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Paul Morris of Treasure Island Media stays in touch with what's going on in gay sex today by creating raw, unique cock sucking and gang bang titles.



    You are in for a treat with ADAN MEDINA’s LATIN ASS BREEDERS. This is Latin American men from the lower depths of Colombia, with dicks of ass-destruction, destroying fucking hungry-holes. The top men are aggressive and have nice uncut schlongs. They are aggressive macho caballeros taking what they want. The bottoms are holes to be used and nothing more.
    $ 39.95 

    This movie celebrates you. You'll suck any cock. Any time. Any place. Yes, you're a COCK HOUND. For a man like you, sucking cock is not a chore, it's a duty that you don't take lightly. So, THANK YOU -- for dropping to your knees time and again in worshipful dedication to the very worthy cocksucker's craft....
    $ 39.95 
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    What’s a “cock hound”? It’s a man who loves sucking cock so much that his tongue is always hanging just a little outside of his mouth. His nose is always sniffing around, hoping to smell the rich musky funk of a man’s crotch. A “cock hound” is always on the hunt, always ready to drop to his knees and service cock no matter where or when. For some men, cocksucking is the ultimate form of worship and true service. If you feel like this, you’re a member of our pack of cock hounds....
    $ 39.95 
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    New from Liam Cole! €UROPE UNCUT, a sequel of sorts to Liam’s LONDON UNCUT -- only this time Liam didn’t stop in the UK -- instead he brings in natural fat foreskin dicks from all over €urope and Canada to fuck eager man-cunt and squirt loads of spunk deep inside....
    $ 39.95 

    LATIN LOADS is back with VOLUME 3 – a new porn stash installment of 10 red-blooded heartthrob uncut Latino men from all over the world filmed by Paul Morris, Adan Medina and Max Sohl....
    $ 39.95 

    5 hungry holes. 5 gangbangs. Over 20 tops. 25 loads of cum.

    GANG OF FIVE – simply put is five gangbangs with super bottoms ROMAN MAVERICK, BILLY WARREN, ALEX KILLBORN, TY MITCHELL and GABRIEL ALANZO taking on all tops, begging for man-seed and being all around good cum pigs.

    I have assembled five gangs of horny top men who need to load up holes and love to do it in groups. Hard dicks of all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds, cut and uncut – New York City’s finest top cocks, including HANS BERLIN, BILLY BLANCO, SAM BRIDLE, MR. CALI, RAFAEL CARRERAS, CASANOVA, GABRIEL DALLESANDRO, ESTEBAN, LUKE HARDING, RYAN POWERS, FX RIOS, JOEL SOMEONE, ROB YEAGER, ALEJANDRO VEZ, CESAR XES and so many more...
    $ 39.95 
  • LUST VOL 4

    This fourth installment in the Lost Unreleased Sex Tape series brings more gems out of the Treasure Island vaults. 8 full scenes of man on man hardcore sucking fucking and breeding - plus a cumshot/breeding review. It amazes us these scenes have never been released for you to enjoy and jerk off to – until now!!!

    Volume 4 features TIM exclusives: Derek Anthony, Calvin, Ian Jay, BJ Slater, Jerry Stearns and as a special bonus, never before seen Dawson footage. There are also plenty of TIM favorite men like Andre Barclay, Tober Brandt, Ray Dalton, Mark Dixon, Craig London, Lucca Mazza and many more....
    $ 39.95 

    We've enjoyed having JADYN DANIELS tame gloryhole cock in SUCK DICK SAVE THE WORLD 6, and watching him take a crazy double pounding in THIS IS YOU.

    And now, we bring you a series of 16 studs who put the former reality-TV star's submissive little hole to the test. By the end of this movie, we guarantee you'll ache to either be JADYN, or be deep in his hole! ...
    $ 39.95 

    I recently hosted a wild fuck party at CHAPS INN, an infamous leather resort in Palm Springs that's a known hangout for pigs and leather daddies of all types. Well, the party was actually hosted by NATE GRIMES' insatiable fuckhole, and it's plain to see why everyone's calling him the next DAWSON. -- Kenny Host...
    $ 39.95 

    The epic story of our lost-and-found rare video hard drives continues in LUST 3, a new 150 minute movie featuring many of our All-Star Hall-of-Fame exclusives: Brad McGuire, Derek Anthony, Ian Jay, Dan Fisk, Jerry Stearns, and Will; plus some TIM favorites from over the years including Damon Darko, Buck Fuddy, Tommy Haine, Devlin MIchaels, Butch Powell, and many more. Half of the scenes in LUST 3 were originally shot for TIM’s popular “What I Can’t See” series – blindfolded bottoms getting fucked by unknown-to-them tops.
    $ 39.95 

    There are studs and then there are guys like DREW SEBASTIAN. From his deep-chested voice all the way down to the bloated ballsack swinging beneath his stallion-like fuckstick, this dude drips the kind of, "I'll fuckin rearrange your guts!" essence you've only dreamt of.
    $ 29.95 

    Notorious fondler of wayward men, JACK MILLER returns with Volume 10 in the KOJO Series. This time he's brought us seven broke and broken men who each swallow "knock out" pills and booze. Once they’re deep in a “hard nap,” JACK and his buddies fondle (and suck!) to their hearts' delight....

    Featuring more bull-hung studs from, the web’s top jerk off site,TIMJack 2 follows in the footsteps of the hugely popular first volume, as well as the unprecedented success of similar collections from the company's bareback site and cocksucking site,

    The ten steamy solo scenes highlight the hottest guys around—including legendary TIM exclusive stud Brad McGuire—spankin’ their meat and squirting out jizz, just for you....
    $ 39.95 
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    Treasure Island Media presents TIMSuck Vol. 3, ten of the hottest cum-guzzling scenes from Insatiable bonehounds and horse-hung tops hook up for one-on-one cock worship.

    Produced by: Paul Morris

    Featuring: Cory Brandon, Dominil Rider, Dominic Sol, Steven Shields, Blue Bailey, Zach Blunt, Blake Daniels, Jake Mitchell, DJ, Tennessee, Tony Bishop, Rafael Carreras, Gabriel Shams, Marcus Isaacs, Ian Jay, Antonio Montez, Efe Timur, Christian Martin, Scout and Diego.

    SCENE 1 - Cory Brandon and Dominik Rider

    Cory Brandon makes his return to Treasure Island Media, showing off his beautiful cock in this sizzling slurp session, and we're overjoyed at the results. So is Dominik Rider, the lucky bonehead who got to welcome Cory back pers...
    $ 39.95 
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    The long awaited Liam Cole CUM JUNKIE movie -- several years in the making -- has finally arrived.

    Everything you have come to love about Liam’s movies is here -- hot British and European men with a couple of Yankee bastards thrown in for good measure. JESSY KARSON, NATHAN GEAR, ALEXX DESLEY, DOLF DIETRICH, MARIO DOMENECH, FREDDY MILLER, ANTONIO MIRACLE, TIM’s own DREW SEBASTIAN and many more....
    $ 39.95 

    THIS IS YOU , a new bareback film straight out of Portland. In his directorial debut, Treasure Island Media's very own DICE along with the legendary DAMON DOGG come together to give men what they crave: Sex -- whenever, wherever and however we can get it. "THIS IS YOU" also marks the first time the pair appear together in a project. Don't miss it!
    Men everywhere have the need for sex. Some have the urge to submit to a man’s every need, while others are ready to dominate a willing hole.
    In every city around the world there are guys online looking for quick fucks. Some men have the need to take loads.
    If you recognize yourself in these scenes, well, that's because THIS IS YOU ....
    $ 39.95 

    The best cum-filled breeding scenes from
    Featuring: Drew Sebastian, Logan Stevens, Nick Moretti, Blake Daniels, Dayton O'connor, Jassie Balboa, Alex Ramos, Wade Stone, Luca Bondi, Matt Sizemore, Kamrun, Steven Richards, Jake Austin, Bruno Knickerbocker, Ray Dalton, BJ Slater, and more!!...
    $ 39.95 

    The Meat Rack and Fire Island is one of my favorite places on the planet. The never ending 24 hours a day possibility of sexual encounters. This movie wasn’t planned, it sort of just happened. RAY DALTON was visiting, so I grabbed my camera and enlisted RAY DIESEL and jumped on the train to the Pines. One afternoon with Diesel’s massive cock up Dalton’s hole and we just kept going back for more.

    SEAN DURAN (freshly out of his short-lived porn retirement) and DRAVEN TORRES were the next two men I enticed to come out (and hard to believe neither of them had ever been to Fire Island before). It was kind of fun to watch these two Meat Rack virgins descend upon the livestock.

    Along the way we picked up the best of the best - HANS BERLIN, SAM BRIDLE, ORIN EDWARDS, KYLE ...
    $ 39.95 
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    A collection of raw-piss FUCK and SUCK scenes featuring TIM Exclusives Brad McGuire, James Roscoe, Christian, and Dawson, plus favorite TIM men like Lukas Cipriani, Nathan Gear, Adam Gunner, Keer, Austin Shadow, and dozens more.

    $ 39.95 
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    I ain’t gonna lie. I had so much fun filming the ‘Eggplant’ gangbang in FILL 'ER UP, I had no other choice than to do an entire movie with black top men. BIG BLACK DICKS fucking poor little white boy pink holes. I’m in.

    I got mostly Treasure Island virgin bottoms to shut the fuck up and bend over, with a couple of our regular whore holes thrown in. These top men don’t fuck around.

    MR. CALI and DEEP DICC have such a great rapport when they fuck together, I wanted to take them out of the gangbang situation and let them do their thing. First separately in 1-on-1’s with BILLY WARREN and ADAM THE LATIN LION, and then BOTH fucking the living bejesus outta HANS BERLIN.

    TEXAS BULL (oh my God) makes his TIM-debut in not one, but two over t...
    $ 39.95 


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