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    Come with Tony and Cam as they bareback across San Francisco. There is lots of seeding, breading, muscle power bottoms, muscled hairy masters, leather daddies, submissive bottoms, big cock, deep throating, huge creamy loads and sweaty man2man action....
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    We’ve pulled together the very best of our leather scenes and put them together into this great, action packed DVD with some of the best performers in the business. Each scene features lots of hot, sweaty, Pig Sex, Ass Eating and Heavy Rimming, Hairy Holes, Deep Dicking and Piston Fucking, Feeding, Face Fucking & Deep Throat Action, Leather, Boots, and plenty of BareBack Fucking in every possible position - Doggie Style, Cowboy, Spoon Fucking, and Preacher Positions and massive, Hard-Ons, Dildos and good hard man2man sex! ... with plenty of Breeding, Ass Slamming, Seeding and Big Sloppy Loads! ...
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    A great 3-way with our exclusive, Mark Bruno who shows off his hot butt to our camera for the first time. We call John Smith Mr. Rock Hard ’cause of the hard wood he maintains and uses with masterful ease. Doc Holiday also gets to park his hot black cock up Michael’s man hole. The three go at it on the battlefield, manneuvering into all kinds of positions and sex acts. Michael takes a real pounding from the two tops and gets all the cock he deserves....

    This is the the film that put us on the map. Our first MAJOR production. Will West has super hard daddy dick and Eddie Fox can take every inch without any problems - the perfect slave.

    Anthony DeAngelo, "Tony," sends Randy Ramer down to the cell Cameron Cruise is working in, Tony watches the two of them go at it on his spy cam, You have to see Randy's monster meat go up Cam's hungry ass!!

    The hairy and horny Steve Parker works his cock with a pump getting it big, thick and juicy. Both Tony & Cam jump in and all tree are fucking every hole in sight! ...
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    Surf's up and these hard bodied boys are hangin' ten on and off of their boards! Watch these studs fuck and suck each other for the camera. ...
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    The second in our series. Introducing David Grey, a hot bottom in from out of town and searching for some action. Austin Black walks in on Grey to find him massaging his hole, Austin whips out is cock for servicing by both of David's hot holes...
    Scott Gable, Peter Moorr are two hot leather Daddies. They put Derik Steele though a great dildo and big dick workout...
    Tony is looking on as Bo Knight works over his muscle boy, Cameron Cruise in both hot holes. Tony shoots a huge load on Cam's face after Bo seeds his man hole!! ...

    The set up is simple: Tony (Anthony DeAngelo) disconnects the TV cable so that he can get Cameron Cruise, his favorite SERVICEman, to cum over and service Tony's needs. Cam knows the routine by now - he shows up and "fixes" the cable for Tony. Can you guess what happens next?
    Next, BRIAN LE is exceptional in this scene. He's a cut, ripped and smooth Asian guy with a fantastic, super, curvy cock. JASPER COLLINS, a hot red head who knows how to use his massive, thick tool is our other top. The meter reader and bottom is MAXX PAXX who get his "fill" at both ends. The 3 men romp and fool around in the storeroom. Josh fucks every available hole and so does Brian while Maxx takes all he can get. What pigs!
    Later, Randy Summers and Jeff Campbell have fun with this handy helper/plumber...
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    Aggressive leather daddies with big, hard tools take control and breed their hungry boys' holes. The pig bottoms beg for more... and they get plowed, plugged and pumped full of thick and tasty man cream. ...
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    General orders.. men, you are on patrol for big cock and hot holes...we are moving in from the rear.. Man hungry boys in service choke on cock, fill up on cum, open their tight holes to get plugged and piston fucked by their commanding officer... ...
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    Ben Archer is real horny for hole; Christian Luke gives it up in the prison cell; Marky Bruno piston fucks Michael Anthony through a glory hole and fills his tight hairy hole with cum; Derik Steel gets Ben's seed as Bret Parks plows and breeds Derik's used and worked man hole in the dungeon; and, Daddy DeAngelo, the voyeur, jerks it to the live action he stages in Tony's Fuck Club...the third in a series of ass pounding fuck films by creators Tony & Cam. ...
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    Executive Sweet: Michael Anthony, keeps his lover, Tarzan, at home, away from his executive duties at the office. Corporate Merger: Salesmen, Bud Allen & Hank Cruz, close a deal with Austin Black. Hostile Takeover: ZyloCo talent agent, James Douglas, interviews model, Davigio Capeletti, on his casting couch... ...
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  • BAREBACK 90210

    Three real stories of sex, lust, romance and insest, told as the passion unfolds. Get a glimpse of how the other half fucks behind the iron gates and ivy covered walls of some Beverly Hills homes...

    In one of the "family rooms", 2 brothers are back together for one last fuck on the billiards table before marriage splits them apart. Starring big dicked FRANKIE & hot bottom CEDRIC GALFIONE.

    While an afternoon swim turns into a "sex romp" and play date. With young men ADRIAN TROY & ALEXANDER PAIGE.

    Across town, a hairy bear daddy Top, BUD ALLEN, orders "in". Two hot studs (a muscle bear, PATRICK IVERS, and his cute muscle cub SKY FAIRMOUNT), who show up to take care of their hairy bear host.

    Just some of the action we've caught up with in zi...
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    Its back to Cam's Full Service Garage. Where both you and your car can get lubed up, and toped off!! We start with Raunchy locker room sex from ultra hung cover studs NICK HORN and PATRICK IVES,,,a dicy three-way with AJ LONG and QUENTIN CLAY getting paid for their lube services by cash poor newcummer and ZyloCo discovery, DOUG SCOTT...and, one of the hottest toilet sex scenes ever shot by Tony&Cam - a full 34 minutes of super-sized black stud TARZAN fuckin' DANIEL CASTRO into the wall! ...another hot, raw and raunchy, gay, bareback video from filmmakers Tony&Cam...the bareback lovers who KNOW HOW to bring the nastiest bareback action to the screen! ...
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    Join Tony & Cam and five of their friends for nasty bareback action. Directors Anthony DeAngelo and Cameron Cruise have lots of raw man-sex fun in store for you. ...
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    Our latest and greatest to date! Another hot fuck film with lots of Pig Sex, Sweaty Sex, ass eating, rimming, hairy assholes, feeding, face fucking, leather, boots and plenty of bareback fucking in every possible position like, doggy style, cowboy, spoon fucking, and preacher. Don't miss these massive, hard-ons, dildos and good hard man to man sex! and best yet... DOUBLE PENETRATION fucking! What more could you ask for? ...
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    Tony's solo is set at the office and finds himself hard (as usual) as he watches one of the older Tony&Cam clips on line. His first messy pop shot of the day coincides with the online pop.

    Next, Mick is a ripped muscle god with great abs! He came over for an on camera interview. He was Tony's first fuck of the day and Tony was good and hard. Tony fucked Mick's throat and his ass 'till Tony shot again.

    Armando is a hot hairy Latin sub who's passing through town. Tony was out the door and at Armando's hotel in a heartbeat. The minute Tony got there, Armando was down on Tony's throbbing cock sucking it all the way down real good. Tony began to fuck him and kept fucking him over and over until Armando exploded with a massive load all over his face and chest. Then Tony...
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    Size Matters: Cameron Cruise and Wolf Connor
    Cam is cruising the neighborhood when he cums across a leather daddy who's hanging for some quick action. Cam follows the master to his lair where he unbuttons his masters jeans to find an enormous,throbbing cock is hiding and waiting to get serviced. Cam goes for it like the pro he is and gets a real pounding.

    Cam at Work: Cameron Cruise solo
    A sneak peek at Cam as he jerks his meat for the camera. The only
    solo to date that we've shot. Cam gets it hard and plump while watching some of our men fuck on his monitor. Once he's got it up, he's showing off and working his monster cock until he shoots a massive load on his washboard abs.

    Park Pick-Up Part 1: Cameron Cruise, Zacharly Blackwell and Anthony De...
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    This pick up is short and sweet. Mark Cirrianno and KC Maddox meet and get down to business. This scene has incredible energy as the two men enjoy each other’s hot bodies. Great bareback fucking and sucking action that finishes with a thick, milky load on KC’s abs as Mark pulls out and shoots his seed on KC’s hole shoving it back in to breed him....
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    A Sex Travelogue in 12 pieces of varying lenghts - a unique montage of sequences that take the viewer on a two hour journey with America’s Number One Power Bottom, Cameron Cruise, as he fucks his way from Northern California to Southern California in search of his wet dreams.

    All of the action was shot by Anthony DeAngelo as he followed Cameron around from location to location. And in some of the scenes, Tony jumps in to “help out.” There’s some behind the scenes stuff and some funny stuff but all of it is real and none of it is contrived or acted out for the camera. All of the action is spontaneous. And the organic camera work captures all of the moments perfectly and in keeping with the action. ...
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    BEDROOM FUCK with: Gullhermo Gonzales and Junior Forte From Brazil, this episode finds us in the bedroom where Gullhermo and Junior as they decide to take a fuck break. These guys have only one thing on their minds and that's getting thick and curvy cock up hot deep fuck hole. There's a lot of cock worship and ass play leading up to the fucking and there's a lot of hot and heavy hole plugging to enjoy. Thick and creamy loads finish off this scene. JUNGLE FUCK with: Alex Trindade and Guy Depaula In this scene, we find ourselves in the jungle where Alex and Guy decide to take a break from active duty. And as in the first scene, these Brazilian dudes have only one thing on their minds and that's fucking good and hard. Lots of great cock sucking in this scene leading up to some boot worship be...
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