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    As a category 4 hurricane bears down on the state of Florida, Sean Storm is busy taking Ray Dalton's piss and cock up his ass. As the storm increases Sean takes refuge with the horny men at Victor Cody's house where he gets a warm and creamy welcome up his tiny butt from Tristen Rule. The wind is not the only thing blowing when sean takes turns snacking on Landon Kovak, Tristen Rule and Str8 Neighbor Dan's asses. As the Storm continues to rage outside there is plenty of raging cock going on inside sean storm's asshole as the men dump their loads in him one after the other and then Victor Cody pumps his in too. Landon Kovak later discovers Sean in the toy cage and pounds another huge load of his cum into Seans Belly. Everyone rode it out but there was no one safe from the storm.
    $ 39.95 

    You are in for a treat with ADAN MEDINA’s LATIN ASS BREEDERS. This is Latin American men from the lower depths of Colombia, with dicks of ass-destruction, destroying fucking hungry-holes. The top men are aggressive and have nice uncut schlongs. They are aggressive macho caballeros taking what they want. The bottoms are holes to be used and nothing more.
    $ 39.95 

    Hot hairy raunchy nasty and masculine men all horned up and ready to blow their loads deep inside of each other. Don't worry, there is plenty of frisky play and edging along the way. This line never disssapoints! From leather to slings, jockstraps, deep throat cock sucking, hot hole tongue drilling rimming and nut busting breeding. Grab the lube and stroke your cock as long as you can hold it! ...
    $ 34.95 

    Elder Sorensen is everything a Mormon boy should be. But to join The Order, he must be punished for his sins. He’ll be spanked like a naughty little boy, then his hole will be stretched with a beaded instrument. But after it all, he’ll love his leaders more than ever.

    Elder Sorensen knew this day would come. The Order has commanded him to appear at the temple to be fucked and bred on the temple altar. Called in for a physical inspection, every inch of the boy’s delicious body is caressed and probed before he takes a deep breath, bends over and takes that giant dick....
    $ 39.95 

    Patrick O'Connor is a bottom pig that loves getting fucked. But this time, he bit off more than he can chew. He gets fucked and filled by four hung studs that just want to pound his hole into submission. The group shares some piss and take turns fucking and sucking each other. It another Dick Wadd piss orgy....
    $ 39.95 
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    Do we have enough time for a breeding?
    $ 34.95 

    more information to come...
    $ 19.95 

    All around the world there are sex-crazed men in search of raw cock. Their mission? Cum. On their face, in their mouth, in or on their hole. Just as long as they get to shoot their load and get you to spill some seed on their bareback quests! Watch as Jackson Fillmore, Brian Bonds, Jon Shield, Josh Stone Brad Kalvo, Alessio Romero, and Dolf Dietrich drop loads and satisfy their urges in Raw Cum Sluts: Vegas....
    $ 39.95 
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    I ain’t gonna lie. I had so much fun filming the ‘Eggplant’ gangbang in FILL 'ER UP, I had no other choice than to do an entire movie with black top men. BIG BLACK DICKS fucking poor little white boy pink holes. I’m in.

    I got mostly Treasure Island virgin bottoms to shut the fuck up and bend over, with a couple of our regular whore holes thrown in. These top men don’t fuck around.

    MR. CALI and DEEP DICC have such a great rapport when they fuck together, I wanted to take them out of the gangbang situation and let them do their thing. First separately in 1-on-1’s with BILLY WARREN and ADAM THE LATIN LION, and then BOTH fucking the living bejesus outta HANS BERLIN.

    TEXAS BULL (oh my God) makes his TIM-debut in not one, but two over t...
    $ 39.95 

    Few men are as fully into their dicks as RAY DALTON. When you meet him it’s like being hit by a one-man tsunami of sexual heat. Sucking RAY’s cock isn’t just a privilege, it’s a total fucking lesson in manhood taken straight from the source....

    When it comes to sniffing out cum, no one gets a leg up on Stephen Harte, Drew Crawford, or Alex Mason. These jizz sluts know where to find the biggest cocks to fill their holes and satisfy their aching needs. Luckily, Hans Berlin, Mickey Carpathio, Tony Bishop and Damon Andros can sniff out a good cum hound! Eager to mount the spooge hungry whores, they fuck like dogs before giving the sluts the one thing power bottoms crave most. Cum. Because, you see, it’s ALL about seed cum and always will be. And if you identify with these jizz-craving, spooge-hungry man whores, welcome to the club, Bareback Cum Hounds! ....
    $ 11.99  $39.95
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    Some men live for sex. Some live for cock. Others live to service cock, milking out that most precious of nectar…cum. And then there are men like Alex Mason, men who are such cum whores they live to collect loads, satisfying their own deliciously perverse obsession for the spark of life itself. The man doesn’t matter as long as he’s got a big dick, knows how to use it, and can make Alex’s hole feel good. Featuring Alessio Romero, Hans Berlin, Max Cameron, Ray Diesel, Vinnie Stefano, Tommy Deluca, and Wolvypup, get ready for Breeding Alex Mason!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Natural Born Breeders brings you Balls to the Wall Breeding with hot muscle bears and non-stop breeding....
    $ 34.95 

    Creepy Handyman Trenton Ducati is working in the restroom when Ian Levine rushes in. As he's pissing in the stall, Trenton grabs the poor boy and takes him back to his hideout. Trenton torments the bound stud before ramming his giant cock up the boy's ass. All of a sudden Officer Jacon Durham bursts through the door to rescue Ian, but the site of bondage makes him pass out. His worst fears come true as Officer Durham finds himself tied up at the mercy of the Creepy Handyman. Jacob's beaten with the flogger and made to swallow Trenton's hard cock. Candle wax is poured all over the officer's body until his legs are tied up with his ass spread wide open. After a relentless fuck, the Creepy Handyman blasts the officer's face full of cum and has him suck off every drop. Brock Avery is working o...
    $ 49.95 

    Pounding deep within the heart of every man is the desire to make a raw connection, get off and drop a load. Whether you’re a top who needs to seed, a bottom who needs that protein, or an orgy hound in search of a group that lives to feed, swap, or collect DNA, you’ll find what you need to unload in this bareback fuck tape. Featuring Marco Bolt, Nixon Steele, Tommy De Luca, Ray Dalton, Alex Mason, Wolvypup, Bryan Knight, Anthony Grey and Donte Oxun, these Bareback Jizz Sluts know it’s all about cock in hole, spurting seed and the worship of cum....
    $ 39.95 
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    Super producer Dirty Tony knows a thing or two about straight guys. He knows that they like to work out, that they like to brag about their huge dicks, and SOMETIMES they like to get their cocks blown by another guy! Straight Guys, Muscles & Big Dicks Vol 2 show straight guys doing things they’ve swear they’ve never do, but have always been curious about! See straight guys corrupted as they deep throat huge cocks, suck down loads of cum and have their virgin holes plowed!...
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    When money is tight, str8 dudes start looking for ways to make some quick cash, even if it means crossing into uncharted territories. Three newbies shed their clothes and stroke their cocks on camera for an easy paycheck, while others take the plunge for bonus pay and get jerked or sucked off by another guy for the very first time!
    $ 34.95 
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    We traveled to Spain to film the Mediterranean's hottest guys, each scene on "Barcelona" features a lot of XXX Action and concentrates on one of five ideas: kissing, sucking, rimming, armpits and fucking. Pick the scene that Revs your motor or watch them all for an amazing Spanish exxxperience....
    $ 39.95 

    ClusterFucked is how some might describe a situation with a large scale of disarray. We think it’s a great way to describe what’s just happened to you in a hot and steamy bareback action group! Get lost in a threesome with Tristan Riant, Steve Sommers and Trent Turner. Then get ready for a true clusterfuck with Amir Badri, Bearsilien, Matthieu Angel, Tristan Riant and Yuan Duval. We’re talking beefy men with thick uncut cock slamming hungry holes! And as if that weren’t enough, we end with another menage: inked and pierced leather fetish sex whores Bear Steven, Steve Sommers, and edgy indie guy Christophe Arsenault. So what are you waiting for? Cum get ClusterFucked!
    $ 39.95 
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    These Fire Island jocks will do anything to get the job! Hans Berlin is back for Volume 2 of house boy, where porn's hottest studs apply to be his personal toy. Not all of them can get the position, but they all leave the interview process feeling satisfied! These four cum-filled scenes feature hot guys fucking hard!...
    $ 39.95 


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