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    Another wet 'n' wild classic from Chi Chi LaRue. Hard bodies, hot sun, and dripping wet sex, as only Chi Chi can give.

    Starring identical twins Liam and Luca Rosso and C1R Discoveries Erik and Razor Riot, Two Is Wetter Than One boasts a hard-fucking, cum-splattering buffet of endless wet action. The movie also features the return of classic actor Troy Halston and introduces newcomer Hayden Richards, as well as showcases Alex Andrews, Evan Mercy, Nick Thomson, and Trey Turner....
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  • BAREBACK 90210

    Three real stories of sex, lust, romance and insest, told as the passion unfolds. Get a glimpse of how the other half fucks behind the iron gates and ivy covered walls of some Beverly Hills homes...

    In one of the "family rooms", 2 brothers are back together for one last fuck on the billiards table before marriage splits them apart. Starring big dicked FRANKIE & hot bottom CEDRIC GALFIONE.

    While an afternoon swim turns into a "sex romp" and play date. With young men ADRIAN TROY & ALEXANDER PAIGE.

    Across town, a hairy bear daddy Top, BUD ALLEN, orders "in". Two hot studs (a muscle bear, PATRICK IVERS, and his cute muscle cub SKY FAIRMOUNT), who show up to take care of their hairy bear host.

    Just some of the action we've caught up with in zi...
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    A super hot movie that has it all! Horse-hung Casey Wood takes stiff asian cock, Ricky Hawke's real-life identical twin fucks and rims his real-life boyfriend, twink porn legend Mark Woods gets it on with a barely legal gymnist, and the Fisher Twins heat up a hot tub with a beautiful 18-year old soccer stud, all with some cigarette smoking and beautiful views of naked feet! ...
    $ 19.95 

    White, Asian, Latino, and Black twinks in this hardcore look at sex – over, over and deep inside the rainbow!

    Plus, a special treat: the identical Fisher Twins in their only hardcore Black and White scene. Hot and sweaty oral and anal action, and super cumshots as only horned-up, barely-legal twinks can do!...
    $ 24.95 

    Yes, you've read about them in Cybersocket, The Cover of Playguy Magazine ( on Newsstands May of 2005) now here they are, the Hot Naked Fisher Twins !! Now signed to an exclusive contract ( Trivia question.. . only one other star has ever been offered that deal, care to guess who ? ) Twin Green eyed 18 year old twins make this episode a real keeper !!

    But check out super hung teen construction worker Gene as he takes a walk on the wild side with femboy Rene , Mexican boytoy Victor and Blond bombshell Ashton put on a show for the poolside crowd at a famous Gay Resort, and Three Straight High School Jocks, all just barely 18, explore their steaming naked bodies , and rock hard cocks while gang banging a willing female !

    The homoeroticism of this scene is so intense ...
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    Those identical twink twins do it again! This time east meets west as Alex and Alan join a twinktacular all-star cast for serious oral and anal action with great outdoor settings. Lean teen barely legal bods and incredible cumshots! Plus the twins smoke cigarettes while fucking their Asian treat! ...
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    Nine jocks have descended on a sweet rental home, and things get hot immediately. Especially between Falcon Exclusive Landon Conrad and his horny twin buddies, Luca and Liam Rosso. The "Twin Heat" generated by the Rosso brothers gets all the housemates jacked up with sexual energy, and passionate, steamy and scorching action follows. Jay Kohl's big wiener in Tony Douglas's hot buns, kitchen counter flip-flop fuck with Spencer Fox and Luke Milan, and Andrew Jakk entertains Kyle Quinn with his ass when they can't find anything to watch on TV. Somebody just turned up the heat! ...
    $ 39.95 
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    A must own for any porn fanatic, "Brother Fucker" is the single most controversial and talked about XXX movie of the year! Drop dead gorgeous identical twin brothers Luca and Liam Rosso star in "Brother Fucker", featuring gay porn superstar Brent Everett in his first bottoming scene under exclusive contract to C1R! Brent bangs and gets banged by these bros in the ultimate twin taboo. The brothers double mouth dick Brent down before getting in a daisy chain for a cum loaded explosive finale! And that's just the start. Featuring an all-star cast of non-stop sweat and cum drenched fuck sessions, "Brother Fucker" keeps it all in the C1R family....
    $ 39.95 
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    The infamous Peters Twins are back. The stunning identical twin bodybuilders earned worldwide notoriety in their first film together for Bel Ami. Now Elijah and Milo Peters return for more scorching skin-on-skin action. Don't miss what everyone's talking about!...

    One of William Higgin's earliest features introduces us to J.W. KING & younger brother JON KING. Both of the King brothers would go on to long, lucrative careers in the Gay Film Industry. This pre-condom 1981 feature is rare glimpse into the forbidden reality of brotherly love. ...
    $ 39.95 

    BROTHER LOAD: THE PAUL AND BOBBY MADISON STORY has been remastered into a special edition featuring footage not included in the VHS version! This epic is one of William Higgins most beloved pre-condom classics!...
    $ 39.95 

    No, you're not seeing double. Watch as Pierre Fitch and Julien Cox tame these two straight identical twins and show them the pleasures of hot gay sex.

    Nicknamed the Scorpio Twins, this hot twink couple will burn up your screen with an amazing interview and some of the hottest twin sex action ever filme`d. Pierre's newest discoveries will have you cumming back for more again and again. You're sure to fall in love with the Scorpio Twins as they make their film debut along with the legendary Pierre Fitch and his boyfriend, Julien Cox. It doesn't get much better than this. You've dreamed of turning a straight boy gay, just imagine gorgeous straight twins having hardcore sex with Pierre and Julien. It's simply a dream come true....
    $ 39.95 
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    Featuring all three of the Visconti triplets...gettin' off for your eyes only!No, you're not seeing double--make that triple! You've got a triple-treat...the Visconti triplets--those Hungarian muscle hunks with lethal hardons...all taking care of some very pleasurable personal business. What's a matter? Can't decide which one you like best...not to've got a ring-side for all three...and three at once too!...
    $ 39.95 

    Johnny Angel is one of the most unique guys we've ever had the pleasure of working with. He approaches everything he does with an unbelievable mixture of innocence, passion and excitement. He's got a boyish charm, a manly libido and body to die for. I guess that's why everyone wants to Cum With Johnny Angel....
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    Where Daddies rule! Five first timers getting topped by horny daddies. Featuring Horn Daddies: Luiggi, Mirkko, Paul, Eduardo, Dean and Ricardo. ...

    Cue the scary music and creepy haunting credits, cause you’ve just crossed over into The Twins Zone!
    New from M&I Productions, smoking hot twin brothers with sexual flexibility and a cast of other randy boys
    demonstrate just what fun alternate dimensions can really be!...
    $ 39.95 
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    The Fisher Twins return with a special guest appearance by Matt Woods in a hardcore 4-way you won't forget!

    Green eyed teen jock Alex and blond pretty boy barely legal surfer boy suck and fuck outdoors with Alex dumping a massive load on Chris' face!

    All this and much much more including foot worship, cigarette smoking, and horned up bottoms who cum while being fucked! Special guest star Asian gymnast Shisune Nagasaki gets his gym workout interrupted for a hot oral and anal session.

    Super cute boys, barely legal hung teen toys, and identical twins! Who could ask for more!...

    TABOO- a Lukas Ridgeston production in association with BelAmiOnline. The title includes the most talked about scene of the year which sees the BelAmi twins go all the way…condomless. The scene was directed by Lukas Ridgeston and was a monster hit online so much so that you couldn't go to a porn blog, gay magazine, or gay porn discussion group without reading about it....

    The Rocha brothers are out for as much ass as they can pack into four days. And like all good brothers, they don't mind sharing. Kevin Rocha starts things out in Scene 1 by visiting a dirty movie theater. When he starts stroking his fattie, another patron, Phoenix Rising, follows suit. Pants come down and Phoenix goes down on Kevin. Once Kevin's cock is all pumped, Phoenix wraps his bubble ass around it, riding up and down like a cock jockey. Kevin pulls out just in time to shoot a big load down Phoenix's throat....

    The frathouse has never been the same since Paul Pratt arrived with plenty of punishment to go around to each of his fellow brothers. Feast your eyes on Paul as he puts a nice shade of red on these boy’s asses using just about anything around the house to spank what little diginity they had left out of them. This feature is sure to be one you’ll have on repeat....
    $ 39.95 


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