The name says it All. LET’S FUCK features Victor Cody, Ray Dalton, Chad Brock, Dek Reckless, Travis Woods, with New Comers Ryan Notts and Scott Pierson. It is hardcore action watching these men be pissed on, flogged, spanked, double penetrated, fucked ...

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    I love a good boner. One of my favorite things to do is walk around Manhattan and look for hard dicks causing tents in pants. I had a good time capturing these ten men showing off their dicks and squirting their loads. BONER features guys of all creeds, color, ages and dick sizes jerking off for you. TEN boners in all: SAXON WEST, LATIN LOADS VOLUME 2’s DALLAS LONG in a special viewer’s request solo, heart throb ERIK GRANT, newcomer LUKE TYLER, the huge KRAVE MOORE, former twink porn star all grown up TOMMY DELUCA, internet popular TATMAN, power bottom full of cum LUKAS CIPRIANI, the incomparable ROCCO STEELE giving you a real good close up look at his massive boner, and in keeping with my corruption of former Big Brother contestants - the pièce de résistance DAVID GIRTON going full mon... Starring: Dallas Long, Erik Grant, Krave Moore, Lukas Cipriani, Luke Tyler, Saxon West, Tatman, Tommy Deluca Directed by: Max Sohl
  • $ 39.95


    Alternadudes Auditions brings you eight hot scenes starring nine alt dudes pounding their cocks for the camera. These guys can;t wait to show off their big stiff dicks, low-hanging balls, tight assholes, tats and piercings. We chose some of the hottest auditions we have on file to bring you a skater stretching his asshole with giant dildos; a horny punk getting picked up off the street to five a POV bj, a hipster showing off his uncut meat; a long haired rocker beating off on a balcony onto the camera lens and much much more! Sit back, grab your dick, and jack along with these hotties as they mess up the with with volcanoes of sticky white sperm!... Starring: Jake Jammer Pink Steale, Dillon O'Brien, Rob Steele, Gabe Tonic, Chubbs Locklear, Harrison Levi, Jason Duprey, Tristan Mathews Directed by: Koloff, Tommy Wells, JS Wild, Zack Randall
  • $ 39.95


    Poor straight, 20 year old Sean, right from the beginning he had that "deer in the headlights" look. He was totally out of his comfort zone...and then we made it worse. Our Straight guy, Vic Scorpio, can not only fuck - he can also dance! Vic is hunky Latino boy who makes a living as an exotic dancer (stripper) at bachelorette parties and then if lucky fucks one or two of the girls at the end of the night. With David Hasslehoff - of the Baywatch days - as inspiration, our Jersey shore lifeguard, Ronnie - yes, the irony of his name is not lost on us - has stripped naked for his photo shoot and is displaying what can only be described his very own, very hot ''Situation''. Chad Brock is a mature gay man with a ripped physique, beautiful cock and even more beautiful ass. With his masculine goo... Starring: Ari Sylvio, Sean Bow, Hugo Alexander, Vic Scorpio, Mike Rivers, Ronnie J, Chad Brock, Clay Towers Directed by: Gio Caruso
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    COCK & AWE

    When str8 military dudes drop their cammies and brandish their weapons, it's a show of force that you won't want to miss. Four new recruits bare it all for the camera, along with three veterans who return to get stroked and sucked for the first time by a guy.... Starring: Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
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    It's booty-mania in this sizzling new backdoor adventure from Helix Studios! Starring one of our newest and sweetest red hot rookies, this rock hard rump ride features not only our strapping, young, hung & cocksure twink tops, but gives a special look at our extraordinarily beautiful & boner loving bottom boys. If you're anywhere near as hungry as these boys are, you've come to the right place. Famous for our barely legal, blue ribbon backsides, Helix Studios is a world renowned leader & connoisseur of impeccable ass & fine cakes. ... Starring: Troy Ryan, Grayson Lange, Tyler Hill, Gavin Phillips, Kyle Ross, Lukas Grande, Evan Parker, Brad Chase, Andy Taylor Directed by: Keith Miller
  • $ 29.95


    Stu is 19 years old and he’s definitely the epitome of “easy going.” He was a little quiet when we first met, but within twenty minutes he was talking and laughing like we were old friends. Stu loves to stay active. In fact, he says that he needs to be doing something different all the time. Currently he’s working at a gym. “I work at the front desk,” he said. “I basically greet people when they come in.” In the summer months he also works as a lifeguard. “I’ve been a lifeguard since I was 16,” he said. “I love it.” He doesn’t know what he wants to do in the future, but he has a few possibilities. “A skydiving instructor,” he said. “Or teaching little kids to ride dirt bikes. Something active...” I was really surprised when Stu got naked for us. He has a super nice,... Starring: Stu, Pavel, Dan, Aiden, Tanner, Spencer B, Lake Directed by: Sean Cody
  • $ 34.95

    COCK & AWE

    When str8 military dudes drop their cammies and brandish their weapons, it's a show of force that you won't want to miss. Four new recruits bare it all for the camera, along with three veterans who return to get stroked and sucked for the first time by a guy.... Starring: Avery, Shane, Landon, Graham, Cliff, Micah, Chase
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    Fans of muscular daddy Ray Dalton already know the value of this collection. Raunchy hardcore bareback scenes featuring the man himself. This masculine powerhouse backs up his reputation as a man who takes no prisoners and leaves his partners begging for more. Sometimes with the help from friends, he barebacks the cum out of these boys and breeds their young ass, leaving them covered in cum and trying to catch their breath. It is the master at work, and you have a front row seat for all the ass pounding action. ... Starring: Ray Dalton, Donny Ray, Hudson Chase, Travis Woods, Dek Reckless, Colton Suede, Cesar Xes,
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    You'd have thought it was your birthday, the way GuyBone scored with this scene - first time filming outdoors, first time having Trevor bottom, first time having Axel top, first time having either fuck raw. And to top it all off, this bareback fuck fest celebrates GuyBone's One Year Anniversary! What a sexy video for everyone! ... Starring: Axel Flint, Trevor Jaden, Holt Brogan, Dominic Sol, Morgan Black, Greyson Kent, Zeke Johnson, Pedro Roxy, Rob Benson, Sam Bridle, Ben Bailey, Truckee Rivers
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    Sexy schoolboys get butt fucked bareback from morning announcements till detention, Watch as barebacking boys are taught a lesson they'll never forget!... Starring: Luke Allen, Daniel Ross, Jamie Sanders, Andy Kay, Zach Love, Dakota White Directed by: Bryan Kenny
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    Within Corbin Fisher's stable of studs, Conner is undeniably among the studiest - tall, buff, big-dicked, and always overflowing with sexual energy and enthusiasm. He doesn't just fuck his fellow CF studs - he unleashes that massive cock, those ripped muscles, and there overpowering stamina and shows them he can fuck like no other. Get ready to fall in lust with this Corbin Fisher all-star!... Starring: Lucas, Connor, Marc, Dawson, Austin, Ethan Directed by: Corbin Fisher
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    Mansex is a virus, one that uses men as its host. Some try to resist it. Others embrace it as the source of life and meaning. We live to breed the sex-virus, to pass it on to every random anonymous dude we meet and fuck. It’s how we reproduce, man.

We shoot viral loads every time. Our jizz ain’t for making babies. Our sex spreads like wildfire, squirting out of one man’s dick, shooting deep inside another, then another and another. 
... Starring: Alan Gregory, Anthony Bartkus, Austin Shadow, Blue Bailey, Brad McGuire, Corey Bengal, Dayton O’Connor, DJ, Drake Corrigan, Drew Sebastian, Element Eclipse, Jack Hammer, Jaxon Jones, Leon Fox, Logan Stevens, Nick, Noah Paris, Pete Summers, Rad Matthews, S Directed by: Paul Morris
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    The all new TIM GEAR BRIEF, hand designed by Paul Morris and available exclusively from Treasure Island Media. Our all new briefs provide ultimate comfort and style. Super soft cotton with a hint of spandex, they're perfect for everyday wear.

    Material: 96% Cotton 4% Spandex, Unique Extra Tall Waistband, Super-Soft...

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    For over 20 years, BelAmi has been the most celebrated name in all-male adult films. Synonymous with masculine beauty and eroticism, BelAmi is one of the most awarded studios in history, and is a bonafide, iconic world-famous name. In fact, BelAmi has so re-defined the adult space, that its lush videography and exotic, outdoor locales like Greece, Brazil, Portugal and South Africa, stun viewers with production values unique in the space. With its library of well over 200 blockbusters, countless awards, a stable of exclusive models and online properties and magazine covers, calendars, photography books and live events worldwide, BelAmi now adds perfectly cast replicas of some of its most famous stars, in dual-denisty SensaTouch™, for an incredibly realistic feel. Joel, Jack, Vad...

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    Pjur Original Bodyglide is super concentrated, longer lasting and much less expensive drop-per-drop than other brands. This formula never becomes sticky and is 100% latex safe. An excellent skin conditioner and moisturizer, Pjur Original does not block your pores and requires no clean-up after use. Used by massage therapist worldwide....
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    From TitanMen, who know all about hard-ons, here are the official TitanMen Metal Cock Rings. Sexy steel tools to keep your erection going and going. They're made of easy to clean, seamless metal. Do not wear for prolonged periods. Available in Black and Blue, in three different diameters (40mm, 45mm, and 50mm), and in your choice of Regular or Extra Thick ...
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    Next Door Low Rise Boxer Briefs are a cotton and polyester blend, formed after the look you have come to love. These high quality custom designed boxer briefs include a stylish high end look and an accentuating front pouch so you can be proud to show anyone what you've got on. Great for any activity, every day, and all men who want that Next Door look and feel. These stylish boxer briefs tend to run one size small. Please order one size larger than you normally wear. ...
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    • Dual tips for versatile use. EZ squeeze bulb. ABS (tips) Rubber (bulb). 3" x .5" / 8 cm x 1 cm (small tip). 4" x .75" / 10 cm x 2 cm (beaded tip).
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