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  • G:HOLE VOL 3

    Return to the ChaosMen gloryhole, where horny strangers drop their pants for some anonymous oral and anal action!...
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    CF guys are known for the voracious sexual appetites, and here they show off how great it feels to be greedy! No hard throbbing cock is left unsucked when these competitive jocks try to one-up each other giving it to a lucky girl receiving double the dick - then turning that passion on each other! Watch what happens when testosterone-pumped jocks, a horny girl, and sexually open minds get together in this rock-hard-until-shot-off bisexual fuck fest compilation!

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    The story is epic. In the TIM treasure chest video vault we found several hard drives that had a ton of unreleased footage on them. It is astonishing these scenes have never been released -- until now -- newly edited and remastered!!

    Featuring many of our All-Star Hall-of-Fame exclusives: DEREK ANTHONY, CHRISTIAN, DAN FISK, JERRY STEARNS, WILL and the last unreleased scene we have of DAWSON; and some TIM favorites over the years including DAMON DARKO, FYERFLI, STEVE PARKER and many many more.

    LOST UNRELEASED SEX TAPES L.U.S.T. VOLUME 2 is a lost moment in sexual time and TIM history. Each scene is a jewel. Many of these guys stopped doing porn, some moved away, and some we still work with today....
    $ 39.95 

    Manwhores come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s a man who has sex with other men for money but in most cases, manwhores are simply promiscuous men who fuck with other men just for the sake of scratching another notch on their bedpost. And it doesn’t matter if they’re top or bottom. What matters is that they’re horny, hard and possess a driving desire for men. Any time, any day, any where. Draven Torres, Rogue Status, Randy Harden, Hans Berlin, Billy Warren, Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter and Stephen Harte are all manwhores. And they own it. Except they take their lust a step further. For these “Bareback Man Whores” it’s gotta be balls-deep and it’s gotta be raw. Skin-to-skin. Because there’s no connection like fucking bareback with the man you lust after, building towards clim...
    $ 39.95 
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    Alternadudes presents the fifth installment of horny skater dudes getting down and dirty in “Skater Sex 5”. These hot guys need to get off and they can't wait to rub their dicks, suck each others cocks, and fuck all the ass they can get. Whip out your cock and sit back to let these shaggy, long haired, tatted and pierced cocksuckers and ass fuckers help you blow a massive load of creamy jizz!
    $ 39.95 

    A beefy, hairy daddy who knows how to fuck is worth his weight in gold. Of course, if he rides raw it’s even better! All that experience. All that well-seasoned meat, primed in jizz and sweat and daddy fucking. Let your mouth water as you savor the sight of Jimmy Conrad, Steve Sommers, Hart Caldwell, Adam Knocksville, Stephen Harte, Tony DaRimma, John Stache, Marc Angelo, and Canadad. These age-playing, hairy bearded tattooed hunks will have you drooling. Question is, will you use that drool to jerk-off or lube your hole?...
    $ 39.95 

    starring: Cody Long, Jasper Robinson, Elijah Young, Trey Bentley, Mathew Cole, Nico Michaelson...
    $ 39.95 

    Daxton Ryker shows off his beefy body while playing with Gabriel Fisk’s rock hard stick and Ray Diesel works over Gabriel’s husband Russ Magnus and gives him a real big cock! Pups
    Tyler Griz and Chip Young both go after each others bubble butts while a tops vs bottoms game with Ray Diesel & Trey Turner sinking more than just balls into the slut holes of Brian Bonds & Hans Berlin. Ironically the 8 ball went missing when this shoot was over!...
    $ 29.95 

    Few men are as fully into their dicks as RAY DALTON. When you meet him it’s like being hit by a one-man tsunami of sexual heat. Sucking RAY’s cock isn’t just a privilege, it’s a total fucking lesson in manhood taken straight from the source....
    $ 39.95 

    We have all been fucked over at some point in our lives but it usually doesn’t feel so hot. However, these bottoms get fucked over real good and they fucking love it. Use them like the sluts they are and they will love you forever! Alessio Romero, Beau Reed, Brian Bonds and Trey Turner all get fucked over by some of the biggest cocks in the business and they complain they were not Fucked Over enough!...
    $ 39.95 

    In The Morning, In The Woods & In The Mood. Michael simply can't get enough of his constant, raging hard-on, and neither will you. Enjoy as you watch him jerk off "in the morning" when he first gets up, during an afternoon stroll "in the woods" in his favorite wooded area and when he finds himself "in the mood" but all alone at his favorite sex club. A total of six gushing loads -- much of which he ends up eating -- will keep you hard and throbbing throughout the video....
    $ 29.95 

    When Tom showed up at CF, he stepped up the game in bringing out raw sexuality. Incredibly hot, muscular, and insatiable in every sense, Tom both dominates and eagerly takes a railing with the gusto of a man who loves a thrill of giving or taking it deep! Watch as he gets his way with Connor, Jordan, Chandler, and Steve and be ready for some big muscles, big dicks, and powerful orgasms with tons of Cum!

    $ 39.95 
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    When it comes to sniffing out cum, no one gets a leg up on Stephen Harte, Drew Crawford, or Alex Mason. These jizz sluts know where to find the biggest cocks to fill their holes and satisfy their aching needs. Luckily, Hans Berlin, Mickey Carpathio, Tony Bishop and Damon Andros can sniff out a good cum hound! Eager to mount the spooge hungry whores, they fuck like dogs before giving the sluts the one thing power bottoms crave most. Cum. Because, you see, it’s ALL about seed cum and always will be. And if you identify with these jizz-craving, spooge-hungry man whores, welcome to the club, Bareback Cum Hounds! ....
    $ 39.95 
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    Most all of our residents are misbehaving little fucks. Although they get on our nerves, at least we get to have our fun with them. Some of them are hard to fuck, but we eventually crack them wide open. Mishka is a squirming 19 year old with an ass almost too tight to plow, but he ends up creampied at the end of his session. Aaron is a lazy shit who at least has a hole good for fucking. Gideon and Mickey both get the treatment from two house managers - with Mickey receiving a load right up the ass! Bonus scenes with Trevor Spade and Caleb Reece!
    $ 39.95 
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    Sometimes they deserve a lighter punishment, but when they really fuck up they deserve no less than getting their precious little boy cunts completely smashed. Each of these homemade vids show the House Manager getting his nut thanks to these derelicts of society whose new purpose in life is to offer up their holes until they are swollen and blown out. Lots of bareback rough fucking and virgin straight boy cherry popping in this series!
    $ 39.95 
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    Captain America: A Gay XXX Parody! Alex Mecum stars as Captain America. Paddy O’Brian plays the Winter Soldier....
    $ 24.95 

    Liev is a walking contradiction, but in a good way. When I first met him, he actually almost banged the door out of the wall when he knocked. It was actually a bit intimidating! I wondered why he didn't just use the door bell? I let him in and he had a friend with him. I figured it was for moral support but I had to let him know that his friend would have to wait somewhere else since we never know how long a shoot will take.
    $ 29.95 

    For those of you who like their men big, meaty and covered in fur in all the right places, feast your eyes on the horny fuckers in Hairy and Raw’s latest DVD release. Featuring Jay Wolf, Lobo Al, Lanz Adams, Gunner Scott, Renzo Marquez, Amir Badri, Loan Damon, and Marc Angelo in his first ever bareback scene with real-life boyfriend Adam Knocksville, you can practically smell the sweat coming off them as the suck each other off, rim hairy fuckholes and pound raw ass until they spew some thick hot loads of jizz. These men are sure to satisfy your craving for hairy men and bareback sex so grab your favorite lube, whip your cock out and start stroking with the men of Hairy Bare Loads 2!

    $ 39.95 
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    Next Door Studios presents “HUNG HUNK SPUNK”. Poor Mark Long! He's experiencing first hand the curse of having a gigantic cock, as his new girlfriend is too afraid of his giant rod. Good friend Lucas Knight can understand, since he's also got a giant cock, but he seems to think Mark may just be looking in the wrong places to get his rocks off. As Alex Tanner watches a movie in his room, his older step-brother Dylan Knight comes in and takes away his laptop, telling him he's gotta show him something. When Dylan proceeds to load up a bunch of big dick pix, Alex is like, "What the fuck, bro?" Best buddies Michael Del Ray and Javier Cruz share quite a lot of things: their home, plenty of interests... hell, they even end up banging the same chicks from time to time, so as the two of them sit ar...
    $ 39.95 

    5 Hot IR Scenes!

    Starring Deep Dicc & Skylar Starr!

    These Horny White Boys Crave Big Black Cock And Get Plenty Of It In This All Interracial Black-On-White Boy Cock Fest!...
    $ 39.95 


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