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    Jonathan Gabriel is a pretty looking bad boy that's all tattooed up and ready to suck some cock. When Barrett reveals his veiny monster, Jonathan is a bit shocked with it's massive size. Of course it doesn't stop him from sucking and shoving Barrett's dick down his throat, but will it fit in his tiny little ass? It's Eric's debut to the porn world and Barrett's more than happy to lend his dick to help introduce him to the business. For his first time, this ex navy boy gets straight to it and sucks the heck out of Barrett's cock and balls. After Barrett gets his dick licked, he penetrates Eric deep and fucks him to the point of climax. Ethan Storm is a dick sucking and fucking pro, so it looks like he's come to the right place. Barrett enjoys himself in this scene, when Ethan can't help but...

    Scene one features Barret Long and Ludovic Canot. I've always thought foreign men with accents were hot, so when Ludovic Canot said he wanted to have sex for this series, how could I say no? Ludovic is one sexy and hot mother fucker who let me treat him like my little bitch. What a great sport he was as I abused him over and over again. I gave him one of my molded dildos to open up his ass when he couldn't take me at first. It did the trick! That's when I fucked him silly and shot a big load all over him. Next features Barrett Long and Derrick Paul. Derrick has these great dragon wing tattoos on his back, but they couldn't help him escape the punishment I handed out with my big fat cock. After he nearly choked on my dick, I plowed his ass doggie style, then missionary until he couldn't tak...

    I admit that there are times I like to be a little, shall we say, aggressive when I top the cute twinks who show up here at XXX Amatuer Hour. Maybe even a little bit on the mean side... but just for fun and never unless my partner is up for it. Dustin is a great sport who takes my shit (and my huge, hard cock) like a champ! Ethan Storm and Christian Romero are two of the hottest guys filmed for the series. Ethan is so damn cute; Christian is totally handsome, and to top it off he has a very large cock! Not as big as mine, but big nonetheless. Watching Ethan take Christian's big dick is a total turn on!...

    Barrett Long and Justin Case - Just in case you thought Justin Case was just another wannabe porn star, Barrett proves that he has above average talent by testing him in every way possible. First Barrett nearly splits Justin's mouth open by ramming his thick hard cock as far into it as possible. Then he fucks him in several positions to see how deep he can get his cock into Justin's slim boy hole. Like magic, Justin makes the huge long fat rod disappear into his small round hole. Barrett Long and Leo Gettz - After getting teased by Barrett about sucking in his gut, Leo says it's all muscle, but the real muscles in this video are Leo's sphineter muscles. First he jerks off, then he takes a vibrating dildo all the way up his ass, and then Barrett decides to shove his massive cock as far as h...

    Landon likes to turn his partner on and says he can take it like a man, though he might scream for the first 30 seconds or so. After sucking Barrett's huge cock for a long time he kneels down to get fucked and has to beg off on first entry. Once the monster cock is in he takes it like a man and loves it, dumping his load as soon as Barret pumps his. Gabriel has a big dick fetish, so he's come to the right place! After nearly choking on Barret's big fat cock, he bends over the pool table and takes it in his ass. Then he lies down on his back so Barrett can get all the way up into his ass. He cums as Barret fucks him deep while stroking his dick at the same time. Jay is fresh meat. He's never been in front of a camera before. So, this 24-year-old newbie gets comfortable fast and winds up sho...

    Brock and Trey were gracious enough to come visit me at Coral Reef Guesthouse for an afternoon of decadent sexual activity. With two hot masculine, well built, and well hung studs how could I go wrong? Dominik like most other guys I've had the pleasure of boning gets a little uneasy when he sees my cock at full staff. And like all others once my big fat cock is inside of his ass he wants to keep going forever!!!


    Alex and Giovanni are friends who have never worked with each other before this episode. Giovanni goes down on Alex quickly, enjoying the way the cock grows inside his mouth. He then bends over and lets his friend ram his huge cock in his ass. Bobby Santini is 21 and is a hottie who unfortunately does not bottom. But 25-year-old Chris Hunter does, so this threesome starts with Bobby sucking Barrett's big cock and Barrett sucking on Chris' dick. ...

    Ryan Wood and Lee Stevens are here in Ft. Lauderdale at the Coral Reef, a really nice resort. They are naked and already hard. These guys are "cockstars" and they are looking good. Out on porch, Ryan bends over the railing, showing his legendary ass hole to me behind the camera and starts sucking Lee. Leed Scott is a sexy ex-fisherman from San Diego and is now in school studying to be a nurse. He tells me that he likes putting a smile on a sick patient's face but prefers to check prostates and colons! I tell him that I'm going to take his temperature with my thermometer. Brant Moore is a regular guest at my house. I've asked him repeatedly if we could do a scene together. Finally, Brant Moore, from the Marine Corp, agrees to be my little whore! The ex-Marine starts sucking me and grabs my ...

    Barrett outdoes himself in this sizzling hot three-way XXX amateur sex scene with Kevin Armstrong and Johnny Donovan. He follows up the three-way with two scenes packed with sucking, fucking and ball slapping man on man fun....

    Logan Robbins knows what he's doing. This sexy, 25 year-old, 6'2", 180lb San Diego hunk is eager and willing. It's not long before he grabs Barrett's cock and starts to suck it. Logan has some long hangin' balls, like Barrett. Barrett's monster cock gets rock hard just by holding Logan's balls. Logan likes feeling Barrett's balls smack his ass as Barrett pounds his hole.

    John Wright, a decorated veteran in his Marine dress blues (a big guy, at 6'4") says he likes sucking big dicks. John and Barrett are drinking, smoking when John tells Barrett a hot story about sucking another Marine's giant cock when he was in Iraq. After some cock of their own cock sucking, Barrett pumps John's ass hard then pulls out and drenches him with a massive juicy load....

    Enrique is a sexy 27 year-old from Miami. He usually tops so he’s a little nervous about bottoming with me. We do a magic trick to start things off, and then don’t waste any time getting to the good stuff. When he sees my dick he says, “Holy Cow!” I grab Enrique’s cock and it feels cold, so I ask him why. He says he’s a vampire, so I tell him to suck my blood, my blood worm that is. He gets down on his knees and gives me a great blowjob! Enrique deep throats my cock and licks my balls making me hard and huge right away. He’s nervous about taking my huge cock up his ass, so I tell him to breathe deep and relax. I fuck him hard and fast, and tell him to shut the fuck up and take every inch of it! I plow him from behind then flip him over and fuck his hole until I pull out and spray my juice ...

    Park and I have known each other for about 3 or 4 years and it shows in how much fun we have. He’s a hot guy from Pennsylvania transplanted to downtown Los Angeles. We start off by having a few laughs while we sip some wine. He says he’s ready when I tell him I want to tear up his ass! Park quickly gets my meat hard by sucking on my huge dick. His dick gets hard while he’s sucking away. Park gives me a mean upside-down blow job and I order him to bend over so I can pound his hole and he obeys. I tell him to quit moving and I pound his ass at my pace, the way I like it. I flip him over on his back, and I can’t hold back any longer so I pull my cock out of his hole and start to cum. Park shoots his load at the same time I do. It doesn’t get much better than that!...

    Kevin Cavalli is a big time straight porn star and now a gay porn star too! He’s a 23 year-old, Italian from New York. You will love the hot time I have with this good looking guy. Kevin sucks my cock and it feels so good I get hard and huge. It’s gnarly how far he goes down on me. He gags a little and tells me he’s nervous and scared of my big dick. I promise I’ll go easy on him and that it’ll be fun. We “dock” our cocks and get ready for some fucking. Kevin bends over, lubes up his ass and I tell him to breath and relax. He takes my cock in his ass and moans “oh yeah.” He finishes me off by sucking the cum out of me....

    Noah River is a 22 year-old from Los Angeles with a great smile. Noah tells me that he loves big dicks but has never had one as big as mine! You will see us having some fun and chillin’. He is too busy sucking away on my dick, getting me nice and hard, to answer too many questions of mine. So we just pass over the small talk and get busy. While he’s sucking and gagging on my cock, Noah gets nice and hard as he strokes his own dick and I pinch his nipples. I find out that Noah has only been fucked 5-6 times which makes him basically a virgin to me....

    Ace Sinclair joins Barrett Long for a casual and fun session. To show he is an ace at sucking cock, Sinclair devours Barrett’s big dick like a master cock sucker. Barrett and Ace play around by sticking Ace’s dick into Barrett’s foreskin, and Barrett sucks Ace’s dick as well. Then Barrett plows Ace missionary on the couch before putting him on a glass table for the camera to get under and watch. Ace drops his load on the glass, then Barrett sprays his cum all over Ace’s chest as he kneels in submission. The two shower together at the end of the scene....

    Nick Cross is a bit hesitant about being able to handle the monster cock hanging between Barrett's legs. Cameron is a cute young stud who starts off on the couch with Jason and Barrett and ends up alternating between two enormous dicks!...

    Jason Crew and I have been good friends for a long time, so I felt it was only fitting to give you a good dose of one of my best buds. You will love the beautiful blue eyes on his handsome face and his big and thick cock.


    This volume starts off with Mick Long (Barrett's cousin) doing a solo for you. Aaron Tyler and Alex Charge are so much fun to watch. One straight and one gay... one eager to suck and get fucked and the other willing to do it for the money. Jason Crew gives it to Zane Jacobs like there's no tomorrow. But Zane has no complaints. He likes taking big dicks in his mouth and his ass!...

    Barrett's video funhouse keeps rolling along as Tucker Forest devours then takes the big Barrett log up his ass. Sean Preston and Mike Adams put on a show that you won't want to miss. Plus, there's an incredible big dick duo between Barrett and Jason Fury, where Jason's reactions to taking Barrett's real long dong are: priceless!...

    I've prepared a triple treat for you. Muscle stud Eddie Diaz gives me a deep tissue massage and ends up getting deeply massaged by my large muscle! I meet Kurt Wilde in a locker room and we engage in a Wilde suck and fuck fest. Rocco is playing with his computer and then with himself, until he cums all over the desk!...


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