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Nothing is better than watching a hot twink get his ass worked over and hence Bottom Boys! Cute twinks, bareback, cum on arse, cum on face – these twink sluts get it all.



    Seeding is all they have in mind!

    10 Gorgeous, hot & dirty boys with ripped & smooth bodies, addicted to cum filled holes. They are cum crazy and willing to drop hot loads into open asses.

    They have huge dicks and fuck every hole until the jizz explodes. They are real perverts... Those crazy boys know how to please horny bitches with an amazing energy. It's "a new breed of twinks"....
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    They’re not fooling around at Eboys Studios with Destroy My Hole. Not two minutes in you’ve got a black double headed dildo plugging away at David Loft’s asshole, driven by Jose Manuel. It’s just the start of another top notch production of five scenes with smooth, horny, passionate college age dudes, lustily working each other to delicious climaxes. ...
    $ 49.95 
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    "David Loft" is begging to have his ass filled with tons of loads & huge dicks! He's a real pig!!! All the boys are willing ot please him. "Rasty" destroys David's hole with his gigantic tool. The boys are fucking underwater in the pool, on tables, jizz is landing in David's ass & open mouths. Those perverts have so much energy that David is screaming of pleasure. An amazing bareback gangbang for everyone into cum in the ass and huge dicks fucking raw. Starring: David Loft, Jose Manuel, Rasty Shut, Levis Grand, Luke Marais, and Rendy's....

    Feeding Hungry Holes is the anthem of dirty boys. Watch as 15 gorgeous Twinks with high testosterone levels fuck and get fucked like crazy. Their hungry holes waiting to get plunged by gigantic dicks.

    Enjoy 3 amazing hours and seven outstanding scenes of seeding, breeding and cum eating! Directed & Produced by Michael Paris.

    This movie is a compilation of the best scenes of Breeding Time, CumHoles, Holes4Seeds, Load My Ass, Seed My Hole, Seeding The Boys....
    $ 39.95 
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    If you are into orgies and hot twinks eating cum, breeding asses with gigantic tools – don't look any further than Raw Orgy Sluts. Those stunning boys are starved for hot cum in asses, swallowing hot jizz and steamy, dirty sex. They are pigs into the real thing. You are not looking at actors but real performers enjoying every second of dirty sex. These Raw Orgy Sluts are little angels with minds of devils!...

    Jose Manuel is one of the biggest Twink Stars in the Gay Porn Industry, a stunning model who loves wild, hard sex. His huge dick and addiction to sex make each scene a must to watch!

    Totally versatile, Jose loves to swallow gallons of jizz & can cum 3 times in 5 minutes while getting fucked! We selected for you his 6 best scenes & an exclusive "never before seen" scene with his buddy Rick Odri. A cast of 10 boys will please cock-hungry Jose's every need!...
    $ 49.95 

    Indecent Boys bring you real barebacker twinks who love to fuck more than anything else. Those hot boys are starving for hard and long fuck. They want it raw and push the limits of sex like never seen before. Those gorgeous British lads are horny and willing to get plugged by everyone around. They all enjoy raw power fucking and cum swallowing. Insatiable bottoms are aggressively fucked the boys share sticky loads and eat jizz without leaving a drop left. They are just Indecent Boys!...
    $ 49.95 
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    The title says it all!!! Hot & Horny Boys are loading tons of cum into wide open asses. they are pushing the limits of sex to a new Era! What better feeling than eating jizz from your ass? You can say:"Dirty Pigs!". Yes, that's what they are!!!

    Stunning boys with huge dicks turned on by steamy & dirty sex. They LOVE the taste of Cum coming out the asses... so what? ...

    You can not imagine what those hot boys are up to! As sex addicts they destroy asses with huge dicks, leave the jizz inside and swap cum like dirty pigs. They are the hottest, most depraved studs with no limits in bareback sex. The are simply perverts and love it really dirty!

    $ 39.95 
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    "Breed Me Bitch!" says it all. Gorgeous & Horny boys willing to breed open wide asses with gallons of hot loads of cum.
    They want to feel the warm jizz inside them. Huge dicks are fucking raw. Everyone is horny and going for long and hard fucking. Smooth Twinks can be such dirty boys!...
    $ 49.95 
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    What's the Fantasy of Young Evils? Fucking young boys with their huge dicks!!! They are dirty little Evils. The young boys want hard pounding, pushing the limits close to passing out. 12 Gorgeous boys fucking bareback, pushing or shooting cum into asses. They are hungry for hot creamy loads in mouth. Gigantic dicks are fucking tight holes. Those Little Evils are real dirty boys willing to please hot boys with amazing energy and steamy sex! ...
    $ 49.95 
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    "Seeding farmers" brings you 10 of the dirtiest boys fucking raw like animals. They are gorgeous, horny and driven by testosterone. The asses & mouths swallow cum like never seen before. Those young farmers are breeding & seeding like pigs! ...
    $ 39.95 
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    I want my ass filled up! 13 horny pigs with ripped bodies are loading hot jiz into open asses. The men are gorgeous but dirty! They give themselves completely just to please their partners. There is no cheating here. It's real sex and bareback action with passion and pure pleasure. Huge dicks open wide asses and leave their seeds!!!...
    $ 49.95 
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    Bareback Sex at its best! A Cast of gorgeous and hot boys addicted to cum. They breed, seed, swallow and enjoy playing with huge toys before fucking man holes and leaving the precious juice inside. It's dirty, it's hot, it's the best cast of pigs who like to fuck hard and explore every dirty trick to please their fuck buddies. They are not actors but boys into hot and real sex. It's Breeding Time with a new breed of twinks!...
    $ 49.95 
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    The action is everywhere. The boys want to get plugged by big & hard cocks. Holes are wide open to receive the precious juice. There is no better feeling than having hot cum in the ass! Dirty Twinks with ripped bodies & cum-whores are starving for passionate sex and juicy loads!...
    $ 49.95 
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    It won't take a minute before they start playing with huge dicks, fuck in every room and even make a 7-guy orgy in the living room. They are hot, ripped and begging to get fucked and swallow steamy loads. It's all about hot sex, raw action and thick cocks. They are not actors, but real barebackers just willing to have fun and eat all that jizz. Breeding, rimming, filling up asses with hot cum. That’s all they have in mind!
    $ 39.95 
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    "TWINK'S BOX 2" offers 10 smooth & gorgeous Latinos who enjoy RAW power-fucking and creamy cum swallowing. Joshua is one of the biggest Latino Porn Star today!

    JOSHUA invites all this well-hung buddies for an amazing weekend of BAREBACK SEX. As he's totally versatile, Joshua loves to get plugged by huge dicks. He also wants to fuck every ass for some long sessions of hard raw pounding. His big & hard cock will sever everyone begging for it. It hurts but it's so good! All the boys are shooting huge amounts of jizz to please every mouth around. The boys eat the precious juice or share it for deep kissing.

    They are spectacular Latino boys with intense heat and natural beauty. Joshua's friends are spontaneous, well hung, horny and full of cum! Miguel (the cum addict) ...
    $ 39.95 
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    Boy's Juice brings you 10 dirty boys starved for raw dicks & hot cum.

    Those Twinks know how to fuck and get hard cocks in the ass. They are gorgeous, smooth and begging for hard pounding. The 10 Farmer Boys are spending way too much time fucking and eating huge loads.

    Cum is flying all over the farm before landing in hungry mouths.

    The last scene features the 10 hotties in a big orgy. The hard fucking, rimming, fingering and moaning will make you hard for weeks!

    KEE, the pig bottom gets 9 loads in his mouth. His face is covered by the precious juice. Boy's Juice is all about Barebacking Twinks starving for creamy loads and rock-hard cocks.

    Another EBOYS gem. This studio is just like Bel Ami in that every DVD is great. This on...
    $ 49.95 
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    They're hot with ripped bodies and ready for new experiences. The boys are hungry for hot cum and big dicks. Sancho Sun wants to get fucked hard he's screaming and ready for a long ass-pounding session. It's not about love, it's all about sex. The spunk is flying in every mouth and ass. Those Twinks are gorgeous, dirty and ready for jizz showers. They'll never forget the end of summer and you'll spurt few loads in each scene....
    $ 49.95 
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    It's 100% BAREBACK & CUM EATING. They are wild, nasty and fuck like nobody else. It's hot sex like never seen before. 9 gorgeous amateurs fucking, sucking, milking out huge loads of cum. They shoot & eat huge and creamy loads; it's delicious!

    Eboys offers you 9 hotties that will make you cum few times in 100 minutes. If you are into bareback sex, huge loads & cum eating, TWINK'S BOX is a must have DVD.

    When it comes to BAREBACK & CUM EATING you can trust Eboys Studio. This is the hottest Bareback SEX Latino DVD on the market. ...
    $ 49.95 
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