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Showing just how sexy sensuality can be. Daddy Oohhh! You'd swear these men forgot they were being filmed, quite a feat considering an ever-present film crew.



    After Hours was filmed entirely in Seattle, WA., and introduces Daddy Oohhh! Production's discovery Troy Gamaun. Also starring: Raging Stallion Exclusives Bo Knight and Robert Black, with Johnny Law, Sebastian, Slater Reed, Tyger and Tony Rico.

    Care to catch a glimpse of the other side? BE CAREFUL what you wish for, because AFTER HOURS your wishes WILL be fulfilled....

    It's the bewitching hour. It's Last Call. The bar is closing and the night is over. OR IS IT? When our randy bartenders finish their shift it's time to play. Lucky for them there are always a few choice patrons willing to stay behind to help clean up. And clean up they do. BOTTOMS UP!

    A guy gets all horned up after a long hard shift behind the bar slamming drinks for Seattle's best. Last Call brings you an up close and personal view of what really happens after hours. Last Call really means it's time for the staff to kick back for some nonstop action. ...


    The men in Seattle are always Hard at Work. Maybe it's the coffee. Maybe it's the rain. Hell, maybe it's just all the really hot guys up here. Men Hard At Work never misses an opportunity to mix their business with a whole lot of pleasure. Same old grind, day in and day out, got ya down? Take a tip from our Men Hard At Work. These guys turn the same old grind into a bump and grind and bump some more. All it takes is a little initiative and, of course, the right tools! Also starring: Jude Marshall, Julian Morino, P.J. Dixon and Rick Randy...

    Willie is such a lucky man! He has a loving partner and a brace of very stimulating friends. What more could a man desire?


    Suppose you could spy on some of the Northwest's hottest men as they wake up in the morning.
    Would you take a peek? Sure ya WOOD!

    GOOD MORNING MEN is a voyeur's paradise! We've captured 4 very hot men as they perform the intimacies of their morning ritual. You know that that involves, right? MORNING WOOD and a lot of it. Toilet and shower scenes, too...
    $ 11.99  $39.95
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    Ya know, Seattle is such a remarkable place. Lovers have more fun here. Strangers are always invited to become part of the family. And neighbors, why...they just go out of their way to be neighborly. Just watch what happens on a typical Sunday morning here in the Emerald City.

    Getting out of town for weekend with friends can be so relaxing.

    It also can be really stimulating.

    CountryTime, Country Fine: A cottage in the woods, three hot men with too much time on their hands. They say, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop." We say, WOO WHO...

    Have people been rubbing you the wrong way lately? Forgotten what is like to be rubbed the right way? Well, relax and enjoy the personal service available at Body Rocks. ...

    A mysterious invitation to a "Supressed Desires" sex party at Seattle's premier sex club quickly becomes an explosive expose of X-Pressed Desires. Desires don't stay suppressed for long where these guys are concerned!...


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