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    A hard dick is a terrible thing to waste; and these horny college guys are serious about their sexual education. Come watch 7 of the ATL's freakiest college guys fuck and suck their way to the head of the class with the Professor of sex himself: Ty Lattimore! This ain't your little brother's dorm, this is Grad Dorm! ...

    Blazing Thru Atl stars Blaze, Lil’ Star, Pierce, Jericho, Marcos Covington, Justin Walker, and Shawn Legend. Blaze wanted to come to Atlanta and see how the boys do it in da A. After stints on various sites and porn companies, Blaze decided to join up with Ty Lattimore Entertainment....

    The newest versatile porn superstar is back to star in his own movie. Shawn Legend works his way through three studs leaving behind a thick trail of cum and a lot of satisfied men.

    Four scenes of hot fucking action giving shawn the attention he deserves and his buddies a chance to show their stuff....
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    Sometimes in life you've gotta ''Hit It'' when you can! For power top Ty, opportunity came knocking at his door in the form of sexy youngin' Cisco needing a telephone for road side service. Ty showed him that good ole southern hospitality and some good gut bustin' bareback raw fuckin' too! It seems like everyone was having car trouble because hot young mechanic, Jack of Trade, was showing Jacoby just how to master his dick in the nearby garage. If garage floors could speak, this would be say ''DAMN!'' Is it a car? Or a SUV? Nope, it is Tankk's hungry ass looking for some good raw fuckin' from his boy Renzo. These brothas can't keep their hands off each other. They make the kitchen counter the perfect work space for serving that southern specialty of phat ass and thick dick with nut on the ...
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    Don't miss out on Ty Lattimore's latest butt-fucking good flick. This cum-drenched film features Tankk's FIRST time on top! These sexy men cum in black AND white! Watch black on black and hot interracial scenes that will drive you wild. These guys take long hard cocks deep down their throats and deep into their tight assholes! Don't miss out!...

    Join Blaze, Odddesea, and Renzo as their hot ebony asses get pounded and as they fuck each other as if there has never been a fucking party before. Ty Lattimore Entertainment is bringing you yet another "Just Fuck Dat Raw Ass". More raw fucking, new faces, and lots of cum. This third installment is going to blow your mind and your wad! Also stars Sexy Redd, Erotic, and Kadeam....
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    Break His Back In 2 is about big dick tops fucking tight assholes. Scott Spears loves big dicks and Bryce Chambers has plenty to give. Scott's hole gets dogged by phat dick Bryce. Marcos Covington handles Jacoby's hungry asshole! Meanwhile Jack of Trades pleasures his own dick till he cums. Dante Franklin, a porn star you have not seen in awhile, beats the brakes off Isiah Wright. Isiah is a new model for TLE and was not ready for a huge dick brutha like Dante. Dante even has Isiah taste some nutt juice. Lastly is a group scene featuring Khalil, Daquiri, Blaquetiger, and Ty Lattimore....
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    Porn Superstars Ty Lattimore and Scott Spears star in this cum filled leather video. Ty's Playroom has everything...slings, jockstraps, leather, harnesses, and dildos. Daddies, twinks, smooth men, hairy studs, bruthas, white boiz, older men, younger men. This video has it all! Edgier, darker, and full of hot man sex....
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    Jockstrap Twinks stars some of the hottest white boiz in Atlanta. All have big dicks and sexy assholes that need some attention. If you like young sexy white studs fucking RAW, then this is the video for you. Filmed entirely in Atlanta and Charlotte, this video marks the first time Ty Lattimore Entertainment has shot an entirely white cast. But the video is just as hot as any other in our library of videos. ...
    $ 24.95 
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    Imagine 9 sexy bruthas lined up and waiting just for you! Watch smokin’ hot Ty Lattimore and his fucktastic friends nearly break their dicks off as they dive balls deep into tight black crack! From hot chocolate luvas to spicy latino papis, these men love it hard and fast and from every angle!...

    The wait is finally over for the first Bareback production from Ty Lattimore Entertainment! This video stars Super Stud Ty Lattimore and some of the freshest new guys around like fan favorites Ryan Dickson from Dial a Freak and Jay-R from Jockstrap Bruthas. Watch Ty bareback newbies Shawn Legend and Allen Eaton. ...

    Take 1 hot foursome, add 2 hot duos and 2 sides of solo stroking and what do you get? The fuckfest spanktacular called “Jockstrap Bruthas” of course!!! These dark skinned luvas take turns spreading their phat mouths wide enough to take some BIG uncut dick, and offer up their tight asses for some good dirty fucking. Watch as these bruthas squirt pile after pile of creamy white load all over each other!

    When we started looking for sexy men in the South, we had no idea what type of bruthas would apply. But we were impressed with these auditions. All the men were hot, tight and full of cum....

    The South's hottest porn company is back with their third release called Security Deposit. Featuring fan favorites and Ty Lattimore Entertainment exclusives Tankk, Ryan Dickson and the Superstar himself, Ty Lattimore, Security Deposit is about finding hot sex when you looking for an apartment. This film features an amazing group of hot men getting their freak on....
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