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Dr Non Going Deeper




    Str8 military men are always ready to blow off some steam and get a nut. A happy-ending massage is just the fix they need, but the tables have turned. Rather than paying for a rub down from a girl, these horny servicemen blur their boundaries with the promise of cash to get a full-body servicing by a guy for the first time. SpunkWorthy presents four recruits, ready to bare it all on camera, jerking their cocks alone or getting some help, being stroked and sucked to completion. It's the happiest of endings that they never thought would happen!

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    Military life is stressful and when str8 guys hit the red line, SpunkWorthy is there to help release the pressure. Cash goes a long way to bring 3 new recruits in front of the cameras, while their battle buddies go for extra duty and get their boners off with the help of another guy for the first time!...
    $ 17.48  $34.95

    Tyler Saint is the masseur who puts his hands & cock everywhere! Emanuel Brazzo: "You get undressed and I'll get hard... I mean, I'll get the oil." Hunter Vance: "Show me where it hurts and I'll rub everywhere." Marc Dylan: "Don't be shocked. I always use my tongue when I give a massage." Nikko Alexander: "There's only one way to loosen up all that tension in your ass." Trey Turner: "Let me work on that big muscle between your legs."...
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    If one thing is certain, str8 guys are always horny and looking for a way to get a nut. With a little cash incentive, their clothes come off even faster. Three newbies get naked and stroke their cocks for the SpunkWorthy cameras, while three more cross into uncharted territory to get jerked & sucked off or even fuck a guy for the very first time. Because what their girlfriends don't know won't hurt 'em....
    $ 17.48  $34.95
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    A little belly can go a long way. But a bigger one is even better! Seven stocky newbies bare it all for the camera, jerking their meat, or getting a hand to have it jerked for them. Either way, it's all about getting the big boys to cum!...
    $ 34.95 

    Calling all size queens, big dick worshipers, and hung-hungry pole-chasers! If you enjoy nothing more than colossal-sized cocks making raw, deep impact inside ready and willing bubble butts, lube up and get ready to be totally overwhelmed. Watch Helix’s "biggest" stars struggle to squeeze their massive manhood into some of the tightest holes in the business, then unleash epic, ass-stretching, bareback poundings upon them. It might hurt a bit at first, but you know what they say: no pain, no gain!...
    $ 39.95 

    The barracks, colleges and beaches of San Diego are awash with horny str8 guys. Spunk Worthy Presents 6 new porn hopefuls, shedding their clothes and bustin' a nut on camera!...
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  • COCK & AWE

    When str8 military dudes drop their cammies and brandish their weapons, it's a show of force that you won't want to miss. Four new recruits bare it all for the camera, along with three veterans who return to get stroked and sucked for the first time by a guy....
    $ 4.98  $9.95
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    Eaten Spunk - If you're looking for a hot gay massage in South Florida, a sexy companion or something a little more personal, you have come to the right place. See as Eaten Gives Jake's Ass A Deep Massage, Dek Reckless and Adam Chizzler were visiting Fort Lauderdale at the same time. Adam is a super hot & hung versatile black stud and Dek is a sexy white bottom who loves to service cock, the bigger the better for Dek’s hungry hole. When I’m fucking Kevin I get an impulsive urge to slap his Lilly white ass. We pleasured each other with blow jobs, but the main focus was on his sore ass, which I massaged inside and out. I fucked his ass’s tight little pucker hole in a bunch of different positions and then squirted my load of spunk all over his face. Angel’s turn for a massage and I give him ...
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  • RUB HIM 4

    The Place Where Everyone Has A Happy Ending!

    Beautiful Men Getting The Sexiest Rubdowns Ever!

    New Look New Business
    Once in a while I get a guy that stops me from touching his sweet manhole every time I make an attempt, but after I decided to suck his dick, this dude decided to fuck me instead! It's been a while since I've been ass fucked, but in the end I just can't resist a HAPPY ENDING!

    Hot Bear Massage
    One of my friends had a client he wanted me to service that he knew I would enjoy. I was more than happy to oblige because it's been a dry spell for me lately, and damn the dude was hot! Anyway, you're gonna love it...

    Muay Thai Massage
    So this week on on Rub Him we've got a sweet guy who is into the martial arts, more...
    $ 39.95 
  • RUB HIM 3

    Everyone Has A Happy Ending!

    Beautiful Men Getting The Sexiest Rubdowns Ever!

    Hot Sexy Oily Strong Muscle Men Anal Fucking!

    If you're looking for some hot, sexy man on man action you've come to the right place. This isn't called Rub Him for nothing. Sexy muscle men oiled up? Yes! Getting it on? Yes! Need I say more?

    A Mans Touch

    It's a good day when you go to get a massage and end up getting your dick sucked by the masseuse. Since you're feeling so relaxed why the hell not?! Two men, one massage and a hell of a lot of oil. Nothing better.

    Arm Wrestling The Dick

    Two guys arm wrestled for the right to get a sensual massage. The loser had to rub the winner down with oil and then got his little man pussy...
    $ 39.95 

    Alex and Luke are trying to relax by meditating, but they can’t help but peek at each other’s hot bodies. Once their message starts, its quick to become erotic. Ben and Bryan are talking about hot guys, and can’t help but flirt with each other. When the rubbing oil comes out, the action really turns up. Josh is giving Ray a pleasurable massage. When Ray asks Josh not to stop, Josh turns him over and gets other ideas about how to please his client. Patvik wakes up with some muscle pain, his neck and shoulders are sore. Jason offers to give him a massage, but he can’t resist wanting to do more with his hot friend....
    $ 29.95 

    Even the buffest hunks could use some tender touching to ease that swelling of the sex muscle. Scented candles, tingling oils, spiritual music and throbbing desires brings this client closer to his masseur. A hard day’s work can give you some sore shoulders, but a strong pair of man hands can pump out that pain. Here’s a young stud with a backside smooth like a stone on a beach and just as rock hard. Sometimes you can talk to your masseur while he rubs you down. Don’t be afraid to really open up....
    $ 29.95 
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    Tight quarters make bustin' a nut in the barracks a real challenge for young horny military dudes. Leave it to SpunkWorthy to offer our troops a safe haven to get their rocks off and make a little cash while they're at it. Two new recruits fresh off the base, and four veterans make their return, desperate for some relief… even if it comes at the hands of another guy! ...
    $ 4.98  $9.95
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  • RUB HIM 2

    Everyone Has A Happy Ending!
    Beautiful Men Getting The Sexiest Rubdowns Ever!

    Men With Ink Think They're Tough
    Today, I had an appointment with this client covered in tattoos who seemed like a tough guy at first but my magical touch soon had him drop the act. This led him to let me pound his tight ass, then I let him give me the "business"…Enjoy!!!!!

    The Country Boy
    I'm back with a sweet thing who heard of me through a mutual friend. I gave him a blow job and when I penetrated his sweet ass, he grabbed my cock and sucked it like a CHAMPION!!!!! I drilled through his manhole until I blew my load on his face, then he returned the favor!

    Hardcore Fucking
    Today I had this dude who's been having trouble in his right knee area...
    $ 39.95 

    Marines have their fingers on the trigger everyday. But when they're horny and want to fire off a few rounds they know just who to call. Two new recruits join the SpunkWorthy ranks, and five veterans make their return, cocked & ready to discharge their weapons with the help of a guy.

    $ 9.95 
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    From the barracks to the casting couch, Spunk Worthy presents 8 new military recruits droppin' their cammies for the first time on camera, baring it all and bustin' a nut!...
    $ 9.98  $19.95
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    Curiosity and a pile of cash got them in the door the first time. But once they cross the line, str8 guys begin to rethink their options the next time they're horny. Five dudes sample the goods and realize that guys do it best when it comes to blowing, rubbing and even fucking, making it hard for any str8 guy to resist going astray.
    $ 4.98  $9.95
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    Coming soon...
    $ 19.95 
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    Life in the barracks can leave a guy frustrated! That's where we come in. Six new recruits stop by for some relief with a cash incentive and two Spunk Worthy veterans return for special hands-on training....
    $ 4.98  $9.95
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