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Answered Prayers

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    Cary Cleaver's an awkward teen whose hottest dream is about to come true. He's won a teen magazine contest, and will be whisked from his hometown in Kansas to the bright lights of Hollywood. His prize: to meet the sexiest boy band in the country, BJ, JJ, and ZJ, better known as The J-Boys! Watch him as he transforms from a bashful virgin to a confident stud pup! 8 Gay VN Award Nominations Winner Best Sex Comedy! ...
    $ 24.95 

    Winner of awards for Best Video of the Year, Best Director, and Best Cinematography, this hot video follows superstars Hal Rockland and Scott Baldwin on their steamy desert adventures. From back rooms to back seats, they'll have you up all night! ...

    A love story telling the tale of a troubled romance. Includes the insatiable Troy Mackenzie putting on a superb act as the unfaithful lover of Steve Hammond, who after walking in on Troy and trick Eric Manchester, wanders the streets in search of answers. A couple of trysts of his own follow, including a sizzling three-way with Casey Jordan and Race Jensen. ...
    $ 39.95 
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    2005 WINNER - BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR! This film features 5 HOT scenes, hot guys and an infamous party scene with downtown New York celebs. Order this 2-disk Director's Cut through and you'll get 3 bonus scenes scenes not available in stores, plus interviews with cast members (by the fabulous Hedda Lettuce), interviews with the celebrities, and a look behind the scenes. Now includes the Bonus Disc "MORE DANGEROUS" which features Mode Bio's, Cumshot Review, Weblink, Interview Highlights and Gallery Photos....
    $ 11.99  $39.95
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    The Complete Chason Porne Series includes both The Porne Ultimatum and The Porne Identity.

    Strap in for one wild ride with The Porne Ultimatum, this action packed sex-fest is filled with guns, high speed chases, intrigue, and loaded with oral, anal, rimming, domination, threesomes, sandwiches, giant cocks and gorgeous men!

    Chason continues his quest to find his identity in The Porne Identity, with the help of a young doctor. Don't miss all of the action, sucking, ri...

    $ 39.95 

    Secret eyes watch the city of Prague, finding every beautiful young man in the arms of a friend, lover or sexy stranger. Through every window and behind every curtain, voyeur Richard West sees the smooth and seductive young jocks fucking the night away.

    Having fucked the hell out of blond-haired and baby-faced Sancho Sun as payment for delivering his telescope, West settles in for a night of dick from a distance. Tom Nowy come home from a hard day at the office to the even harder dick of his lover Benji Purcell. Two more beauties make out in a window before settling into a slurping sixty-nine.

    Across town, there's sexy studs soaping up in the shower and young cuties giving their best friends a helping hand. Anthony Moore may have a bubble butt for the ages, but he...
    $ 4.95 

    Sex cums in different colors: sex as love-making (Bruno Boni/Alex Orioli). As outlet (Jean Franko/Alessio Mancini). As playground (Antonio Rinaldi/Lucas Andrades/ Ettore Tosi). As fantasy (Daniele Montana/Marc Dievo). As desire (Bruno Boni/Matthias Vannelli). Italian newcomers Bruno Boni, Daniele Montana and Alessio Mancini demonstrate --with help from veteran Matthias Vannelli, Ettore Tosi and many more muscle studs.

    $ 39.95 

    They were best friends. They thought they knew each other... and themselves.

    California, Fall 2000. Ettore Tosi catches buddies Victor Racek and Federico Bulsara going at it in the desert (scene 1). Unable to shake off those memories of male lust, Ettore is haunted by his truer desires (scene 2): he's hooked.

    Back home, Ettore confronts his suppressed sexuality and experiments with carpenter Vilem Cage (scene 3). His thirst for new, bolder adventures becomes unquenchable: Ettore wanders an abandoned castle and spies on two hot couples: Tiziano Cortese and Luca Ferri (scene 4);

    Gennaro Grimaldi and Erik Lenn (scene 5). After a brief encounter with hunky Matthias Vannelli (scene 6), Ettore realizes what (whom) he's really longing for. By the time he goe...
    $ 39.95 

    Director Giorgio Salieri is shooting a X-rated adaptation of Verdi's "Traviata", at once staging and exorcizing his own longing for star Sasha Byazrov. Day one: Cuban Mario Perez, Polish David Havien and Norwegian David Scott successfully complete their threeway. The set is fraught with tension and jealousy.

    Day two: it's the "toast" scene from act I. Bodybuilders Max Veneziano and Eric Flower sit at the table, in between Sasha and Ettore Tosi (Alfredo, in a non-sexual cameo).

    A few roles haven't been cast yet and Giorgio reluctantly interviews newcomer Ricky Martinez (from Mexico City). Ricky is clumsy and Giorgio, still obsessing about Sasha and ridden by memories of their early days, pays little attention. Electrician Matthias Vannelli takes the audition in his...
    $ 39.95 

    "Slip into the fantasy. Slip into Black. Slip into the color of leather. Director Steven Scarborough invites you to slip into the shadows with Alex Collack and Francesco D'Macho in part one of the stunning 2-part Black-N-Blue Series from Hot House Video.

    Alex Collack and Nick Piston are on their knees worshipping bodybuilder Marc Williams. The men lick Williams from his boots to his bulging black leather jock. Piston unleashes Williams’ unbelievable cock and sucks it to the base while Collack turns his attention to Piston’s twitching hole. Williams notices Collack’s muscle-butt and decides to shove his humongous tool deep inside. Piston wants some of that colossal cock so Williams and Collack drag him over to a sling. Williams drives his giant hose deep into Pisto...
    $ 39.95 

    Some of the hottest straight male porn stars, usually seen banging the living hell out of the gals on camera, here take it off for the first time just for the boys! See why they've got what it takes to make everyone swoon....

    Welcome to Camp Lust! Where nature plus nature equal pure, raw sex, what happens at camp stays at camp. ...
    $ 49.95 
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    Add a strong musical beat to a smorgasbord of 9 horny dudes, then mix it up with their growing passion for unbridled manlust. You can feel your blood rate start to boil; you start to pant and your breathing quickens; then your muscles strain with exertion … your adrenaline is pumping! And that’s what you get with this new hit video of electrifying man-on-man action you just can’t miss! ...
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    You don't have to be in the locker room to get a sweaty workout in a jock!

    2009 GAYVN Award Nominee: Best Bear VideoBears in jockstraps... HOT! Bears OUT of jockstraps... EVEN HOTTER! Our ten woofy bears get off on wearing their jocks, but they love getting out of them even more - especially when they have help!...
    $ 29.95 
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    2008 GAYVN Award Nominee: Best Specialty Video - Bears

    Caution to viewers: this video may cause you to have heat 'stroke'! These 5 hunky, hairy bears prove that in the Palm Springs desert the sand isn't the only thing that sizzles!...

    Can you feel the ground trembling? Eruption is not only Titan’s location feature of the year, but their most explosive work to date. Nominated for the 1999 GayVN awards of Best All-Sex Video and Best Sex Scene, Eruption has been digitally remastered for DVD format by Atomic Video/Digital Playground. The Atomic authoring insures that the Eruption DVD has no regional coding and is compatible with all DVD players. This DVD release also includes a lush sound track in stereo surround sound and a slide show of the cast. ...
    $ 39.95 

    If you let your buddy butt fuck you are you still straight? The line that asks the hard questions continues!...
    $ 39.95 
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    The mob as you've never imagined! Thirteen wiseguys show you why it can be so good to be bad. With tough guys like this, you'd do anything you can to please them. The macho studs rule their world with iron cocks. No one fucks with them. Well, practically everyone fucks with them, but they’re always in charge.

    The hallmark of this underworld is a full-blown orgy, and we are treated to two, plus a three way and two duos. The sparks for the bacchanalia atmosphere are Mob boss and sex machine extraordinaire Vincenzo, and trusted lieutenant, swarthy Maverick. The macho studs rule their world with iron cocks. No one fucks with them. Well, practically everyone fucks with them, but they’re always in charge.

    Vincenzo runs a crooked poker game, aided by henchmen Costa and H...
  • DARE

    Do you DARE? That's what Falcon Studios director Jett Black wants to know in this pulse racing, ass pounding sex-sational bone fest! This cast of 13 sexy characters weaves a story of intrigue and hot man-on-man action over thousands of miles!

    Starring Matthew Rush, Roman Heart, Erik Rhodes, Cort Donovan, Braxton Bond, Riley Burke, Tyler Riggz, Tyler Saint, Mason Wyler, Dallas Reeves, Noah Driver, Eric Blaine, and Lou Cass, the DVDs 126 minutes will get you planning your own road trip!

    A car...a madman...a journey...a sexual awakening...join the journey if you dare.

    Life gets complicated when an innocent young man unwittingly becomes the target of a psycho druggie and other intriguing men with issues.

    When young Drew, an aspiring actor, ...

    "Caught in the Act" was nominated for Best Solo Video of 2006 in the GayVN Awards competition, the "Oscars" of gay porn! Ten hotties strokin' & cummin'!...
    $ 11.99  $39.95
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