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    Most of these guys have dreamed of being pornstars since they were quite young, and once they are 19 or 21, they finally make the decision to give it a shot. Their dreams of banging hot chicks is sometimes so strong that they believe they should "do anything" to get their foot in the door. So, after they talk to me, I either fly them down from up North on a discount airline ticket, or they drive their beater from whatever trailer park in Florida they live in. Once they are "on the ground," so to speak, they are usually extremely uptight. That's when I know they either a) weren't lying about being straight, or b) are just nervous about being on camera. Usually it's a combination. After their first taste of dick and a paycheck, however, they always come back for more. Hell, sometimes they ev...
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    "Sure, these young men are ostensibly in it for the money. After all, where else can they make a few Benjies in an hour or two's time? It's definitely a sideline that develops multiple skill sets and desirable workforce traits: customer service, athletic ability (hopefully), courtesy, punctuality, salesmanship. Because they are young, too, they are eager to leave a good impression and get some return calls. However, with many of these guys I have a feeling that it's about more than just filling up their wallets. Let's face it, most of these whores come from broken homes, and most probably didn't grow up with a lot of male influence in their lives. When they meet a successful, authoritative father figure, some (no all) grow attached rather quickly. And then it's not just about the moolah. I...
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    "I like throwing two of my boy whores together at the same time. Most of the time, they're only used to being with me alone, and a lot of the time they've never even been with another guy. So it definitely puts them off guard, which is always fun to watch. I like the reactions of the 'straight' boys when confronted with a guy their own age. Despite whatever their misgivings may be, though, these sexy young studs pull through. Why? They need the money, and Daddy's got it for them."

    Check out Clay as he puts his boys through the hoops: all bareback, all threesomes. At least one of these raunchy bastards ends up being spit-roasted in each scene, and most of the time they end up with a load of jizz in both ends. By the time each fuck session is over, there's a very sore asshole a...
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    "Itís a lot easier being a creeper than one might think. The hardest part is getting them physically in the door, but once thatís accomplished, itís easy pickings. You play on a guyís vanity enough, and heíll be peeling off his underwear with a smile on his face. Oh, and the better looking and more in shape they are, the easier it is. This is a nice phenomenon, because as a professional creep I get to fuck some of the best looking teens and twenty-somethings around. The next step, of course, is getting their mouth around your cock. Unless they are total cock crusaders, generally this takes a bit more skill. But with enough practice, itís not too difficult. Sure, the straight guys might push back at first, but only about ten percent of the time. And then they will cave. Why? Because itís as...
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    "Straight guys in their late teens are early twenties are the easiest in terms of getting into their pants. They are impulsive, broke, and just plain horny. As a professional creep, I love getting my paws on their smooth muscular bodies. Who wouldnít? Itís even better, though, knowing that they have never felt the touch of another guy. When my hand is on their cock, or my tongue is on their butthole, I relish in the fact that I am trodding on virgin ground. Even though the guys are into chicks, just their age combined with the newness of the experience makes them pop a woodie. If Iím lucky, theyíll be in one of those experimental moods, and the dude will suck my dick or let me fuck him bareback. That is absolutely the best!"...
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    "For most of the month these guys want nothing to do with you. I don't blame them, they are young, good looking, and in their prime. They'd much rather be hanging out with friends, playing the field, or putting up with their annoying girlfriends. But when that rent comes due, they sure know how to ring me on speed dial. When they call instead of text, that's when I know they are desperate, and I usually have a chance at that point to negotiate their rates down. They don't like it, but it's still enough for them to skate by another week. These are the same guys who won't lift a finger for and hour, but put a few Benjamins in their hands and they'll do almost anything you want! So, I get a nice blowjob, stick my raw cock inside them, and pump away until their holes are full of seed. Lucas is...
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    "When you're cruising around looking for a cute homeless guy, you have to move fast. The good looking ones don't stay homeless for that long - usually they are in a temporary situation until some dumb chick lets him stay at her place, or maybe even an older gentleman with a spare bed and some cash. Bascially, the trick is to move in fast, ascertain the situation by asking if the guy is looking for a job. From there on, it's easy peasy if the guy says, "Yes." A lot of times a guy without a home has recently been evicted or kicked out. Sometimes he has just gotten out of jail. Hell, it can also be that they simply don't have enough money for a bus ticket to where they need to be. At any rate, it's usually the result of poor foresight, among other multiple issues.

    Most guys are ...
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    For one reason or another, all these young, unemployed rough trade types end up in the bed of an old perv. They aren't trying to make some side money to put into their 401Ks, either. Typically it's an emergency. Sure, there might be a handful of savvy rentboys out there, paying their rent and tuition bills. But those guys are usually jaded, and those high class hookers definitely won't let anyone bareback them, let alone cum in their ass. And I probably wouldn't want to do that with them anyhow, to tell you the truth. These deplorable types, on the other hand, as long as they have their short term need fulfilled and nobody ever finds out - they will let you do almost anything to them, and smile when it's over. I suppose they can just block it out of their minds that they have just been use...
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    "The Creep knows exactly how to get these fine boys to do whatever he wants, whether it's going slow to avoid scaring them off, or diving right in because it's clear the "straight boy" is needy and ready to be a fucking whore. One minute this so-called porn producer is telling them "I know you're straight, it's OK," and the next minute his face is up that hot tight boy ass, with the boy moaning like a fucking bitch! Of course, the teen's cock is also usually boned to the max and he's ready to ride some big daddy dick. It's truly amazing to see the Creeper ambush them and get them to do it all - and let them be the freaky fucking whores they really want to be. And, surprisingly enough, some of these "straight boys" sure know how to suck cock! The Creep's favorite activity, though, is taking...
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    These are Clay's homemade videos with local male hookers and broke straight guys butt-fucking each other. All of these scenes feature one or more "straight" guys doing gay for pay sex. Sometimes itís a gay guy and a straight guy, and sometimes it is a few straight guys. There's even a foursome in here! In Clay's words: "Iím not gonna lie to you about these guys. If they self identify as straight I treat them as such. If they self identify as gay Iím not gonna pretend they are straight. Thereís enough bullshit out there in the gay porn world about guys supposedly being straight, but they are really helium-heeled club kids who pluck their eyebrows and iron their hair. Hey, whatever floats your boat. I like watching straight guys fuck gay guys, donít get me wrong. But I especially love turnin...
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    "Clay is on the prowl again for the freshest teen ass for sale. He is not a very discriminatory client, either. This middle aged grey haired pervy geezer will fuck any teenage ass that presents itself, as long as itís legal and not over-priced. Wannabe thugs, clean cut college guys who need money for tuition, lazy stoners, professional boy cuntsÖ whomever. His favorite rent boys, though, are the first timers. Clay loves breaking in new whores. Usually he puts one of his regulars in with a newbie; he and the guy whoís been around the block teach the new bareback fuck toy how to do it. Over three hours of all bareback daddy teen action! Dads want laid, teens want paid!"...
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    "Times get tough real quick when the parents turn off that credit card. Boys from the suburbs get excited about finally moving out of the nest. A few months later they have some unexpected expenses. Next thing they know, they hate their job working at the local juice shop, and they miss having their parent's car to borrow. This is the point at which guys like me come into their lives. Of course, I have to be a bit lucky and find them at exactly the right moment in their lives. Somewhat open-minded, good looking, cash-strapped teenagers are not a dime a dozen. But if the money is right and you can shmooze them just the right way, it works on occasion. The first step is to act like you're doing them the favor. Act like you are really too busy to waste your time with them, but express a genui...
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    "Straight guys usually just want to get a nut and bolt. When they are broke, they just want to get paid and bolt. So filming these young horny straight guys is pretty easy, especially when they are out of work or just plain money hungry. They want to get a nut, get paid, and get the hell outta there. When it comes to getting off, they prefer pussy or tits, but in a pinch any hole will do. Another buddy's mouth or ass will work just fine. They don't give a fuck! This is why you see these supposed straight guys busting massive loads of cum onto another dude, or in his mouth, or on his asshole. All that testosterone is at least good for something! These sexy young studs suck and fuck each other like no tomorrow, and all of them smile and horse around after they dump their loads. Hot bareback ...
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    Thugs, Euro, Blue Collar, and Momma's Boys. What do they all have in common? Even though they are Ďstraight,í if you approach them the right way, they will like it. I get them through the door with the promise of chicks: All these guys are pretty much dumb whores who think that they can get all the pussy they want if they get into the porn biz. Before they know what's happening, though, they have a tongue or a dick up their ass, and their lips are wrapped around an old perv's cock. Guess what, though? They fucking love every minute of it, otherwise they wouldn't be rock hard and bust a nut, would they?...
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    Dads want laid, teens want paid! Clay along with some of his mature buddies are on the prowl for some hot teenage ass, and it doesn't take long for them to find it. It seems like there's a young willing man whore almost everywhere you look these days - online, hanging out in public, or just walking to the corner store. These young entrepreneurs really earn their money, too! Once the deal is sealed, these guys have their mouths wide open and their legs in the air faster than you can put your wallet back in your pocket....
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  • I'M NOT GAY BUT...

    "The most fun part about filming all of these so-called straight guys is that after all the bullshitting about pussy, they all end up with a cock in their mouth. Or up their asses... which is prety damn gay to me. You can watch all the titty porn you want, but when you cum buckets onto a dude's asshole and then a smile comes across your face, it's hard to hide how much you like it. Thomas had never (supposedly) fucked another guy before, but his big fat cock had no problem slam fucking Toby. Same goes for Patrick - he basically slam fucks Ryan bareback and then nuts onto Ryan's swollen, gaping hole. Danny and Clay turn two supposedly straight guys into total cock-sucking bitches, and after it was all over these broskies had dick on their breath and smiles on their faces! Then they move on ...
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    "It's just like prom night - all of the clumsiness, anticipation, and raw sexual urges are on full display by these so-called "straight boys" testing out the waters. If we could have filmed it all in the back seat of a car behind the gymnasium we would have! But straight boys need a little more coaxing than that, and since the eighteen and nineteen year olds are usually broke, a few benjamins and some studio lights don't hurt. The nice thing about the young ones is that their boy cunts are tight and juicy! Although they might be filled with denial, they are up for almost anything - now that they finally have the chance to play with another guy's cock. Our newest raunchy bastards get fucked bareback, swallow cum, and even get felched!"...
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    "I don't know what drives these young men to sell their ass for my pocket change, but I have a feeling it isn't going into a 401K. Sure, there are the gay guys who party and pay their bills by getting fucked by clients, but I prefer the rough types who literally have no other means to make it through the week. Have you ever wondered what is going through their minds while your dick is in their mouth? I have, and it's not pretty. I can imagine these guys have a self-esteem the size of a kidney bean. The newer the whore, the better, too. Before they get jaded, they'll do anything, including letting you bang them raw. Sometimes it takes a session of ass eating first, but they always come back for more cash."...
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    The nice thing about young straight guys is that they respond well to authority figures - it's the wolf pack mentality. So when they need a job and some creeper tries to stick it in, they usually let him. As a professional creeper, I have a few rules of thumb. First, once they have all their clothes off, it's a fuck-ton easier to cop a feel. That's why it's best to start with a photoshoot and reel them in until they are naked and on a bed or a couch. Once a dude is hard, if you grab his cock, he'll have mixed feelings that will benefit you in the long run. Although he thinks you are a fucking creeper, the sensation feels good - he will let you 99% of the time. Second rule of thumb: If he lets you eat out his ass, he will definitely let you fuck him. Once you've crossed that line and had so...
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    "When I started looking on line for hot young guys to film, I was surprised at how easy it was. These closet cases fall easily for the quick cash, but also for an excuse to get some dick. They are great to hang around, but if you open up your couch to one of them, they might not ever leave. While they secretly might like getting fucked bareback or having a cock in their mouths, they openly - and without shame - much prefer playing video games and eating microwave food rather than earning an honest living. Such is life! At least I have a bunch of horny young playthings to film! Toby, Kadus, and Jigsaw seemed like peas in a pod having a bareback fuckfest on the bed. Nolan and Danny - two of my favorite closeted jocks - have no time getting hard and fucking like rabbits. I even felch Danny af...
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