches young Martin Polnak a bareback lesson. Manly stud Max Bourne rams Geoffrey Lloyd with his raw cock. A bearded Stan Simons barebacks a bearded Martin Dajnar. Hot jocks Diego Canales & Dom Ully have fun fucking raw....
    $ 39.95 
  • GIVE IT TO ME RAW (3 Pack)

    23 Hot Studs in over 5 hours of bareback action on this 3 disc set. Contains RIGHT & RAW 2, INSIDE HEAT, and BAREBACKING FUCK BUDDIES 15....
    $ 39.95 

    Andy West stays warm near a campfire, waiting for his boyfriend Paul Fresh. Before long, they’re generating their own heat, as they rip each other’s clothes off, kissing and deep throating each other’s cocks, until Paul slams his raw cock into Andy. Rudy Martins and Dick Keissie take a break from work; Dick has gotten a head start, jerking his cock while sitting on a tractor wheel. Rudy likes what he sees and soon they’re exchanging blowjobs. Rudy is hungry, eating Dick’s ass like crazy. Rudy then sits on the wheel and Dick follows by riding his raw cock bareback. Alessio Romero and Jay Conrad are clearly into each other, grabbing and kissing passionately in the back patio. Alessio licks Jay’s ass, getting it ready for his raw cock. Alessio stands up and pounds Jay bareback doggy-style. Th...
    $ 39.95 
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    Alex Bach is looking at his favorite porn web site, Cocksure Men (of course), when co-worker Sean Robson walks in. Sean sees what's on the Macbook and lets Alex know it's his favorite site, too (of course). Before long the two are groping, kissing and sucking each others' cocks, and then Alex is pounding Sean bareback. The moral - if you want to turn downtime at work into fuck-tastic fun, watch Cocksure Men on your computer and see what happens! Luke is a ripped muscle stud with chiseled abs and massive biceps. Jake Dante is a young, small, lean man with a cute face and a great ass. Nothing in common you say? Well when Luke starts fucking Jake raw and doggy-style, they suddenly have a lot in common. Beware of kissing. As bobby Gest and Dick Keissie demonstrate, kissing can lead to more int...
    $ 39.95 
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    Muscle hunks Ondrej Oslava and Jack Braver take a very hot break from work. How hot? It involves hard cocks, spanking, bareback sex in many positions, cum shots and seeding. Break over! Sean Robson and Dick Keissie kiss passionately, then trade sloppy blow jobs leading to the main event - Sean fucking Dick`s hole deep and hard, until Dick shoots an explosive load, and Sean cums between Dick`s ass cheeks, then breeds his hole. Robin Few knows a few things about bareback sex, and he pulls out all the stops on Jake Dante. He does not, however, pull his cock out of Jake`s welcoming hole until they both enjoy a cum-fest, ending with Robin breeding Jake`s hole. Zane Reynolds and Rusty Stevens are both young, lean and muscular and well-endowed. Zane fucks Rusty hard, but Rusty is a hungry power b...
    $ 39.95 
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    Latin studs Alex Del Toro and Rikk York are a match made in heaven as Alex stuffs his raw, spicy chorizo deep inside power bottom Rikk's welcoming ass. Rikk responds with some deep thrusts of his own, shoving Alex's cock even deeper as the action gets muy caliente! Dennis Reed discovers a glory hole in his office, and the body attached to the cock peeping through that hole is none other than beefy stud Karl Rossi. As luck would have it, Karl loves getting fucked and Dennis is happy to oblige. Mike Lantic knows what Dick Keissie wants - to be covered in cum from face to waist. Thanks to Mike's bareback fuck marathon, Dick's dream is realized. Things really get cookin' in the kitchen when Paul Fresh and Max Bourne go at it, with a recipe for fun that includes cock sucking, rimming and Paul's...
    $ 39.95 
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    After a soccer match, the post-game action between Stan Simons and Ryan Torres is World Cup-caliber, with slurping, sucking, thrusting, moaning and cumming that could win a world championship. Movie-star handsome Patrick Tyson takes direction well from muscle stud Thomas Ride, as they quickly lose their wardrobe and proceed to generate some special effects of the bareback kind. Ennio Guardi is a take-charge kind of guy, and Adam Weisz loves to comply, so much so that his cum reaches shoulder height, which is exactly what boss-man Ennio hoped to achieve! What Lucas Noyy and Andrew Crime do with each other is clearly not criminal, but it looks so hot and fun that it almost seems like it should be illegal. So enjoy! ...

    Marek Tanker proves to be a versatile and studly bottom as Luke fucks long and hard in any position Marek throws at him. Bored at work, Andy West puts the move on Jack Braver and gets a bareback butt makeover from Jack in return. In exchange for some fashion advice, Thomas Ride gives Dick Keissie quite a ride on his big, bare cock. Hard-bodied Drago Lambert likes to fuck hard, fast and raw and Max Bourne is a willing partner for all the manly action that ensues. ...
    $ 39.95 
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    If you like hot, hairy hunks with lots of tats, you've picked the right movie! Derek Parker pummels Aarin Asker, a hot bearded stud in a jock strap, after Aarin licks Derek's pits and deep throats his long, hard pole. Beefy bear Brad Kalvo plunges deep inside studly Jeremy Stevens... again and again. Rocco Steele and Jake Deckard have waited months to get together, and all that anticipation leads to some pretty spectacular action. Real life lovers Vic Rocco and John Galt fuck each other raw with so much incredible passion, we're lucky their ink didn't sweat right off! ....
    $ 39.95 
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    Max Bourne starts to massage Andy West, and it's clear before long that Andy's getting horny. Max obliges his customer and is soon ramming his bareback cock raw into Andy's wet hole. Andy moans with pleasure, and the fun continues. Paul Fresh and Karl Rossi are two blonds who have more fun as Paul face fucks Karl, then rams his 8 inch monster meat bareback into Karl's wet inviting hole. Later Karl rides Paul's cock like a rodeo champ and huge cum-loads ensue. Muscle stud Maxim Moira and sexy Jake Dante get to know each others studly, naked bodies, then get into the "meat" of the action-Maxim's raw cock inside Jake's tight hole. Maxim plows Jake up from the bottom, fucks him doggystyle, and then bangs away bareback while facing Jake. Alex Bach and Ryan Cage are in total synchronicity they b...
    $ 12.95 
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    Ivo Kirk & Ondrej Oslava meet in the country for a friendly massage that turns into a bareback fuck fest. Ivo takes Ondrej raw doggy-style, from underneath and while laying on his back, until Ondrej shoots his load on his abs, and Ivo adds his own cum to Ondrej's groin. Diego Canales & Dick Keissie have fun in the forest when Diego thrusts and pumps his raw cock into Dick's wet hole. Dick shoots his cream all over a blanket, then Diego shoots between Dick's muscled ass cheeks. Ivan Jizera & Stan Simons will make you long for a stroll in the woods. Stan loves every thrust of Ivan's raw cock deep into his man-hole, while Ivan can't get enough of ramming his cock deep into Stan's raw ass. They trade big blasts of cum under the trees. Beefy studs Thomas Ride & Ryan Cage walk lakeside and find ...
    $ 12.95 
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    Muscle hunk, Jack Braver wins the lottery, and when he tells his studly boyfriend Nico Lacosty, Nico rewads him with a bonus jackpot - an extended cock sucking fest and a bareback fuck. It's Jacks lucky day! Rudy Martins and Arnold Veransk waste no time moving from sensual kissing to mutual cock sucking to Arnold sitting on Rudy's big boner. That's just the beginning of the hot, raw action these two share. Vit Sova and Calvin Rosse know what they like, and they really like bareback sex. Vit plows Calvin every which way, and Calvin ends up a cum sandwich, with his load on his abs and Vit's on his ass cheeks. Something hot is cooking in the kitchen when Ennio Guardi and Stan Simmons get naked and hard, while their tongues explore every orifice around - except the kitchen sink! Ennio bareback...
    $ 39.95 
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    Muscle studs Drago and Ondrej blow off some steam as raw cock pounds deep into Ondrej`s ass. Patrick`s jerk off session inspires Nico to go down on him, and then go deep inside him, for the raw ride of Patrick`s dreams! Muscle jocks Paul Fresh and Marek Tanker, just off the soccer field, move right into their favorite indoor sport - hot, raw sex - with Paul thrusting his big, bare cock deep into Marek's welcoming fuck hole. Max Bourne has is way with Van Morris, pile driving his tool as Van groans with pleasure. ...
    $ 12.95 
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