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With chicks nowhere in sight these street wise and horny straight boys need to get off.



    Street Trade Video's What Straight Guys Do is your window into the secret fantasies of straight men. Director Joe Serna takes us into their minds, sharing with us all their secret erotic desires in three hot scenes. Are you ready to take a walk through the mind of a horny straight man?

    Jarek Lyson is running late, thanks to his lame girlfriend. Luckily his good friends Robert Wood and Domino Diaz are ready to step in and take his mind off of his girlfriend problems. All Jarek needs to do is see Robert's thick uncut cock and all his problems get sucked away. Domino and Jarek take turns sucking Robert's dick, stripping off their clothes and making out with each other. They all take turns stroking and sucking each other's cocks, with Domino getting his asshole fingered by Robert....
    $ 49.95 

    Have you been hanging out with hot straight men recently? Street Trade Videos Straight for Dick will give you some insight into their secret desires for your cock. Director Joe Serna brings us four hot scenes. Pop it in and get ready for your cock to get hard.

    Kurt Sullivan is looking for some pussy and is a bit surprised when he finds Cage Bradix waiting for him alone. After Cage assures him that no one will come down there, Kurt relaxes and Cage gets things started by sucking his dick. Kurt takes to sucking Cage's dick like a true pro, making sure no part of it gets neglected. Cage has a huge cock but Kurt knows how to handle it, shoving it deep into his mouth and throat! It's time to fuck though and Kurt slowly pushes his hard cock into Cage's tight asshole. Cage strokes h...
    $ 49.95 
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    At the park, in a bathroom, even a bus stop, these guys are hungry for meat and cruisin' for cock! Looking for cum? Street Trade Videos "Cock Whore Cruisers" will have you on the street looking for a hot man to suck and fuck. Director Joe Serna brings us 4 hot scenes that last 1 hour and 22 minutes. Get ready, cause after watching this you'll be on the streets looking for some cum to swallow. ...

    Can you keep a secret? Street Trade Studios brings us Fuck But Don't Tell, which will invite you into the secret lives of some of the hottest men around! Director Joe Serna shows you what goes on behind closed doors with this hour and 47 minute long DVD, which features four hot scenes that will leave you wanting to discreetly fuck one of these hot hung studs....
    $ 49.95 

    Street Trade Videos "Str8 from School" is an hour and a half of some of the hottest school boys fucking the shit out of each other for your pleasure. Director Joe Serna delivers on bringing to your screen some well hung students who excel in dick sucking and ass fucking! School's out for these studs, as they meet up for some hot extra-curricular activities....
    $ 49.95 
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    Street Trade Studios "Fuck With Me" is 1 hour and 30 minutes of men who do not mind being fucked around with. Director Joe Serna delivers 3 hot scenes featuring some of your favorite hung stars. This is one time that you won't mind being fucked with... ...
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    $ 49.95 

    More to come......
    $ 49.95 

    Down home boys with thick cocks and rouged good looks, these boys get down and dirty with the best of them. Watch as these guys suck and fuck all over!...
    $ 49.95 
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    In a seedy backroom our hot jocks take to the glory holes and suck cock. Ash McCoy is the first to suck on the fat dick poking thru the glory hole. After sucking on him for a while he invites him over to his side for some more personal action. Ash buries is face in Jasper Adams' crotch. Jasper even shows Ash how he can suck his own dick. Then Jasper sticks his thick piece of meat up Ash's butt until they are both ready to blow their loads....
    $ 49.95 
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    Down home boys with thick cocks and rugged good looks, these boys get down and dirty with the best of them. Watch as these guys suck and fuck all over their trailers and homesteads. Director Joe Serna brings you the toughest straight guys in the business. ...

    If detention meant screwing a hot guy after class like it does in Street Trade Studio's "What The Fuck!", I would have screwed around in class more often....
    $ 49.95 

    Hot cum sucking or oral action!...
    $ 49.95 

    Street Trade's DVD "FUCK AUTHORITY" proves that if you're lucky and have balls, you can in-fact, do just that: FUCK AUTHORITY! ...
    $ 49.95 

    With a tight economy, a stellar resume will do you little good. But a little of your tight ass will help you nail the interview! The boys of Joe Serna's new Street Trade DVD, "All Positions Open" show us what we need to do to get the raunchy job done.

    Don't worry about the Dow Jones. "All Positions Open" will have your Johnson shooting up to record numbers before you can say, "Report to work on Monday."
    $ 49.95 
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  • I'M NOT GAY!

    Real men having real sex, right away! They leave dick teasing and suggestions of sex to that television network devoted to real women. Morris and Reece want veiny cocks and raunchy sex right here, right now, up close and personal. This new Street Trade DVD "I'm Not Gay," directed by Joe Serna, happily follows that format. These guys might not be gay when the camera starts rolling (and a lot of Street Trade models ARE straight boys/gay-for-pay), but five seconds into the first scene, guys are unzipping sleeping bags and wolfing down wieners faster than you can say, "Gentlemen, pitch your tent." .

    Also happily, not only are there some beautifully eager boys in this flick, with Martin Lorenzo leading that pack, there's also a hell-of-a-lotta cum eating in this flick. Somebody is ...
    $ 49.95 
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    Mr. Peterson likes to send boys to detention when they've been bad. In "Ass After Class", the new Street Trade Studios title directed by Joe Serna, being bad is the only way to earn extra credit.

    While Peterson leaves the room looking for donuts, straight looking Brent and Cory learn about free trade when they take turns fucking each other. Brian and Scout work on a raunchy oral exam. Cuties Adam and Ryley figure out how many times a throbbing cock can go into a hungry hole and today's sex education with Hayden and Dick is brought to you by the letter "D" - for "dick diving", "dirty" and "doggie style".

    In "Ass After Class", the test may be over when teacher says "pencil's down", but the lessons really begin when your buddy's dick is up....
    $ 49.95 

    For all those time you wished you cold be a fly on the wall while lots of hot guys were having awesome sex, here's your chance! Whether it turns you on to watch or to dive right in, Street Trade's DVD "COCK WATCHER" directed by Joe Serna, gives you a Voyeur's-Eye-View" on all the action. Watch Kellem and Dawson do it in the dorm. Gorgeous Martin Lorenzo fucks Jordan McKay in the locker room. Peep though a glory hole to watch a straight dude jack off, watch guys fucking on the steps, not to mention catching cutie Alex Cross getting his tail pounded by his pal Tapher.

    Ya know you like to watch, so go ahead. Be that fly on the wall. Unzip you own fly and take a front row seat to enjoy all the dick sucking and ass ramming you can stand. But be careful......While you're getting off...
    $ 49.95 

    "Extra Hard" starts off with hottie new cummer Justin West climbing up the ladder of success by being blown on one by Ethan Towley. The two switch places, Ethan breaks the pattern by sucking himself off but gets back into the groove when his ass is rammed by Justin's beautiful cock. Roar satisfies handsome Dexdon Daniel's hungry butthole with some didlo play, tattooed boys Kyle Brooks and Elliot Cross fuck on the coffee table and Kal and T.J. Cummings take each other's hot, personal inventory while shopping for DVDs. The lesson of this Joe Serna directed feature: When you're working things "Extra Hard", good things are sure to cum....
    $ 49.95 

    When a guy find himself in debt, a good man always finds a way to pay. And "Fuck Money" directed by Defiant's Joe Serna, wastes no time getting to it's first money shot. It's only a few minutes before Jordan McCay's face is covered with handsome Tyler Young's jizz. Then, like a naked tag team event, Cameron Taylor jumps in and finishes the job by fucking McCay's eager whole. Personally, I love a man who keeps his socks on during sex. How about you? Newcummer T.J. fucks Scout during some gloryhole action, Hayden Sky and Cory Woodall have a tumble in the sheets of a bed just made, and then there's Gabriel Turner and Alec Halk....

    Two cuties, both with swimmer's builds and great pecs who start out smooching against a mattress that's turned on it's end. It doesn't take long before...
    $ 49.95 


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