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    In Workout, the latest feature from our popular TitanMen Fresh line, 9 hot young guys let loose in a kickboxing gym and work over each otherís hot asses with their stiff, uncut dicks. These sexy jocks soak their boxing gear and gym equipment with one blast of hot sticky jizz after another. Studly Jeremy Polo and virile Mark Federico are trading punches when Mark suddenly pulls Jeremy in close; soon, the two guys are buck naked on the mat grappling with each otherís hard bodies. Handsome Rick Vidal strips down and joins the cock swallowing, then Mark and Jeremy take turns ramming Rickís muscular ass. After cute David Begua soaps up in the shower after a hard workout, he joins Jakub Kostas and George Michaelo in the locker room for some hot three way cock sucking. Jakub and George tag te...

    Welcome to spring time in the European countryside, where eight sexy young muscle studs hitchhike, suck dick, munch butt and fuck each other at a buddyís country home. Itís Tinderbox, the latest spunk-splattered feature from TitanMen Fresh! Big and beefy Eric Tomfor is out for a drive when he spots muscle couple John Alvarez and Atticus Aron at the side of the road hitching a ride. Horny Eric picks the guys up and brings them to his country house, where the two hitchhikers get naked and Atticus fucks the cum out of his tan, muscular buddy under a light spring rain. David Novotny is a sizzling, sexy and insatiable bottom stud with an awesome body who gets both of his holes stuffed full of hot cock. Horse-dicked Mark Zebro nearly splits Davidís ass in two, while hunky Eric plunges his thi...

    If you like hot, tan, muscular, uncut young guys fucking each other in the warm glow of the countryside, then youíre going to really get off on Summer Encounters, the new release from our TitanMen Fresh line. In three scenes of hot three ways, nine hung and horny studs skewer each otherís mouths and asses on a sultry summerís day. Hard-bodied Jay Roberts, tall, lean Felix Slovacek and dark, handsome Marco Mark are out for a hike when Marco pulls out his dick to take a piss and his two buddies rip off his army fatigues and feed him a big helping of cock. Jay and Felix feast on Marcoís hard dick before they take turns ramming his juicy ass. Ripped, lean Adam Rush, and muscular fireplug Vlad Smeshnoi are supposed to be helping Micky Sokol pitch a tent but soon the whole gang is pitching e...

    Itís amazing any of the sexy guys in Suite Dreams gets a minuteís sleep, much less a chance to dream, with all the hot butt banging and cock sucking going on! The latest in our TitanMen Fresh line takes you to an inn in the countryside where a crop of hot young studs fuck each other senseless. Big muscled stud Edvar Soucek rinses off his incredibly hot body in the shower before greeting cute bellboy Raffael Najman at the door, stripping him naked and fucking his lusciously hairy bubble butt until Raffael sprays himself with a big wad of spunk. Handsome Max Fonda and ripped Mark Zebro are sharing a drink in the lounge when they spot cute waiter Simon Dusek. They order him to get naked, then stuff both of his holes full of their uncut condomed cocks in an incredibly hot three way that leav...

    At the super sexy birthday bash in Surprise Package, the birthday boy doesnít even get to blow out a single candle before his crew of hot friends are blowing and fucking each other all over his house. Lean and muscled Jay Roberts kicks the party off by jumping out of a big gift box in nothing but a jock strap and a bow tie. He lures the birthday boyómuscular blond Edvar Soucekóinto the bathroom where theyíre joined by hung and handsome Thomas Winter; the three guys stuff each otherís faces with their meaty, uncut cocks. Thomas and Edvar spray Jay with gobs of spunk as Jay moans and shoots his own load all over his hard pecs. Edvar fucks Jay until he blasts another huge pool of sperm. In another part of the house, hunky George Kovar and hot blond Atticus Aron take turns cramming David Begu...

    In Side Tracked, the latest release from the TitanMen Fresh line, a dozen beautifully muscled European studs deliver 20 cum shots in almost two hours of the hottest sex youíll see on film! Several hot and horny hunks from the TitanMen Fresh features Farm Fresh and Fever join other hard-bodied, hung and uncut younger guys in four scenes of explosive three-way sex. Strapping blond stud Petr Majer and sexy Glenn Santoro join the stunningly lean and muscled Carlos in sucking and stroking out three huge jets of jizz, and then fuck each other to another round of splattering spunk. Cute Adam Kubick, hunky muscleman Drago Lembeck and tan and trim Ladislav Boh chow down on each otherís giant cocks before Adam and Drago pound Ladislavís smooth ass and shoot their creamy loads on his muscular back....

    This Open House will definitely take your mind off the mortgage crisis. Hunky Thomas Winter and Jakub Kostas spend the day looking for a love nest and come across tall dark and handsome real estate agent Karlos Armandes as heís showing a house to a bunch of hot and horny prospective buyers. No sooner do the pair start looking around the place than cute Martin Corvin, tall and sexy David Vanek and big-dicked Johny Lee show up, get naked and proceed to swallow each otherís uncut cocks. David and Johny spit roast Martin, cramming his mouth and muscular bubble butt full of dick before they spray him with thick gobs of jizz. Muscle stud Eric Tomfor, beefy Andre Lopes and ripped Leo Cooper decide the kitchenís the best place to eat ass and choke down some hard cock. Andre warms up Leoís hairy a...

    Dickóitís whatís for lunch! In Hot Lunch, the new TitanMen Fresh release, lots of big, uncut dick is served up hot in this trio of three ways where nine horny young chefs feast on each otherís thick cocks, fuck some seriously juicy butt and discover that giant cucumbers are good for a lot more than just tossing into salad. Big, beefy Lenny Ball and tall, handsome Gerry Owan stop by the cafeteria for a bite to eat but end up feeding the guy behind the counteróhandsome Gaige Brodyótwo thick helpings of meat. After they splatter him with jizz, Lenny helps himself to seconds and stuffs both their butts with his thick cock. Back in the kitchen, sexy, hard-bodied Felix Slovacek and ripped Richie Rich get naked and snack on Georgio Blackís fat dick until he sprays the two of them with gobs of...

    If you like hot young studs stuffing each otherís asses full of fat, uncut dick, youíll love Joyride, the latest release from our popular TitanMen Fresh line. Eleven sexy guys discover the joy of riding cock as they hitchhike across the countryside, getting picked up by lean, hard-bodied strangers and fucked to within an inch of their lives. Itís a foreskin feast by the freeway! Tall, dark and handsome, Karlos Armandes thumbs a ride from beefy, handsome Carlos and cute, sexy Sebastian Grant. The guys are barely a mile down the road before everyone piles out of the car for some roadside action. After a little oral action, everybody blasts each other with sticky wads of cum. Carlos and Karlos then piledrive Sebastianís ass until all three are splattering spooge one more time for the road. ...

    If youíre wondering where to get a good lube job in Prague, youíll definitely want to check out the hot young mechanics at this garage! Once the fresh-faced guys in Ignition, the latest feature from the TitanMen Fresh line, get revved up, they drill each other up the ass and spray the garage floor with endless gobs of cum. Tight bodied Adam Rush and Michael Marc lock lips, strip out of their overalls and shove cock down each otherís throats. Handsome Marc Taylor dives face first into Michaelís smooth inviting ass, and after Adam and Marc spray Michaelís chiseled chest with their jizz, they plug his virgin manhole until he shoots a sticky wad all over himself. Tattooed, handsome Paolo Ramatti brings his car in for service and instead gets his dick sucked by lean ripped Mario McGabe and ...

    If eight, smooth, cute, big-dicked, uncut studs skewering each otherís muscular asses sounds like a hot idea to you, then Hot Shots will have you spewing jizz like a fountain. This latest TitanMen Fresh feature follows a bunch of foreskin-feasting, butt-banging, throat-fucking, horned-up young guys to their neighborhood gay bar where they warm up a wintry Eastern European afternoon with a couple of drinks and a lot of ass ramming at their very own happy hour fuckfest. Ivan Pesko and Matej Radovan are smooth, ripped and smoking hot for each other as they get naked, suck face, and drench each otherís cocks in rivers of spit, choking and gagging as they swallow every inch of manmeat. Cute Simon Dusek walks in and helps himself to a throat full of Matejís throbbing rod, then helps Ivan spitr...

    In House Call, the new release from TitanMen Fresh, a crew of hot, smooth studs hooks up online and spends the day fucking the spunk right out of each other. Itís a cum-drenched suck ní fuckfest that introduces ultra-hot Marco Blaze, our newest TitanMen exclusive! Hot and handsome Jay Roberts is a horned-up young man with an itch that only big-dicked internet escort Marco Blaze can scratch. Marco pounds Jayís muscular ass deep and hard until both guys bust their nuts all over the bathroom and bedroom. After Jay and Marco have drained each otherís balls dry, Jay fantasizes while watching porn; the sexed-up trio of Martin Hod, handsome Ron Sykora and rugged Angelo Brada show up in his fantasies for a smokiní hot threeway, drilling each otherís asses, sucking cock and ultimately soaking thi...

    In Factory Fresh, the latest feature in our popular TitanMen Fresh line, director Brian Mills returns to Europe to shoot another bunch of sexy, smooth and uncut young studs banging the cum out of each other in an abandoned factory. These guys fuck ass, suck dick and spray jizz all over the equipment when they're not dumping loads on their tight, ripped pecs. Dark and sexy Marco Mark is cat-napping on the floor of the factory when blond young stud Sergej Ural and cute Erik Iverson stumble onto him; soon, Erik and Sergej are chowing down on Marco's raging hardon. Marco and Sergej dump gobs of cum on Erik's ripped chest before Erik and Marco tag team Sergej's smooth bubble butt and slam fuck the cum out of him. Sexy Felix Slovacek and cute Jason Jackman stuff hard-bodied Honza Banan's mouth...

    In his latest farm life fuck fantasy, Farm Hands, director Brian Mills brings you a cast of nine hot, clean-cut guys who fuck each other silly one fine spring day against a backdrop of the leafy forests and rolling fields of the Czech countryside. These studs come equipped with plenty of uncut cock that they love to swallow almost as much as they like pounding each other's beefy, muscular asses. Smooth, hard-bodied Pavek Neumann and Vilem Cage get naked with built-like-a-bull Tadeusz Tesar. The guys are soon chewing on each other's juicy nipples, deep throating dick, and instead of plowing the fields, plowing each other. Lean, sexy Joe Donovan and his horse-dicked pal Pavel Marek take a break in the barn where Pavel demonstrates his amazing self sucking skills. The two young studs are sw...

    TitanMen Fresh imports sure have covered ground. They've had one hand in England, one grasping the Mediterranean, another groping Eastern Europe--oops! That's three hands! You'll wish you were that handy when the sizzling new import Farm Fresh starts you lap diving. Rekindle your lust for Eric Flower, hunky star of the TitanMen Fresh feature, Fever. Just about the biggest and solidly built stud on the planet. And meet Petr Majer, the most beautiful and robust of all blonds in creation. These insatiable sexmongers share seven other strapping, hard-bodied, outrageously hung and positively uncut younger Czech men in three incomparable three-ways. Each one pumping out a double round of cum shots--that's 18 explosive orgasms in 90 minutes of sensationally hot and sweaty, outdoor sex. Wanna ...

    Eastern block scientists have developed a unique biological weapon-sex gas. Its irresistible effect causes soldiers to have unbridled and passionate sex with each other. In five duo and three-way scenes, Fever documents soldiers shredding their uniforms and ravenously devouring their buddies. Then they turn on their Commanding Officers, take them captive, and torment them with equal parts retribution and plain old lust. Fever's final five-man orgy is a pileup of butt spanking and ass penetrating punishment. The names of the strapping Czech studs who star in Fever won't ring a bell. But their blond hair, blue eyes, bodacious butts, bulging biceps and perpetual pecs are gonna rack up your boner. Ah, those broad-gauged, heavy pulsing pricks. And did we mention foreskin? All this smoothly-slid...

    What better way to spend a sunny spring afternoon than fucking and sucking cock out in the country? Countryside, the latest TitanMen Fresh adventure, follows eight smooth and sexy young studs as they while away the hours butt banging and deep throating each other under the warm rays of the late afternoon sun. Muscled Michael Getlin and lean, ripped Jakub Kostas come across sexy Chris Kral working in the garden of a country house. Chris and Jakub eat and skewer Michaelís irresistibly muscular ass until all three are soaked in sweat and sperm. Cute and horny Nick Daniels comes back from a walk in the woods ready to get fucked. Lucky for him, hot Dion Philips is only too happy to oblige, and after the guys get a good taste of each otherís uncut dicks, Dion assrams Nick in every possible pos...

    Code Red is the TitanMen Fresh import that most resembles the high-end level of TitanMen home grown features. That's no surprise, with GAYVN Hall of Fame inductees Brian Mills behind the camera, and Bruce Cam as the Executive Producer. So whether it's in Bavaria, Belgrade or downtown Budapest, we're still talking big rock-hard cocks and blistering butt busting sex. These four sets of horny young Euro-studs arrive at the Code Red sex club eager to blast loads of creamy man juice. Tousle-haired Jirka and athletic Michal gotta get off quick, while blond beauty Denis and dark-haired buddy Franco share passionate make-out (wait'll you get a look at the corn-silk curls gilding Denis' ripe rosebud).The playful foreskin docking of chiseled Viktor and cherubic Rony grooves into backdoor boogie, an...


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