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Hard Cuts 2




    Hernan fucks Clause, Andreas fucks Heber and more in the 2nd addition to the horny school boys series!...
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    Those titans of twink-tainment are at it again and this time, the beautiful and barely legal bad boys of Helix Studios just might have outdone themselves in their twinkiest tug-flick yet! 'Twink on Twink' contains scene after glorious scene of the youngest, smoothest and most delicious little squirts in the industry, newly ripened & shedding their innocence right before your very eyes. As has come to be expected from the Helix brand, 'Twink on Twink' is jam packed with only the sexiest super stars & juiciest jailbait imaginable and with names like Brad Chase, Tyler Hill, Jesse Montgomery, and Noah White, this sizzling, five scene, boy on boy nut-buster includes only the most popular teenage heartthrobs & college cuties.
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    Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for gambling, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife and is the leading financial, commercial, and of course the home of Dominic Pacifico! Take part as Dominic has porn stars from around the world come and take advantage of him for your viewing pleasure. Porn Stars in Vegas Vol 1 features Cal Parker, Tate Ryder, Joey Trydent, Christopher Daniels, Derreck Lynch and Tate Ryder. It's time to get lucky!...
    $ 34.95 

    Super producer Dirty Tony knows a thing or two about straight guys. He knows that they like to work out, that they like to brag about their huge dicks, and SOMETIMES they like to get their cocks blown by another guy! Straight Guys, Muscles & Big Dicks Vol 2 show straight guys doing things they’ve swear they’ve never do, but have always been curious about! See straight guys corrupted as they deep throat huge cocks, suck down loads of cum and have their virgin holes plowed!...
    $ 39.95 

    It's time for a big bang from these big dicked twinks!...
    $ 39.95 

    We all heard of bossy bottoms and now lately we are coming across a lot of Greedy Bottoms. These are bottoms who just can’t get enough cock and when they find the cock they love they just don’t want to let it go. Our four hot bottoms Alessio Romerio, Beau Reed, Brian Bonds and Tyler Griz get fucked by huge cocks and just won’t let go of the them, talk about Greedy Bottoms!
    $ 29.95 

    We gathered up some of the sluttiest sluts in the business and made them give up their slut holes to some big dicked tops. Luke Harrington and his 9” cock and Ray Diesel and his massive 10” black cock destroy and breed the slut holes of Brian Bonds, Tyler Griz and Beau Reed. Cum and watch slut holes take more seed!!
    $ 39.95 

    After a long, hard winter, New York bareback sex pigs are in the mood to celebrate the coming of summer with just that…something long and hard! Hans Berlin makes good use of Alex Mason’s furry hole while Bryan Knight and Mickey Carpathio show us some flip-flopping, jizz bustin’ moves. Alex Mason takes on steaming hot and super-horny tattooed daddy Ray Dalton and Scott Reynolds and Tancredo Buff prove it’s not just cock slut puppies who hunger and thirst for daddy dick and cum! These ass pounding raw fuckers hit the sheets…Bareback in New York!...
    $ 39.95 

    Ah, blue-collar men. You know the kind we mean. Big and butch horny fuckers that make our blood boil. The very thought of them makes us hard but their scent makes us even harder! Join us as we watch Tristan Riant, Buster Nasstee, Steve Brody, Phil Mehup, Bear, Bearsilien, and real-life couples Joe Hardness and Guy English, along with Amir Badri and Matthieu Angel, as they get wet and horny, juiced up as Raw Bear Riders!...
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    In the dungeon of a local gay motel, men are on the prowl, looking for a hole to fill, a dick to suck, a pig to feed and seed. Filmed on location at Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale, join Dalton Hawg, Bo Bangor, Chuck Collier, Ethan Palmer, Allen Fulton, Lanz Adams, Daemon Sadi, Ethan Palmer, Victor Cody, and Justin Case as eager holes milk throbbing, pulsating shafts in order to collect that most glorious of prizes: CUM. It’s dirty. It’s nasty. It’s Dirty Dungeon Deeds 2!
    $ 39.95 

    In the backwoods of Canada where burly men roam free the butt sluts get their groove on… sucking cock, eating ass & fucking outdoors like the cock sluts they are. Loads of hardcore action packed in this flick just for you!...
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  • ASSsordidSEX VOL II

    3 Bareback Fuck Scenes - 6 Steamy Videos - 12 Hot Horny Men...
    $ 39.95 

    The Load Master brings together these two super stars Dolf Dietrich and Armond Rizzo for some hard night sport fucking. After a great workout, Dusty Willaims and Tony Bishop for a fast and freaky fuck fest. Gio Ryder invites his buddy Stone Frio over for all the dick he can handle fuck his sweet latin ass. Aarin rides Rogue's hard dick and wastes no time nutting on Aarin's open hole!...
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    The Boys are DIRTY! The sex is SLEAZY! THIS COLLECTION OF AMAZING FUCK & SUCK PORN SCENES INCLUDES: “I Want your Cum” “Butt Banging Boys” “Sneaker Fucker” “Jimmy Roman” “Face Fuck Cock Fest” ...
    $ 39.95 

    Raw Bear Cream features seven hot and horny bears of various shapes and sizes, from otter to plus size. Each of these hairy fuckers teach us a thing or two about frothy man-on-man sex. So join Sid Morgan, Chef Bear, Maximus O’Connell, SuperCub, Scott Spears, Dan Lair, and Terry Cub and see why their milkshake brings all the bears to the yard!

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    Alternadudes presents AlternaTwinks 2, a second showcase of some our younger alt dudes! Alternadudes come in all shapes and ages but when they're young and naughty and into sex and Rock & Roll, they become AlternaTwinks and they're some of the horniest fuckers around! Sit back and let these guys get you off as they beat their meat, suck big hard cocks, plow ass, get their holes stretched, and take all the loads of cum they can possibly take!...
    $ 39.95 

    It's barely legal bareback at it's best in this all new, full-length & condom free fuck flick from Helix Studios! From super sexy boyfriends boning to a red-hot rendezvous affair or a junior jock taking one from his teammate, this totally twink & completely raw ride is full of fine young & hung horn-dogs that you come to expect from Helix. Catch all of your favorite beautiful bottom boys & big-dicked dreamboats in scene after steamy scene of bare, unbridled passion & naughty condomless raw-dogging action!
    $ 39.95 

    Diego Tovar takes on tall bottom Beau Reed and teaches him a lesson while Damon Andros destroys the hairy hole of Luke Harrington. Tommy Deluca’s 10” fuck stick really punishes Tyler Griz’s slut hole then Alessio Romero get’s Tommy’s sloppy seconds and fucks Tyler’s well used destroyed hole....
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    “PUBLIC MEAT” induces sexual depravity in viewers.
    We call it real. They’re calling it “vile filth.” The director was locked up in a loony bin.

    Paul Morris gives you Liam Cole’s PUBLIC MEAT on a fucking silver platter. Our most anticipated underground experience of the year. Men have been begging to see it and now, here it is: the video that took TIM’s Liam Cole down and got him locked up. He wanted it to be the second volume of his “Slammed” trilogy. But the men, the material, the sex, the desire, the drugs were more than even Liam could master.

    This is the London sex-world that eats strong men alive. Wanna watch?
    By far the roughest, rawest, most primitive and real experience we’ve released in a very long time. When Liam committed himself to a psych...
    $ 39.95 

    No matter how you like your beef — big and meaty, young and tender, or aged and seasoned to perfection, one thing is certain… sometimes raw is the best way to take it! We’re talking cock, of course. Cock for you to savor and feel it throbbing deep in your ass. Featuring: Chase Woofer, Dirk Grizzly, Dakotah Porter, Dusty Daniels, Andrew Mason, Chef Bear, Sid Morgan, Andy Williams, and Chase McCloud. whet your appetite with Bear Films Raw!...
    $ 39.95 


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DickWadd - If it's not DICKWADD, it's VANILLA! NYPD Only $29.95! Now Shipping!! MORE
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New From Treasure Island Media: ANONYMOUS SEX! Now available @PornTeam MORE
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Beefy fur-ball Blaze taps Eddie bareback - @SpunkWorthy MORE
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