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    Big Latino dicks and unleashed gay sex in Lima, the capital of Peru. Filmed by Pablo Bravo, a gay porn star and director based in Paris. Pablo is tracing his Latino origins, shooting movies with handsome and innocent Latino guys from his home country. A lot of newcomers and cute guys who fuck even harder than professional porn stars. Hot!...
    $ 39.95 

    Who's the best fucker? Or slutiest bottom? 8 guys from 7 countries show all their mighty sex power! Ramzi - the Lebanese fucker - is one of the sexiest tops all around. Pablo Bravo from Peru is a hot Latino lover with massive power in his balls. Nigerian Red Fucker confirms the myth: black guys have huge dicks and sex power in their muscles. The Spanish lover gives his massive dick to a French bottom. Guys from Thailand and Colombia fight for the “Best Bottom Performer” award. Join the competition in these global unleashed sex games!

    $ 39.95 

    Second DVD by Pablo Bravo. Scene one: two young boys, one is white, the over is black. One is inexperienced, the other is rather dominant. One wants to learn, the other is a great teacher. Scene two: A skinny boy wants to grow muscles. Viktor Rom is his hot muscular coach, ready to push him hard...Right now he is useless at lifting weight but his ass can take any fat cock…Scene three: When he was a boy, Bravo Fucker was cute and skinny....Just like the boys he likes to fuck. He started going to the gym and put on some muscles. Now he's got his daily routine: weight lifting, sweating, getting hot and then....fucking a boy! Scene four: a French twink thinks he's going to learn about the fuck by reading books. There's much quicker way for that! Bravo Fucker will teach him all he wants and mor...
    $ 39.95 

    No one fucks like Pablo Bravo. He is the king, the undisputed champion when it comes to using an ass. In Latin Touch Pablo shows what he is all about. Kissing his partners, giving them confidence, gaining their trust, making them horny for finally giving them what they all want the most: the pleasure to be fucked by the most skilful Latino top! Pablo Bravo's got the LATIN TOUCH! ” Scene 1 bareback!...
    $ 39.95 


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