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Video Boys has the absolute most beautiful twinks North of the border! These French Canadian studs all have smooth skin, hot faces, lots of ink, attitude and most of all those huge French Canadian cocks that legends are made of! Vacations to Quebec are sure to rise as viewers hunt for their own Horse Hung Canook.


  • STR8 TO ANAL 2

    Straight guys are great to look at but sometimes we really want more, a lot more. So when the right straight guy comes along, one who is just horny enough and experimental enough, we pair him up withe the gay boy of his choice and watch some of the best fucking wwe've ever seen....
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    Here it is: the Ultimate Jake Bass Collection! These are the first scenes that young Jake did when he was starting out (and before he became the PORN STAR he is today.) Even then, there was something so special about him. Maybe it was his cute, devious smile coupled with insatiable sexuality. All we know is that whether it was yesterday, today or tomorrow, Jake Bass will always be our favorite bad boy!...
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    Starring Jessy Karson, this film is packed with ass pounding action! With the hottest ass getting drilled deep by the biggest dicks!...
    $ 39.95 
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    The second film in the new Videoboys line, Hooked on Cock Hungry Bottom Boys brings you even more hot sex hookups between big-dicked cuties and, well, cock-hungry bottom boys....
    $ 39.95 
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    Bobby Long may look sweet and innocent but his hormones are raging and he wants to try everything that involves hard dicks and cum. Bobby and this cast of lean, horny twinks are in that experimental stage where everything is new and exciting and the mere thought of a sweet little ass makes their boners jump to attention. Twink Tales is a penetrating look at the sex lives of some very horny boys....

    You won't want to miss these hot skater boys who are fucking friends!...
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    Not all butts all created equal. To get the designation “Bubble Butt” an ass has to have that perfect bubble shape and fuckable appeal that can’t be resisted. Round, smooth, firm, tight and oh so willing to take a cock. Jake Bass heads up this cast of Videoboys’ hottest bubble butts from Montreal showing us what these butts were meant for: to be worshipped, licked, slapped and fucked as hard as they can take it. ...
    $ 39.95 
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    Videoboys are all for nice Juicy Cocks! They are bringing you some of the best, thick and juiciest cocks around. They have all the hot studs that one could ask for including Jake Bass, Bobby Long, Diego Diamond, Xavier Powell, Arnaud Chagall, Tommy Dubois, Lukas Wilde and Luda Wayne....
    $ 39.95 
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    So young, so sweet and so horny. You won't want to miss these fresh faces!...

    It's rare to see this much "talent" gathered in one room together. And by talent I mean cock meat. Between them Ashton Hardwell, Jessy Karson and Sascha Vistos have just over 27 inches of cock out on the table and they are ready to play. These guys are friends and fuck buddies and so when it's time to get naked and start the dick play Ashton, Jessy and Sascha are ready to have some sexy fun. With their immense tools, they put our new Fleshjacks to the stress test. Just how much flesh can a Fleshjack take? ....

    A whole slew of young hot boy action is just waiting to get started. These boys do not hesitate when it comes to pounding ass, as they strip their clothes off and start pumpin’ away....

    When you're young and hung like Xavier Powell and his friends, raging hardons and frantic sex happen regularly and without warning. This collection of four duos featuring eight of Videoboys hardest, horniest twinks show just how HARD twink-sex can be. The bonus of Xavier Powell's cum-drenched solo puts the icing on the cake (and on his face)....

    These sex-crazed boys are so insatiably horny, it seemed only natural to pair them together and watch. From gentle kisses to hard core ass-pounding, these hook-ups will have you HOOKED and wanting more!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Sometimes a guy just can't get enough! In Hardcore Marathon, Ian Duncan lets all his sexual urges run wild with a stream of hot, young, horny guys. From twinks to muscles, from shy guys to the sex-crazed, Ian wants it all and enjoys every minute of this kissing, sucking, rimming, ass-pounding adventure! And with Pierre Fitch in his first scene ever!!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Shane is taking his first college photography course and his class is filled with ideal subject matter for the kinds of portraits Shane likes to take. And it turns out that Shane's classmates are eager to participate in whatever poses Shane has in mind for them. Shane Lablanc, Alec Winfield, JP Jackson, Cliff Beltaine, Johan Lapoint and Dereck Boxer display there many talents in six sizzling duo scenes.
    $ 39.95 
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    Ian shows off his cool new appartment, the Playhouse, with every room geared up to make sex a lot more exciting. And what better way to break in a new place than for Ian to invite over some of his horny, big-dicked friends so the whole place can get a taste of hot, steamy, naked guys fucking, sucking, kissing, licking asses, and cumming all over each other. ...
    $ 11.99  $39.95
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    When these delivery boys come knocking, they always deliver the whole package! From muscleboy courier JP Jackson delivering a package of thick, eight inch cock; to insatiable bottom Johan Lapointe; to baby-faced delivery boy Facien Dutroux delivering his smooth ass at no extra charge. The sex lives of these 6 hot guys collide when the doorbell rings! VIDEOBOYS delivers the French Canadian goods again with all-out hot, muscleboy-on-twink big-dicked XXX action!

    * 6 Delivery Boyz * 4 Scenes * Condom * Cum Eating * Groups * Virgin Holes * XXX Gallery ...
    $ 11.99  $39.95
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    Pierre Fitch's Freshman Year is the second installment in Pierre's adventures through school. Pierre isn't wasting his first year of college reading books. With his hot new muscles and massive dick, Pierre is ready to try his skills as an ass pounding top for a change. And his college buddies are only too willing to take time out from sports or studying to sneak off and fuck for a few hours! Pierre definitely gets an A+ for all the hot, hard, ass slamming you'll see him do in 'Pierre's Freshman Year'!

    * 6 Freshman Studz * 4 Hard-Core Scenes * Condom * Facials * Huge Uncut Cocks
    $ 11.99  $39.95
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    Falcon Studio model Pierre Fitch in his very first XXX film!So young, so cute, so many tattoos and such a huge cock for a young lad! Even with has a huge cock Pierre is all about getting fucked and all his hook ups do just that as he takes it like a man. No one can resist the charm of this smooth, edgy French Canadian stud-pup. Pierre and his after school buddies are all young, hung and full of cum! 'Pierre's After School Special' is the second release in what will be a continuing line of hot French Canadian films from VideoBoys.

    *4 Scenes * 5 Stud-pups * Condom * Rimming * Twinks * Huge Cocks * 3-Ways * Facials * Bonus Footage *...

    $ 11.99  $39.95
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    "Hard at Work" shows that other side to the workforce we don't often see: where all the plumbers and construction workers are all young, hot, hard and screwing each other (and their customers) all the time. In this movie, having someone come over to work on your pipe takes on a whole new meaning. It has 4 scenes of horny beautiful guys putting their tools to great use....
    $ 39.95 


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