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Leading European studio High Octane will be continuing its run of successful titles in 2007.


  • SCORE! (High Octane)

    "Highly Recommended. Soccer can't help but be pornographic. A bunch of guys out there making balls fly in all sorts of ways. Herve Handsome and his own dream team of Hungarian hunks use it once again as a starting point for some steamy sex. They seem to find it a sexual turn-on too, because as soon as they leave the field, they enter each other. Before any sex can start, the luscious members of this red-jerseyed team have to practice. And they do, kicking and running about, getting all sweaty and in dire need of the locker room" ...
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    More hot and hunky heartiness from the hung-dingers at High Octane....
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    Take a journey with 15 rough men looking for big, bold adventures in the great outdoors. In the Wild, they rough it with only each other for comfort. How deep will men go when civilization is left behind? Join Herve Bodilis’ men and find out.

    $ 19.95 

    Putting a dozen or so he-men together for a rugby team is bound to send the testosterone levels off the charts, and that’s what happens in High Octane's Fair Catch. The team members go for the goal on the field then go for the gonads once they hit the locker room. We follow these studs on a typical day for an intimate view of how rugby men – well, some rugby men, the studliest ones – bond between grueling practices and rugged games....

    A new crop of hotties have arrived on the idyllic campus that was the setting of the first College Cocks released in 2006. Superstar of that blockbuster, he-man Julian Vincenzo, is back as the main man to keep the students in line. Alas, he doesn't give the boys any of his trademark hands-on sex lessons in this one, but lots of other hard-bodied macho men are hanging around, or rather their timber-thick man meat is hanging, ever ready to spring into hard action....
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    In Tattooed Tools, you will enjoy a wide range of superbly decorated beauties. The movie is set primarily in an Eastern European stripper bar.

    The sizzling pickup sex sequences in the bar are sandwiched between very hot romantic parings in the opening and closing scenes.

    I'll make no secret of that fact that I think tattoos on the right guy are a big turn-on. I know I'm not the only one, and so does director Joe Budai, who has chosen to give ink fans a treat with "Tattooed Tools.”

    Actually, not all of the guys are tattooed, and the tattoos aren't used in any sort of special fashion, but the title helps draw one to the intricacies of the body art while enjoying the super sex of these Eastern European pros....
    $ 19.95 

    Running an exclusive call guy service, Falvio Valention caters to a fetish-driven clientele willing to pay any price for exactly the right man to fulfill their fantasies and shatter taboos. Operating the business out of a well-staffed, luxurious mansion with stretch limos at his beck and call, he insists on sampling each delicious morsel before delivery to be sure his clients will be satisfied....
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    Put Ransom on your must-see list if you enjoy uniformed men in military action. Buffed young dudes on guard duty at a remote prisoner of war safe house release pent-up sexual tension by taking indecent liberties with captives and one another. It's like watching an isolated band of soldiers who missed the memo about "don't ask, don't tell"....
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    A hot squad of muscle men take a walk on the wilder side, where the theme is master and slave and the dress code is leather jock straps, harnesses, open-seated chaps and hoods....
    $ 19.95 

    The mob as you've never imagined! Thirteen wiseguys show you why it can be so good to be bad. With tough guys like this, you'd do anything you can to please them. The macho studs rule their world with iron cocks. No one fucks with them. Well, practically everyone fucks with them, but they’re always in charge.

    The hallmark of this underworld is a full-blown orgy, and we are treated to two, plus a three way and two duos. The sparks for the bacchanalia atmosphere are Mob boss and sex machine extraordinaire Vincenzo, and trusted lieutenant, swarthy Maverick. The macho studs rule their world with iron cocks. No one fucks with them. Well, practically everyone fucks with them, but they’re always in charge.

    Vincenzo runs a crooked poker game, aided by henchmen Costa and H...

    The randy students at this all-male college don't see much of the sylvan surroundings. They're too busy porking one another in dorm rooms, the library, anywhere they come in contact with libido-driven classmates. Luckily, their favorite professor, also the dean of students, is just as horny. Played by Vincenzo, the sexiest man in porn, he mixes it up with the lads in three steamy scenes. Versatile power bottom Titof flip-flops with diminutive angel-face twink Kubick in the longest scene. Titof brings his hungry hole back for a gang bang fraternity initiation that he passes summa cum cum.
    The sex is highly instense sucking and fucking, brilliantly captured in Handsome's technically flawless style. There's also fodder for special tastes: an awesome double penetration, a T-room seduct...
    $ 19.95 

    Twin brothers at a public swimming pool meet fifteen other gorgeous guys. The swimming pool, the bathroom, the shower room and the changing rooms set the scene for some heated sexual exchanges! Part of the charm of this video is the genial camaraderie among teammates and their coaches. The Lynch brothers, real life twins with harmonized Mediterranean looks, dreamy dark eyes, killer smiles &.oh, yes, their twin monuments....
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