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Bijou specializes in quality pre-condom gay videos, made before the term barebacking existed! These classics are always hot and never out of style!



    Director Robert Prion loves the men he works with and this vintage gay sex movie shows it.

    Newcummer Kyle Douglas and hung Blake Landon fuck by the pool.

    Scott Williams, Will St. John, and Jody Bennett have a meeting of the Big Dicks Club.

    Blake Landon and silver Jay Richards get it on.

    Eddie Simmons fucks cute young newcummer Michael Westin in an outdoor gazebo.

    Kyle Douglas and Ricky Hanson swap blowjobs and take turns fucking each other.

    Containing massive cumshots, this Prion feature is another winner!...
    $ 39.95 

    Duncan, a handsome black man with a large dick and a gentle nature, is a very skillful fucker. He lives with his lover, a butch, bearded Caucasian man who brings a trick home (a luxurious home in the Hollywood Hills) only to have Duncan steal him from him. This, of course, causes some tension. Such is the simple story.

    Duncan's lover, at the beginning of the film, comes home with a trick and they fuck beside the pool. Meanwhile, two of Duncan's black friends are in the house discussing cock. Duncan happens by and encourages them to fuck - which they do, humping ass hard and intensely.

    Duncan later joins the duo outside and makes it a three-way, plowing asshole with his big cock. Later, Duncan storms off, mad at his lover, only to catch the gardener masturbating ...
    $ 24.95 

    This collection of scenes from vintage gay porn films made between 1972 and 1991 has nothing to do with normal sex! Sexual hypnosis, extreme fisting and extreme penis pump action, an 18 1/2" long cock, a kabuki striptease, an erotic museum of living statue men, a dreamlike glory hole sequence, a threeway with a doppelganger, hallucinatory fuck scenes, and much more are included in this Bijou Video original compilation!

    One of several featured brightly colored dick animation sequences from Paul Armen's Fresh (1991) kicks of this collection.

    Onto a segment from the 1972 classic, American Cream, by Rob Simple (aka playwright Jean-Cleaude van Itallie), entitled "The Office." Full of social commentary on America, masculinity, and desire, this scene begins with sungla...
    $ 24.95 

    This collection of scenes from vintage gay porn films made between 1970 and 1994 has nothing to do with normal sex! Giant men, dental, balloon, and plant fetishes, living blow-up dolls, birth from an asshole, a smoking butt, a dildo that goes through a whole body, strange object insertions, and much more are included in this Bijou Video original compilation!

    The intro text from Roger Earl's BDSM film Night of Submission warns the viewer that they are about to witness "bizarre sex practices - some some wierd (sic) they are spoken of only in whispers" and that these "strange rites of the underground world are brought to the screen so you, the inquisitive, now may see for yourselves..."

    Then, onto the dentist scene from Jack Deaveu's Wanted: Billy the Kid! Here, Dr. ...
    $ 24.95 

    A Bijou Video original compilation of classic gay porn scenes focusing on sex, masturbation, foreplay, and fantasy involving food. Zucchinis, ears of corn, sausages, whipped cream, frosting, tomatoes, grapes, cucumbers, carrots, hot dogs, cantaloupes, bananas, and more!

    Featuring nearly two hours' worth of selections from many films, including Twelve at Noon, Big Bear Men, Home Movies, Hard Disk Drive, Rough Trades, Butt of Course, Butthole Banquet 2, California Blue, The Night Before, Lovers and Friends, Hooked on Hispanics 2: Bronx Crew, Butthole Banquet 3, and Morning Noon and Night, plus some brief interludes from other gay porn classics!

    This compilation opens with a short clip from J. Brian's CHAPTER 3 (1971) of one man at a cookout putting another man's c...
    $ 24.95 
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    Showcasing the men of Thailand, this vintage gay porn video features slender and smooth uncut beauties cavorting in scenes of sucking and fucking, mostly on a houseboat.

    No-frills action in a gorgeous setting, culminating in a no-holds-barred four-way, with one man plugging the willing asses of the other three!

    Specifically, this film consists of six sex scenes.

    The first five scenes feature couples; the last scene is a four-way.

    Each of the couple scenes involves a stud with a big dick fucking a bottom; in the four way, one guy fucks the three bottoms.

    These scenes are linked by travelogue-like footage of Thailand.

    The musical accompaniment is most interesting: 80s Thai pop, and a couple of scenes feature ...
    $ 24.95 
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    Where there's a public toilet, there's hot sex! That's the premise of this compilation of classic gay porn t-room scenes including excerpts from Therapy, Oversize Load, and A Night at the Adonis and stars like Paul Baressi, Shawn Roberts, Scott O'Hara, Malo, and Jack Wrangler.

    Paul Baressi, others unknown
    All the action in this scene is at a set of glory hole booths. The guys in this segment - several young men and hairy masculine Paul Baressi, express their hunger for cocksucking as they dive onto what comes poking out of the holes. Nice, big hard cocks, plenty of oral action, some fucking, and beefy Paul jerking off on a toilet.

    Shawn Roberts, Drake Cass, others unknown
    Furry-chested Shawn Roberts can't stop having s...
    $ 24.95 
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    In director Robert Prion’s 60th feature, his cast prove that gay sex is a NATURAL IMPULSE.

    A variety of types of guys star, from manly and mature, to grungy and alternative, to young and slim.

    Hunky Blain Baxter and newcomer Dillon Daily and his 10-inch cock fool around in a barn.

    Cute Ricky Hanson fantasizes about Aussie Troy Masters and Scott Williams taking turns fucking him.

    May/December pairing Jay Richards and Brett Darwin fuck and suck - including Brett blowing Jay while fucking him at the same time!

    Chet Addams and Ty Grimaldi fulfill Wicked’s birthday wish by fucking him and shooting on his face and chest.

    Superstar and porn legend Chris Stone and Ricky Hanson go at it in bed, each taking turns top...
    $ 24.95 
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    Where there's a public toilet, there's hot sex! That's the premise of this compilation of classic gay porn t-room scenes including excerpts from Huge 1, Gemini, and Three Day Pass and stars like Jack Wrangler, Lee Ryder, J.W. King, Mike Mitchell, and Andy Fuller.

    HUGE 1
    Lee Ryder, Rick Jensen, Matt Stoker
    This scene features Rick Jensen and Matt Stoker encountering hung Lee Ryder jacking off in a gas station rest room. Lee beats his meat while perched on the toilet - making it bigger, hotter and harder. All three roll around on the cold concrete floor, licking each other's hairy armpits, sitting on each other's faces, and rimming and fucking each other.

    Roger Jones, Nod Scott, non-sexual appearances by Kip Noll & Nick Rodgers
    $ 24.95 
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    This vintage gay sex video from director Roger Earl welcomes you to Hollywood's hottest eatery, where everything's served in the raw! At the Cock 'n' Bull, the food is good but the service is even better - thanks to the nude waiters!

    These studs are only too willing to crawl under your table... or meet you in the private "wine cellar."

    Be sure to check out the kitchen, where two dudes are concocting a unique "beef stew" with the hunky cook. The place is packed with hungry and horny customers just waiting for the perfect piece of meat to come to their table.

    After the main course has been served, the real smorgasbord begins: an after-lunch orgy to start your afternoon off right. So don't skip the most important meal of the day - load up on this sex ...
    $ 24.95 

    Oh, those California golden boys. So young and hot looking especially when so many of them get together by a pool. What happens when these golden boys get together is all captured in this not only classic gay porn video of the 1970's. This historic J. Brian's Golden Boys video is brought to you from the Bijou Classic Collection.

    What's historic about this video is not that it's gay porn of the 1970's; but that's it's the first huge Gay orgy scene ever captured on film; thus leading the way for all other producers and studios to come later to attempt to mimic the scene; and what a scene it is.

    The video is really nothing overly flashy. There's no elaborate sets, no fancy costumes, not a word of dialogue; just the recordings of old radio broadcasts of 70's beach m...
    $ 24.95 
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    First sound video from Nova Studios. Here come hot times in a scorching red-hot locker room, where the temperature is definitely rising!

    Here come hot times in a scorching red-hot lockerroom, where the temperature is definitely rising! When blond superstar Brian Hawkes leads the jock play, everyone gets in on the games. Horny young Tige McMasters has an itch and only the coach can cure it in the best way possible. It's a big team of loaded hot jocks, turned on and ready for action. Going at it any and everywhere. Get the fever!

    In Jocking Around, Billie Joe Evans (a.k.a. David Ashfield) is sticking his big dick into Steve Decker's ass on the bench in a locker room when blond, big-dicked Brian Hawkes walks out of the shower and shoves his hard cock into Steve's m...
    $ 24.95 
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    The best and hottest scenes from the prison movies of Latino Fan Club.

    The meanest and baddest gang members in the roughest of prisons having the hottest of sex!

    See prisoners and guards getting it on in jail cells, big uncut cocks, tattooed tough guys, group sex, voyeurism, uniforms, and plenty of cum in this hot vintage gay sex video!...
    $ 24.95 
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    Mustaches: sexy, masculine, rugged, rebellious, sophisticated.

    This is a vintage gay sex video compilation of some of the hottest scenes in the Bijou catalog featuring men with mustaches, including scenes from Rangers, Screenplay, Old Reliable, and Giants 2 and highlighting hot retrostuds like Chris West, Robert Vega, Jon King, and Daniel Holt.

    Chris West, Nick Rodgers, Kevin Hunt, Mark Edwards
    Two ever-vigilant, ever patrolling park rangers (beefy, tattooed Chris West and lean Nick Rodgers) come across two campers (Kevin Hunt and Mark Edwards) through their binoculars. These campers begin their morning by fucking on sleeping bags outside their tent. West and Rodgers spy on the campers while copying their actions - rimming, sucking, and fucki...
    $ 24.95 
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    This three-scene vintage gay sex movie was shot in San Francisco in a real work shop and features rough sex, domination, wrestling, a daddy cop, armpit-licking, hairy masculine men, raunchy love, and "real" type guys fucking and sucking in a blue-collar setting.

    Star daddy Marco appears in the final reel and turns in a hot performance as a cop who needs more things polished than his gun.

    The technical work is solid all around, with decent lighting and varying angles on the sex action. The video also features: anal/oral sex, rimming, fingering, manly kissing, bald guys, redheads, red bushes, bush pits, a police uniform, gun-licking, Italian guys, and hairy chests.

    In the opener, a young, bald Dylan Rage, is stroking his dick in the shop when his bo...
    $ 24.95 
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    Jimmy Hughes, stud muffin extraordinaire, plays a secret agent (James Bond) of sorts in this wonderfully executed and funny 1970's gay porn film from Jaguar. This video is sexy with an outlandish story that is so enjoyable that you will laugh and jerk-off at the same time.

    Very few times in gay porn a film like Greek Lightning comes along that offers so much boisterous joy that the sex becomes icing, the cherry in the fruity mixed drink . Now I know that there are people who may show absolutely no interest in a porno film with at least three car chases and a campy villain worthy of a John Waters movie. But don't throw the baby out with the bath water, this is great porn from a gone by era.

    Greek Lightning a vintage-classic gay porn movie was shot on film, made ...
    $ 24.95 

    This Gino Colbert-produced, Edward Lee-directed video presents excellent performances and production values as it showcases a mostly all-black cast.

    The story focuses on Ty Jones, as Andy, striving to get his homemade sweet potato cookies marketed – while fending off a nagging sister (Ebony Ayes in a cameo). Thanks to his we'll-do-anything-to-help friends, though, Ty is sure to survive!

    Randy Cochran comes over to see Ty and fondles his flour-covered torso. Randy swallows his cock (with Ty on the dusty counter), and we watch this great blow job in slow-motion and larger-than-life close-ups.

    Randy then tickles Ty's ass with his tongue, then cock. Randy later rides Ty until they both explode in major loads of hot, juicy cum.

    Friend Gin...
    $ 24.95 

    During a 48-hour pass, a young navy recruit gets more than he bargains for when he stays at a cheap hotel.

    He gets fucked and sucked by fellow comrades in service, who feel it's their patriiotic duty to service each other!

    A hard pounding by a grizzled sergeant makes his stay a sexperience he'll never forget.

    This vintage gay porn includes a hot orgy with lots of cock eating and cock sitting.

    "A superhung Army man is seen getting his thick cock sucked off by a willing Marine. After talking a bit, the two decide to break into the new guy's quarters and violates the shit out of him; the scene is a scorcher. Army is a bit of a talker and voyeur; he positions himself on a chair and gives orders for his buddy to ravage our sailor.
    $ 24.95 

    This superb vintage gay sex movie sports a cast of fifty and a wild scheme to rid the world of sex. The strong story has Mary Jim Stunning (cross-dressing as the mad Arachne) plotting to kidnap a scientist (Mark Woodward) who's developed a drug to eliminate the sex drive, hence the title.

    But secret agent Clark (Kirk Luna) is on the case. Long-haired Clark and his lover Robbie (Shawn Roberts) engage in foreplay on the floor and take turns sucking one another's cock. These two muscled men suck 69 style before humping butt.

    Meanwhile, dirty talk fills the audio as Mark is shown sucking the big, hairy-crotched dick of his assistant. Oral close-ups are good as Mark sucks him off to orgasm. Clark later finds Mark hiding out in a house and they engage in foreplay, dre...
    $ 24.95 
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    This is a great mid-80s vintage gay porn flick from Al Parker's Surge Studio that features a rather imaginative plot device involving a sci-fi wishing chair that grants fantasies.

    With four jizz-drenched scenes featuring early '80s names legendary Al Parker bottoming for a cute blond, Cole Taylor taking a doggy pounding at a firehouse, this Surge Studios classic still packs a nut-busting punch.

    The plot revolves around an imaginative, albeit silly, device involving a sci-fi wishing chair that grants fantasies at the drop of coin. Fortunately, the interstitials are amusingly brief and never dilute the four hot sex scenes.

    Parker himself appears in the second sequence, bottoming for a cute blond and powershooting a stream of man goo up to his chin. <...
    $ 24.95 
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