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    Justin and his college buddy Nick get home from classes to study. Being home alone, they get distracted and Nick fucks Justin. Saxon's husband Billy walks in on them, letting them know his brother, Saxon is almost home. Dinner is approaching so Justin and Billy head off to buy food, stopping for an appetizing fuck like old times. Back at the house Saxon walks out after his shower to find Nick asleep in the room. Saxon seduces and takes his brothers friends cock before they get home. After dinner Billy and Saxon have a steamy sex session in the Hottub with a momentary audience....
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    These hot studs are thirsty as fuck and the only thing on their mind is finding some big raw cocks and getting their asses fucked and bred. Jeremy Spreadums hops in a car for a ride home and ends up hopping on Sean Durans big raw cock. Jack Andy needs his sweet bubble butt pounded out and huge dicked Romance is happy to fuck him down his hole. Latin muscle stud Alejandro Fusco has been after sexy Jimmie Slater's big dick for a while and he finally gets his chance to get it down his thirsty throat and up his big beefy butt. Stephan Raw craves Manuel Scalco's dick and spends the day getting fucked and bred by his massive uncut cock. Thirsty fucker just gotta have that dick!...
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    A scorching hot live sex show with Jessie Colter fucking Rikk York's raw hole ignites a fiery fuck fest at New Orleans infamous Southern Decadence. After the show, Jessie and Rikk keep the fucking going back at their hotel and don't stop until Rikk's hole is dripping with a hot load of cum. Ginger stud Bennett Anthony is horny as fuck after seeing the life show and pounds down Jack Andy's hungry ass. Furry fucker Atlas Grant finds Stephen Harte in the shower and breeds his hairy ass right there in the bathroom. Four HOT scenes with sucking, fucking, and breeding like only Horned Up Fuckers can do!...
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    13 hot and horny big dicked studs get together for one epic double gang bang during notoriously wild and crazy Southern Decadence. The two lucky bottoms take dick after huge dick, and load after load, until they're fucked out holes are left dripping with cum!...
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    San Francisco’s famous Castro Street is ground zero for horny guys cruising for hot raw sex and these studs find just what they are craving in four hot bareback fuck scenes. Muscle stud DJ picks up horny pig Jessie Colter and pounds the slut with his huge raw cock. Legendary fucker Ethan Wolfe plows Leon Fox’s hole in a sling and gives the bottom the load he’s begging for. Teddy Bryce and Dylan Strokes devour each others cocks and then take turns fucking each other’s holes until they both bust huge loads. Sexy Brodie Ramirez picks up Niko Reeves on the street and uses the boy as a fuck toy, filling both his holes until he shoots his load and fucks it in his well fucked hole....
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    They say "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. NOT this time! These hot and horny studs are hooking up and we've captured it all on camera for your viewing pleasure in four scorching scenes. Aiden Hart, Draven Torres, and Justin Case fuck each other raw in a crazy hot 3-way. Huge dicked Michael DelRay pounds and breeds legendary bottom Cory Koons' sweet bubble butt. Muscle stud Draven Navarro gets the fuck of his life when Mason Lear relentlessly fucks his massive muscle ass and leaves it dripping with cum. Hung daddy Max Sargent gives Cory Koons the fat cock and load he's been begging for. ...
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    Sexy Cory Koons has the day off from work and the only thing on his mind is getting fucked and bred. The horny bottom heads to the infamous Hawks Gym where he spends the day taking all the huge raw cocks he can find down his throat and up his sweet hole. After getting DP'd, gang banged and bred by every top in the city Cory ends up with his worn out ass dripping with load, after load of hot cum. ...
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    Sometimes all you want to do is just fuck around. Joe Hudson can't resist Fierce Jock; street trade really gets him going. Jessie Colter and Brian Bonds are bored because of the chilly, rainy weather, so they turn up the heat in the bedroom. Bryan Knight loves his daddies, so when he's ready just to fuck around, he calls on Randy Harden. Brendan Patrick loves a big black cock; Timarrie Baker to the rescue!...
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    Random hookups are always fun! Jessie Colter rides Dylan Strokes, Adam Russo takes Brian Bonds like a champ. Gabriel and Eddie have a hot hotel hookup, and Chet Daniels, well, he can handle more than one, taking Dimitri Santiago and Joe Hudson in both ends! Chet is a true bottom pig!...
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    I wish all plumbers fucked like this....
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    A group of friends decide to spend a few days soaking up the sun at a seaside resort. Could not have been worst timing, a major storm front moved in with torrential rains and mudslides. Boys will be boys, they made the most of it, Brendan and Jessie wasted no time fucking on the dining room table. Brandon and Brutus get into some hot action in the bedroom. Timmarie and Adam fuck each others brains out, and Brian pounds Diego. See what happens when the boys are Stuck Inside....
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    New Orleans is known for being steamy, sexy, and hot and these studs feed off that gritty energy and turn it into hot, raw fucking! Aarin Asker picks up two huge dicked black studs to pound his holes and load him up and ends up getting the fuck of his life. Michael Roman gives his boy Seth Santoro a birthday gift he wil never forget in the form of sexy Parker Allen and a wild 3-way filp fuck. Tatted up hunk Sean Duran takes spicy ...
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    Sexy stud Mason Lear puts a "No Loads Refused" ad up on an online hook up site. He gets more than he bargained for when the construction workers next door hear him getting fucked in the backyard and decide to join in. One by one, and in groups, they take turns fucking his face and pounding his hole until the slutty bottom ends up taking loads from 11 horny fuckers. ...
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  • AFTER HOURS (SkynMen)

    After Last call, stay for the After Hours! When the doors close the clothes come off. Having waited all night to get their dicks wet, the bar staff Micky Carpathio, Tony Dazzle, Anthony Grey and Joey Wagner end the night in a steamy hot fuck fest....
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    A horned up group of horny fuckers have invaded New Orlean's infamous Phoenix Bar for some hot action. Sexy Seth Santoro and piggy Owen Powers serve up some big raw dick to slutty bottom Jett Rink with some hot DP fucking. Ebony Stud Timarrie Baker and muscle god Michael Roman spit roast Dalton Pierce and flood his sweet boy hole with cum. Mason Lear, Justin Case, and Joey Wagner suck and fuck each other's brains out in a scorching hot cum soaked three-way. These guys are totally FUCK'D AND LOADED!...
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    Every night is a party in New Orleans, but once a year it’s decadent! Southern Decadence is the time of year where being in the “Big Easy” gets even easier. All you need is a hard cock and a willing hole.

    Brian Bonds and Mason Lear help a lost Braxton Smith find his way home and on to his back; as these two hung studs tag team his hole.

    Sean Duran and Seth Santoro show off for the horned up patrons of the Bourbon Pub. The fucking continues when Sean goes balls deep into Seth’s hairy hole, back at their Hotel.

    Ryan Powers is treated to some southern hospitality when Owen Powers offers up his hole for a hard pounding.

    When getting laid is this easy, don’t just indulge, be decadent....
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    Guys certainly work up a sweat whether it's on the court, the field or in the gym. Justin Case and Adam Russo take a shower after a workout and end up flip fucking. Braxton Smith and Alex Mason return from batting practice and sweat up the sheets as well, I wonder who was catching? Armondo de Armas and Jay Alexander finish several sets of tennis and then head back to their resort to mess around. Sean Duran and Osiris Blade return from a good workout but they are overheated and it only gets hotter as Sean takes Osiris huge cock outside their tropical resort. ...
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    Visiting Chicago for IML, Brendan Patrick and Seth Santoro engage in some hot and sweaty flip action. These hunks sure know how to heat up a room and get the cum flowing. Next the Daddies have their turn as Hans Berlin and Adam James explore and service each other until each are satisfied. They definitely got what they needed. When five hot porn stars are stuck in a room together that can only mean one thing, a 5 man orgy! Hugh Hunter, Justin Case, Michael Roman, Zack Acland and Josh Stone all get down and dirty!! Watch to see who fucks and who gets fucked!...
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    Ft. Lauderdale is a gay mecca, beautiful ocean, plenty of sun and heat and no shortage of hot men. It's also hot inside with Roman Chase and Jimmie Slater heating up the couch. When Matt Stevens awakens to find Michael Derek making coffee, the only thing that's boiling is their passion for each other. Alessio Romero's cock is huge, but Braxton Smith isn't intimidated as he takes it all in including his hot load. Overlooking Ft. Lauderdale Beach muscle stud Sean Duran takes newcomer Dalton Pierce for a ride he isn't soon to forget. Starting out in the hot tub, and ending up on the bed Dalton rides Sean like a pro....
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