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  • BOSS 1 & 2

    As their first big movie, the hot and gritty BOSS took UKHotJocks to the next level, and the sequel, BOSS 2 did not disappoint. Now, you can own both sordid tales of sexual aggression and power. JP Dubois is the boss and he rules with an iron cock, so to speak, as he leads by example through raunchy sexual encounters. There’s nothing innocent about his crew, either, and the ‘dirty work’ is literal as these suited up and boned up men fuck in the shadows of Manchester....
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    They don’t cruise, they are Lured. When an abandoned mill send out ambiguous messages telling boys to “Come to the mill, it’s a sexual play-ground” they can’t resist. They don’t know why, or who, all they know is where and nor. Is someone calling to these boys, a peeping Tom getting off on the thrill of voyerism or has the mill somehow become self-aware and is feeding off the sexual energy of hot young jocks?

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    Pumped Up! Ripped Bodies, hard cocks and insatiable sexual appetites. These lads might not all be gay but they enjoy a raw hot asshole wrapped around their fat dicks. Full of testosterone and sweaty from their workouts, they use their gym buddy’s mouth and hole to release their pent up tension.
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    Big boys toys! Theres nothing like the freedom of having your own motor, you can go where you want, when you want and take who you want with you. Whether that's down to the shops or out for a sneaky fuck! They can also be a huge attraction to potential sex partners, a hot set of wheels can certainly get you laid. Sex on Cars does what it says on the bonnet. The guys like their conquests risky, outdoors and over a warm ticking engine.
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    UKHotJocks is trying out something new. Much like when you try a hot new pair of underwear, or a new cock ring for the first time… it gets you hard and horny right away! Stripping back to the fuck and fetish gear, the hot new studio set and most importantly focusing on the guys. Whether you’re into sporty jock gear, football shorts and protective pads or the sleazier side of rubber wear, slick black latex like a second skin, we’ve mixed it up for a hell of a wet, filthy and dirty ride! These guys really go for it, kinked up to the max including double penetration, giant toys and watersports galore. Warning: Not for the easily offended! Sit back, get your gear on and let HotJocks take you to the other side, where the Gear is Hard.
    $ 39.95 
  • CLUB

    The CLUB boys are promiscuous, mischievous and insatiable! Set in a London Soho nightclub, muscle bound boys and young bar bucks in tight white vests don’t think twice before using their paid time to bang each other senseless.
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    The Boss is back. Sharper suits, HotterJocks and harder action. UKHotJocks presents our first ever sequel.

    Deceit, dirty play, double crossing… the business only gets rougher! JP Dubois stars as the man not to mess with. Accompanied by his team of mafia cronies doing his dirty work no one will stand in their way. That’s not to say that JP doesn’t get hands-on, it a tough business and sometimes if you want something or someone doing right, you’ve got to do them yourself.

    Josh Jackman and Yoshi Kawasaki debut in their first hard-core scenes, along side Wade steel, Bruno Bernal, Adam Nivad and JP Dubois....
    $ 39.95 
  • BOSS

    The Mafia: Underground, corrupt, a law unto their own.
    The heavies and muscle are the ones deep in the dirty work, leaving the Boss out of immediate trouble. JP Dubois is the master of proceeding. His subordinates take the time out to fuck around, dodgy business deals and sex for silence. JP doesn’t trust what he can’t shag, meaning all sorts of sordid encounters. Not everyone who works for the Boss will survive, who will get whacked and who gets whacked off? Set in grimy industrial Manchester, Boss is the first blockbuster movie from UKHotJocks....
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    Sex toys are often brought into relationships to spice things up. Sometimes they're an obsession and are constantly being replaces with newer, more exciting and bigger models. Whatever the reason, we can't deny that they certainly make things interesting. JP Dubois and Sam Barcley talk us through these Toy Stories... Some are fantasies of theirs and some are real experiences they've had, recreated for the cameras by the hottest jock boys out there....
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