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Spunk Video produces a gay smorgasbord of cum-splattered bliss with their bareback, watersports, fisting, leather daddy, and raw twink films.



    resh off the success of Raunch, Rage started production on Toilets and Manholes, using many of the same models in both (meaning, if you liked Manholes and want to throw in a little piss, you'll like Toilets). Toilets has a slightly harder edge, however, with a bit of whipping, hot wax, and the infamous candy bar scene. Definitely one to make sure you have for your collection.

    Rage credits and quotes from Edgar Allan Poe's A Dream Within A Dream, which he reflects in the film by appearing throughout in bed, writhing, sometimes alone and sometimes with his co-stars. The film unfolds like a dream; we're not quite sure if this is Rage's dream, or that of someone else but starring Rage and his cast of handsome sex fiends:

    A Dream Within A Dream

    Take this k...

    In a sign that Raunch was going to be controversial, the beginning credits state that none of the models in the movie would agree to be credited for their performance. Of course, they proceeded to make numerous movies both for Rage and others in later years, but this was 1983 and the religious right was flexing its newfound muscles (ultimately culminating in the Meese Commission Report in 1986). And, Raunch must be viewed with pre-AIDS era-glasses (so to speak), although Rage was quoted later as saying that the last film he made without regard to HIV was Toilets.

    That said, Raunch was groundbreaking. Rage showed us sexual acts that while were common in certain circles, were nothing less than revolutionary to most gay men, starting with the very first images of Bosch Wagner sel...

    All new and uncensored, OUTRAGE is a daring and raunchy tape that goes even further in exploring the steamy sexuality of Manhattan's hottest men. You'll see water sports, toys, and wild clothes. Plus, superstar JD Slater and Chris Rage double up for the kind of kinky scene you may have heard about, but you've never seen.

    This 1985 release ranks amongst Rage's most sick and perverted. Guys piss into rubbers then burst them on each other's faces. Including the infamous JD Slater/Alpo dog food scene, he's dragged across the floor, eats from the dogfood can and give head. Hunky studs dress in womens lingerie and piss in each other's mouths. Other scenes deal in domination, bondage, humiliation, S&M, and toys. Excellent quality.

    * There are condoms in OUTRAGE, but they...

    Jack Stone brings to a piss-soaked close the WETTEST porno trilogy ever made. It's 6:00 am at L.A.'s Club House, and only the WETTEST, filthiest and most dedicated piss freaks are still hanging in there.

    Take Mickey Squires for example. Whether crouched in an abandoned bathtub begging for someone to piss on him, or groveling on a dirty concrete floor licking up puddles of cold urine, the porno superstar reveals for the first time his craving for anonymous, degrading sexual encounters. Or Al Schwein, the one with the pig tail tattooed on his butt and the boar's head on his right bicep. Listen to him rap about his twenty-plus years of outhouse depravity and you'll be pissing in your worn-out jockstrap.

    If you think everyone in southern California is blond and 22, ...

    Wetter than WET! Six depraved pigs in a bladder-bustin’, toilet-trainin’, ass-eatin’, belchin’, bootlinkin’ piss orgy. Put on your rubbers!

    If WET had buckets of piss, then WETTER’s has five-gallon pails. Taking over NYC’s famed Attic, the men of WETTER drench each other, get down and roll in it, and drink piss in like no other film. James Silver voyeuristically preys on each scene defying his cute-boy looks, while Chris O’Neil soaks it all up, filthy underwear and all....

    First things first, Jack Stone's WET is piss - 60 minutes of it, buckets of it, in the classic first installment of Jack's Stone water sports trilogy. More to the point - and firmly in the Christopher Rage tradition - WET is a piss orgy with eleven insatiable studs, all types, some recruited from New York's Golden Showers Association. Beer gets guzzled, hoses spurt and drip, and mouths gape thirstily as the party spills from bathroom to bedroom and overflows into a garden for raunchy action in the great outdoors. These guys turn the whole house into a latrine - and that's just the beginning. A mohawked, tattooed slave is led around on all fours into a bedroom, where he proves it's possible to serve two demanding masters. And wait 'til you see porn star Butch Taylor and newcomer Rick Valent...

    Private Fillmore takes a quick break from duty to get his rocks off, but is "caught" dick-in-hand by Chad Conrad who followed Fillmore into our piss pit. Chad spies Fillmore worshipping his own meat and moves in for some action, cock out and hard for Fillmore to suck. It only takes a moment for Fillmore to coax some piss out of Chad’s throbbing cock, drinking down Chad’s load as he pisses, followed by a cum chaser....

    Fetish: Raw brings in a number of different fetish elements together into one movie—great fun for those who like multiple kinks and want to see them all put to use in the same film. It's got the usual suspects: pissing, foot worship, light ass play, ass-to-mouth, and mixes them all up in a big horny stew!...

    The action is hotter than ever before, and soaked with the yellow stuff in Director Perí Mâzon’s newest, Nasty Piss Boys 3. It’s a little bit more intense this time around, with some crazy dungeon scenes and a bit rougher action with more discipline, snowballing, felching, and ass-to-mouth but it just makes for some hotter scenes, and when the piss comes, these dudes wash each other down like fire hoses! Nothing appears to be off-limits with our Eastern European guys....

    Perí Mâzon’s scally lads are back with four piss-drenched scenes that has as much rimming, sucking, snowballing and ass-pummeling as NPB1, maybe more. These Eastern European studs have one thing on their minds: getting and giving as much piss as they can… and it’s a lot!...

    I love young smooth guys as much as the next perv, but I actually prefer the ones that are precocious for their age in that they get into more of the nasty side of sex. So when a European producer, Perí Mâzon approached us about filming the new EuroSpunk line, we said "yeah you've got some beautiful boys, but give us the ones who are truly NASTY.

    And so Nasty Piss Boys was created. Our producer combed the streets of his native Slovakia along with the Czech Republic, to find young guys who were not only hot, but got into most every fetish imaginable. These boys bareback, eat cum, lick feet, flog each other, and of course wash each other down with gallons of hot yellow juice.

    Nasty Piss Boys from EuroSpunk/ Nasty Piss Boys from EuroSpunk/

    These guys love sports and their favorite is Watersports! So what better way to see who is more talented than one big piss orgy! Watch these guys open up and say, "ah". Fully loaded with hard dick after hard dick waiting to relieve themselves into a cute mouth and there is no splashing back.

    Derrek Downs and Ethan King get wet, dirty, cum-covered and bellies full of piss in Gary Carlton’s raunchiest piss party ever filmed, Raw Piss. Derrek and Ethan, happy little piggies, are all smiles as they enter the piss pit where 12 pissers with bursting bladders await them. Within seconds, hairy daddy Brad Beckler steps up and washes Derrek down with hot liquid gold, and Derrek can’t help himself but to suck the piss right out of Brad’s hard cock and swallow it. Brad’s still-pissing coc...

    Check out the latest from Spunk Video, starring Timm Dane and sixteen piss tops in the most hardcore pissing action!...

    I had this idea for a movie where I wanted to get together guys who had fantasies of being dominated - Whether as a whipping boy, a cum dump, or just a human urinal, I wanted to make a video where guys fulfilled their fantasies of being used and abused. I happened to be on vacation down in South Florida, and it just worked out that I ran into a number of pigs, a couple of which practically offered to pay me to be in the movie.

    One of those guys was Lil' Pig Mike, who lives to serve men, and was more than willing. In fact, he was so good and gettin' the other guys to let their inner pig out, that I gave him a co-Directing credit. I don't know why they call this guy little, because he's one of the biggest pigs I've ever seen....

    This is my kind of party! Peri Mazon directs this new feature for EuroSpunk, featuring some sexy, muscular guys chillin’ around a yard party. It doesn’t take long before those beers work their magic—remember, the difference between a straight guy and a gay guy is a six-pack! The first guy to take off his clothes and go for a party-cocksucking is handsome, with a huge cock that points skyward as soon as it’s been freed from his pants. He leans back against a metal drum while that sword gets swallowed, and the rest of the party comes closer to join in. Hands start to caress and feel his lightly hairy chest and legs, and he grins like an idiot while getting blown. Shirts come off, and those hot guys start to get together in pairs and threes for some body appreciation. ...

    Milan and his crew are celebrating when mild-mannered waiter Jiri spills a little water on Milan and all hell breaks loose in Perí Mâzon's Bareback Gang Bang. Milan grabs Jiri and pushes him back on the table, stripping him and playing with his cock. One of the boys finds a stockade leaning against the wall, quell surprise, and before you can say "here comes trouble!" the boys have him pinned down, sucking cock and getting fucked....

    After his spectacular debut in 2004's smash hit Bareback Bedroom, Director Max Hancock returns with an all-oral, cum-eating extravaganza. Five scenes with all but one of the guys under the age of 30. Director Hancock captures the essence of carefree sexual abandon, while mixing in the nastiness of ravenous cum junkies bent on nothing more than getting their next load of spunk. Whether you're an eater or a feeder, you'll love seeing these wild young guys kneel, suck and swallow. The result is delicious.

    I've always enjoyed cocksucking in porn because it's something that I personally get off on. Cumming of age when I did, I really didn't get into fucking as a young man. Back then, cocksucking was more than my passion -- I was obsessed.

    There's just something about h...

    Friends with benefits. Fuckbuddies. Hook-ups with those you know... when I started putting this movie together, I was amused that every pairing I suggested was met with "been there, done that!" so it wasn't like the typical anonymous encounter common in porn. No, these guys were friends, lovers, or at least knew each other pretty well. So, with caution, I proceeded and found each pairing to be scorching hot, passionate and the best part, filled with laughter. The guys had fun making the movie and had some awesome sex. It's, um, hard to pick a favorite scene because the guys are all hotties, with big cocks that stayed hard throughout the shoot (and before, and after...) and eager holes that were aching to be filled. So, without further ado, I'm proud to present Young Cum Holes! ...

    Up and coming twink director Darrin Stevens is back with a sequel to this year's hottest debut. "Young Barebackers 2" serves up 8 hot young men in four scenes of all out raw action. This all-American cast is bursting with the exuberance of youth, as they give and take boy sperm in their hungry mouths and tight little butts....

    Whad’ya wanna do? I dunno… lets make out! 8 boys with too much time on their hands after class, the bag game, whatever, dude…

    So the first scene stars Dexter and Eric, two boyfriends who are fresh faces to the gay porn world. Dexter has a very innocent look, but he loves to fuck and he's got a nice cock. Eric is the kind of dude that like could get fucked all night, and although he is versatile, he loves to get fucked.

    The two boys start makin' out. Dexter will put anything in his mouth, so they start suckin' dick. Dexter's cock is already hard and he's ready to go. Of course, he's got to slide his tongue up Eric quivering asshole, getting it all wet and ready for a hard fucking. Once Eric's hole is sopping wet, Dexter jumps up and slams his cock all the in....


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