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    Discovering a pizza service that comes with a bit on the side; sex crazy young Lucas soon develops a taste for the meatier offering, even though his boyfriend Ollie has no idea what’s going on – until friends Martin and Josh discover the exact same service and orders some extra toppings! Will Ollie find out his boyfriend’s secret, or will they discover that an extra spicy topping is exactly what they wanted all along....
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    Rent boys have more fun! Why pay to wine and dine a boy, when you can pay just to fuck him? These lads have the right idea and hire the twinkiest boys they can find to please their adolescent lust. Barely legal themselves; they find that hookers will do things a normal boy would never dream of! Slip a note in direction of these sluts and watch them service cock like no other!...
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    The UK's horniest bar is open all hours and one manager spends his shifts jacking off to the security footage. Find out the kinky activities he stumbles upon: from training staff to take two dicks at a time, to taking advantage of drunk customers in toilets. These barmen spend more time pouring spunk down each other's throats than drinks....
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    Collin O'Neal's LONDON!...
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    The Boss is back. Sharper suits, HotterJocks and harder action. UKHotJocks presents our first ever sequel.

    Deceit, dirty play, double crossing… the business only gets rougher! JP Dubois stars as the man not to mess with. Accompanied by his team of mafia cronies doing his dirty work no one will stand in their way. That’s not to say that JP doesn’t get hands-on, it a tough business and sometimes if you want something or someone doing right, you’ve got to do them yourself.

    Josh Jackman and Yoshi Kawasaki debut in their first hard-core scenes, along side Wade steel, Bruno Bernal, Adam Nivad and JP Dubois....
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    Get ready for the horniest selection of big dick throat fucking action from HardBritLads. This bunch of hot dirty lads love to be used and abused by forceful hung tops...taking huge thick dicks down their throat, forced right down to the base, for some insanely hot deep throat and throat fucking action, followed by major hole stretching fucking and messy cum facials.. It doesn’t get more intense than this....
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    No-one is safe from the games of Ashley Ryder. As he heads out into central London to pick up volunteers for his sordid sexual games, he meets so many people who are tempted, but just can’t push themselves to jump in!! Luck is on his side however and he finds the sexiest fuckers ever, roaming the streets and giving them the chance to go back with him to fuck someone waiting there, tied up in his den. It sounds too good to be true... and if you pick the wrong card after the cumshot, the roles are flipped and the just picked up top fucker becomes the bottom bait for Ashley and his next pick from the streets!!...
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    Horny Emo boys know how to fuck! As you can see when uncut British boys Cody and Josh share a hot dick ride and some great cum loads. Their passion for action is watched by Zackarry and bottom boy Domino in their first ever on screen duo, with Domino taking a big facial! Sucking and rimming gets emo boys Sean and Tyler up for some anal, with Tyler taking control in some bondage too. They're not the only emo boys into kinky fun, as Zaccary claims Kayden's hole after tying him up, fucking his butt and giving him a messy facial before taking him to a spurting load. Finally we join Shayne wanking in the kitchen when his pal Max arrives and catches him. Sucking and fucking ends with a shared jack off and some heavy loads erupting! These emo boys really don't have many sexual limits!...
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    When Fresh Meat arrives in town the local horny British guys can't wait to get some action going with him, especially when that meat is so big! Handsome and hung stud Henry Samson makes his gay porn debut in this collection of amazing scenes from the BlakeMason studio along with some extra group fun with some of their freshest guys. Charting Henry's journey as he becomes familiar with straight muscle man flat mate Tyler Hirst, new horny boss Tom Benson, greedy bottom Lincoln Gates, and a whole host of local boys at the sauna, we share every stroke, suck and thrust as he experiences all that his new city and job have to offer!...
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    Hung Muscle Dads, Fit Young Lads: Hard brit lads is proud to present our best collection of buff older dads really taking it to their horny, hung young lads. Each scene features ripped older guys with raging cocks schooling eager-to-please and arching-to-bone young jocks. Sucking stroking and taking it deep is the proper way to train a young British gentleman....
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  • BOSS

    The Mafia: Underground, corrupt, a law unto their own.
    The heavies and muscle are the ones deep in the dirty work, leaving the Boss out of immediate trouble. JP Dubois is the master of proceeding. His subordinates take the time out to fuck around, dodgy business deals and sex for silence. JP doesn’t trust what he can’t shag, meaning all sorts of sordid encounters. Not everyone who works for the Boss will survive, who will get whacked and who gets whacked off? Set in grimy industrial Manchester, Boss is the first blockbuster movie from UKHotJocks....
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    Blake Mason have collected ten scenes for this DVD. Muscular, uncut newcomers James Pershaw and Tyson Tyler pound the holes of hungry bottoms Riley Tess and Kair Cruz until their sweaty bodies are covered in sticky sweet cum. Tommy Benson and Darius Ferdynand showcase some hot face-fucking before putting their wet, uncut cocks to better use. Nathan Brookes services David Johnson eagerly before offering up his hole for a hard fuck and his face for a warm load! They've also got fan-favourite Lincoln fucking the hell out of beginner-bottom Kieron with his monster uncut cock!...
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    The biggest, best and messiest facials! The hot British men of Blake Mason are back; fucking harder and longer than ever, but this time they’re drenching each other in gallons of spunk! Sucked, rimmed and fucked until they squirt their heavy loads all over each other’s faces! Watch the cocks throb and spurt whilst the boys open their mouths ready to be fed!...
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    Britain is known for Big Ben, Stonehenge and Nelson's Column, but they're nothing compared to Britain's giant fat uncut cocks! Ranging from 9 inches up to the unbelievable Matt Hughes these truly are Colossal British Cocks! Watch in amazement as fit amateur men attempt to take these monstrous dicks down their throat before being shafted deeper than ever before....
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    These scenes have been chosen as the hardest, roughest and deepest fucks Blake Mason has ever seen! Huge cocks are slammed continuously into deep holes, until both parties are literally dripping in sweat and gushing spunk – watch as large tops demolish willing bottoms!...
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    Triga are proud to present Auditions: Yobs In Kit. Indeed the lads here at Triga have done us proud with a load of sporty solos as the lads get dirty and knock one out good and proper Triga style. See horny boxer lad Lee from Nottingham in his blue and white kit stroke his hard meat as his sexy eyes draw you in ... he will have you reaching inside your undies before you can say show us your fit arse you cunt! Moreover Andy the little scally from Derby gets his trackies down and delivers a nice sticky load. Once again Triga brings you every day next door British lads - lads from Durham , London , Blackpool and Croydon to name but a few including Scouser lad Joe with his massive fuckin dick. In his Umbro top and green footie socks this teenage lad loves to show off and wank himself hard. Mor...
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    Job Seekers Allowance Extra Benefits. Get a Job? Can't be fucked? Well lads Triga thinks it's time to get off yer arse and get up someone else's in this action packed production ' Job Seekers Allowance Extra Benefits '. There's plenty of cock on the dole here as a whole host of new goby British geezers apply their skills and learn some new one's as they suck cock and get fucked - who needs a fucking CV. Watch smooth redhead Darren with his big cock improve his cock and ball skills as he gets banged senseless by fit lad Craig - who gives a shit about this interview technique! Fit Manc lad Ste doesn't need a reference as he sucks Scouser Curtis's big thick cock before a good fucking arse licking -- Well tasty lads! So if you are into British fit lads an a bit of rough action get down to this...
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    Auditions : Groping Hands! The new Audition film from Triga where the hopeful porn lads are tried out by the dirty old cunt of a cameraman! The lads are given a helping hand or even a helpful pair of lips to get them in the mood.Ten newbies, some nervous, some natural exhibitionists, wanked and played with till they show what they're made of! Triga welcomes all New Cummers!" Running Time 2 Hours fully British Made Filth! Auditions : Groping Hands! The new Audition film from Triga where the hopeful porn lads are tried out by the dirty old cunt of a cameraman! The lads are given a helping hand or even a helpful pair of lips to get them in the mood.Ten newbies, some nervous, some natural exhibitionists, wanked and played with till they show what they're made of! Triga welcomes all New Cummers...
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    Confessions Of A Randy Window Cleaner! Dirty Fucking Windows. If you can't smash them i suppose you may aswell clean the fuckers. So why not get a horny fit Welsh stud to do it. This chiselled and tattooed fucker whips out his bucket and plenty more in Trigas Confessions of A Randy Window Cleaner. Big Cock tight arse this hard cunt from the Valleys is nowhere happier than exercising his muscles over someones dirty windows. Watch him fuck the Scottish blonde lad up his sweaty hole or Ben from Manchester this Bridgend Scally just loves workin up his fucking chammy! Plenty of wrist action here boys as the lads get their fingers up a tight nice arse. Russells goes deep as he tongues a fuckable hole - befoe getting his pole up there. This window cleaner reaches the parts others dont if you get ...
    $ 39.95 

    Carpet Burns-Extra Shag! 'Cheap deals and free fitting' it says in the shop window – but then nothing in life is free is it? When randy fitter Dan and his mate go round to quote on a new job, they notice the customer’s old Axminster is full of holes and the geezer has another hole that’s gagging to be filled by the two lads stiff as stair rods cocks! Eager to oblige they've soon got him bent over his kitchen table in a good old spit-roast fuck session. On the next job Sam the carpet shop manager takes his new apprentice to fit out a bedroom. The owner has left the keys to the house and Sam is quick to take advantage showing the new boy the ropes – and how to take his bosses hard cock slammed up his back side. The next day Sam sends out his team of fitters to start work on another job and w...
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