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The names says it all. All American Naked Skater Boyz!



    These Boys are HOT and broke and did we mention straight? Yes, watch as these hot straight boys jerk off for money so they can pay their rent or just simply earn some cash to treat their girlfriends to a nice dinner!...
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    The long awaited sequel is here! Smoking hot twinks with big dicks who like to smoke while having sex! Smooth and tanned US boys in truly hot bareback action!!...
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    It's time to get soaking wet! Watch as Cooper Reeves, Nolan, Welsey Kincaid, Mathias Sterling, Ivan Paynter, Lex Lane, Zack Randall, Eddy Lake, Keef Johnson, Rico Stone, Devin Reynolds, Brian Strowkes get a chance to piss all over!...
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    Cute, horny, smooth, young, cum hungry twinks suck and fuck their way to pure jizz soaked ecstasy in Emo Twinks 3 DVD! Barely legal teen guys expose and explore every inch of their smooth young bodies to each other in heated, passionate boy on boy, hardcore action! Real-life lovers, Emo Twinks, Kyros Christian and Dillon Samuels invite you to witness their intense sexual desires for each other. A total of eight 18 and 19 year old boys use their endless, youthful energy in over an hour and a half of lust filled, cum soaked, playful, boy on boy, twink sex....

    Thirsty Piss Twinks contains a full range of piss fetish videos ranging from straight, best friends pissing on themselves and each other to extreme, dirty, hardcore gay piss sex that features mega gay porn star and piss whore Zack Randall! This video collection is complete with piss humiliation, piss cock sucking, piss ass fucking and nearly an ocean of warm yellow streams!...
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    It's a baker's dozen of the hottest twink foot lovers! 13 pairs of young sexy feet being licked, sucked, and cum on in 6 sizzling, cum drizzling scenes! An all-star cast of porn's best and twinkiest, Twink Feet Fuckers starts with Phillip Ashton and Ashton Cooper sucking and licking on each other's toes and licking their cum from each other's feet!...
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    2DVD Set! Never released before hardcore scenes from Saggerz Skaterz, featuring young and fit American skater boys in great action scenes!...
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    Eight Hot, Horny Guys get Soaked in Piss in these six, over the edge, WaterSport Videos! If you love hardcore, gay piss fetish porn, then Super Soakers is designed especially for you! In this AMAZING Collection of piss fetish videos, you will get to watch straight piss virgins piss on themselves, get pissed on, drink piss and experience all the joys of piss play! Additionally, this group of piss videos offers hardcore, extreme gay sex – Both in a duo and all out, piss group sex!!...
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    Zack Randall is back and better than ever in this new volume of the porn super star's life! 6 Hot scenes, including 3 threesomes, all with Zack and his sexy friends! A must have for any true fan!...
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    Zack Randall may have a boyish look but looks are deceiving! This piss chugging slut cannot get enough warm piss in his mouth, on his ripped body and even on his hungry hole! In 5 of the hottest, wettest, hardcore scenes ever, Zack sucks throbbing cocks, gets his thick uncut cock sucked, gets his ass pounded hard and guzzles gallons of piss! Zack also loves to drink and hose himself down with his own hot piss! There has never been a hotter or thirstier piss craving toilet twink than Zack Randall!...

    The skaterz are back! More young big dicked and very cute punkz in hot bareback action! If you love horny skater dudes, this one is not to be missed. Once you pop this bad boy in, you'll whip it out and pop one of your own off in no time!...
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    Gay porn idol Chris Porter knows how to get around. What he never really told you was, he LOVES piss! Luckily, we took 6 soaking wet scenes never before seen on DVD to make THE Chris Porter DVD of the decade!...

    Following up our 2008 smash release, Saggerz Skaterz Studios is proud to bring you Emo Twinks 2. With the perfect blend of fan favorites and brand new fresh faces, Emo Twinks 2 is sure to be this years hit twink title! With a cast of 13 hot twink models in 6 scenes plus a bonus scene, you better order deep to keep these in stock as they will move fast! Cast includes Shane Allen, Ethan O'Reilly, and Ayden James. Introducing Jack Johnson and Colby Bonds. And returning from the original cast is Kayden Daniels, Ryan Connors, Brenden Killen, Jase Bionx, and of course... Any Emo Twink movie would just not be complete without Dilloon Samuels and the Candy Spookie himself, Kyros Christian!...

    The BareTwinks boys go deep in this hot and steamy production. Jackson and Krist rock out their sexy video starting with some intense sucking and rimming. Jackson lubes up his hard, uncut cock and rams it over and over into Krist's waiting hole. Next, Brandon takes control right at the beginning, dominating Bailey with some hot face fucking. Then they get down to business with Brandon putting his big dick to good use and even cumming twice at the end. After that, Keith and Chase go for a roll in the sheets in their first hardcore porn video. Chase lets Keith use his big cock anyway he wants and it isn't long before it's in his mouth and ass, ready to cum inside. Finally, Alec and Chase make a little late night magic down by the fireplace. Chase proves that you don't need furniture for a go...

    After nearly a year since our last spanking DVD, Saggerz Skaterz Studios is proud to bring you Cum 'N Spank Me - Vol 8 of the Boys Spanking Boys series.

    In this installment, we bring you 9 of Europe's finest twinks in five scenes of spanking good fun and sex! Jerry Malone and Sonny Quick are sure to thrill with their boy-next-door good looks and sexy bodies! Jerry comes back to his apartment only to find Sonny has taken his last cigarette. Jerry shows him who's boss and spanks Sonny's ass red. Then Sonny gets his retribution and turns the tables on Jerry, not only spanking him, but then shoving his thick cock down Jerry's Throat. After some hardcore sucking, Sonny blows his load all over Jerry's ass! Kyle Deetz finds his buddy Corbin Mason spying on him while he's looking at p...
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    Check out 6 scenes of hot raw fucking featuring some of Saggerz Skaterz Studios most popular models! First up is none other than Pissboy Extraordinare, Zack Randall. While there's no pissing in this scene, there is a lot of hard fucking as he plugs his ex-boyfriend's (11" Docnkey Dicked Casey Wood) hungry hole!

    Super Twinks Dillon Samuels & The Candy Spookie himself, Kyros Christian, combine for our next set of boyfriends. Watch Kyros get his boyhole plowed by Dillon until he shoots a load all over his stomach which Dillon greedily laps up with his tongue. Then Kyros strokes Dillon until he shoots his nut into Kyros' every-ready mouth.

    European Hotties Jerry Malone and Sonny Quick put on quite the show as they suck each others cocks. Then Jerry sticks his bare dic...
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    Porn superstar Zack Randall has starred in more than 40 scenes for piss powerhouse and we have put together 7 of his wettest, nastiest, and hottest scenes in one dvd. Scenes include: ...

    Twink superstar Zack Randall (Freshmen Magazine's "Freshmen of the Year" 2007) lets you get closer than ever with "Zack Randal: The Story So Far" which includes Zack's favorite hardcore scenes and even footage from his private home jack-off movies! This talented versatile top can even suck his own dick!
    Zack's beautiful big dick, plump ass, 8 pack abs and devilishly sweet smile are captured in stunning detail in this new release! ...
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    FINALLY!! Tyler McCartney, the man behind, brings you "Cotton Candy," the FIRST DVD dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to the underwear fetish! There is NOTHING like seeing a HOT guy in underwear, and this DVD proves exactly that. See some of the hottest stars in gay porn like Mason Wyler, Mike Roberts, Jeremiah Johnson, Shane Allen, Jayden Taylor, and others showcasing their goods in undies from some of the top designers who KNOW how to highlight every bulge. This DVD is over 2 hours long and completely dedicated to the underwear fetish, meaning the only time the underwear come off, is to put another pair back on! But make no mistake, this is no "posing" video. Just because these hotties are in their undies, doesn't mean they can't jack, suck, rim, and fuck! Sometimes they get so excit...

    Ian Madrox is back with all new skater beat downs.

    Starring Jeremiah Johnson, Brent Lakewood, Philip Ashton, and Ian Madrox.

    Ian finds out that some of his friends are interested in his little brother since they have found out he was gay. On two separate occasions Ian has to protect his little brother by beating two of his friends ass raw!

    In the first scene Philip is interested in seeing what the Madrox family is packin. Philip knows that Ian's bro has done some nude modeling and wants to sneak a peek. Ian explains that it is uncomfortable for him to allow Philip to see his little bro. Once Philip tries to take the computer from Ian, that's the point breaking point. Philip has crossed the line and Ian decides its time for an ass beating.



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