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    Amateur Studs Looking To Get Head!

    The Interviews!

    Johnny Is Finally Back For Some Cock!

    In the past Johnny Declined Paul's sexual Advances! Now Johnny is in need of money ao Paul takes full advantage of the situation and gladly dicks Johnny Boy down, nice and hard!

    The Anal Destroyer!

    Damen came into Paul's office hoping to find a job, so Paul offers to pay him for a different kind of job! Damen ends up with a hard cock in his mouth and his ass is ripped in half!

    Paul Scores A Video Virgin To Ass Fuck!

    Bruce doesn't mind fucking on camera, only he's never actually done it before! Paul was happy to pop that cherry! What happened next was too good to miss!

    Big MAn Takes A Dick In His Ass!...
    $ 39.95 

    Amateur Studs Looking To Get Ahead!

    Strip & Anal Sex For Work

    Marco showed up for his appointment and mentioned that he strips for a living. Little did Paul know that he was going to get a full blown show and then some. Lucky for him the feeling was mutual with Marco. You guys don't want to miss this!

    Amateur Stud Fucked In The Ass

    Oscar comes in looking for a job and it so happens that Paul Fresh is looking to hire somebody temporarily. With money spread out on the table Oscar's eyes light up with excitement. If he wants the money, he's going to have to do Paul a favor!

    Gay For Pay

    This young gentleman was simply looking for some quick cash, but before we pay him we had to test his skills out. He was extremely h...
    $ 39.95 
  • RUB HIM 4

    The Place Where Everyone Has A Happy Ending!

    Beautiful Men Getting The Sexiest Rubdowns Ever!

    New Look New Business
    Once in a while I get a guy that stops me from touching his sweet manhole every time I make an attempt, but after I decided to suck his dick, this dude decided to fuck me instead! It's been a while since I've been ass fucked, but in the end I just can't resist a HAPPY ENDING!

    Hot Bear Massage
    One of my friends had a client he wanted me to service that he knew I would enjoy. I was more than happy to oblige because it's been a dry spell for me lately, and damn the dude was hot! Anyway, you're gonna love it...

    Muay Thai Massage
    So this week on on Rub Him we've got a sweet guy who is into the martial arts, more...
    $ 39.95 
  • RUB HIM 3

    Everyone Has A Happy Ending!

    Beautiful Men Getting The Sexiest Rubdowns Ever!

    Hot Sexy Oily Strong Muscle Men Anal Fucking!

    If you're looking for some hot, sexy man on man action you've come to the right place. This isn't called Rub Him for nothing. Sexy muscle men oiled up? Yes! Getting it on? Yes! Need I say more?

    A Mans Touch

    It's a good day when you go to get a massage and end up getting your dick sucked by the masseuse. Since you're feeling so relaxed why the hell not?! Two men, one massage and a hell of a lot of oil. Nothing better.

    Arm Wrestling The Dick

    Two guys arm wrestled for the right to get a sensual massage. The loser had to rub the winner down with oil and then got his little man pussy...
    $ 39.95 

    Hard Bareback Cock!
    Caleb was waiting for the pizza guy while his cock was hard in his jeans. Andy brought the pizza and out came the sausage! Andy sucked and licked Caleb's cock then took it up his ass. Caleb made him moan, plunging balls deep in that tight asshole!

    College Guys Crave Bareback Sex!
    Our man hooked up with a friend from the University. The problem is that he doesn't speak any English so he gets schooled Bareback Attack style: cock in mouth! He still can't speak English, but is proficient in getting his ass gaped and fucked!

    Waking Up To Bareback Sex!
    I woke up with an appetite for a really tight manhole and decided to go fishing around the house to find my victim from last night's company. A friend of a friend I've had my eye on f...
    $ 39.95 

    Daves Biggest Fan Gets A Big Dick In His Ass!
    This week we surprised Dave with his biggest fan and it was a dream come true. I asked the fan if he'd like to see Dave's dick in person. He was so excited to see it that he sucked it right away then they had sex on the couch. Now that's the luckiest fan in the world.

    Virgin Man Ass Perfect For Anal!
    Dave was trying to wash his car and lucky for him there was a gas attendant near by who could help out. We decided to offer him some cash to let us take him back to the apartment. From then on he was ours and we could do what we pleased. Would you be surprised that he had a Virgin ASS?!

    Anal Banging The Window Washer Guy!
    This time we found a window washer who comes to your house and cleans your windows. ...
    $ 39.95 

    Real Gay Guys, Real Fucking Hot!
    Sex In Public!
    Gay Sex In Public We Don’t Care Who’s Around!

    Two Sexy Hunks Fuck Outdoors For Money!!
    We got a call to meet up with our very good friends who claim to be "heterosexual." I'm definitely gonna try to test how straight these two are. Well, once that cash and cock came out it was all fun and games for these two lover boys!!

    Snow Bunnies Anal Sex
    We're out and about on the ski slopes, meeting up with Diego and David. There's snow everywhere and it's cold as fuck but these guys don't care. Just like the postman, Diego and David fuck in any weather! They whip out their dicks and fuck each other while others ski!!

    Hitch Hikers Love The Dick
    We're out driving and see these two hitch...
    $ 39.95 

    Real Gay Guys, Real Fucking Hot! Sex In Public! Gay Sex In Public! We Don't Care Who's Around!

    Muscular Studs Horny For Sex I'm talking with Max when suddenly Diego comes around the corner in his fancy car, dick in hand jacking off. Wow! This big guy is horny for Diego and that made Diego smile. The car door opens and the lust begins. Diego gets his cock sucked while he's behind the wheel. Now come and watch these men fuck!

    Anal Sex After A Basketball Game! Hello everybody... Today we have two hot guys who suck and fuck each other's cocks on a basketball court. Lots of dick sucking and ass cracking. Hell yeah baby its a gay court side dream! Enjoy!

    Two Sexy Amateur Studs Fucking In Public! What do you get when two handsome hunks cross paths in public?...
    $ 39.95 

    Amateur dudes fuck in public:
    These hot sexy studs meet up in the park for steamy anal sex. They don't care who's watching. All they want to do is suck each others dick and fuck!. People walk by in shock at seeing this butt slam spectacle!

    Muscular studs fuck in an open field:
    Christian and Tomm meet up at the truck stop for some non-stop dick sucking and anal sex! They have no fucking clue where they are, and don't give a shit who watches, but if someone does that makes it better! Perverts!

    Skateboarders hardcore anal sex:
    Two fellas fall in man love at the skateboard park and the rest is history. They don't care that people are driving by and even old ladies stop to watch. It's a real fuck uptime. Ass fuck that is!...
    $ 39.95 

    Amateur Studs Looking To Get Ahead!

    Raw Bareback Sex!
    This guy really loves the interview. You can tell by his ass fucking!

    Horny For Man Ass!
    This guy came in for an interview to be a model. He pulled it out and things got crazy!

    Young Guy Gets Fucked Raw!
    All these young studs want work, but only one gets my dick. Come here and take my dick up your ass.

    Georgio Fucks the New Assistant.
    Meet the new assistant Robert, and watch Georgio fuck his ass.

    Men Only Orgy!
    Here are four very sexy men for your masturbatory pleasure. Can you say train?! ...
    $ 39.95 

    Amateur Studs Looking To Get Ahead!

    New To The Game, Bareback It Is
    Today my friend referred a good buddy of his that really needed a job. As soon as I saw him I had to figure out how to get him. So let's just say after his interview I had him fill out the paper work asap, lol.

    Muscle Man Getting Fucked Raw
    Not all the guys we find are cut out for this but occasionally we find gems in the rough. Well we found a very handsome fellow willing to have some fun with us. You've gotta see this!

    Muscle Guy Comes In For Raw Casting
    We interview men interested in modeling and also ask if they like to do "other things" as well. If they grin or stare for the right amount of time we know we hit the jackpot. Let's say we hit the jackpot with...
    $ 39.95 

    Third time is the charm. Georgio Interviews a couple of hot studs before settling on Gabriel, who drains Georgio's balls by taking it deep in the ass!

    Anal Sex For Money! When Georgio meets Ivo he basically cuts right to the chase without beating around the bush. The only thing he wanted was his huge hard cock buried in Ivo's ass and sure enough, that's exactly what happens.

    Gay Interracial Anal Sex! Charley is a Latino from the Dominican Republic who's looking for a job and a good time. Clearly he came to the right place. Georgio couldn't contain himself and was dying to try a little chocolate!

    Georgio fucks like an animal. In comes Christian, and little did he know what he was in for. Georgio, without hesitation went against the grain and told hi...
    $ 39.95 

    Real Gay Guys, Real Fucking Hot! Sex in Public! Gay Sex In Public, We Don't Care Who's Around!

    Anal Sex and Face Full Of Cock!
    Diego and Ryu meet up for an afternoon anal sex session. These guys don't care where they go. They just want to fuck and bust nuts. Can't blame them. It's beautiful weather. Enjoy!

    Anal Sex by The Lake!
    Dee and Justin meet up at the lake for some fishing. That didn't last long; they wanted to fuck each other so bad you can smell the sex in the air. They ditch fishing, begin sucking each other's dick, then take turns fucking each other in the ass. Wow!

    Volleyball & Some Dick!
    We're off to the public park today to meet up with some friends that have been trying to hook up for quite some time. They're tota...
    $ 39.95 

    Real Gay Guys, Real Fucking Hot! Sex in Public! Gay Sex In Public, We Don't Care Who's Around!

    Men Fucking In Public!
    Boris and Justin get together for some old fashion anal sex outside in public! These men don't care where they fuck. When it comes to anal sex they'll fuck anywhere anytime. You'll see what I'm talking about when you watch this one. Enjoy!

    Highway Bridge Fucking
    These two guys were super horny and down to fuck right there in front of oncoming traffic. Insane! I got them to relax and take the fucking just off the road under an overpass but people still travel through there, as you'll see. Check it out, and enjoy...

    Anal Sex In The Wilderness!
    Have you ever seen someone getting his dick sucked while holding on to ...
    $ 39.95 

    Real Gay Guys, Real Fucking Hot! Sex in Public! Gay Sex In Public, We Don't Care Who's Around!

    Muscle-Men Have Anal Sex In Public
    Rudy and Tomm met up at the lake for some fun in the sun. This so called fun in the sun turned into something else when they began sucking each other off as others passed by on their boats. One thing led to another and soon they were fucking in public!

    Out For Everyone To See
    In this weeks Out in Public update were taking the action where we haven't in quite some time and we got a pretty nice reception from onlookers nearby. Everyone was watching as the guys got it on in the light of day. Its crazy when things like this happen and everyone gets involved!

    Bulldozer That Ass!
    Diego and James meet up in...
    $ 39.95 

    Real Gay Guys, Real Fucking Hot! Sex in Public! Gay Sex In Public, We Don't Care Who's Around!

    Bare-Back Ski Mountain!
    Marek and Martty met in a ski resort and kicked it off pretty good. They caught the lift and put on a show. Then they fucked in the cold snow while everyone else is snow-boarding and skiing past. Enjoy!

    Anal Sex With Mother-Nature!
    The trees are blowing and the grass is green. These two sexy men decide they want to fuck outside. That's exactly what they did. They take turns blowing each other and have awesome sex.

    Check That Ass Out!
    Franc Zambo and Just Angelo wanted each other. They went to a remote area and sucked each others cock and gave each other an anal fucking. All of this in public view. These guys ar...
    $ 39.95 

    Real Gay Guys, Real Fucking Hot! Sex in Public! Gay Sex In Public, We Don't Care Who's Around!

    Two Dudes Have Hardcore Sex On The Public Beach
    Bordris and Paul decide they want to fuck "Out In Public." They suck each others cock and take turns anal pounding on a public beach. The best!

    Men Fucking On The Road
    Hope you men are ready for non-stop anal hammering action. Picking up hitch-hikers then sucking their dick and fucking there ass is all happening on the highway exit. Nice!

    Barbecue Dick For That Ass
    Danny Castillo and Franc Zambo got together for an evening barbecue but they wanted each others dick instead. They both sucked each others cock and took turns getting fucked. Now that's a cookout!

    Two Dudes Have ...
    $ 39.95 

    Sleeping Dave
    Dave was sleeping but we woke him up in our special way lol. Ass fucking and cock sucking makes it a good day!

    Fun In Bed
    Dave snuck between the sheets to suck some cock, eat some ass and fuck Timmy's buttonhole senseless

    Pumping That Tight Juicy Ass-Hole
    We found a sexy guy selling bananas on the side of the street. We offered to sell him our "banan-ass" instead!

    Dave's Virgin Friend Takes it in His Tight Ass
    Dave decided to show this virgin how good he is but he was so tight he could barely take it, so Dave takes the ass fucking instead!

    More Anal For Dan To Enjoy!
    Dave got to do whatever he wanted to this tall, muscular guy, but he had a surprise for Dave. He fucked Dave's ass! ...
    $ 39.95 

    Fight Through The Pain!
    Sajkov is looking to get his tight ass stuffed by Caleb and his big rod, but it looks like he can't handle the huge hog and has to deal with both pain and pleasure. Caleb had a change of heart though, and took one for the team since his salami barely fit in Sajkov's onion ass. Enjoy!

    Sleep and Fuck
    Dave was asleep on the couch when I brought him his breakfast: a beautiful guy who wanted to fuck! I told the guy to put his dick in Dave's mouth to wake him up. Dave was both pleased and surprised about it. After he sucked it, Dave showed the guy his dick and then they both started fucking. It's a good ass fucking morning!

    Dave's Ass Cleaning
    Dave has dirty floors, so we hired a cleaning man to come service his house. The ...
    $ 39.95 

    His Monster
    We found a guy as cute as can be. Our man wants to fuck the guy, but first he wants to see his dick so that he can suck it and toss his salad. Well after he saw our man's cock he was in shock because he'd never seen a cock so big. Our guy let the dude suck his dick, then fucked his ass and blasted his face!

    Dick Puts a Smile On His Face
    Our man on the street has to give everyone a flower that passes by in hopes that maybe a cutie will like it and fuck him. He tried and tried and just when it all seemed bleak, he found the guy of his dreams. He took him home and then they began to have gay sex in the butt!

    Can He Blow A Big Dick?
    My man is very horny and waiting for a little surprise, and that surprise comes in the form of my frie...
    $ 39.95 


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