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    GuyBone brings you five firm cocks, five fit bodies, five incredibly horny young guys making each other feel fucking fantastic....
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    Live cam stars Colby & Mickey are celebrating their 4 year anniversary and have assembled some hot action and lots of fucking with legendary porn star Pierre Fitch! ...
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    They all want the job, but how far will they go to get it? Fire Island muscle hunks Hans Berlin needs a house boy. The jocks that apply for the position get more than they bargained for. In this movie you can see porn's hottest studs fucking and getting fucked senseless, and loving every minute of it!...
    $ 39.95 

    Explore the outdoors with boyfriends Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox as they get it on in the wild! From the opening shot, where Mickey pretends to be an innocent, straight southern boy, to the excellent cum shots, the scene excels. Mickey's "innocence" disappears the second Seth's 9" cock slides into his mouth. Both guys use their skills to every advantage. To some fun in the sun with the dicks amazingly hard and the action continuous. This may have been Zack's first "topping" scene, but you'd never know it. Mickey takes the hard pounding and begs for more. If it's possible for two performers to love their work, these two are like kids in a candy store all the way to the cum shots. Watch this one naked. You'll be glad you did!...
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    Alternadudes brings you our very first collector's edition with Skater Sex: The Ultimate Package. With this special four disc set, you'll enjoy the hottest skater dudes we could find. With over 35 skaters in more than 7 hours of hot and steamy dick pounding, cock sucking, ass fucking duo, solo, and group action scenes, your balls will be drained and your cock will be begging you for a break! (this set includes Skater Sex 1, Skater Sex 2, Skater Sex 3 & Skater Sex 4 in one package!)
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    Five smoldering scenes featuring Superstar Matt Spencer and his giant cock!...
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    This is a 3-DVD set, and contains the complete season 3 of Dominic Ford's ground-breaking reality show "So You Think You Can Fuck."
    In Season 3, we dropped the 6 contestants in the middle of nowhere. They had to survive for 10-week in a deserted army barracks, and had to compete in the most grueling challenges of any season.
    Season 1 and 2's winners came back to lead two teams in this season, the hardest season we have ever made. There are a whopping 10 sex scenes, and the most beautiful (and hot) footage we've ever filmed!
    Season 3 stars: Topher DiMaggio, Duncan Black, Lance Luciano, Mitch Vaughn, Derek Parker, Sean Duran.
    Host Matthew Rush hosts.

    Note: This DVD comes with digital downloads of the 3D Version and 2D Version as well!...
    $ 49.95 

    This is a 3-DVD set, and contains the complete season 2 of Dominic Ford's ground-breaking reality show "So You Think You Can Fuck."

    In Season 2, 6 contestants competed in challenges that took them all over Key West as they vied for the title of America's Favorite Porn Star. The season contains 9 scorching hot sex scenes, 9 tough group challenges, and the surprising finally.

    One man will win. The rest will just get fucked.

    Season 2 stars: Jimmy Clay, Mitch Vaughn, Tony Newport, Kevin Crows, Ric McCoy and Jaret Fox.

    Host Matthew Rush is joined by Key West celebrities Sushi and Faith Michaels to help with the challenges and finale!

    Note: This DVD comes with digital downloads of the 3D Version and 2D Version as well!...
    $ 49.95 
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    Four dudes stay at the Chateau Diablo, a gay, clothing optional resort. Horny & playful, as usual, the like-minded, horse hung studs decide to spend the weekend totally naked, searching for inviting asses & cocks....
    $ 29.95 
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    Boys Will Be Boys!
    Parties, Books, Boys!
    Real Submitted Dorm Room Footage From Actual College Students!

    Turning a straight guy gay is pretty much every gay guys dream. With this information what best girlfriend wouldn't run out, gather some hot gay guys she knows, throw a birthday party, and get you super drunk. Come to think of it, I need a new best girlfriend. Enjoy the show. I know we did.

    The guys were always fucking around, slapping each other with towels, pulling their balls out to compare who had the biggest. Aaaaahhhh yes! It brings me back. This time we have 5 gorgeous looking guys, in a room jerking it to win money. Ripped with huge cocks, they steal the show.

    Apparently ...
    $ 39.95 

    Real Gay Guys, Real Public Sex, Real Fucking Hot! Gay Sex In Public, We Don't Care Who's Around!
    $ 39.95 

    Like getting off outdoors? Watch these guys bust a nut in public places....
    $ 39.95 

    There's a sex-crazed maniac on the loose in Berlin's u-Bahn: unsuspecting travellers are being used and abused during their underground journey. Mercilessly, the victims are fucked and fisted on their public benches. Who wouldn't want a season ticket? Even on the tracks nobody is safe; the U-Bahn Fister throws a bootsbag from behind over his victims' heads before dragging them into the catacombs. Here the delinquents have to endure his cock and fists over and over again, complete with a bucket load of Subway-Piss. Guys, watch out when travelling in the Berlin Underground ... the U-Bahn Fister will play his tricks on you too! ...
    $ 49.95 
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  • SEX. TV

    Another strike from the sausage gang. Even more shameless then before. This production featuring public sex by newcomer Lorenz Michel has to be seen to believe. Sex reporter Chris Bee turns every corner in Berlin into a playground for hot games by men. Unsuspecting passer-by are incorporated into the game. There is no inhibitions! Recklessness crosses all borders. Big balls are sucked totally dry. It doesn't matter how many spectators are shocked or turned on. No ass will be unpumped. Girls, put your men on a leash before they get involved in pure primitive sex on the spot. This film will catch every bodies attention. Repeat it in your very own town. Let your dreams come through. By the way, you shouldn't only dream about your career in porn, live it! ...
    $ 49.95 
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    A young stud named Calvin searches for his roots and begins a journey that teaches him about himself -and what it means to be a man - in Steven Scarborough's beautifully shot coming-of-age classic, The Road Home. Starring mid-western dream boy Todd Gibbs and featuring a stunning cast of hot big-dicked Americans who love to play in the great outdoors, The Road Home follows Calvin (Gibbs) as he leaves his childhood orphanage to uncover the mystery of his past that lies hidden in an old homestead down the road a bit from Hopeful....
    $ 39.95 
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    Ain’t nothin’ hotter than trucker dudes in heat! Each one workin’ the glory hole at a truck stop, shooting their loads one after another into a willing mouth on the other side! ...
    $ 29.95 
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    On his way to being the porn sensation he is, CRUISING for SEX featured 19 year-old Brent Everett in what remains some of his hottest sex! We've assembled his scenes, re-edited them, and created a masterpiece sure to please fans and add to the legions of those who can't get enough of Brent. Each scene has Brent in the center of the action, taking it up his tight boy ass or getting his man-sized dick serviced by mouth and ass. From gloryhole action to sex party-- it is all here. Every last drop, nothing wasted. Bonus photo galleries included, too!...

    Filmed at the Parliament Resort, find out what goes on at this very unique motel in Augusta, Georgia. From motel room voyeurism where four guys team up to put on a show with the curtains open, to gloryhole action with porn sensation Brent Everett, plus intense, close-up action of tag-team fucking of Dakota Williams, this newest release will leave you creaming in your pants if you're not careful.

    "Turned loose in a true sex motel [this] is another one of those mini-masterpieces that Keith Griffith appears to have just thrown together by letting his camera roll as a group of oversexed college types fuck each other silly. In truth, there's more professional work at play here, but what makes this flick so satisfyingly sizzling is that it all appears to be spontaneous. As usual, th...
    $ 39.95 
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    Our road trip takes us first to a picnic area in the Hill Country of Texas. Next comes a Dallas hotel room for intense action between two really chiseled bodies. Then we're off to Manhattan for sex in the Rambles.

    "you can almost smell the musky vapors of sex emanating from the bodies of these hot men during the uncannily accurate cruising which takes place before the cocks come out." [ManNet]...

    As you might expect, a video from CRUISING for SEX has hardcore action involving guys cruising in public spaces. From a super hot sexclub scene, to a pickup on the streets of Philadelphia, and a park in DC, these cruisers waste no time getting to the action!

    "With excellent production values, and a cast which for the most part will make you drool, Cruisemaster Road Trip 1 pulls no punches in getting to the sex, and delivers a knockout blow..." [ManNet]...
    $ 39.95 
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