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    Men Of Montreal is back! And for the occasion, we have 5 scenes of willing and more than eager hot and horny guys in broad day light! Stiff cocks and hard muscles is what’s on offer, while others tan their beautiful skin while they’re having some dirty fun! Max Chevalier is deep in the woods, just as deep as he is in Archer! You can also enjoy the day out on the dock with Gabriel Clark & Alexy Tyler, or by the pool with Alec Leduc & Keylan O’Connor. If you’re looking for warm sun and hard cocks, Special Edition Outdoor Boys is for you!...
    $ 39.95 

    Rugged outdoorsy dudes love heading out into the woods, under the sun, where anyone can see them fucking bareback....
    $ 39.95 
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    The desolate setting of remote countryside keeps these boys out of public view, the sun beating down on their naked & aching bodies as our captives are used and enjoyed by their horny young masters. With secure restraints and an assortment of kinky implements the young men are explored and toyed with, used and enjoyed, fed and fucked again and again until their cocks are limp and their holes are dripping! No one can hear them cry out as pegs pinch their flesh, as floggers swipe at their naked bodies, as hot wax splashes their skin and as cocks plunge into their tight little butt-holes!...
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    Our hung dom boys know what it takes to make full use of their sexy twinks, out in the sun and in the open where anyone might see. They don't care about being watched, they only care about feeding their twinks those big cocks, playing with their tight holes and using them for their kinky entertainment before humiliating them with a drenching shower of bodily juices! See our victims Casper Ellis, Justin Blaber, Jack Ashley and Chris Jensen being punished in the best ways possible!...
    $ 39.95 

    4 Disc Box set!!!...
    $ 39.95 

    9 Scenes of all Hardcore Action! 100 Minutes of bareback outdoor sex!
    $ 39.95 

    There is nothing like heaven then barebacking with all your hot buds! Check out Dallas Reeves and his friends Johnny Forza, Dylan Drive, Kip Johnson, Conner Chesney, Jared King, Cage Kafig, Tanner Skye, Archer Heart, Andrew Doncaster, Jack King and Bryan Cavallo in 5 hot bareback adventures!...
    $ 39.95 

    Go down south and experience firsthand the kind of southern hospitality that only the most hung and hunky red-blooded beefcakes can provide! These rowdy corn-fed country boys know that out in the boonies, you have to play hard and work even harder. All that country living has left these strapping young guys ripped, rugged, and ready for action wherever they can find it – any farmhand with firm hands will do the trick! Connor Maguire, Derrick Dime, Dante Martin, Quentin Gainz, Joey Moriarty, Drake Tyler and more, go down and get down in five sweaty stories about taking your buddy down for a roll in the hay. And once they've blown their loads, well, you know the old southern saying… Y'all cum back now, ya hear? A Next Door Buddies Anthology....
    $ 12.95 
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    In life, it seems there’s always a separation with a huge divide. Us and them. It’s no different on a college campus. There’s the Southern jock, and then there’s the Southern twink. On campus, never the twain shall meet. Off campus, however, is a different story. Marc Jacob, Trevor Laster, Genesis, Joey Vox, Tony Newport, Logan Taylor, Nick Holiday, Carson Carver and Tyler Sweet are just some of the Jocks and Twinks of the South that get together off campus for the two things they crave most and the one thing they know how to do best. Cock and Hole. Fucking. This is Jocks and Twinks of the South!
    $ 39.95 

    Hungry? Got a hankerin’ for a big piece of Southern meat? Look no further than Trevor Laster, Logan Taylor, Josh Long, Joey Vox, Seth Knight, Genesis, Tony Newport, Carson Carver, and Matthew Sharp. These eager, horny and smokin’ HOT young men are a tasty slice of variety, so whether you like ‘em lean and slender or big and beefy, we got you covered with this series of tasty, meaty fuckers in Hung and Horny Southern Boys 2!
    $ 39.95 
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    When it comes to sex, many Southern men don’t care where they stick their dick just as long as they’re in a tight, wet hole and they can get off. And sometimes, the jocks you least expect to get fucked are the first ones to turn bottom and give it up for a big dick! Watch Jackson Taylor, Trevor Laster, Genesis, Joey Vox, Logan Taylor, Haigan Sence, Erik, Carson Carver, and Marc Jacob, as they surprise us, themselves, and even you, when they “Fuck the Southern Jock!” This DVD includes a smoking hot bareback fetish scene between thick-hung tattooed blond, Trevor, and adorable twink-like, Jackson. Blindfolds, restraints and leather. Doesn’t get any hotter when you Fuck the Southern Jock!
    $ 39.95 

    Ass Fuckers is guys getting nasty just for you!...
    $ 19.95 
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    Pura Vida 2 launches a new round of wild and passionate action with gorgeous men letting go of all restraints amidst a beautiful, lush setting! The only thing that makes the scenery better are the red-hot hunks that take full advantage of paradise to let loose all their wildest fantasies - on each other! Veteran Josh shows the new batch of CF stars, Jacob, Kennedy, Tom, and Tyler the fun and pleasures to be had in the steamy tropics - and the guys manage to heat it up even more, proving that when something’s that good, you just have to do it again! Along with wild times out in the jungle, on the beach, and in the town of Quepos, they have even wilder times fucking each other's brains out any and every chance they can, and every way they can!...
    $ 39.95  $39.95
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    Ride ‘Em Raw These cowboys always ride bareback! Armed and dangerous, these outlaws use their horse hung dicks and loaded weapons to terrorise the Wild West! Give up your money and cattle or prepare to give them your ass. They always ride hard, long, deep and raw!...
    $ 39.95 
  • JIZZ JUNKIES (Filthy Raw Fuckers)

    In true Filthy Raw Fuckers style, we’ve rounded up some serious bareback sex addicts with a particular craving… they’re all total JIZZ JUNKIES! These cum-hungry fuckers swallow down any cocks available to them before getting into intense raw fucking. After all the raunchy, sloppy barebacking, the Jizz Junkies get the warm sticky loads they were begging for!...
    $ 39.95 

    Toned, handsome and hung Paul Walker leads the assault on cocks and asses as fantasies come to life. Bodies come together in perfect harmony as tongues seek out welcoming mouths before moving southward to seek out twitching asses and proffered cocks! Throats open to engulf girth before peachy butts wiggle deliciously inviting all cummers for the ride of their life! This is the place where dreams really are fulfilled!...
    $ 39.95 
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    When it comes to guy on guy sex, nothing is taboo and nothing is forbidden! From sucking your man’s cock in the comfort of the master bedroom, to ramming your raw cock up a tight ass in the great outdoors where anyone can see you to a fourway chain suck and fuck session in the locker rooms, these guys are extremely horny and find every opportunity to throw down with their pals and let it rip!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Sex on camera is always more passionate and intense with those involved are real-life Loverboys! Check out these randy couple who are more than willing to give up their hard dicks and twitching asses. A ride out sees two lads swap motorbike riding for a different type of riding and an afternoon at home leads to a spunk-fuelled romp that sees the pristine bed rumpled – again! Get ready for some of the hottest and hung Loverboys you've ever laid eyes on! They all crave the ultimate satisfaction - with explosive results!...
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    Shipped off to training camp, 7 fresh faced recruits are put through their paces by the tough but handsome Sergeant Moore, who won’t take anything less than 100% from his boys. Endless marching, exercises and boot polishing keeps these handsome young fuckers busy, but they all find a way to get busy with each other; what else are all these testosterone fuelled guys going to do in their down time? From bunk mate fucking to medic room massaging, the story focuses on blond virgin James who struggles to find his place in the army, nervous and shy, he soon catches the eye of fellow recruit Robert, tall, lithe and very handsome, they hit it off, but will they be split up at the end of training at Dashwood, or will fate play its part and they be stationed together? Packed full of sexy young boys ...
    $ 39.95 
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    A hungry bottom is a dangerous bottom. These slutty twinks love nothing more than servicing a hot cock with every hole they have. But take that cock away or deny them a fresh sticky load and they will go crazy. So sit back, relax, enjoy and watch as these power bottoms take on hung cocks and come out the happy stretched and sore winners!...
    $ 9.95  $39.95


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