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Rapture Novelties products are exclusive lines of adult toys and apparel. The product lines include high quality fetish stainless steel products such as cuffs, shackles, collars and unique stainless steel body wear.



    Keep your submissive in-line and in your control with this Thick Stainless Steel Locking Collar. The durable and heavy steel will remain firmly around your submissive's neck, keeping them in place and on a leash if you prefer.

    The collar opens and locks with a stainless steel screw, a screw driver is supplied.

    The collar has one O-rings for attachment to leashes, chains, ties or other bondage gear. Attach a leash to the collar and lead your sub around making them follow all of your commands.

    The inside diameter is 5.5 inches (14 cm), the Collar Height is 1 inch (2.5 cm), the thickness is 0.2 or 1/5 Inches (0.5 cm). The circumference is 17 inches (43 cm)

    Additional Information:

    • Solid Stainless Steel w...
    $ 59.95 

    This collar can be worn as jewelry or as a piece of bondage for fetish play. It is made of polished stainless steel. The finish is exquisitely polished. It made from solid 1/2 inch diameter stainless steel. The collar is fitted with a sunken screw lock and conforming hinge that gives it a seamless flush appearance. The diameter is designed for a loose fit that is not restrictive but also makes the wearer aware it is on due to its heavy feel. The looser necklace fit allows the collar to double as a jewelry piece especially when combined with other accessories.

    Additional Information:

    • Solid Stainless Steel with polished Finish
    • Attached lead ring
    • Flush mount screw lock
    • The neck circumference is 15.5 inches (39 cm) or...
    $ 44.95 

    Stainless steel banded collar with a soft rubber inside and edge. Adjustable sizes from 11 to 16 inch circumference. Comes with a removable chain leash with a leather strap at one end and an attaching clip at the other. Secures closed with an included padlock.

    Additional Information:

    Soft rubber inside and edging Adjustable fit with lockable pin Padlock included Circumference is adjustable from 11 to 13 inches (28 to 33.4 cm) Collar height 1 3/4 inches (4.5cm)



    • Weight: 8.5oz (0.24 kg)
    • Color: Stainless Steel Steel Band Collar With Leash (Small)
    • Item ID: P-RAP-C15S
    $ 39.95 
  • Rapture Novelties: LEATHER COLLAR

    Leather Collar with silver chain ornament. Adjustable snap closure for small, medium and large size.

    Additional Information:

    • Matte Black Leather
    • Silver Chain Ornament
    • Adjustable Fit to 3 Sizes Snap Closure




    • Weight: 6oz (0.17kg)
    • Color: Black
    $ 19.95 


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