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    Some are dribblers and some are shooters. These guys are gushers! Ty and Willie fuck on the couch until they bust all over (even on the couch)! Zack and Tyler love the feel of hot sticky cum on their tight bodies, so Zack gives them a cum shower before bed each night. Caleb is a little more experienced on the porn set and was showing straight army boy Lucas the ropes, but he blew his load 3 times just because he was having so much fun! Huge cock after huge cock gushing cum on faces, chests, and even 3 times in a row will keep yours satisfied time and again....
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    Marcus Rivers was straight, at one point. He liked girls, cars, video games, and all the other stuff straight guys liked. But then he started realizing he liked straight guys too. Especially when they fucked him in the ass. He doesn’t like girls so much anymore (yeah, “that” way). This is a collection of some of the best scenes has (so far) that candidly portray Marcus’ eager desire to have his tight hairy little hole filled by a big cock (or whatever he can find, as the case may be.) See him with Zack Randall, Derrick Dickem, Jeremy Cox, and Michael Roma as he shows each of them how much he loves to please (and be pleased!) This boy’s hungry hole is never satisfied, but your cock will be as you watch his twinkish charm turn on even the straightest dude we’ve got!...
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    Everyone has great, memorable bonding moments in their lives, and some are a little more magical than others. Take a couple of frustrated straight guys, for example, Derrick and Jeremy. They never get quite everything they need from their girlfriends, but as you’ll see, they don’t mind jacking off together every now and again. That still wasn’t quite enough. This is where Marcus comes in. His tight hairy hole was just what everyone needed to have a good time! They consummated their new bromance with a hot 3-way orgy and knew that their lives would be different forever. Follow the forming of a great friendship, a Best Fucking Friends Forever friendship. A BFFF is what every straight guy needs!...
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    There’s nothing sexier than someone who can understand your horniness, and who better than a daddy with some experience to help younger guy out? Join JS Wild as he helps Billy find total release in a hardcore session leaving his hairy stomach covered in cum. Next see JS Wild in a real cam show with a college student (Wyatt), who needed Wild’s thick daddy cock in his tight hole so much he couldn’t wait to ride it! Cute little Alfonso falls head over heels for hunky daddy Jason while giving a massage, which leaves him with a sticky tip on his face at the end! Jeremy is jacking off outdoors, but something was missing. It turned out to be JS Wild’s helping hand and mouth! Last but not least, Jeremy tries out dildos for the first time to please all the daddies out there who might want that hair...
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    In troubling times, solidarity is important, so we’re putting out the call: COCK LOVERS UNITE! Thick, veiny, cut or uncut, we don’t discriminate when it comes to DICK… as long as it’s BIG! After watching Big Cocks Fuck Tight Holes 2, Cock Lovin’ Cum Addicts, and DIY Blowjob, you’ll definitely feel the ache in your hole!...
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    A mix of hot solos and rauchny duos, these six scenes all have one thing in common… Big Uncut Teen Twink Cocks. The title is a bit of a mouthful, but so are the boys! Fan favorite, Zack Randall, leads the way with his big uncut cock (and shows off his self-sucking skills, too!) Adam Hess, Tyler Haycock, Alfonso, Hunter Starr, and Isaac Yale, join him with their uncut cocks stiff and their holes slick and ready!
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    "They may love pussy, but horny guys like Zack Randall, Jizzy McBone, Billy Club, and Wyatt Blaze are willing to enjoy some cock, too, if it means getting off! Sexy girls Katt and Zoey Kush get to watch these boys fuck, and get fucked themselves, in over two hours of bisexual action!" ...
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    Zack Randall presents its first all-male fuck-fest! If you enjoy the feeling of a large cock entering a tight hole, you are not alone! These 8 sexy and hung college hunks share your enthusiasm, with a passion that will leave your dick dripping and shooting for more. First, Zack gives straight boy Billy a lesson in how to take it like a man, fucking him deep and hard. Isaac and Harrison have a little trouble fitting Isaac’s huge member into Harrison’s tight little ass, but they finally get it and boy does it look good! Then Zack takes you behind the scenes of him performing in a cam show, complete with a dildo and masturbator toy for him to thrust into. Next, twink bottom boy Marcus had been itching to get fucked, so we paired him with bisexual stud Ty (with a 9-inch cock), who gave him the...
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    Whether giving or receiving, everybody loves facials! The 8 sexy boys in this film are no exception, as they are all eager for that creamy, satisfying cum to land on an awaiting face. Our resident facial expert Zack Randall shows what it means to take a load in the face and love every drop, whether with a webcam partner (Wyatt), or by himself. But he can sure dish them out like he does with Alec, too! Straight Billy continues to explore the taste of cock when he meets Foster for an oral lover’s dream. Isaac has been learning to enjoy the taste of cum, so much in fact that he just had to flip upside down to jizz in his mouth while using a glass dildo! Twink bottom boy Marcus gets turned on so much by Ty’s fresh bisexual juice on his face after their fuck in the hot tub that he busts his lo...
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    Uncut porn star Zack Randall chooses some of his favorite masturbation sessions over the years of shooting for Zack Randall. Huge cum shots, auto-fellatio, toys, facials, and moans of ecstasy prevail as Zack savors the sweetness of his orgasms, relishing his hot dog while sharing his secrets of auto-erotic pleasure. 9 scenes (including 2 “Easter Egg” bonus scenes) total nearly 3 hours of footage that cover over 2 years of filming and a wide variety of sets, looks, and props. There are enough ejaculations and sexiness to keep you hard and jacking off with Zack more times than you can shake a stick at it. For all who like to peek into the most intimate moments of the lives of masturbaters, this is not one to miss! It’s okay: Jazz yourself! ...
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  • COCK LOVIN' CUM ADDICTS presents eight of its most cock-lovin’, cum-addicted models in over 2 hours of tasty, sticky fun! Whether they are in the bedroom, the shower, or the office, these cock loving cum addicts are always looking for cock to suck and cum to slurp, from their own source or another’s! You will see Sean Adams tasting his own cum, sexy emo twink Alec Ditz and Brian Lovescock swapping their loads with sexy facials in the shower, Zack Randall giving pointers on how to suck cock and eat cum while alone at the office, Alfonso licking up jock Ty Evan’s load and his own, and what the new intern does at the office while Zack is away. Beginning with a home-shot video made by porn star (and well-documented cum-lover) Zack Randall himself with the help of fellow cum gobbler Tyler Haycock, Coc...
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    The much-anticipated sequel is here! Big Cocks Fuck Tight Holes 2 continues the saga of hot college jocks and twinks shoving their big cocks into whatever small orifice they can find! Watch Jizzy Mcbone show off his tight jock body as he shoves his huge uncut member in and out of a masturbation toy. Sean and Lucas are so into each other they just have to flip-fuck to feel just how tight the other’s hole is! Then see Adam, one of the hottest new twinks on, use a toy for the first time! His expressions are priceless as he feels his uncut cock slide in and out! Zack Randall himself is next, with a bareback session with Tyler, including a deliciously messy ending! Zack comes back to try to fit his enormous uncut cock into a toy, with a fountain of cum at the end! Last but not l...
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