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    Two guys, one camera, one bedroom and a thirst for having some fun filming each other getting down and dirty, and this is what you get, good, raw, gritty film action and good hard sex, with the camera getting in very close and personal. Nice, tight close ups and nice tight arses to boot. See what the other guy sees when he shags another guy, from his own point of view!...
    $ 49.95 

    Nice out in The Great Outdoors, isn't it? Join a host of handsome and horny young guys as they sample the joys of nature... and big hard cocks up their tight arses!...
    $ 49.95 
  • YES SIR!!!

    Yes Sir, it really is! These boys really do have to do as they are told. The masters are very highly strung, and they don't take no for an answer. And these masters certainly like to get their kicks, with an array of sex toys, benches, and other restraining apparatus, they make sure the boys do as they are told, and that they give the best they can. But the boys get rewarded with great sex from the masters, if they behave....
    $ 49.95 

    Two guys, one camera, one bedroom and a thirst for having some fun filming each other getting down and dirty and this is what you get with Real Amateurs. Settle back for good, gritty film action and good hard sex with the camera getting in up close and personal!...
    $ 49.95 

    Welcome to the Sex Pub, where the horny barmen prefer pulling the hunky customers to pulling pints!...
    $ 49.95 

    Farm Boys features rugged farm boys who just can't keep their calves together... and they love to milk a rock hard cock.

    First off, hunky Nathan finds his buddy Calvin stroking his aroused manhood in the hay barn. 'Don't waste it,' he says, and before long Calvin is bending over for some deep bareback action.

    Next, the tractor has broken down, but Nathan's big dick is working fine, and ploughs quite a furrow in handsome farmhand Jon's tight backside.

    The cows need milking, but that will have to wait because rugged farm hands Jon and Matt want to milk each others' big stiff knobs first. Anyone for dairy cream?

    Ben catches Matt bunking off in the field. He's feeling horny and insists that Ben gets his tackle out. The lads then quickly get n...
    $ 49.95 

    Everyone’s got to serve someone, and these rent boys are serving their fellow employees and their community. The Brothel Boys are more than just gay-for-pay...they really love their job servicing the hungry arses of their hunky male clients!...
    $ 49.95 

    Professional male prostitutes spill the beans on their horniest clients in Escort Diaries. Tables Turned: Hunky rent boy James gets a nice surprise when handsome Warren, a cute young lad who likes to take control in the bedroom hires him for sex. hey, who's paying who here? Unusual Places: Hustler Paul meets up with a well hung punter who enjoys having sex in the kitchen. He does him hard over the breakfast bar before pulling out and creaming all over his tight buns. Dominant Daddy: Danny Starr sells his services to an older guy. "I fucked him proper hard. He was squealing like a pig."

    Personal Trainer: Seasoned male hooker Danny gets a call from Nathan, a hot guy with six pack. Their arse-stretching workout is a real stunner. Passionate Kisser: Stud Warren sells his body to r...
    $ 49.95 

    Join sex therapist Brent South as he meets hot-looking gay guys who are hooked on having sex in unusual places and situations in Sexaholics Anonymous....
    $ 49.95 

    Real sex between real couples is often something very special, and has a lot more intimacy than just a shag. Real Couples brings you five sets of guys who really are together in more ways than one, and have agreed to come along and show us all what they do in their bedrooms at home when no one is looking. Real passion, deep love, and very deep fucking is on show in this film. Produced and directed on location in Great Britain!...
    $ 49.95 

    Brit sex at its best! You see the guy next door, or down the street, and you think, "Wow! He's so cute, but yet he looks so real, and so fuckable," and you want him. And after a bit of time, you get to know him, and he comes over for a beer, and before you know it, you're in his pants, sucking his large cock, and fucking him on your own sofa or bed. Come in and watch the guys who live on your street; it's real guys going real guys....
    $ 49.95 

    Five hot and horny scenes and nearly two hours of twinky young guys getting down to some filthy, cock sucking, raunchy sex. Jasper talks dirty to Richard and makes him fuck really hard, then shoots his load all over him. Cameron smothers Mark's smooth skin in hot, creamy spunk, with Cameron then getting a face full of Mark's creamy load.

    Ivo, Michael and Rick fuck and suck in loads of horny positions, ending in Rick getting a face full from both boys, and eating Ivo's spunk off his hot belly. Kirk has a horny wank in the shower room, and licks cum off his fingers at the end. Leo, Steve and Leo shoot their hot loads all over each other in a threesome, and Leo licks up his own load. Kyle and Leo have a hot session of cock sucking and fucking, Leo shoots right into Kyle's open mo...
    $ 49.95 

    12 ten minute scenes of some of the new boys who have come to work for us over the last year or so.

    Some of them are interviewed on camera, and then they show what they can do. Others just get their cocks out and show off their talents.

    Some of the guys use dildos to pleasure themselves, and some of the guys are are really cheeky with the director!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Meet Jamie and his mates. The kind of mates we all wish we had. Invite them round and fuck the arse of each other for hours at a time. This bareback adventures starts with a rough and raunchy three-some with Jamie, Jack and Paul riding each other with their big hard meaty cocks, with everyone slipping in nice and easy. The session finishes with loads of cum licking and swallowing and three huge loads. ...
    $ 49.95 
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    Boyfriends. Playmates. First time bottom. First porno. Three straight guys wanking....
    $ 49.95 
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    What goes on behind the doors of those steamy all-male sauna houses across the UK? People supposedly go there to sweat and get fit but we all know that a good hour or two of fucking makes you very sweaty and healthy too!

    Nico and Brent end up in the shower together and before you know it they are entwined on the floor. Wet and glistening and covered in soap, sucking each other, licking, rimming, and eventually fucking beneath the torrent of water.

    Tattooed Sean likes what he sees when he finds handsome Jon in the changing rooms. When Jon turns around, he just grabs Sean's cock and starts to play. Before long, they are sucking, stroking, kissing, and finally fucking on the floor.

    Paul loves to give his mate Ian a good oral workout and the latter is qui...
    $ 49.95 

    The UK version was almost banned by the BBFC, and was cut three times before release. The version for the rest of the world is EXTREMELY hard hitting, with forced sex, humiliation, and cock popping action without equal.

    Two boys decide to break into an office to steal computers. On the way out, they get caught, and then punished by the two office workers.

    After they finish, one of the burglars is tied to a railing, and the office guys invite their mates to come and fuck him too.

    After THEY have done, the burglar's mate comes back with more friends, to get their own back on the office guys.

    You won't find a hotter, harder video anywhere on the market....
    $ 49.95 
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    Nothing but slim, toned, fit flesh in this video. Three gym-style scenes, and two location scenes.

    These fit guys certainly know how to fuck, and make each other cream.

    Hard pounding action, and lots of sweat.

    Five scenes with fit, toned, and muscled guys getting it on together in the gym, at work on the job, and in the sauna.

    There’s a lot of chemistry between these guys, and the sex is hot, with lots of cum-play and great cum shots....
    $ 49.95 

    Twelve filthy solo scenes with gorgeous guys beating their meat for your pleasure. Watch them strip off and work up their large cocks and then show off their bodies and spunk all over themselves.

    See some of the guys licking up their own spunk and fingering themselves. One or two of these lads fuck themselves with a dildo.

    Two hours of hot horny action, with all twelve guys wanking hard and shooting their hot loads.

    Come in and see some 9 inch thick meat.......
    $ 49.95 
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    Two amazing scenes of no-nonsense arse action from 9 Brit boys, nearly 2 hours in total.

    Scene 1 brings together 5 hot and horny guys, barebacking the arse off each other, and treating you to a sexual feast of arse licking, fingering and dirty dildo play, with 5 awesome cum shots,
    followed by a few of the guys sticking their cum covered cocks back in the hole.

    Scene 2 features 4 more horny Brit boys at their best, with even more fucking, fingering, licking and hot, wet cum shots. Watch as Jon puts his cum covered cock back up Jasper's hole and makes him shoot his load.

    Right from the start, these boys are naked and right into the action, no fucking about with clothes on! Just 2 hours of hot horny arse action....
    $ 49.95 
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