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If you like hot well built, hung muscular Czech boys then Galaxia Entertainment is for you!



    A bevy of sexy young dudes on location in the backwoods of Europe get together for some steamy non-stop action. Featuring explosive pairs and threesomes, hot deep oral and serious ass pounding, plus some funky anal sex toys thrown in for an extra punch. 5 scenes and 11 loads later these ANGELIC MANIACS will have you fit to be tied!!...
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    It is winter holiday. Boys are accommodated in their cottage and are off to enjoy the skiing on the near slope. One falls down and hurt himself. One of the skiers comes to help him, but he doesn’t find an injury, only a hard cock in trousers. They are having fun right on the slope. Meanwhile two boys run to warm up to the cottage, but they are so horny, that they are naked already on the stairs and they have their fun there. Just a few rooms further, a cute boy fells asleep by the fireplace, just in underwear. Another guy sees him and this view is so irresistible, that he at lest wants to stroke his ass. But it wakes him up and these two without any words start sex. The night comes. All are sleeping when a robber creeps into the cottage on the ladder. He is caught and displaced to the cott...
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    The new college term is beginning and new students are coming. They are very young, have cute bodies, and look sweet and innocent. But, in reality, they’re far from innocent. The boys are twinky, young and sweet . There’s oral, fucking, lots of cum, and the spontaneous sex that we expect from young men....
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    The dealers are everywhere, and now they are in some hot action in a bar game room. The dealers do a lot of their business out of this game room and also have a lot of fun with waiter. The cops get word of the dealer’s actions and start to search for the perps. But the cops make a mistake and enter the wrong game room, arresting the wrong man. In belief that this is their suspect, they beat him up and then make him fuck them. Meanwhile, the dealers being careless, visit the game room where the cops just finished their sexual interrogation. Under the flush of a computer game the dealers get into a some hot sexual action of their own, but they are soon seen by the cops, and caught. A movie, where you can find twink models, cute bodies, light spanking, deep oral and a lot of cum....
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    Seven nice, young, cute boys plan to gather together for the New Year’s celebration. Before departing for the gathering, three of the guys visit a gym/sauna and manage to have some hot sex action in the gym. While waiting for their three friends to arrive, the four other friends get restless in the living room and manage to get into some sex action of their own. When the friends are finally all together, they drink, chat and laugh. Then two of them disappear and don’t even make it into the next room before getting naked on the stairs and fucking. This is a movie where you can find big cocks, ass licking, deep oral, hot fuck and lots of cum....
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    When you visit the zoo, you're supposed to look at the animals ... not become one in the sack!
    $ 2.95 


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