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    Here we have our third installment to the Rear Formation series. And what a match-up it is with Shane and our new find, Dirk. Dirk is so horny in this video that his cock is hard as soon as the camera comes on. He's anticipating what's about to happen and once the heat is on he decides that the condom just aint workin' for him so he decides on a new tactic and fucks Shane's ass raw and bareback....
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    Hey Troops! This video was so fast-paced and action-packed that it was hard to keep up with the action as it shifted from one position to the next and then the next. So, bear with me as I try to recall it all for you in a manner that makes sense.

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    These young twinks are up to no good and ready for their first Pyjama party. Never knew that young boys could be so naughty and thirsty for cum. Skinny young boys with big dicks are doing it RAW and games like spin the bottle soon turn into a spit roast, the perfect “sleep” over!...
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    The fur is flying as so is the cum in Hot Raw Bears. Hot furry bears with big raw dicks fucking hot loads into tight furry buttholes. Grrrrr..."...
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    more info to come...
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    It's off to the country of the horniest, filthy-minded pups that you can imagine, all donning their legion's twinks for a weekend of mindless cock-sucking and ass-pounding!...
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    Needing Breeding is a hot blend of raw fuckers, ass seeders, and deep breeders in 5 smoking bareback scenes. No hole is off limits and is guaranteed to be filled. Stiff cocks unload fresh seed right between the cheeks. Bareback legend Sage Daniels along with newcummer Preston Johnson sizzle in their sweaty raw fuckfest that will leave you dripping for more.....
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    Some will break your heart with their smiles. Some with their throbbing dicks......
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    All seven of these horny pigs meet up in the Dick Wadd Glory Hole for a day of fucking and piss play.

    After they've had their fun in the Glory Hole, pissing and sucking cock, they break out the sling. Dylan is tossed into the sling, then pounded and pissed on by six horny, hung studs.

    Gavin show's Devan, the new boy, who's boss, by giving him a good hard flogging.

    The Dick Wadd Glory Hole is once again the place where men cum to get piggy....
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    It's a wet and wild ride, as these kinky Asian twinks mix their love of piss with fucking bareback. Each scene is packed with hardcore action and washed down with golden showers. These smooth young men pee on each other, before they even get naked! They suck, rim ass, fuck raw and wash it all down with warm urine. The boys love the taste of cum and piss on their tongues and bath themselves in both. If you like watching skinny, smooth boys fucking each other, while dripping in piss, this collection is a keeper!...
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    Jordan Thomas is the first twink to get his hole rocked as he loses his cherry on-screen bottoming for the adorable Evan Parker. Andy Taylor is next up to offer his ass and tight teen hole to his fuck buddy before blowing a sweet load all over his smooth skin and athletic abs. Each young boy eagerly awaits his turn to see if he can take the thick dicks of the Helix Studios studs in these six exhilarating scenes. Bang bang that twink hole baby!...
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    One thing about redheads, they know a good thing when they see it!! Waiting to see if Robbie will be back to shower again, Duke hooks up with our favorite transcontinental cocksucker, Corey Wooden! Seekers of super sex are always "ON TARGET" when Mr. Happy gets a lip lock from Corey! You can almost hear the Tupperware seal as "Big Red" expands in that little blond mouth, eagerly sucking down every red-hot inch of stiff red meat! Corey gets his too of course, star treatment for a certified lance Co Star and twink treasure in his own right! Steamy oral action turns to lust in the tropical dust as the rubbers come out and dick go in! Shot from every angle with great close up work, its no wonder these two take turns blowing sticky wads up each other teen tummies, ready to jump back in the show...
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    Twinkdom's only identical twin porn puppies give itup in hardcore three way action in this all star sextacular sexfest of the young and the hung! Anal, oral, rimming and volcanic cumshots with great outdoor action!...
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    What's a shy 19 year old year straight from basic training to do? Blue eyed Ken Allen no sooner gets to his ship when one horny teen after another wants his uncovered cock buried deep in that smooth white teen butt ! First Asian sensation Meiji, tan and toned, slams him poolside, then mighty Matt Bolter shoves his seven blond inches deep, deep into centerfield, and finally a tall blond classic California surfer boy takes a real life eight inch tool all the way in to the pubes, pulling out just in time to cum all over Ken's back !! Bonus scenes include Benito, a sultry Latino Sailor , working his way out of his dress uniform for an super hot solo session. Watch the cum shot to see what the medal was for! And our very own Lance takes over the lens for a wild ride on pretty boy sailor stud Ma...
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    Hot, wet, baby faced Marines eating their own cum, heavy rimming, graphic bareback anal work, serious shots for our foot fetish fans, buckets love juice shooting from ultra horny Military twinks.

    Don't miss San Diego's sexiest sailor in or out of uniform, 19 year old Matt Woods!...
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    Buff and horse hung Ricky Hawke gets hot and naked for you just like fellow twink-hunk Levi, and a crew of sizzling salsa twink studs. Be ready for huge dicks, smooth mocha skin and sexy bedroom eyes as our Latino/Portuguese studs work each other, and a white boy or two, into barely legal teen frenzy!...
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    You are invited to enter the world of horny Asian Doctor Albert, as he makes his rounds. Albert's bedside manner rivals that of others, as he gets his cute young Asian twink patients naked and goes to work on their hard cocks and tight smooth assholes. The doctor's bag is well equipped with enema kit, Jennings gag, dildos and lots of baby oil. Everything he needs to make sure his young patient's leave satisfied and wearing a big smile on their cute face. With plenty of ass rimming and cock sucking, Dr Albert delivers a thorough treatment that always ends in a deep bareback fucking session and ample doses of warm Asian boy cum....
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    For those who adore the silky smooth boys in Thailand, this collection of super hot bareback fucking scenes is a must see. Even the hot solo jack off session, featuring a sexy young Asian twink soldier boy, is off the charts, especially when he shoves that monster dildo up his little ass. After the boys get naked, there's no shortage of uncut cock sucking and smooth ass rimming, before they get down to some hardcore bareback action. There are plenty of close-ups of hard cock sliding into raw hole, as these beautiful young Asian guys edge themselves closer to a cum pumping finish. All of the scenes are exclusive and filmed on location in Thailand. It's the next best thing to actually being there!...
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    Welcome to the Asian Fuck Club, where the boys are hot and the sex is hardcore. There's no shortage of silky smooth naked twinks sucking uncut cock, rimming ass and fucking bareback. Each scene is jam packed with raw non-stop action. The boys are totally into each other and their chemistry makes for intense and passionate sex that can only result in a cum pumping conclusion. If you like cute Asian boys fucking raw, this collection is a must have....
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    Watch these hunk latinos get their tight holes stuffed with massive meats!...
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