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Watch Jake seduce both straight and gay hunks. Check out the erotic “Massage Series” – muscle hunks getting oiled, stroked, sucked, and jacked off by Jake. One of “the best amateur adult entertainment” studios – Unzipped Magazine Aug 2004

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    For over 15 years I’ve enjoyed playing with many hot men. I’ve serviced, massaged, and had great sex with them. Now that I have retired I wanted to say, sincerely, it was My Pleasure....
    $ 39.95 

    I’m a very giving person. I love giving a good blow job, a hot rimming, strong hand strokes, and an erotic massage. I also like to receive. Nothing satisfies me more than seeing a man enjoy what I offer. That’s what I get in return for my Personal Favors. Watch me give my all to 5 hot men – Dane Stewart, Jeremy Spreadums, Mike Fox, Wolfie Blue and Jacob Durham....
    $ 39.95 

    On the cover is Dustin Tyler. He was star struck by me since he had been a fan for years. I was awestruck by his athletic body and all around sexiness. I won’t soon forget servicing Dustin. In this DVD I also service sexy Wolfie Blue and mega hung Timarrie Baker. I guess the adage “So many men, so little time” rings true. Young David Plaza has one of the sweetest and sexiest smiles I’ve come across. I give David one of my famous erotic massages, touching every square inch of his body with my hands and tongue. While I didn’t get to play with Ondrej Filip (he’s in Prague) I certainly enjoyed watching this 18 year old (no lie) stud show off his muscles and big cock before jacking off for us. I hope you enjoy all these young men as much as I did....
    $ 39.95 

    I worship the male form: their faces, lips, chests, arms, legs, feet, butts, and cocks. I’m very fortunate to have had these masculine, scruffy, beefy men to service and massage. Come watch me worship every inch of these 5 sexy hunks.

    Jaxton Wheeler is a Greek statue come to life. His beefy body and black beard sets him apart. Vinnie Stefano is swarthy and sexy, with ripped abs under his furry front. Roman Aleks is a muscular and fit daddy with a hairy chest and a nice dick. Tex Davidson is hung like a horse and knows how to use his huge cock. Mike Fox is a young man with tattoos and a massive rod....
    $ 39.95 

    I like to show my support and appreciation for the athletic young men who come to my studio in Athletic Supporter. A perfect example is Scotty Dean, with an incredibly tight body, a beautiful cock and a pair of tasty feet, I explore them all en route to a mouthful of Scotty's cum. Gabriel Louis is a young hot Latin stud with the sweetest smile, and lots of tattoos. He starts out shy, but by the time I'm through with him he is hot - and sticky. Liam Troy has an incredible cock and an even more amazing smile. What really gets my heart racing is his perfect bubble butt, his thick dick and his tasty hole. Lucas Knight is young and really, really hung! I make sure to give it the attention and respect it deserves. Lucas finishes off by blowing a huge load all over my face. Anthony, one of my lon...
    $ 39.95 
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    Brandon Bangs, a fresh-off-the-farm stud with a V-shaped body and fat dick, needed special attention. The moans he was making as I oiled him up made me want to see how big that thick cock would grow. I alternated erotic touch with more cocksucking and finally, after leading him to the edge of climax, gently squeezed a huge load of cum out of him. Nothing turns me on more than getting to slowly explore a hunk's body with my hands and mouth and Kris Jamieson is the perfect hunk to explore. Kris rewards my hard work with a creamy load all over his tan stomach. Joey Soto got me hard just lying on the massage table. As I oiled up Joey's body I worked my way towards his cock and went down on him, sucked on his hanging balls, stroked him, and ate out his tasty butt hole. A full-service massage me...
    $ 39.95 
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    Chase Young stopped by after his morning run and I couldn't help but notice his thick dick hanging out of his shorts. I went to work on his cock and balls, and got him hard as a rock, then tossed him on the bed and continued to work his huge prick. I couldn't wait to eat his ass and it was heaven. Chance Logan is adorable! He's full of laughs and soon my mouth is full of his cock. Chance lays down on the bed and I swallow him down to his balls. My young friend tastes amazing, especially his hole. 18 year old Trent Jacobs is on a bar set in a studio, and he's got me drunk with lust. Just look at those bedroom eyes! Trent is packing some serious meat. I suck and jack Trent until he is rock hard. Then I get him up on the bar where I dine on his sweet little hole. Trent uses my face as he plea...
    $ 39.95 
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    Jessy Ares is incredibly sexy. I'm supposed to be giving a massage but I'm obsessed with his ass. I shove my tongue as far down his hole as I can. Jessy flips over and now I can really get at his hard dick, pumping his pole between my fists. I jerks him off until he provides me with a thick creamy load. I am in awe of Marcus Ruhl, one of the most gorgeous men I've ever encountered. I was in heaven as I touched his body, massaging the oil into his olive skin. His hard cock in my mouth made me tremble with joy. As he shot his load, I kept my mouth close so I could eat up every drop. Bronzed surfer Christian Kennedy has to be one of the most beautiful men I've ever massaged. His killer physique is perfectly proportionate, toned and muscular. I work his cock with my hands and mouth until he wr...
    $ 39.95 
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    Hmmm! What kind of young, studly muscle hunk am I in the mood to service today? Surfer Christian Kennedy? He does have tight abs, bulging biceps and monstrous thighs, not to mention a bubble butt and gorgeous feet. Or maybe ex-gymnast JR Bronson, with rippling abs and pecs to die for. The minute he was naked I was completely hard. Then there's Travis Irons, with a lean, sexy swimmer's build nicely contrasted by a big, thick cock. And then there's Noah Greene, a stocky, muscular guy with a nice, big bubble butt and thighs, not to mention sexy bedroom eyes. Well I don't know that I can service four studs in one day, so I'll pull out my trusty calendar and make appointments with all four. There's too much fun to be had!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Mario Romo is a real rarity - a young guy with a huge prick and natural, untrimmed pubes, just the way I like 'em. Mario gets so worked up from me sucking down his cock and eating his ass that he turns the tables and goes down on me! Blade Woods, with his deep tan, green eyes and smooth skin, knows just what he's doing. It felt so good to prod his tight hole with my dick; Blade works my cock, backing his hole into it. Tyler Sweet really does taste like candy. Tyler loves to kiss, have his body worshiped, and best of all he's into daddies! Tyler is quite nimble and I fuck him in positions that surprised even me! Connor Maguire is the All American Jock next door who sucks my cock so well I had to stop him or I would have cum before we even get to the fucking! Getting pounded by Connor is wel...
    $ 39.95 
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    Scene 1: Scotty Dean Serviced – Scotty has one of the tightest bodies I’ve ever gotten my hands on. His cock is a tasty beauty. I could spend days exploring this young man. But I can’t wait that long for Scotty’s yummy cum. I jerk him until he squirts into my mouth.

    Scene 2: Gabriel Louis Serviced – Gabriel is hot young Latin stud with a sweet smile, lots of tattoos and a hot uncut cock. I suck it until it’s rock hard, then rim his ass and let him fuck my face. He gets close to cuming so I jerk his cock until he shoots his creamy load.

    Scene 3: Liam Troy Serviced – I love sucking uncut cock and Liam’s is incredible. I play with his tight hole and his sexy feet and toes. I almost choke deep throating his thick cock. Eventually I taste his hole and I’m hooked. Lia...
    $ 39.95 

    I couldn't wait to get this massage started, so I began working on Mike's gorgeous cock before he even got on the table. Finally, I restrain myself and get to my massaging duties, starting with his muscled, V-shaped back and working my way down to the smoothest ass on earth. Once Mike turns over, We get to experience his finely sculpted body, and his finely uncut tool. And, so my job ends where it began sucking, stroking, twisting and pumping several inches of hard cock until it explodes. Just another day at the office....

    Tyler Saint's monstrous 8.5 inch tool is a tight fit for Dustin Fitch but he rides it depe and hard in Lay Daddy Lay. Tyler slides his cock up and down Dustin's ass cheeks before wrecking Dustin's ass with his thick meat. Tyler grabs ahold of Dustin's bubble butt and jackhammers his cock deep and fast into Dustin's ass. Tyler flips Dustin over and gets a taste of Dustin's young cock and ass one last time before fucking him in the missionary position. Sexy Daddy Steven Richards fucks young, smooth Michael Rouge hard before blowing his uncut cock. Michael rides Steven's hard pipe, but Steven is in total control. He drills Michael's hole and his huge balls smack against his round ass. Michael turns around while still on top of Steven and bounces even harder on his stiff rod. He lays on his ba...
    $ 39.95 

    Brad Kalvo, Carlo Cox, Dylan Now, Jake Cruise, Rudolph Schneider...
    $ 39.95  $39.95
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    Porn star Nick Ford has a thick cock he just loves thrusting down my throat. He's also very flexible. I suck his cock and toe at the same time! While I'm blowing his rock-hard cock, Rex Roddick is laughing and goofing around while doing so. Parker D is a "little devil," if the tattoo below his right shoulder means anything, but he's also a very sexy, very nice guy who thoroughly enjoys my full servicing treatment. New intern Will Parks is busy working when I decide to have my way with him, and before you know it, I'm sucking on Will's balls while he strokes himself. Bonus extra - Country hunk Tex Gemmell gets one of my signature erotic massages....
    $ 39.95 
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    It`s always a pleasure for me to treat hot models to my special massage. Topher DiMaggio has the body and face of a Roman statue. Feeling his chiseled muscles and smooth skin under my hands had me crazy. If I had to describe the perfect body I would just say Jeremy Stevens. From head to toe this man is amazingly beautiful and I had a great time touching everyone of his muscles. I got so hot that Jeremy helped me jack off. I couldn`t resist. Angelo is absolutely huge at 6` 4 and his muscles are RIPPED! The huge doesn`t end with height, his cock is massively thick and long. But it`s his blue bedroom eyes and soft plump lips that make me sigh. When Noah Greene lays face-down on my massage table there is one thing that immediately stands out - his bubble-butt. Noah enjoys all of the attention ...
    $ 39.95 
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    Cole Streets was everything I imagined... a great kisser, incredible furry body, bedroom eyes, amazing cock and a great scence of humor. We had a blast. Marcus Isaacs has green eyes and a furry chest. I can't keep my hands off this amazing man. Trevor Parks is a silver fox who obviously hits the gym hard. Just look at those pecs! Plus he's got quite the hog on him, and I do my best to take it all in. Leo Domenico is one hot an d hairy stud with a playful attitude that I love so much. Every part of Leo is perfection. Bonus extra - A solo from underwear model turned porn model Ashland Reker!...
    $ 39.95 
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    What can I say? I'm a giver. I like to provide service to others, especially when the others are the likes of Trevor Parks, Jessy Ares, Dirk Willis and Brad Kalvo. They're all hairy, all muscular and all man - just the way I like 'em. Trevor's huge chest and arms are matched by his big thighs and thick, meaty cock. Jessy Ares, a worldwide superstar, has the dreamiest bedroom eyes and a dreamy body to match. Dirk Willis is a furry teddy bear that let's me have my way with him. Brad Kalvo is a wall of muscle and I get to massage every square inch of it. Bonus scene - handsome, rugged Zohan Lopez in a hairy solo!...
    $ 39.95 
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    Prague has to be one of the sexiest cities on earth, judging by the hot, passionate men I found whenever I visit. Chester Pool and Damien Dreik head to a secluded lake cabin, but the scenery they're most interested in is each others' naked bodies. The guys fuck until the sun is nearly set, blowing their loads all over Damien's ass, cock, and stomach! Matthew Ross with a mode's face and athletes' build delivers a solo scene that proves slow and steady makes it sexy! Aslan Bruti & Carlos Cantor take the action back outdoors, starting with passionate kissing and ending with two big cum loads on Carlos' tight tummy and balls. In a second solo starring Ennio Guardi and his big biceps, he shows his favorite workout, jerking off with bothe hands. The build up to when he cums is super hot and when...
    $ 39.95  $39.95
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    whether they're European or all-American, I love servicing big beefy guys - call it my favorite philanthropy. It's the thanks I get in return that makes servicing extra special Ennio Guardi serves up a HUGE cumshot which sprays everywhere! Thomas Ride surprises me after cumming by kissing, stripping and sucking me. Ex-football player Aaron Rivers was all smiles after a session that included tickling and a strategically used ice cube. Muscleman Rudolf Schneider thrusts his cock deep into my throat, then blows his load into my waiting mouth. Special bonus extra - Dylan Now getting a "massage plus" - plus rimming, cocksucking and jacking off. Now that's service!...
    $ 39.95  $39.95
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