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    Hot, hotter, hottest. This or something similar could be the 3 worded description of the new XXX-PROJECT movie “CUM DUMP RECRUITS“. But this would not even come close. There's fucking, blowing, cumming and swallowing....

    Our star Ryan Jordan invites the cute, passive Joe to his own apartment. Open the door, kiss, trousers down, and Joe sucks Ryan’s extreme big cock. His hot bottom is licked by a pierced tongue and after all Ryan fucks like it hasn't been seen before. Joe is fucked through the whole apartment to black-out without rubber....

    One scene has two guys, one with bleached blond hair, a large tattoo on his arm and a lean but nicely formed body. He has a nice smoothly shaved cock that really stands out long and proud. He has both his nipple and his belly button pierced. The other guy, he has a more buffer body and is slightly tanned. He too has a shaved cock which right from the start is fully erect.
    These two are completely naked outside, apart from their sneakers. The sounds of the birds whistling and a train going by, in the not too far distance, really add to the realness of the scene.
    The blond guy gets his arse rimmed and fingered until it is loose enough to take the other guy's hard (condomless!) cock all the way in. They are actually fucking on top of, what looks like, a water tank and we get a gre...

    This starts with a cute young guy waiting outside in the dark for his lover to come and pick him up. After an hour waiting he finally arrives and they stop at a nearby bar to grab a drink (that's not all they grab!!!)
    The barman is a tall young stud with his jeans hanging really low showing us a glimpse of the thong underneath. He has short spiky hair and his tight top begins to reveal a fantastic body beneath.
    The two guys that come in the bar are eyeing this young lad up as he pours the drinks. The bar is totally empty apart from these three and it is not long before all three are sitting in the 'comfy' area.Some nice threeway kissing takes place with all three tongues exploring each other's open mouths.
    The young bar lad soon has the other two guys stroking and kissing...


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