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    Mars Rousseau is putting the weights back on the rack when Cesar Rossi walks in the room. He is exhausted and not wanting to workout. Sending this, Mars tries to loosen him up a little and get him motivated by rubbing his shoulders. Soon they are kissing and groping each other. Cesar sucks Mars hard cock 1st for a while before Mars sucks Cesar. Ricky Larkin & Dax Carter are back in the locker room after a great workout. They are mutually admiring each other's hard work in the gym and comparing gains. This leads to some body fondling and soon both are kissing. Cesar Rossi and Scott DeMarco have never fooled around in a back room play area before, but Scott's friend Jack offered for him to use his playroom. After a little awkwardness, they settle into the environment and start playing with e...
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    Vic Rocco has come to the Doctor's office to hopefully get out of his leg splint because he wants to get back into the gym. Jay Donahue comes into the exam room and takes it off. He brushes up against Vic's crotch to which Vic responds favorably. Jay starts groping Vic's cock through his shorts and starts sucking it. Mason Lear has come to the Doctor because he is having pain in his groin. When Dr. Cesar Rossi asks what caused the pain, he explains that it was an intense sexual encounter he had. Intrigued, Cesar starts examining Mason by feeling around his groin. He soon discovers that he is hard and has him remove his pants for further examination. Sean Harding is waiting in the exam room when his partner Darin Silvers walks in and is surprised to see him there. Sean has come to spice up ...
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    Conner Mason cleans Jaxton Wheeler's boat every weekend but this time he just isn't that into it. Thinking that Jaxton has gone into town for supplies, he is kicking back enjoying cold water. Jaxton comes back early and sees Conner not working. As a punishment, he suddenly goes down on his knees worshipping Jaxtonís big hard cock. Walking on the beach, Javier Cruz and Todd Haynes notice the rain coming and decide to hang out at the Surf Shack. The two partners get closer as Javier starts kissing Todd. They both get naked and their cock gets ready for more action. Mateo Fernandez and Bentley Michaels are standing on the shore with their Body Boards and the ocean is totally calm and peaceful. Once back inside, they are kissing and the clothes come off revealing both of their massive cocks. M...
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    James Stevens is preparing his playroom when he hears a knock at the door. Jay Donahue is a little nervous when he enters, but James takes control and starts by kissing and groping him. Jay is eager to please his Sir as he sucks his big long cock. Jay Alexander and Michael Roman are in their Jocks, making out in the playroom. Jay fucks Michael bent over with his bare cock deep inside his ass. Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello agree that as lovers, they will only go raw with each other. Soon they are naked and Rego is having a taste of Alexander's big uncut cock. Before going bareback, they start fucking raw doggy style. Adrian Suarez is sitting in the locker room when Vic Rocco walks in. He noticed Vicís big cock under his shorts. He pulls it out and they both start making out. Adrian works...
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    Playing with his dick through his gym shorts, Aspen always has a perpetual boner. Jack Andy notices and of course cannot wait to get it in his mouth. The thrill of potentially getting caught turns them both on. Mike Lobo has no issues with the age gap between him and Jace Chambers and is excited when his partner asks him to move in with him. They are both so excited with each other that you can see the pre-cum spots on their shorts. Soon their clothes are off, Jace starts sucking Mike's hard cock. Sean Duran has hired Aspen and Darin Silvers for some warehouse help. They work on the chair but they can't find the hardware for it so they start stroking their big dicks. Even though he's mad, Sean joins in with one condition which is that they have to make him cum so they can keep their jobs. ...
    $ 39.95 

    Jaxton Wheeler has come to Dr. Anthony Bennett because he has injured his hand and asks to be examined. Dr. Anthony starts to do a routine on Jaxton and then things take a turn when he starts rubbing his cock and sucking it. Cesar Rossi wants to go for a run but his lower back has been hurting him lately. Chandler Scott offers to rub it to make him feel better. He takes off Cesarís running shorts to get a better position and soon his hands start wandering to his ass. James Stevens is in the locker room when Dax Carter walks in covered in sweat. They share a little talk and James asks how he gets his muscles so big. Dax loves the attention, he pulls off his shorts and shows James his huge meaty ass perfectly outlined by his jock-strap. Rego Bello is annoyed when he sees Julian Knowles has b...
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    That's a big one!...
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    Bennett Anthony comes out naked in the kitchen and tells Jay Alexander he has breakfast for him. They start making out before Bennett bends Jay over the sink and sucks his cock from behind. Michael Roman is an early bird and he has dragged Jace Chambers to the gym so they can get some hot sexy action in before everyone shows up. Michael convinces Jace and soon enough he is down on his knees worshipping his manís big cock. Dax Carter wants to go to the gym but his partner Dustin Steele knows another way to get their cardio in. Dax agrees and shortly he has Dustinís cock in his mouth. Cesar Rossi is just finishing with is shower when he notices Adrian Suarez staring at him. After some small talk, they both agree they can have some fun together....
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    Trenton Ducati is upset because his step-son has been using his dildo. Kory Houston bends over and pulls his shorts down to get fucked hard and deep. Dean Phoenix calls for Timothy Drake but he doesn't hear a reply back so he heads to his room and sees his step-son watching porn. He decides to show him how to correctly masturbate. Timothy loves it and kicks back while his step-dad plays with is hard dick. DíArclyte is surprised when he realizes what Danny Gunn has been doing instead of cleaning his room. He pushes him on the bed and spreads his legs wide so he can bury his face between his smooth ass. While stroking his dick, Tristan Jaxx spies on Skyle Hart who is watching porn. When he notices, he slams his laptop down. His step-dad drops his pants and Skyler gets down on his knees....
    $ 39.95 

    Bryce Evan notices that Sean Duranís big dick is poking out of his shorts. He gets on his knees and wraps his mouth around it taking every inch down his throat the best way he can. Adin Smith tells Jack Andy he heard a rumor that his cock is big. He confesses that he is horny and wants to see it. Jack pulls it out and Adin starts sucking it. He then shows him his beefy hairy ass and his partner rims it. Bryce Evans told his lover Hans Berlin that he invited over Jaxton Wheeler, a guy with a nice thick cock. Both are a little nervous, but when Jaxton arrives they waste no time before all three climb on the bed and start kissing and groping each other. Alexander Garrett, Hans Berlin and Scott DeMarco are sitting in the locker room sharing where they are from and talking about how big their d...
    $ 39.95 

    When Lex Ryan comes home, he starts picking on his lover Dustin Steele for wearing camouflage shorts. They waste no time before kissing each other and getting undressed. Aston Springs is showing Sean Duran the new photographs he purchased. Sean says he would rather see Aston's ass over them. He pulls down his pants and starts eating his partnerís beautiful ass. Bryce Evans & Rod Peterson have just finished their workout and are about to hit the showers. They are both pumped and showing off their muscles to each other when Bryce says they should spice up their relationship. He puts on the charm and soon both are embraced kissing and groping each other. Ray Diesel & Rego Bello are in the locker room discussing the ass of Julian Knowles. Once he get there, they start checking him out and he t...
    $ 39.95 

    Javier Cruz tells Gaberial Isaacs that he prefers guys and offers to show him why. He kisses his buddy and soon has his cock in his mouth. They fuck in several positions before Javier canít hold back and shoot a big load of cum. Chandler Scott and Jay Alexander are in the locker room discussing about the gymís membership rewards. He takes that as the opportunity to start sucking Jay's big cock. Jay then sucks him before bending him over and rimming his ass. After convincing Lex Sabre to stay in bed, Cesar Rossi starts kissing him and stroking his huge cock. Lex then rims Cesar's ass and gets him ready for his cock. They fuck in several positions on the bed until Lex fucks the cum out of Cesar. Cesar Rossi is very stressed out and Rico Romero starts massaging him on the bed. It turns much m...
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    Dustin Steele sucks Sean Maygers's extra big cock but he struggles. They move into a 69 and suck each other for a while before Sean moves to Dustin's ass and grinds his thick cock. Bentley Michael is totally asleep when Jack Andy comes down the stairs and discovers him. Aroused, Jack starts playing with himself. When Bentley starts to awake, he gets a little surprise. Jace Chambers is showering at the gym but he realizes he forgot his towel so he asks Zane Taylor for his help. When he sees the big cock hanging between Jace's legs, he cannot help but stare. Zane is then on his knees sucking Jace's big cock until it gets fully hard. Phoenix Fellington & Jack Andy both have their dicks out and are stroking each other in the back room. It does all the talking as they both desire each other....
    $ 39.95 

    Aston Springs asks Julian Cortez to have sex with him at the gym. Heís hesitant about getting caught, but soon gives in to Aston's charm. They drop their towels and start kissing and stroking each other. Jack Andy has to put on the perfect fitting cock & ball ring, but he needs a little help and Tony Lazzari is happy to do so. After helping Jack get his cock hard, Tony takes a few photos and starts sucking it. Jack Andy admits to Bennett Anthony that it is his 1st time with a ginger. Soon they are on the bed and Jack is ready for Bennett's hard dick. Cesar Rossi is hanging outside next to a trailer when he sees Fernando Del Rio walking towards him. Tempted, Fernando drops to his knees and starts sucking him right....
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    Ceasar Camaro begins to show off his body when he sees Timothy Rivers rubbing his hard cock through his shorts. Ceasar makes his way over and instantly drops to his knees and starts blowing Timothy's big hard cock. When Alex Chandler reveals to Myles Landon he has a crush on him, he instantly pulls his fat dick out. Alex loves the feeling of finally having his Coach fuck him. Leo Luckett is enjoying a hot spring day in his neighborís pool. When Dolf sees him, he tells the young buck that if he lets him fuck him than he can use his pool any time he wants. He instantly agrees! Bentley Michaels is in his hotel room when he decides to call the front desk and asks for more towels. Alexander Garrett walks into the room with his towels and sees Bentley stroking his hard cock. He takes his shirt o...
    $ 39.95 

    Cesar & Devin are in the locker room discussing the Twink they saw in the gym and the fact that he obviously has a huge cock. Ace Era is standing alone wearing a pair of boots and a jockstrap waiting for some action in the sex club playroom. Alexander walks in and gets a deep sloppy BJ. Dr. Adonis begins to rub Michael's thighs and inner. Michael notices that his Doc has become aroused and his thick hard cock is showing through his scrubs. Ceasar Camaro has Jay Alexander pull his cock out and once he sees how big it is he drops to his knees and starts sucking it....
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    After a hard gym session, these men are not expecting what is going to happen to them in the locker room. Once they see they are not alone, they waste no time dropping to their knees and sucking their partnerís big cock....
    $ 39.95 

    What do men with thick hard cocks in a local bathroom known for its glory hole have in common? They love having their cocks sucked through the hole. When the temptation is too hard, they finally come out and get fucked!...
    $ 39.95 

    Chandler is sitting on the bed playing a game when Dylan walks in. He notices the lube and towel sitting on the nightstand and that pisses him off. Chandler puts on the charm and soon Dylan has melted into his arms and they are passionately making out. Cesar and Julian chat about how great their relationship is. They embrace, start kissing and then the passion builds as they undress each other on the bed. Jay & Aston are sitting in a park and talking about how much they care for each other and decide to go back home. Entering the bedroom the passion continues as they undress and Aston starts sucking Jay's cock. Once the small-talk is over about selling the boat, Sean asks Hans what's it worth to you and they go inside to negotiate. Once inside, they immediately embrace each other and the c...
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    Mike is questioning Zane in the locker room about his relationship with Billy. Zane admits that the sex was not good and Billy had a small cock. Seeing his opportunity, Mike makes a move and once Zane discovers he has a big cock, he cannot resist. Jack and Scott have been dating for three months and as they sit in bed discussing how much they enjoy each other, Scott asks if Jack is ok with being the bottom all the time. Julian is on the prowl for a big cock and Chad happens to have what he needs. He starts grinding his cock against Julian's ass and we can tell through his jeans that he is well endowed. Armond is sitting in his bed texting back and forth...
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