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    You like sperm? You like raw sex? You like young sweet guys? So you need "SPERM" - the new title from the series Street Boys. See 50 guys cuming in totally 111 cumshots....
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    4 DVDs!

    400 minutes!

    444 cumshots!...
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    You still like sperm? You're still into bareback sex? You still like young crisp types? Then you need the 4th installment of "Makeup Sperm" - the new Street Boys film, and you get 50 hot guys and a total of 111 Cumshots!...
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    A gang bang in the pool..? That is it what Street Boys and XY-Gay brings to you with the new Street Boys movie "Sperm Bang 2". The sweet and horny models made a big party. And for sure there was a sex orgy. Sperm Bang 2 brings you horny and nice guys, muscled hunks, big dicks and tons of sperm. Be part of the movie and see every details, filmed in incredible positions....
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    Another smash hit from the legendary Luis Blava. 8 scenes with 10 hot Czech guys getting their big, hard cocks and bubble butts treated until they cum into each other faces. The horniest gay sex with some of the cutest twinks and tightest asses from the street scene. For the first time Street Boys also presents a real water sports scene....

    A gang bang for the birthday party..? That is it what XY-Studios® and Marek Bruckner brings to you with the new Street Boys movie "Sperm Bang". For the 10th anniversary of XY-Studios the sweet and horny models made a big party. And for sure there was a sex orgy. Sperm Bang brings you horny and nice guys, muscled hunks, big dicks and tons of sperm. Be part of the movie and see every details, filmed from the private camcorder of XY's major star Felix Wallace....
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    Marek BrucknerWho could resist an nice, hard fuck in the woods? Not these studly lads, who are nothing short of amazing! Watch as they fuck and suck to one big, messy finish. ...
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    The lastest release from STREET BOYS, Spermhouse features 11 hot sperm-studs slurping down jizz in 6 raunchy sperm-filled scenes! Deeper and deeper they jam their huge cocks down tight, smooth holes loading each one up with sticky, spermy jizz! These sperm-lovin' studs can't get enough sperm as they suck cum from used holes and throbbing cocks! The Spermhouse has it all dirty, raunchy XXX action and plenty of hot, juice jizz! ...

    Tivolino, XY Studios newest release is a Gypsy Boy Special from Street Boys! These boys work each others holes with rock hard cocks and rugged dildos hammering their sphincter until they shoot their hot load of creamy boy-juice right into each others mouths! Tivolino has a total running time of 100min with 9 hardcore scenes total which includes 4 hot solos! Director Frederic Prada brings you 10 hot uncut guys and 18 cumshots!...
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    Eleven hot guys in 6 hardcore piss scenes! These guys love the taste of piss almost as much as they like sperm! Don't miss these smoking hot guys directed by Marel Bruckmann! ...
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    Street Boys brings yet another blockbuster success with Piss me Up, Fuck Me Now! The titles says it all and these young studs deliver! Piss Me Up, Fuck Me Now features 9 hot guys in 5 XXX hard-core sucking, bareback fucking AND pissing scenes! Chock full of over 2 hours of piss drinking, cum eating, monster cocks, tight holes, cum swallowing, foreskin pulling, non-stop bareback ass fucking action! Two-sided cover hardcore on one side, softcore on the other!...

    Only 6 actors in a film? You will see by yourselves that's absolutely enough if it's the right ones.....and we want to see each guy as much as possible on action in this film. An old factory offers everything guys need to have fun and to get horny. As they have all their 'tools' already they can start immediately. The cocks and the dildos are as hard as a stone and they work well or ache.....that must be decided by those who have seen it. Also here the sperm is disposed of directly in the mouth....
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    Juicy Spermholes is a terrific movie directed by Boris Suckov and has a running time of 135 minutes. 10 hot uncut boys bring you sperm kissing, sperm eating, anal ejaculation, deep throat and rimming - plus a whole load of creamy cumshots of course. With newcummers Alexander Checkov, David Larin, Ivan Musklev,Guenther Drum and Filko Popove, director Boris mixes these five totally new faces in a perfect combination with well known lads like Alex Raspizjaj, Carlos Michaelis and Tim Junker. Cast: Alexander Checkov, David Larin, Ivan Musklev, Guenther Drum, Filko Popove, Alex Raspizjaj, Carlos Michaelis, Tim Junker ...
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    The title is a program in itself: sperm in great profusion! The third film of the successful series Street Boys® had been awaited for long. Many thought that more sperm than in the previous film couldn't be spilt? Far from it.....the sperm cannon Roland Laska in his second film at all doesn't omit any swinishness, including playing with dildo copiously. If you like natural juice very much you are right here. 100 minutes full of sperm plus 15 extra minutes as bonus. Moreover, 11 very young models, nothing stays dry....
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    10 hot uncut guys, All bareback, Sperm Kissing, Sperm Sucking, Deep Throat, Sucking, Kissing, Rimming, 14 Cumshots, Solo Action, Duo Action, Trio Action, Anal Ejaculation ...
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    11 hot and horny uncircumcised lads who love to shoot of lot of cum in their mouths. Randy boy fuck actions where no rubber troubles their pleasure. That’s exactly what the XY-Studios® and director Boris Suckov present here. 11 models with a total of 12 cumshots in 7 xxx-scenes. Right enough to satisfy everybody’s taste. Don’t miss “Cum twice” if you’re an addicted fan of young hot horny twinks who fuck each other bareback and with no inhibitions....
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    “Why don’t you try something new regarding sex?” Well, that’s exactly what Marek Bruckner does with presenting his brand-new flick “Jizzy Toyboys”. In 6 hardcore scenes, you will see 9 young horny models full of cum along with their hot sex toys. They fill up their holes with dildos and their own fat pricks. They use their tongues & teeth and nipple clamps to work their nipples and finally slurp up all the gizz pleasurably.

    This new Street Boys® film is a must for all addicted fans of young hot horny twinks playing with their cum. Friends of toy plays won’t be disappointed either.
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    Feetlicking & Spermfaces features 10 horny studs in 6 raunchy bareback scenes where these hot-n-horny stud-twinks are eager to please one another. Juicy boy-juice flows everywhere as these young studs take loads up the ass in their mouths and down their thoats! Taking sperm is what these boys do best! Featuring 11 oral cum shots and plenty of feet play action, Feetlicking & Spermfaces is over 2 hours of piggy, XXX, all-bareback action!...
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    XY-Studios spoils us again in their newest release titled SPERM IN MY HOLE which features super sweet and horny models all nasty and full of cum! With 10 new, fresh and innocent faces, these young studs get off and are bathed in sperm in 15 hot-N-horny cumshots! Cum squirts both in, on and out of tight smooth holes but no drop goes to waste! SPERM IN MY HOLE is a must-have for all you jizz fans and those who love young studs rimming, blowing and fucking each other like crazy!...

    Have you ever seen a movie in which every single scene is your favourite one? Then Spermy Cumsuckers is the right one for you to buy!
    10 horny hot Spermstuds mutually jerk off in their mouths and their asses. In 6 hot scenes these horny lads rip off their clothes in seconds and suck each others cocks hard. With their hard pricks they bang every tight hole until they cum. Their giant dicks drill those willing asses. Unrestrained they suck every drop of cum out of their weenies and assholes. These lustful Spermy Cumsuckers do it all. Don’t miss this sperm battle and watch it now…
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