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    AYOR Studios presents ESCAPING THE CITY (BAREBACK) (2013), a film by Robert Boggs

    Itís summer, and a group of guys decide to escape from the scalding hot city and go to the countryside. Jeff (JEFFREY FOSTER) and Todd (TODD MAURO) are already thinking probably too much about a refreshing swim in the cold water and afternoon sex in nature and so they get lost from the other guys. They pitch a tent in an interesting place and forget about their friends for today. Jeff has always been curious about what is hiding in Toddís shorts. Now is his chance to view Toddís dick from close up, to suck it and to let himself get fucked with it!

    All of the boys left the city, but Jay (JAY OZZY) remained behind and is devoting himself to his favorite pastime, spray painting graffiti...
    $ 39.95 

    YOR Studios presents BLISS PART ONE (2013), a film by Robert Boggs

    It is nearly midnight, and all of the boys in the house are already asleep or are enjoying sex with some of their friends in their rooms. All of this is being watched through the window and through open doors by Steve (STEVE WEAVER), who then goes into the house. Benjamin (BENJAMIN DUNN) is not asleep yet. Heís reading and has no idea that Steve, an unexpected visitor, is walking through the house.

    Steve is originally from Moldova. He is a very conscientious boy and an athlete with light hair, a nice figure and a big dick. Although he entered the house in the middle of the night and had not been invited by anyone, he gains respect and a warm welcome from the other boys. Benjamin is at first surpri...
    $ 39.95 

    Three buddies in the city, CHRIS HOLLANDER and STEVE WENDE, are neighbours and are waiting at the airport for the arrival of their friend from Mexico (ALI MONTERO). This visit to Prague will begin of course with a threesome in Chrisí bed.
    Mexican boy ALI MONTERO meets a Spanish-speaking boy in a night club in Prague (JAVIER PEREZ). For several hours, they stroll together through the city at night, and in the late morning they meet again and have wild sex at Javierís home.

    ROBERT HALL is a hunter! He often makes contact with new boys on the internet. Today he is waiting at the bus station for MILO MILIS, a boy from Poland. How will it turn out?

    Where can matchmaking take place? CHRIS HOLLANDER and BLAKE FERRER met each other for the first time at the post off...
    $ 39.95 

    Justin (JUSTIN BOYLE) has a meeting today with a boy who he met last night in a bar (TIMOTHY GRANT). Jay (JAY OZZY) is a sprayer. He and his friend (THOMAS SWINGS) often spray paint. Today Jay has a plan. He wants to fuck him. Justin (JUSTIN BOYLE) lives in a shared apartment with a few friends. Justin is in the apartment completely alone in the afternoon and he strokes his dick in the bathroom. Someone who Justin doesnít yet know appears in the apartment, and he (JUSTIN CONWAY) goes directly into the bathroom. The bar opens in an hour, and the barman (BENJAMIN DUNN) changes clothes. It is sexy to see him half naked! The other barman (JOSHUA CAMPI) arrives, and he convinces Benjamin to take off his underwear. ďTake off your underwear. We have another hour until we open!Ē Andre (ANDRE ASTON...
    $ 39.95 

    After the successful movies BLISS ONE and BLISS TWO, Robert Boggs has produced BLISS THREE in a BAREBACK version.

    Itís morning, and the other boys in the house are still asleep. Benjamin is just now returning from the shower. Danton Gary has woken up, and like every morning he is masturbating in his bed. There are probably a lot of guys who would like to be in the shower together with Benjamin or to lie in bed with Danton. Benjamin goes into Dantonís room and catches him playing with his hard and huge dick. Benjamin, as a true friend, decides to help Danton. Both guys suck each otherís dicks and enjoy themselves, and then horny Benjamin fucks Danton.

    Danton is in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the other boys, when Steve Weaver, who just woke up a while ago, w...
    $ 39.95 

    This is the third series of stories about boys from the city. Rudy Black is rushing to the fitness center, and on the stairway inside the building he meets Kevin (Kevin Kraus) and Adam (Adam Zarsky), who are going to visit Colin (Colin Reeves). But Colin again doesnít open the door. Is he home or not?

    Lucky Taylor probably doesnít have a bigger hobby than meeting new guys! Today too, Lucky is in a hurry, so that he can try out one of them (Daren Hecker) in bed.

    A new boy has appeared in the city! He is 2 meters tall, and his name is Benjamin (Benjamin Dunn). He will tell us something about himself and what he likes and dislikes, and he will introduce his buddy (Philip Mason) to us.

    Benjamin and Philip have a meeting with Jack (Jack Robbins), and they ...
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    AYOR Studios presents NEIGHBOURS - PART TWO (BAREBACK) (2013), a film by Robert Boggs

    Part two of the popular series NEIGHBOURS is here! James (JAMES YOUNG) regularly visits a nearby cafe for lunch, and the waiter Joshua (JOSHUA CAMPI) often serves him. It is clear from the way they look at each other that there is extraordinary chemistry between these two boys. And the regular afternoon pause benefits them both!

    Exam time is coming, and Rudy (RUDY BLACK) is studying intensively at home. Of course, Jacob (JACOB PAYNE) has completely different thoughts in his head. He rings Rudyís door bell, and thatís the end of studying!

    Thomas (THOMAS SWINGS) is waiting for his friend Benjamin (BENJAMIN DUNN) at the airport, and in a while they will both be in bed t...
    $ 39.95 

    AYOR Studios presents NEIGHBOURS - PART ONE (BAREBACK) (2013), a film by Robert Boggs

    As the saying goes, you donít choose your neighbour. And of course, youíre lucky when you discover that your neighbour is a sexy dude! There are several of them in this first bareback title from AYOR Studios.

    When Kevin (KEVIN ATEAH) woke up in the morning, he met Mario (MARIO RICCI) in the bathroom with a raging hard-on. Both guys dealt with this sexy situation by lying down in bed together for a while.

    Itís really a pity when Filip (FILIP PAVELKA) loses his mobile phone. In addition, he doesnít have a place where to sleep tonight! Itís a good thing that he meets Philip (PHILIP MASON), who invites him to his home.

    His neighbour Nick (NICK NELSON) is lyi...
    $ 39.95 

    These boys are ready to play! Whether handling a frisbee or a hard cock, they know how to have fun!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Go on an adventure with these hot caravan boys. You won't want to miss this real life series!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Mark Zebro has worked with AYOR Studios as a production assistant and most recently as a production manager and camera man. He has also starred in recent years in many AYOR films as a model. Now he introduces himself in his second film, Confession as a film director. These boys have a Confession to make... they're completely obsessed with cock and will do anything to get some....
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    Joshua (Joshua Campi) and Rudy (Rudy Black) often meet in the fitness center, and thanks to their common friends Kiko (Kiko Hyde) and Mario (Mario Parada) they even like to enjoy each otherís company. But where are Kiko and Mario today? Instead of exercising in the fitness center, they are at home getting it on. Every week, Nick (Nick Deniels) and Nikolas (Nikolas Markov) go to the aqua park to enjoy swimming and looking at the hard cocks of other guys in the showers. Immediately after swimming, Nick is trying to pick up another boy. Today the moment has come that Joshua has been waiting for, and he has met Rudy in the shower at the fitness center for the first time. And so while under the shower, Joshua and Rudy agreed on what they would do today, and in a little while they will enjoy ďr...
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    Not every weekend is so ordinary! Andreas and Casper are chasing each other around the cottage. "Catch me! When you catch me, Iíll show you something!" Andreas showed everyone how he can suck his own dick, but also how he can have great sex! When you drink wine in a cellar with your friend, then it can happen that you get drunk and fall asleep. Waking up after a while can be very enjoyable. Colin Reeves and Jerome Raynolds know this very well. Where is everyone? James Young cannot find any of the boys. But he is unaware that BjŲrn together with Roger Gharney and Michael Getlin have discreetly gone to the attic. And there they are enjoying beautiful three-way sucking and fucking. James Young also cannot avoid seduction, and he beautifully fucks Jacob (Jacob Payne). Of course, in other parts...
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    Seven scenes with fresh Czech boys, including Kevin & Rudy of course! From oral to anal sex, from rimming to mild fetish, from 2-ways to 3-ways, you'll find it here....
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    Rudy takes his young friends to great summer locations to enjoy the scenery. It doesnít take long however, until Rudy and his mates engage in totally hot sex actions! Oral, anal, rimming, 2-ways, 3-ways and more!...
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    Adam (Adam Zarsky) and Kevin (Kevin Kraus) are a beautiful couple! Kevin finally decided to complete his studies, and Adam, who works as an assistant at the Physics Faculty, is helping his partner Kevin with his studies. Damian (Damian Dickey) has completely different interests. His biggest hobbies are chatting on the internet, masturbating in front of a webcam and meeting new boys. Why not go play billiards? No! Nick (Nick Daniels) doesnít want to today. Not far away, Thomas (Thomas Adamec) is waiting, and sex with Thomas seems like much more fun for Nick. Niko (Nikolas Markov) is very mysterious. He doesnít do very well at soccer practice, and co-players Nick (Nick Daniels) and Kevin (Kevin Kraus) are trying in vain to find out who the boy is who Nick rushes to visit every day after prac...
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    Check out these hot guys hanging out in the city. You won't want to miss all the action! ...
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    Steamy sex scenes with some well known Czech twink guys, that take place in saunas and swimming pools....
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    They have their hobbies, loves and dreams and enjoy their lives to the fullest. These are the guys you dream about. You see them just once and they change your life forever. Come and meet them. Here are yet MORE of their TALES. ...
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  • 11:00 PM

    If you ever wonder what your neighbor is doing at 11 p.m. ... ...
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